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  1. (can Mosspaw have a different name?)


    Froststripe's claws were flying everywhere, trying to defend from three sides at once as rouges attacked her from everywhere. She felt her claws drag across the pelt of an orange tabby, which turned and spat at her. The tabby slashed at Froststripe's eyes, who pulled back her head just in time. She used the moment while the tabby was unbalanced to hook his legs out from under him, but just as Froststripe was about to rake her claws against the tabby's back, she heard a terrified yowl. She turned to see Venomstrike's paw disappear under a mass of rogues. She saw Drizzlefrost pulling rogues away, trying to get to her mother... Froststripe ran over to help, not caring about the claws that were pulling out tufts of her fur or leaving long scratches as she passed. She reached the spot where she had seen her mother's paw, and grabbed a rogue, a rather small she-cat, by the scruff. She pulled the rogue backwards, which slashed at her nose. Froststripe felt blood run down her face, the wound gushing blood... now one of the cats that had been in RiverClan before the rogues had come, one who was supposed to be helping drive the rogues away, was attacking her...

    Mossfang fought through the Clan cats that were trying to fight, pleased to see that the rogues were winning. Yellowstar had been the best thing that had ever happened to RiverClan, perhaps after Rosestar. Mossfang felt a large Clan cat rake its claws across her pelt, but when she looked back at it, she saw it wasn't a RiverClan cat. So ThunderClan had come to help... but no matter. Mossfang wouldn't let RiverClan be corrupted again. She saw Froststripe, one of the new warriors, trying to fight a pack of rogues that looked like they had ganged up on one cat. Mossfang ran forward to help the rogues, hooking Froststripe's legs out from under her.

  2. Frostkit hurriedly rushed over to Venomstrike and curled up against her. She felt a little safer here, but she couldn't get the image of the cats with teeth in their collars and pools of red everywhere out of her mind. "I don't like it here either. I want to leave. Those tooth cats are scary!" Frostkit wanted the scary cats to leave, and for the river to be clean again. She didn't lie the red stuff that was everywhere and smelt metallic. The metallic scent was horrible. Snuggling closer to Venomstrike, Frostkit repeated quietly. "I want to leave."

  3. Frostkit ran clumsily out of the den. So this was outside! But it was so... so... horrible. A metallic scent hung in the air. The water that flowed around the camp, which Frostkit had expected to be clear and blue, was red. The camp wasn't filled with cats that smelt like Mommy, like Frostkit had expected. Instead of the fishy smell that Frostkit had expected, these cats smelt... different. That was the word. They were strange. Frostkit didn't like them. And worst of all were the lifeless cats that lay in pools of blood. Frostkit shivered and walked over to Cloudkit and Drizzlekit. She wanted to go back into the nice, warm den where the metallic scent wasn't so strong. She saw Drizzlekit hurry into the den, and followed, relieved that she could get away from the horrible camp. "I don't like it," she whispered quietly. "I don't want to live here."


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  4. RP Advertisement

    Name of RP: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, a New War

    Link: Linky!

    # of active RPers: Well, we haven't started yet, but I'm the only one who has made a form yet.

    Plot Summary: After Darkrai lost his memory, he stopped creating nightmares. Because of the absence of nightmares, Cresselia went mad and became Primal Cresselia. She hit Temporal Tower with a blast that knocked the Time Gears back to their original places.


    In the future, right before time started flowing again, Celebi sent back in time several more teams as a last resort. However, the Passage of Time malfunctioned, causing the teams to be sent to the time just after Cresselia became Primal Cresselia. They were also split up and all the pokemon lost their memories.


    Later in the future, the world became paralyzed once more due to Cresselia hitting Temporal Tower. Grovyle was once again sent back in time to help save the world.


    Now the teams must save the world by finding all the time gears and place them back in Temporal Tower. They also have to find a legendary pokemon, Jinthil, to restore Darkrai's memory.

    Other: The plot is explained much better in the RP. OH AND WE HAVE COOKIES!


  5. Frostkit- silver and white she kit with blue eyes. Also has white paws.

    Appearance: Frostkit is a small she-cat. Her claws are slightly longer then usual. Her ears are silver, and so is her nose. Her eyes are a bright, frosty blue and there is a rim of silver fur around them. She has a long stripe of silver along her spine that continues along her tail. Branching off of the stripe on her tail is three other stripes that curl around her tail to make three rings. She has a ring of silver above each of her paws. The rest of her is pure white.


    You just said she was silver and white with white paws and blue eyes. You never said where she was silver, you only said her paws were white. I can edit, I just don't understand what you want me to change.

  6. Username: Backup77

    Name: Frostkit

    Clan: RiverClan

    Gender: She-cat

    Age: A few minutes

    Position: Kit

    Appearance: Frostkit is a small she-cat. Her claws are slightly longer then usual. Her ears are silver, and so is her nose. Her eyes are a bright, frosty blue and there is a rim of silver fur around them. She has a long stripe of silver along her spine that continues along her tail. Branching off of the stripe on her tail is three other stripes that curl around her tail to make three rings. She has a ring of silver above each of her paws. The rest of her is pure white.

    Personality: Will mostly be Rped as she gets older, but right now she is a typical kit, maybe a slightly deeper thinker then most kits, but playful and carefree like any other kit. If Mosspaw and Frostkit are both still in RiverClan when Frostkit gets older, they will proabably hate each other. (Watch out Frostkit...)

    History: Uh... she was born in the middle of a battle, her father is dead, and her mother is Venomstrike. She has a sister (Drizzlekit) and three brothers (Cloudkit, Stormkit, Pikekit)

    Other: Rosefrost

  7. Mistpaw stopped in her tracks. Loud, angry yowling rang through the air, coming from RiverClan camp. Mistpaw ran through the undergrowth before stopping. If she really was going to run off to RiverClan to see what was going on, which way should she go? It would take longer, but be safer through WindClan territory... but the Twolegplace and the marsh that divided RiverClan from WindClan would get in the way. Taking a deep breath, Mistpaw slunk through the trees. She made it through ShadowClan territroy fine, but as she neared RiverClan the yowling stopped. The battle, whatever it had been about, was over. Mistpaw hid in the shelter of a large pine tree, stared at RiverClan camp. Rogues with collars studded with dog teeth were everywhere. Bodies lay in pools of blood. RiverClan cats were fleeing. Transfixed upon the terrible scene, Mistpaw didn't notice the apprentice sneaking up on her.


    Mosspaw panted, full of adrenaline after the fight. Her claws dripped with blood, but it wasn't the blood of the rogues that had invaded camp. No, it was the blood of her Clanmates. At least, they had once been her Clanmates. Mosspaw doubted they would be staying very long. Yellowpath had taken over RiverClan, and now Mosspaw finally had a worthy leader, one who would strive to kill all unworthy cats. Mosspaw's bright green eyes studied the camp. Out of the corner of her eye, Mosspaw saw movement. It was a black cat, hiding in the shadows of a pine. Mosspaw slunk quietly around the tree, sneaking up on the cat. As she got near, the scent of ThunderClan hit her nose. Making a soft growling noise in her throat, Mosspaw reached the cat. "State your business , ThunderClan."


    "I, er..." Mistpaw threw caution to the winds.she was starting to panic. She hadn't meant to get caught, and the look the cat that had crept up on her was giving her was intimidating, to say the least. "I came here to see what was going on, and to help save RiverClan!" Mistpaw said as defiantly as she could, though she was shaking in fear.


    Mosspaw's lips curled into a cruel smile. "Well, I can't let you do that, now can I?" Mosspaw's eyes glittered. She began to circle the ThunderClan cat who had been so stupid as to run strait into RiverClan territory. Mosspaw was surprised she had managed to get this far. And with this thought, Mosspaw lunged forward, bit into Mistpaw's neck and committed her second murder.

  8. Star:

    Star shot through the hole as fast as she could. Even with the speed she went through the barrier, her scales felt hot to the touch by the time she got to the other side of the barrier. The dragon from the Light, the annoying Guardian of Nature, was responsible for the annoying security measures. It wouldn't be good for Shadow Island to be attacked by Lost dragons, but that didn't mean the barrier had to be so hot... Star landed down on a thick branch near the middle of the island. Several other dragons were already there, waiting for the meeting to start. The setting sun was casting long shadows over the island, making the trees' shadows look like terrifyingly sharp claws, scratching the ground.



    Spel waited patiently for her turn to shoot through the flame barrier. Once Star had gone through the barrier, another hole opened up in the flames. Spel shot through it, but the tip of her tail of singed by the flames. On the other side of the barrier, Spel gingerly examined it. The once orange scales were blackened, and a few were missing. Spel muttered a spell that healed her tail, but it still hurt, though not as much as it did two seconds ago. Finishing with her tail, Spel looked back at the flames. They were sealed shut again, but that wouldn't matter if she needed to escape. She could just use a spell to split the barrier open.

  9. ((NO! Don't let it die!))

    Star looked around the battle scene. The pink and white hatchling, the one that was always floating around on a strange cloud, was throwing plums onto the head of a very irritated looking wolf. The wolf's head was splashed with plum juice, and looked quite silly as it leaped around, tring to bite the hatchling while trying to rid its face of the plum. Star bounded over. She was exhausted, and wanted to sleep, but ran over to help the hatchling. She summoned all her energy and unleashed a bolt of lightning. It hit the wolf, which yelped before collapsing, Star swayed on her feet before she also collapsed. Before her eyes closed, she saw that there was only one or two wolves left.