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  1. Pokemon can't have TM moves for starter moves. They can get them later by using a TM found in a dungeon or bought at the Kechleon shop, but for starter moves only moves that can be learned naturally by Lv 20 and egg moves are allowed.


    You are allowed as many characters as you want, as long as you can keep track of them all. Just don't make to many to start with.

  2. They could have been sent to a few days before the time the other teams appeared. They would have to be more careful, though, because after Dusknoir Treasure Town would be much more alert. In the future there is gazillions of Sableye patrols. Both Cresselia and Dialga like them because of how quick and efficient they are.

  3. He split up the teams as they were traveling trough the time when Darkrai still remembered everything. So they were trying to get to around the time Grovyle went to, and while they were going there they got split up by the Darkrai in the past. Hope this makes sense.

  4. Kate followed the panther into the woods, conscious of how loud her pawsteps were compared to the silent cat's. A sudden gust of wind split through the air, blowing Kat's fur in all directions. Her muscles tensed as she saw the approaching humans. She got ready to run, but waited to see what the others would do. Running might attract attention, but it looked like the humans had already seen them. She wished she could climb trees as easily as the cat, but it was hard for her to climb when she was in wolf form. If she could just find a tree with branches low enough for her to leap onto, she would be fine. Her eyes scanned the area, searching for a good tree. She spotted one that was perfect for climbing. Hopefully the humans wouldn't see her... "We better go," she whispered under her breath, barely loud enough to hear before leaping onto the tree. She disappeared into the dark branches.

  5. Amber felt relieved when the other wolf darted away. However, instead of running away she stood where she was, staring up at the eagle as it swooped down. She glanced to where the other wolf was hiding before snapping her attention back to the sky. Focus... Amber's legs tensed, prepared to leap out of the way of the eagle's sharp talons. She waited for the right moment to move so the eagle would be moving to fast to change direction and catch her. If she ran now all she would be doing was making it easy for the eagle to easily fly over her until he was low enough to snatch her up. Amber didn't know what she would do after dodging, but there was nothing else she could do now. One Mississippi, two Mississippi...

  6. Seeking RPs

    Username: dragcave:D

    Preferred Style of RP: anything really, just not onelined rps

    Preferred Genre: fantasy, animals

    Other: please please please be active... so many rps i've joined have just withered

    Maybe I could make one about... griffins or something.

  7. "Good, you're awake," Moonpaw meowed. Then Leafpaw asked what they were talking about. Moonpaw's bright green eyes focused right into Leafpaw's, but they saw nothing. "Can we trust you?" Moonpaw asked. Maybe they could bring Leafpaw to ThunderClan. Maybe she could help them. She probably would, unless she was to brainwashed. Moonpaw hoped not. ShadowClan was brainwashing so many young cats, captured by the Clevershadows.



  8. Kecleon Shop:


    Apple: 25 Poke

    Big Apple: 50 Poke

    Stick x10: 20 Poke

    Gravelrock x4: 40 Poke

    Oran Berry: 50 Poke

    Blue Gummi: 800 Poke

    White Gummi: 800 Poke

    Sky Gummi: 800 Poke

    Reviver Seed: 800 Poke

    Reviver Seed: 800 Poke


    Kecleon Wares:

    Escape Orb: 150 Poke

    One Room Orb: 150 Poke

    Foe Seal Orb: 150 Poke

    Razor Wind : 5000 Poke

    Shadow Ball : 5000 Poke

    Bulletin Board:


    Client: Weepinbell

    Reward: 150 Poke

    Location: Beach Cave, 4th floor.

    Difficulty: A

    Info: Help! Bellsprout hasn't come back yet!


    Client: Piplup

    Reward: 200 Poke

    Location: Drenched Bluff, 6th floor.

    Difficulty: B

    Info: I fainted... please help...



    Client: Nidoqueen

    Reward: White Gummi, 200 Poke

    Difficulty: S

    Location: Mt. Bristle, 7th floor.

    Info: Nidoking is missing! Go find him!


    Outlaw Notice Board:


    Client: Officer Magnazone

    Reward: 200 Poke

    Difficulty: B

    Location: Mt. Bristle, 7th floor.

    Info: Zzt! Pichu uses her cuteness to get under pokemon's guards, then steals their items! Help us apprehend this wrongdoer! Zzt!


    Client: Officer Magnazone

    Reward: 100 Poke, Blue Gummi

    Difficulty: B

    Location: Drenched Bluff, 6th floor.

    Info: Zzt! Torterra steals your items when your back is turned! Zzt!


    Client: Pikachu

    Reward: 200 Poke, Orange Gummi

    Difficulty: S

    Location: Mt Bristle, 8th floor.

    Info: Help! Weavile stole my Reviver Seed! Please bring it back and I will give you a reward!

  9. Moonpaw put the dock leaves on Lynxpaw's injuries. She made sure the poultice was spread evenly before beginning to talk. "I would go to ThunderClan... but what about sick cats in ShadowClan? I mean, I'm not loyal to them or anything. I just don't want any apprentices or kits to get hurt..." Moonpaw thought about it a bit. Faintheart (that's her name, right?) would be able to help the sick cats, wouldn't she? And if the war was stopped, there would be much less wounds. "Okay. I'll go back to ThunderClan with you. But what could we do there? I don't see how we would be any better off there. Suddenly another cat came, Leafpaw, and complained her belly hurt before falling asleep. "I'll go get some juniper berries for her for when she wakes up." Moonpaw hurried into the forest and came back a few minutes later with some juniper. She set them down and sat down.


    ((sorry if I did something wrong, I haven't posted for a while which made me confused.))

  10. Maybe explain a little more about the vampires? Is there any way to tell if a person is a human or vampire? Do people become vampires when they are bitten? What kind of powers do they have? The more information you have about the vampires the better, as there are many different myths about vampires, which might confuse people.


    You could also add a bit more to the setting. Which town has been attacked by the vampires? Where is the town? What is the population of the town?

  11. Accepted Character Forms:


    Username: Arceus Backup77

    Name: Jay

    Gender: Female

    Pokemon: Riolu

    Appearance: Jay is two inches taller then a normal Riolu. One of those black things under her ears is shredded by a Sableye attack. She also had a long scar on her tail for the same attack. The spikes on her hands are slightly more pointed then they should be, and her ears are longer and look more like a Lucario's. Her eyes are a bright blue. Her collar is a yellow-green. She is a lighter blue then most Riolu, and a darker black. She is slim and fast, even for a Riolu.

    Personality: Jay won't back out of a fight or challenge, no matter the difficulty (unless it is completely absurd, of course). She is extremely loyal, and will sacrifice herself without hesitation for her partner. She can be quite stubborn sometimes, and is also quite rash, often leaping into dungeons without bringing enough supplies or food. She also buys things without much thought.

    Moves: Blaze Kick, Cross Chop, Agility, Bite

    Other: Nope.

    Password: censorkip.gif

    Example Post: Punch. Block. Kick. Jay was doing a practice fight with her brothers, Blaze and Feather. They were in a small clearing in Dusk forest. Colorless pine trees stood beside them without growing, rocks hung suspended in the air, the flecks of snow in the air never fell... it was a dull place to live. However, this was all Jay had ever known. No sunrise. No stars. No wind. She hardly knew what a sunrise was; the only reason she had any inkling that there might be a sun, or wind, or anything besides colorless rocks and trees was because of the stories her mom had told her, the brief, wonderful period when the wind blew and the sun rose... but that was over now. It had lasted about an hour, nothing more, and now the world was dark and dull again. It was hard convince herself it wasn't a dream. It seemed impossible for such a thing to ever happen again.


    Jay landed a Cross Chop on Feather before leaping down from the small rock she had been fighting from. She got hit by Blaze's Blaze Kick. She was thrown unto the ground, but before she could get up and hit Blaze with a bite, a large, furry purple claw shot out of the bush beside her. She rolled away in panic, but the claw had caught one of the black things that hung under her ears. Before she could think to stop rolling, she felt pain and blood dripping down her shoulder. She looked around in panic and backed up until she was in the middle of the clearing. She heard Feather whimper beside her, and she didn't blame him. They were surrounded by six Sableye, all with shiny diamonds for eyes. One of them lunged, and the rest followed.


    Jay knew that she had never fought like this in her life. Claws were everywhere, and no matter what she did Jay was surrounded by slashing claws and glittering eyes. A flash lit up the scene, and Jay tried to blink the blinding light out of her eyes. She felt a long claws scratch her tail as she tripped over a something. With horror, Jay looked down and saw what she had tripped on. No... it couldn't be... Not him! Jay stared wildly around before she saw Blaze, fighting a few feet away. She blinked, and he was gone, swallowed by the wave of Sableye. She was the only one left. She ran, tripping over tree roots in her haste to get away from the Sableye who had killed her brothers. Panting, she threw herself into a small crevice under some tree roots. Tears welled up in her eyes and she blacked out.



    Username: sailing 101

    Name: Meowth

    Gender: Male

    Pokemon: Meowth

    Appearance: Meowth has a distinctly feline appearance, resembling a small house cat. He has cream-colored fur, which turns brown at his paws and tail tip. His oval-shaped head features four prominent whiskers, no nose, black-and-brown ears, and a glimmering gold oval charm embedded in his forehead. Meowth is capable of retracting the claws on his paws and bringing them out again when needed.

    Personality: Meowth loves exploring. Any time an opportunity comes to explore a new dungeon, he takes it. However, this usually gets him knocked out quickly if he goes to a particularly difficult dungeon. He also has a tendency to go after every item he sees, even if it’s completely useless. But he is also very generous, and will even share his inventory with other exploration teams. The one thing that scares Meowth more than anything else is a ghost.



    Fake Out

    Fury Swipes


    Other: Because of his Technician ability, Meowth likely to cause more damage. (Example: Fury swipes has base power of 18. With same type attack bonus that comes to 27. Since that is under 60, it gets boosted to 40. Similarly, Fake Out is boosted to 90.)

    Password: censorkip.gif

    Example Post:”How do I get myself into these messes?” Meowth said to himself. He was currently lost in a dark forest dungeon with virtually no supplies, and was currently being chased by the residents of a monster house that he had just stumbled into. “I just had to look at that map, didn’t I? Couldn’t resist an unexplored dungeon, Could I?”


    “Maybe you could try thinking more?”


    Meowth slid to a stop. “Who’s there?” he called out. Meowth felt a tap on his shoulder, but when he turned around to look, no one was there. “T-This isn’t funny,” he said again, his voice shaking.

    Meowth heard a soft chuckle behind him. The cat Pokemon wheeled around to find himself face to face with a haunter. Meowth froze in fear.


    “The others would like to meet you!” the haunter cackled, a nasty grin on us face.


    “I-I’d rather n-not!” replied meowth.


    He turned to leave, but the Haunter stayed in front of him. The ghost then licked Meowth right across the face. The world seemed to spin around the poor cat Pokemon. The one haunter suddenly looked like twenty. The spinning grew faster and faster, the haunters appeared as a single purple blur, Meowth heard a voice say, “Night shade!” The world flashed purple and black, and Meowth passed out.


    Meowth woke up alone in a clearing. He sat up, rubbing his head. “Oh… What happened,” he groaned, “last thing I remember is that Haunter nearly doing me in, then nothing!” The cat Pokemon looked around at his surroundings, then realized where he was. “ACK! I’m back at the monster house! I’ve got to get out of here!” He started to run, but Meowth stepped on a tripfoot trap and fell flat on his face. Something in front of Meowth groaned. He looked up and saw a Ghastly. The ghost Pokemon was also just waking up. It looked around a bit, then saw Meowth. It’s eyes widened, and the ghost Pokemon cried “MERCY!” before flying off. I wonder what that was for? Meowth thought to himself. He turned around, but only saw an orb with a note attached to it. The note simply read, Use this. Meowth picked up the orb to get a closer look at it, and his face lit up with joy. “An escape orb! I’m saved!”



    None yet sad.gif

  12. Plot & History:


    This is Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky, after the plot and everything that happens in Time/Darkness/Sky. The player and her partner (a female Chimchar named Kate and a male Treeko) have fallen back into their regular routine, almost forgetting about Grovyle. Almost. They still think that they will never see him again, that Kate was the only pokemon to be saved from history changing. They don't know that all pokemon in the future were saved.

    They also don't know that Cresselia has gone mad. Now that Darkrai has forgotten everything, he has also stopped creating nightmares. With no nightmares, Cresselia's power is useless. Built up power has been rising in Cresselia ever since Darkrai was attacked by Palkia, and now they have gotten to be too much for the once good pokemon. She has gone insane and Darkrai cannot restore peace. She wanders through the world, looking for nightmares to end and going into a rage when she can't find any. She is Primal Cresselia, and has unleashed a blast of power onto Temporal Tower, knocking the Time Gears back to their original places. Temporal Tower is collapsing again, and history has been changed, plunged the future yet again into everlasting darkness. Grovyle, devastated that Temporal Tower has collapsed again, will use the passage of time to get back to the past and help save the future.



    However, nobody but Celebi knows that Grovyle and Kate aren't the only ones to get sent back to the past. Several other teams were also sent back in the event that Kate and Grovyle would fail. However, Darkrai split them all up the same way he split Grovyle and Kate up. They were sent back not long before the future was changed, just after Grovyle got back, in one last desperate attempt to change the past. However, when Primal Dialga got near the passage of time, it experienced a malfunction. All the teams were sent to after Cresselia became Primal Cresselia. They were going to the proper time, and got near the time where they were supposed to go: before Temporal Tower started collapsing, but as they got near, Darkrai struck them and split them up, making them forget everything in the process. Grovyle was the only one hit by Darkrai to remember anything. After being split up, the Dialga in the future got near the passage of time and started to pull them back. Before they could get far, Dialga disappeared in the future, and through some weird time mix-up that I probably didn't explain very well, ended up just after Cresselia became Primal Cresselia. They find themselves with one other pokemon from the future, one that may or may not have been their original partner. They are all near Treasure town, and each of the teams are found by Kate and Pikachu after fighting through some weak dungeon. They become explorers, and must save the world from everlasting darkness. Kate and Pikachu have to show the new teams how to explore with the help of Wigglytuff's guild. They also have to help prevent the planets paralysis. Again.


    In the Future of Darkness

    Primal Legends:

    Now that Temporal Tower has collapsed, Dialga, in the future, has once again become Primal Dialga. In the alternate future Grovyle, Kate and Pikachu prevented, no one paid any attention to the other legendary pokemon. No one noticed that when time stopped, Dialga wasn't the only legendary to descend into madness.

    First, Palkia became half-insane. He still had some reason, and didn't make his presence known like Dialga did. The reason for this was that with time stopped, most of the space in the planet stopped moving. Before the collapse of Temporal Tower, the planet was constantly in motion, but after the collapse, only living creatures made any movement on the planet. The password for the forms is 'Lugia'. Heatran across the globe fell into the same state when the magma in their volcanoes stopped moving. Most legends were affected, but in the current future the legends are in a much worse state. Now that two legendary pokemon have become Primal, and one has forgotten everything and stopped keeping the world in balance, some of the legends are nearly as bad as Dialga. The distortion world has been greatly affected due to time in the normal world going out of whack. TFhis has caused Giratina to go completely insane. However, since Giratine lives in the distortion world, the existence of which is unknown to most pokemon, this hasn't affected the pokemon in the regular world. Yet.


    Legendary Pokemon:

    Mew: Only one; currently roaming the world searching for some way to stop the darkness.

    Mewtwo: Only one; currently hiding somewhere in a cave with his clones.

    The Birds and the Beasts: Three of each. All are roaming the world; some are partly insane

    Tower Duo: Three of each; currently either hiding (1) roaming around insane (1) or roaming around sane (1)

    Celebi: Three; two are roaming the world, insane. The other is the little pink Celebi you all know.

    Legendary Trashcans Golems: Three of each; sleeping in caves. DO NOT DISTURB.

    Eon Duo: Two of each; roaming in pairs.

    Weather Trio: One of each; Groudon is hiding far inland in a cave, Kyogre in a deep sea trench (I dare you to find him) and Rayquaza in a cloud, high in the sky. (ya know that cloud on the wonder map? Not the ones that move when you go to different areas, but the white one? That’s where Rayquaza is hiding.) all are slightly insane, but sane enough to recruit.

    Jirachi: One; sleeping in a cave. Try to wake him up. Try it. Really, really try. *whispers* he’s not going to wake up, even if you set his cave on fire while using wake up slap while a dozen Explode are screaming at the top of their lungs into his ear. He’ll wake up in about a century.

    Deoxys NOTE: Deoxys is the only legendary pokemon up for grabs. Make a good form for him, PM it to me, and he’s yours!: Deoxys is a pokemon you really want to watch out for. He is Primal Cresselia’s henchman, similar to Dusknoir was, but much more powerful. He will go back in time and make things very difficult for you.

    Lake Guardians: One of each; each are hiding at their lakes, slightly insane, but sane enough to recruit.

    Giratina: Only one; lives in the distortion world, which I might let you get into… Insane.

    Primal Dialga: Only one; lives on Temporal Tower. Or what’s left of it.

    Palkia: Only one; lives in the Spacial Rift. Extremely insane.

    Darkrai: Only one; has forgotten everything, including creating nightmares. He wanders the world in confusion, wondering why the world stopped moving.

    Primal Cresselia (looks like this.): Only one; lives on top of Full Moon Tower, one of the Lunar Towers. (two towers that stand side by side, representing darkness and light, nightmares and dreams, Cresselia and Darkrai. However, when Darkrai forgot everything, New Moon Tower collapsed.)

    Sea Guardians: Infinite Phione, five Manaphy. Both roam the sea. Eggs of both would sometimes wash up onto the shore before time stopped and the waves stopped moving.

    Heatran: Five; each guard an extremely violent volcano, but since time stopped they have left their volcanoes, insane because of the magma in their volcanoes freezing in time.

    Regigigas: Only one; lives in a cave and can only be woken by bringing the three golems into the cave.

    Shaymin: 17; they wander the world, searching for any flowers. Of course, there are no flowers in the World of Darkness…

    Arceus: Only one; sleeps at the top of the Hall of Origin, and can only be woken by a very rare item: the Azure Flute.

    Victini: Three; they wander the world, saddened by the extremely small amount of victory in the world.

    Zekrom and Reshiram: One of each; they reside at the top of the Tower of Yin and the Tower of Yang. Together, the towers are known as the Towers of Balance. Both of the pokmon went insane trying to keep the balance intact. Needless to say, they failed.

    Kyurem: One; He is hiding, asleep at the deepest part of a cave system known as the Caves of Balance. It is located just under the Towers of Balance, and the entrance is well hidden. The cave is complex and hard to navigate dungeon, with many forks; sometimes a fork won’t even be a fork. It will actually have three paths, one on either side that go back to the beginning, and one hidden in the ‘wall’. The wall is really an illusion, and can be jumped through with ease to get through to the real path.

    Jinthil (made by me; psychic/fire type. Abilities: Flash Fire and Blaze. Moves: Psychic, Flamethrower, Ice Beam, Thunderbolt. Base stats: HP:100 Attack:20 Defense:80 Special Attack:200 Special Defense:120; Speed would be 160 if speed made a difference in Mystery Dungeon. Looks like this.): One; Jinthil is the pokemon of Remembering. Jinthil has the power to concentrate on any pokemon and make him/her remember everything they have forgotten. The reason Grovyle remembered his quest after being struck by Darkrai is because of Jinthil. However, after making Grovyle remember, Jinthil fell into a deep sleep in the Caves of Memory. They are a huge cave system, nearly impossible to navigate, and it is even more difficult to reach Jinthil in the past, because sometime in between the past and the future a pokemon reached the cave where Jinthil slept, and Jinthil instinctively teleported to a more accessible cavern. That doesn’t mean it will be easy to reach Jinthil; the Caves of Memory are even harder to get through then the Caves of Balance. Besides that, Jinthil’s sleep can only be broken by using a rare item, the Forgotten Stone. It is a clear gem, as hard as a diamond and the same color as clean water, except for the center. In the center is two specks of light, one silver as starlight and one as red as a blazing fire. It is said they represent Jinthil’s Fire and Psychic types. The whole crystal gives off a clear blue glow. Legends about Jinthil are few and far between, making it even harder to find her. Of course, Chatot knows all of the few legends, so it will be a bit easier to find her, but not by much. Wigglytuff has a few maps of the Caves of Memory, but they are two confusing to offer any real help.


    However hard it may be to find and awaken Jinthil, it must be done. If she isn't awoken, even if the Time Gears are placed in Temporal Tower, Primal Cresselia will still be on the loose. The only way to revert her back to her original state is by making Darkrai remember so he can create nightmares again.




    1. No Godmodding, PPing, Autohitting or Modding. I don't care if you're Deoxys in defense form, you're not invincible.

    2. This RP will be as literate as possible. Character posts must be 2 paragraphs long.

    3. I control whether you recruit a pokemon or not. I also control if you chooses the right path, or if you find a rare item like the Azure Flute, what items Kechleon are selling, and what jobs are on the bulletin boards.

    3. Be realistic with item finding. You can't find 5 Reviver seeds on one floor, or even one dungeon.

    4. I control major things that NPCs do, such as how much Chatot knows or if Rayquaza attacks you or not.

    5. All pokemon who don't have a form can be controlled by anyone, with the exception of friend pokemon. They can only be controlled by the rpers who rp the leaders of the team.

    6. You can't control both of the main pokemon in the same team.

    7. You need to have a general understanding of pokemon and Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time/Darkness/Sky to join.

    8. No perfect characters.

    9. If you want to leave, tell me so I can put your character(s) up for grabs. If you are inactive for a week or two without telling anyone why, I will give your character(s) to someone else.

    10. The only Gen. 5 pokemon you can encounter are the legendaries listed above. If you want to encounter any other legendary pokemon, PM me or post it in the Ooc thread (if we get one).

    11. My word is law.

    12. I have the right to change these rules at any time.


    Character Forms:


    Username: Your Username.

    Name: Can just be the species name, unless someone else has already taken that name.

    Gender: Male, female, or genderless.

    Pokemon: Can be almost any pokemon, but I prefer it to be one of the starters for the Mystery Dungeon series. Must not have evolved, and has to be able to evolve. (Please note you pokemon won't be able to evolve due to coming form the future.) Roselia, Pikachu, Jigglypuff etc. are fine.

    Appearance: 1 paragraph minimum. Small color changes are fine, but no blue Charmander. They can't be 100 feet tall, either.

    Personality: No evil pokemon, because Celebi wouldn't send back a evil pokemon to save the world, now would she?

    Moves: No TM moves, all pokemon start at level 20.

    Other:Anything else.

    Password:It's somewhere in the text above.

    Example Post: Must be at least 2 paragraphs long.

    [B]Example Post:[/B]

    Secret/Evil Pokemon: (Must be PMed to me. I will limit these to two or three.)




    Pokemon: Can be any pokemon, excluding legendary pokemon except for Deoxys.


    Personality: Evil.

    Level: Not to powerful. Maybe level 50 or 60.

    Moves: Anything that can be learned by that pokemon at the pokemon's current level.

    Master:Cresselia? Dialga!? Zekrom!?!? (For Deoxys it is Cresselia)



    Example Post:

    [B]Example Post:[/B]


    Other Info:

    Bulbapedia (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time/ Darkness)

    Bulbapedia (Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Sky)

  13. Sorry I haven't been on, I should be able to post tomorrow.


    About the prophecy- should Mosspaw be in it? I already have one cat in the prophecy, and I don't want it to be unfair, but I also don't want Mosspaw to seem like some puny apprentice. More like a miniature Tigerstar (in size and power). Not overpowered, but a threat. Again, I don't want her to be in it if she is the only bad guy in it, or I would be the only one with two cats in in the prophecy, but if you ever need a bad guy...

  14. The leader of the loners shall... walk the path? do something useful? lend support? help the clans? save the clans? abandon a friend when she needs it the most? light the way? be loyal through thick and thin? I don't know... *tries to think of something that could be good for Bear*


    Ooh, I like those, dragcave... now I have to think which I like better and maybe slightly modify it..