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  1. ((Okay. I made the new thread, do either of you want to be the co-host?


    If most of the people that joined in this one join with the same characters as before, maybe we could sorta get it to where we are now, just shorten it a bit so it doesn't take up so much time or room? Or we could just make one post explaining what's happened.))

  2. Nightkit woke up and yawned. A shaft of sunlight streamed into the nursery, getting into her tiny green eyes, causing her to blink. Realizing it was morning and that Wolfsong would probably be awake and have lots of new things to teach her, Nightkit leaped up from the ground. "Can I go out can I can I can I?" she asked one of the queens frantically. "Yeah, sure," the queen said absentmindedly. "Just don't bug the warriors!" the queen added, but Nightkit was already shooting out of the nursery. When she got out of the nursery, she headed straight for the medicine cat den in a flash of gray. "Wolfsong!? Are you here are you here are you here!?" she said as she reached the medicine cat den.


    ((Oh, and Stormkit is up for grabs biggrin.gif ))

  3. Sorry that War of the Roses is dead. *reads Kokay's post* Is this a sequel? blink.gif

    Username: Backup77


    Name: Nightkit


    Gender: She-cat


    Age: Will turn 6 moons in two days.


    Rank: Kit, but really really really wants to be a medicine cat.


    Appearance: She is part Egyptian Mau.

    Her eyes are a brighter green then that. Nightkit has long legs, made for running. She has a light build. She is a short-haired cat, but has a rather thick coat.


    Personality: Nightkit is very energetic, leaping to and fro to see what's going on. She often pesters the older cats, particularly Wolfsong. She really likes the medicine cat for some reason, and is constantly in her face. Despite her high energy levels, Nightkit soaks up information like a sponge. This would be really good for the rank she wants, Medicine Cat, but she has a very short attention span.


    History: Nightkit was born to Thinclaw and Sharpwhisker, both easily irritated cats that were always itching for a fight. They didn't pay much attention to their two kits, Nightkit, named for her spots that looked as black as night, or Stormkit, a silvery-grey kit. They payed much more attention to DarkClan's rivalry with BrookClan then their kits, who were sometimes half-starved so that Thinclaw could get a bit more battle training done. Nightkit was still very energetic, pestering Wolfsong when her parents told her to go away. Unfortunately or fortunately, both Thinclaw and Sharpwhisker were killed in a skirmish with BrookClan. When they died, their kits were freed from their rudeness and bad parenting. Both Stormkit and Nightkit have been living in DarkClan ever since.


    Other: She's a really cute kitteh, and likes to run and jump and play! And Stormkit is up for grabs.

  4. Well, I've never caught anything good from the cave, except for the single Shadow Walker I caught on the LAST MINUTE I was allowed to stay up. But, really, the only problem with me is I don't try. I'd be perfectly happy to get a 2nd gen gold, because I only care if it has a neat linage, not the gen.


    The thing I really want now? A male pink. Need one so I can Influence the bronze Tinsel egg Drag just gave me so he can be a mate for this girl. Think she'll be good for him? I guess that would make a really high gen egg... but whatever.

  5. TOOTSIE ROLLS! Eating one right now. I love those things! I also like chocolate. And hard candy. And everything I got for trick-or-treating, besides maybe the single orange. Seriously, I like oranges, BUT IT'S HALLOWEEN, not Fruit Day. Vegetables for Halloween? Really? Drives me nuts. Too bad this was my last year trick-or-treating. sad.gif I guess next year I'll just buy a big box of candy right after Halloween when it's cheap.


    But, of course, candy is good, but souls are the best... especially little kids' souls.

  6. Ugh... I just need the Skull (kill the malnourished green dragon with the sword), the Candle (go to the basement), Smokey(investigate the flash with the rat), the Rat, and the Rainbow Chicken(I know how to get it now, get everything else and continue along the main path). Where do you get them?

    Never mind, found everything or know where to get it. Now I just need to know what to do...

    YES! I got all the items, including the Rainbow Chicken! Although the Rainbow Chicken seems rather random...

  7. Meh. Not the best story ever written, but I like it.


    Username: Backup77

    Story's Name: Them

    Rating: 12+, I guess. Not that scary to me, but little dudes should read at their own risk.


    It is October thirty-first. The day is warm and sunny, not the creepiest weather for Halloween, but it will do. Your costume is a simple one, just a mask and a hat.


    As you walk around the neighborhood collecting candy into a large bag, the sun starts to go down. There is a small, thick forest beside you, right on the edge of the small town you live in. The trees cast long shadows on the ground, shadows that look like they want to grab you, strange, unnatural shadows. Something is wrong. The sun shouldn’t be going down that fast. It’s only 5:45, yet the sun is touching the horizon and going down as you watch. Clouds cover the sun at an alarmingly fast pace. Looking down into your candy bag, you nervously decide you’re ready to go home. The quickest way home is through the forest beside you, and is only about a mile walk. You turn towards the trees, and set out towards home. You walk for about five minutes in silence until you hear a loud, feminine, completely terrified scream. The scream is horrible, the scream of pure fear and terror. You want to run, run in the opposite direction and never stop running from whatever scared the girl. But you can’t leave without going to see what’s wrong, so you gather your courage and jog forwards. You’re only jogging for a few seconds when a young girl, only eight or nine, barrels into you. There’s twigs in her hair and dirt on her dress, a long, black dress made to look like a witch’s. Scratches cover her face, and there is a look of pure terror in her eyes.


    “Run!” she yells at you. “Run! They are coming! Run and never stop running! Their speed and stamina is unrivaled, and They can get through any barrier, but run until day breaks and They are forced to hide in the shadows, but never let Them get your scent or your will be forever chased!


    You want to do what the girl tells you to, but you can’t. Pure terror overwhelms you, and you feel your muscles lock into place. Only your heart beats, and it beats so loudly you think They must be able to hear it. You can’t see Them yet, but you can hear four huge legs pounding on the forest floor, claws scraping holes into the ground. You can hear loud, ragged breathing, and a huge, spiked tail being flung around, knocking down tall, sturdy oaks that have stood in the forest for decades. The girl, who is also frozen in fear is whimpering. She isn’t as hindered by Them, but you don’t know why or have time to dwell on it. For They are coming into sight, and They are the worst creature you have ever seen, or will ever see.


    They have one body, one horrible, perfected body. They have a long, flexible tail, and on the end of it are hundreds upon hundreds of spikes. The spikes aren’t part of Them, but separate. Attached to them, yes, but not connected. The spikes make you feel queasy when you look at them, but you know that They aren’t affected by the spikes. The spikes are blacker than black, and swirl with doubt, horror, imperfection, and everything else bad.


    They have four legs, four agile, steady legs. The legs end in paws, large paws that remind you of a cheetah’s paws, a lion’s paws, a polar bear’s paws, and every other predator’s paws that you can imagine, all at once. The paws end in huge claws, claws that look sharper then the sharpest eagle talons.


    They also have wings. The wings are bat-like, and appear large enough to carry them. The wings are spread out wide, in a threatening manner. The wings are tapered, shaped like a barn swallow’s, but a thousand times larger.


    They are covered in scales, scales that are harder then diamond. The scales are a thousand colors, all melted together, but the most prominent is black. Not because black is the most common of the colors, no, but because of how dark it is. The black is nearly as black as the spikes on Their tail, but doesn’t radiate imperfection, doubt, or anything like that. Instead, the black on Their scales radiate evil, an evil more powerful then could ever be housed by a mortal. They can never die, you’re almost sure of that.


    They themselves are the most horrible. Each one of Them has a different head, totaling five. Each of Them have huge nostrils that inhale and exhale, inhale and exhale, taking all the scents in the forests and sorting them out. Each one of Them has two eyes, with thin, cat-like slits for pupils, and irises that swirl with so many colors they give you a headache just looking at them. Their snouts are long and filled with rows and rows of teeth, sharp teeth that could shred an elephant in two. They each have a long neck, so each one of Them could look in a different direction. But now, They are all looking at you.


    The first one of Them began to speak. It is the worst sound you've ever heard, but you can't place why. You regain your mobility for a split second, but you don't even think of running. Instead, you clap your hands over your ears, but the voice speaks directly into your mind. It is a cool female voice.


    “I am Memory,” it says. “The first of five. I come first, and devour you memories and add them to our arsenal of knowledge.”


    The second voice began to speak, this time is a male voice.


    “I am Personality,” it says. “The second of five. I come second, and devour everything that makes you unique and add it to our swirls of ever-changing evil.”


    The third voice began to speak, this one female.


    “I am Soul,” it says. “The third of five. I come third, and devour your soul and add it to the thousands of already taken souls”


    The fourth voice began to speak, bringing you closer to doom. It is a female voice.


    “I am Life,” it says. “The fourth of five. I come fourth, and devour your life and add it to our immortality.


    The fifth voice speaks, the last of Them. It was a male voice.


    “I am Blood,” it says. “The last of five. I come last, and devour you body and add it to our physical strength.”


    Then all of Them began to speak at once, and the strain of it almost blows your mind to smithereens. You scream out in pain, but the voices just continue to speak, as if determined to tell you what They are before They devour you.


    “Together we are Nix. The god of change, the god of complete annihilation, the god of perfection. We will never let you die, yet we will never let you live. We will take you completely, and never let you get away once we have your scent. We have taken millions, and will take millions more each century before we fade, yet we will never fade. We have reached the apex, but everything taken from this world by us still strengthens us. Negative things can’t harm us, and are only put into our spikes, which can be fired at will to infect anything. Nothing can defeat us, and nothing can avoid us.”


    “No.” This time it is the little girl that speaks. Her voice is weak and scared, but you're surprised she can speak. You still can't move a muscle. “Hope can defeat you, and one day it will. Maybe not my hope, but someone’s hope will.”


    “And how,” They say. “are you so sure? Your precious hope hasn’t harmed us since the dawn of time.” However, you can hear something in Their words: fear. You think that maybe hope could defeat them, but also that you don’t have enough of it. You have none of it at the moment.


    “Because it will,” the girl says simply. “Not many people have hope anymore, but one day you will make the fatal mistake of going after a Hopeful, and it will be your downfall.”


    “Ha!” They laugh, a cruel, cold laugh much worse then Their speech. “You have spirit. We think we’ll save you for last!” And with that They walk forward with the speed and agility of a panther. They put one massive paw on your chest, but you feel no weight. The first head, Memory, shoots forward and bites down on your head, but the teeth sink strait through you. Instead, your mind feels blank. You don’t know anything, not what They are, what you are lying on, how to speak, anything.


    The second head, Personality, swoops down and also bites down on your head. His teeth go strait through your head, but now you can’t form an opinion on anything. Things are all jumbled in you head, you can’t think, nothing makes sense anymore…


    The third head, Soul, also swoops down just like the two before her. Her teeth go through your head, and everything goes completely blank. No thoughts, nothing. You aren’t dead, but you’re not you anymore. Everything is fading, fading… you’re still not dead, but you aren’t alive either. You aren’t anything, and can’t feel anything, no time passes to you. It is like you are in a dreamless sleep; everything about you is shut down. All you can do is hear the worst of screams, the scream of them as They try to devour the girl. She has destroyed Them with hope, but They have already taken you. The scream ends, and you never hear anything, ever again.

  8. Ink looked, startled, up at the sky. For coming down from it was a wolf unlike any other wolf Ink had ever seen, save for Xylia, who bore some resemblance to the new wolf. The new wolf rode the skies on huge wings of blue and white, while the wolf itself was white. His wings were more... fine then Xylia's, more adapted to fit his body. Her wings seemed large and clumsy compared to the new wolf's, though they had never seemed so before. The new wolf's wings didn't have the large, heavy spikes which made him and Xylia look so different, unless they were hidden in his blue and white feathers. Ink took a small step back as the new wolf landed, and felt a small, cool gust as the wolf gracefully landed. Kido seemed to immediately recognize the new wolf, who was revealed to be named 'Talcore'. A strange name, but oddly fitting with the wolf's wings. It seemed like Oksana and Pax also knew the winged one, Talcore. Why does everyone know each other? Ink asked herself. But when she looked up, there was two Kidos. The second one must be a copy, like Ink had seen before. Then the copy was talking, explaining what had happened, or at least what he could remember.


    "Long ago, before any of us was born, a single pack discovered something of great value and power, what it was I can't remember, though I know I should be able to. Whatever it was the pack was divided over what to do with it, to protect it and keep it hidden or to use it for the betterment of all. Those who wanted to use it were banished by the others across the once great river to the less fertile lands on the other side."


    An object of 'great value and power'? What could that be? Ink had never heard of anything like that... no she had. When she was a pup. Her father had told her a strange tale, one about a large... rock? The rock... increased a wolf's powers when... a wolf got near it? Something like that. But... it had been destroyed... somehow. The memory was fuzzy, but she knew the rock was gone, and wolves couldn't find it again. And then... something about pebbles. Yes. Her father had said something about magic pebbles. What he had said the pebbles did... Ink couldn't remember. The rock her father had told her about seemed to fit Kido's description.

    "For generations wars were waged between the two packs, those on the side with the important... thing... called themselves blessed, and they called those on the otherside the wicked, though right and wrong had nothing to do with their battles. Bloodshed was fierce for years followed by seasons of peace, and then more war. I was born into this vicious cycle and won't recount the many things in life I lost to war. Talcore as well was born during this conflict, though he was born to the "blessed" side of the river and I to the side deemed "wicked." Through the course of the conflict we became friends. Pax and Oksana too were barely pups when I knew them, from my pack, my side of the river. But I wanted a better life for them and before open warfare began again, I met with Talcore and turned them over to him for a chance at a better life than I knew they would have as orphans on my own side. I resented the war itself, and both sides, neither of which would consider peace, so long had the grudge been drawn out that diplomacy had been kicked to the side long ago."


    The war Kido was talking about seemed too bloody and pointless to be real. Why would a whole pack of wolves decide to 'protect' an object of such power? What would be the point of losing lives, just to protect something that sounded like it should be used? Ink sat, mystified, and listened to the rest of the story.


    "and then... the event occurred that changed these lands forever. Vegetation died, animals, wolves, died. They were born mute, deformed and so forth. The powers that once ran strong in our blood thinned out and became rare. I was there when it happened, I saw the thing that took place and caused all of that to happen, and Talcore was as well... But neither of us has any memory of it. I tried to find my way back to the place where my home used to be, but it was destroyed by what must have been a terrific earthquake, all the lands, even the river had shifted, and there was no one to be found. I wandered through the desert to talk to myself."


    What sort of event could do that? She knew many wolves had strange powers, but none were that powerful. And why would the wolves' memories fade like that? Ink wanted to know what could do all that. No mortal wolf could, that was for sure.

  9. A lone she-wolf lay underneath a large, leafy tree, more out of habit then anything. The harsh sun, the fiercest and most terrible of the she-wolf's enemies, was hidden behind a huge, dark mass of clouds. The clouds moved slowly across the sky as the she-wolf watched them, reminding her of when she was a pup. It was difficult for her to remember her puphood, and she never really tried to remember. Memories didn't do her much good, and it was better to think about the present, or possibly the future.


    The she wolf's fur was darker then the shadows around her, as dark as the darkest night. It didn't reflect any light, leaving the whole dark surface the same, inky black. Her legs were long and slender, ending in small, quick paws. She was skinny, even compared to the rest of the smaller Northern wolves. Her snout was long and filled with sparkling white, razor-sharp teeth the stuck out against the black of her fur. Above her nose were two eyes, alert and watchful. They appeared to be two chips of ice, and if you looked into them they appeared as cold as ice. Her name was Ink.


    Ink twitched her ears as she heard pawsteps coming towards her. A white she-wolf, who Ink knew was a Southern Gamma named Lucifer, was walking towards her. "There is to be a hunt. The Queen requests your attendance," Lucifer said before walking away, probably to tell more wolves about the hunt. Ink dipped her head respectfully as Lucifer left. Ink never thought of her as an ex-Omega. Instead, she thought of Lucifer as a wolf that was always meant to be a Gamma but got stuck as an Omega when she was a pup. Ink liked Lucifer. She never really got in anyone's way, and was rather anti-social. Her presence could be rather commanding, and Ink thought she would be a great Alphess, much better then Char.


    Stretching, Ink got up to get ready for the hunt. However, before she could walk over to the food pile and pick something up to eat, she saw something out of the corner of her eye. It was about a dozen pups, most of them too small to leave the nursery. But that wasn't what caught Ink's eye. Behind them was a large pile of sand, which was quickly materializing into the form of a wolf. Ink cautiously walked over, half hoping the sand wolf would join the pack. Then he would become an Omega, and she would have someone else to bug. She watched as Xylia, the Beta female, flew over to the sand wolf. Then the Southern Alpha, Quince, came over and growled at the sand wolf. Then the new Northern Alphess, Char, came over to confront the sand wolf. Ink had to stop herself from wrinkling her nose in disgust. Char shouldn't be the Alphess, she thought. There were many other wolves in the pack that would do better. Char was too inexperienced. Lucifer would do much better... Ink was mildly impressed with her commanding tone, but only because Char had never done better, at least when Ink had been around.

  10. Aw... I got to do about 5 posts before HtM ended.

    Tehe, I can do that Rak, and what makes you think HtM is ending soon?!?! O.O It will NEVER end, NEVER! It'll end when Oksana dies of old age. X3

    But Oksana didn't die of old age yet... LADYNATASHA YOU LIED!

  11. Username: Shiny Hazard Sign

    Character Name: Lucifer

    Gender: Female

    Age: Four years, seven months.

    Personality: Having been bothered by other wolves for the majority of her life, Luce has adopted an aloof social outlook. She does not interact much with others, but if communication does occur, she never seems terribly happy about it (though, if she isn't being outright annoyed, she may be slightly more pleasant). She has a very elegant poise, if a bit rough from her lonely life- this regal carriage presents itself unconsciously; either derived from her attitude or heritage, it remains unknown, and is subtle enough not to bring about negative reactions. Her presence can be commanding if she so wishes it to be, as her voice is powerful and stern, with a deep trill that captivates the interest and attention of those around her. However, for the majority of the time, Luce tends to keep to herself and not bother with the others, if it can be helped. But, because of her natural presence, she is very difficult to control and boss around if a wolf has not gained her respect prior. In fact, if she is so aggravated by the behavior of another wolf towards herself, she may even go as far as to spite them and do as she pleases.

    Despite this seemingly self-centered demeanor (which, in truth, it is not), Luce is quiet and removed from the others. She never imposes herself upon another wolf unless absolutely necessary, nor does she interject her opinions or thoughts in a debate unless provoked. She prefers to remain solitary, keeping a few friends to whom she can speak to on a regular basis, but mostly keeping to herself as to avoid the nuisances of daily gossip and drama. Her temper may flare from personal jabs at her family, but insults otherwise are taken without heat and returned with a delightfully witty and sarcastic tongue.

    History: Lucifer's parents were loners who met in the mountain summits, cut off from the main pack when they were children for unmentionable circumstances. They knew a little of stories about magical wolves, but never found anything of worth in them. Her father, Mayhem, was a strong wolf indeed, and took to mountain life well. He grew very accustomed to the harsh conditions and managed to thrive without too much trouble. When he came across Juniper, a she-wolf with nearly the same amount of strength and ferocity in the terrain as he, the two were nearly smitten on the spot. They stayed together since they met, living alone in the mountains and doing what they knew best- survival. It took a long time before they agreed to have pups, but only after Juniper convinced her mate that they should migrate back towards the pack lands in order to find sufficient food, at least while she was pregnant. The two planned to lay low at the edges of the Northern territory, snatching prey when the timing was perfect and the chance of getting caught was at its absolute lowest point. As Juniper began to grow larger and had a bit more difficult time moving around, Mayhem became increasingly worried that the open flatlands would soon expose them to the pack wolves. With much encouragement, the pair circled around the west, where it seemed the less populated, and made their way towards the very southern-most boarder. Along the way, however, they were spotted by a well-concealed Scouting party, and immediately flanked on all sides. Mayhem attempted to fight off the other wolves, but Juniper's reasoning held him back, and they reluctantly followed the Southern Wolves back to their camp.

    After a few day's travel, Juniper and Mayhem found themselves facing the pack alpha. He didn't appear terribly excited that they had been discovered, but the notion that Juniper's pups would soon be born prevented him from kicking them back out into loner territory- or so, his mate convinced him not to. Mayhem and the Alpha did not outright resent each other, but they certainly did clash in personality, and more often than not, Mayhem found himself at the receiving end of punishment for things he did not do. He became increasingly agitated over this and was only placated by Juniper's soothing talk. Although they were officially omegas, and thus their pups would be as well, the Alpha female seemed to have enough compassion for the pair- or, well, Juniper- to allow the infants to stay. In fact, the two she-wolves were opposite of their male counterparts. The Alphess was often found in Juniper's den, where the two would talk and share stories about their lives. This baffled their mates, who would have rather face a grown bear than stay in the same five foot radius of the other. But, because they adored their wives above all else, the males begrudgingly accepted this friendship.

    When Winter came, Mayhem proved his worthiness as a hunter and braved the icy winds much more easily than the other wolves. His experience in the mountains allowed him to maneuver and act with much more efficiency, putting him on par with even the wisest of the Gammas. This infuriated a few of them, but even personal threats did not undermine the great wolf. He was like the mountain he grew from; hard, unmovable, and sturdy. It was only when Juniper went into labor that he abandoned his post to be by her side. When his mate gave birth to Lucifer, neither of them noticed any abnormalities about her. She was a soft white pup that squeaked when she was hungry, but other than was quiet and easily taken care of. Mayhem was enthralled with his daughter and devoted whatever spare time he had in spending time with his mate and child. They were a happy family, despite some flack from other pack members because of their low status.

    Come the next spring (about two months after Luce's birth), the Alpha and his mate set out together for some time alone. No one quite knows what happened during that trip, but as rumor as it, that one of them stumbled across a strange, smooth rock. Upon inspection, the stone reacted violently and flames burst from the Alpha's body. In surprise and horror, his mate jumped back and howled loudly; unfortunately, a mother bear and her cub were extremely close by, and thus the Alphess lost her life to an aggravated grizzly.

    News of their death hit the pack like a tidal wave. It was expected that the Beta would step up and take over, having been second in command for so long- but he was an old wolf, and Mayhem felt as though the Beta was not fit to lead. He argued over the Beta's efficiency as a ruler, and much to everyone's surprise, the old wolf agreed and politely declined the chance at rulership. Despite the pack putting in a vote for someone else, Mayhem suddenly stepped up and challenged the wolf whom was supposedly elected. He was determined to prove that a mountain wolf was just as strong, if not stronger, and worthy of a proper pack rank, instead of the lowly Omega he had been upon arrival months ago. Amused by this challenge, the elected decided to hold a battle, and determined that the winner would become the next Alpha, similar to how it was done in the Northern packs. The other wolves were not very pleased with this change in tradition, but the elected was cocky, and assured them that Mayhem would lose his life soon enough.

    Juniper pleaded with her mate not to go through with the fight, but Mayhem was stubborn and refused to listen to her reasoning. "I will not let my daughter face a childhood of bullying and misery simply because of who we are," he said. With that, he turned and entered the battle grounds.

    The result of the fight was unpleasant, to say the least. Mayhem was a strong wolf, honed by the harsh conditions of the mountains, but he underestimated his opponent greatly and relied on his pride to carry him through the fight. Although he was able to prove his worth as a fighter, his opponent was tricky, and also well-trained. The fight lasted nearly an hour with the two clashing and falling apart, circling and diving at opportune moments. When the unfortunate moment came across Mayhem and he tripped over one of his own paws, the elected lunged forwards and snapped his jaws over the back of Mayhem's neck, just below the junction of the skull and spine. With his powerful jaw, the elected broke through flesh and severed the spinal cord, nearly shattering the bone along with it. Juniper watched from the dens, horrified over what had happened. Before she could even control herself, the she-wolf darted out of the den and tackled the elected, who had been standing proudly over Mayhem's bloodied body. She locked her teeth into the elected's throat and torn at him with fang and claw, never ceasing even when other wolves attacked her for interfering. When Juniper was finally pulled off of the elected, bloody and severely injured, it was revealed that she had done what she meant to do- the elected's body remained limp on the ground beside her beloved's, never to rise again.

    There was much debate in the pack over what punishment Juniper would receive. Her murder of the newly elected Alpha- for, since he had won the battle with Mayhem, he had officially received the title- was a heinous crime, and she was never again to be redeemed in their eyes. Many pushed for the death penalty, but with the sway of the Beta, she was instead escorted off the lands and never seen nor heard of again.

    Many wolves also fought over what was to come of Lucifer, the little white pup with the cobalt-blue eyes. On the day of her parents' death, the pup's eyes grew incredibly dark, to a shade that was nearly impossible to differentiate from black. She had become even more quiet and reserved at that point, despite being nearly too young to understand what exactly had taken place. The old beta, whom had been largely impressed by the courageous (if a little stupid) acts of her parents, managed to once again persuade the others from allowing death to serve as the sentence. Though many of the she-wolves were uninterested in carry for the child, given she was an "Omega's brat", the old Beta took her under his paw and saw to raising her himself. He had seen the qualities in her that he had not seen in a long time, and decided to train her to become the best wolf possible in her situation.

    As Lucifer grew older and her mentor retired from his Beta rank, other wolves continued to remember her parents and lashed out at her for their "wrongdoings" and the status of her family. The Alpha that was elected shortly after the carnage of Mayhem and Juniper did not care much either way of what happened, though he didn't seem particularly prejudiced against her like many were. She worked hard under the training of her mentor, learning many techniques of hunting and fighting. Along the way, she began showing signs of unique abilities; at times with her training, Luce's mentor would notice who she would appear to flicker in and out of existence. During that time, he found he could not touch her, as if she were a ghost of some sort. These episodes lasted only mere seconds, and most of the time Lucifer did not even realize it was happening. It was decided, then, that their work would remain in secret, in remote areas of the land where the chance of another wolf spotting Luce's power would be close to none. It was when she was three years old that her mentor announced she had mastered control over his power; though, there was no saying if it went beyond of what she was able to do then, she could manipulate it enough to be considered beyond his teaching capabilities any longer.

    About a year later, when her mentor passed from his old age, Lucifer found herself alone and purposeless. She wandered the camp, still considered an omega, and did the little things that someone of her rank was allowed. A few days after her mentor had died, the Alpha approached Luce and prepared her to be evaluated. She was to accompany the current Beta on a trip into the forest to hunt for food and scout for potential dangers. Neither the Alpha nor the Beta truly realized the magnitude of her training, and as well were ignorant to her power of particle phasing. Nonetheless, the next morning Lucifer was escorted from the camp by the Beta and a group of Gammas elected to tag along. The rules were simple; obey the Beta's orders and assist in the hunt for prey, as well as act accordingly when seeking out threats or new information. Lucifer remained quiet on her trip, only answering with a slight nod of her head or flicker of her cobalt eyes when spoken to. When they came across fresh deer trail, the Beta led the group after the animal and into a tight clearing. At first, the wolves didn't see the stag; it was Luce that noticed the hoof dangling from a low tree branch, and looked up to find the recently shredded carcass of the buck propped up in the tree. She also was the only one to see the black shadow flash through the branches before the piercing scream of the panther met their ears- without hesitation, the chalk-white female crouched by the belly of the Beta as the massive cat dropped from the tree above them, claws outstretched for the second-in-command. In a split second, just as her body convulsed and launched her upwards, the she-wolf's body completely flickered out of sight for only a mere moment, before she materialized again directly above the Beta's body. The panther had not anticipated her interception, and thus her jaws immediately closed over his thick neck as she slammed into his chest. The force of the impact threw them to the side, managing to miss the other wolves by mere inches. When she stood up, the body of the panther lying still on the ground, she glanced over at the others and the shock-stricken faces that stared back at her. She wore a look of utter distaste, as if her feat had been nothing more than batting off a moth from a frightened pup.

    Needless to say, the story of her "rescue" was quick to spread through camp. T

    Uh... what happened to the rest of Lucifer's form? blink.gif