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  1. ((Hey guys, send me a PM if you have a request for a sponsor gift. The more powerful/intimidating/strong/whatever tributes are more likely to get better gifts, of course.))
  2. ((Of course I'll come back for the second games! I think that this RP is the only one that I've managed to stay active for. It's been a lot of fun.)) Glitter A fierce joy filled Glitter when she took out her rivals remaining eye. This, unfortunately, was filled with horror as she felt the ax sink into her chest. She collapsed to the ground, unable to keep herself standing any longer. Each gasp was a new burst of pain, and she knew that death by blood loss was inevitable by the fact that she couldn't seem to think properly. That was wrong. "I... I'm... dead?" she said with difficulty. The words didn't make any sense. Of course she wasn't dead yet; dead people couldn't talk. Talking was a sign of being alive. "I still don't trust Christian." "Hehe..." Glitter laughed weakly. "You're a smart one, aren't you?" None of it was right. She had to win; it was something she planned from the beginning. Her plans weren't supposed to go wrong, especially not important plans, such as 'don't die'. That was an important plan. How could the not-people possibly beat her? It wasn't fair. Not fair. Never fair. Dying was not fair. Important plans had to work. Games were never fair. With those last thoughts, Glitter slipped into unconsciousness. It was a relief; the pain had seemed unbearable. A few seconds later, a cannon went off. ((Wow. Both of my characters died before any other active characters. Oh, well. Now I get two mutts to control! Mwha-haha!))
  3. ((Crap. I ran the number generator, and Glitter lost. Do I have to kill her, or can she survive a bit longer?)) Glitter Her shoulder burned like it was on fire, and she could feel blood soaking the once-clean bandages she had put on it. The D8 girl threw an ax that spun and glittered red in the fading light towards her head. Quickly, Glitter dodged to the side to avoid it, letting her arrow fly in the process and missing. By now the D8 girl was too close for Glitter's bow to be an effective weapon, so she dropped it and drew two long daggers. The D8 girl swung her ax at Glitter's side, and Glitter feinted with one dagger and stabbed at the girl's remaining eye with her other dagger.
  4. ((I don't think that D8's items are OP at all. Flaming weapons sound like something that, even if they did burn forever somehow, would be heavy (fuel), hard to use, distracting, and very likely to burn your own face and hands off. ((Ooh, and are the mutts going to be like the ones in the 74th Hunger Games? In which case, it would be awesome if the Pixelle mutt killed Ellis. ((One last thing; for the 2nd Hunger Games, I have a plan for the two D1 characters. Can I reserve them?)) Glitter "I'm going to wear this bag just to fool any idiots into thinking that these bags have something in them." Well, that's smart, thought Glitter. "Why not just take the rocks out, or actually put something useful into the bag?" she asked aloud, a hint of annoyance in her voice. Rocks would just slow him down and hurt his back. "You really didn't think to clean that up? That's going to lure any animal within a mile radius." Glitter winced. True, she should have cleaned up, but she definitely hadn't wanted to. It was gross and sticky and smelled of rot and death. It had been so easy to just ignore the blood filling the air with it's rancid odor, and focus on watching for the competition and making sure that her wound didn't open up again and spill out all of her blood. Noticing the blood meant remembering that someone had died, and that was something that she couldn't afford to do. Killing a person could break her, and she didn't want to be broken. Thus, she purposely forgot that everyone else in the arena was also a person. "You guys weren't gone for that long," she said, trying to make up an excuse while simultaneously keeping the lies out of her voice. "I had to watch for other tributes. That was my job, remember?" And my shoulder is injured, so I really didn't want to move it more than I had to, she thought, but left that out. "More deer if it attracts animals," Buck said. "Seriously? Why would a deer be attracted to the smell of rotting blood?" Glitter raised her eyebrows in annoyance. The sky blazed orange as the shadows lengthened and the sun sunk below the forest. The scene could of been out of a fantasy novel, if they were being attacked by a hoard of orcs instead of a few underweight teenagers. Quickly, Glitter grabbed her bag and ripped it open, revealing a quiver full of five explosive arrows. Sweet. Drawing back her bowstring, Glitter considered shooting the D8 male, as he was a bigger threat than the one-eyed female, but chose to let it fly towards in female out of revenge. She let the arrow fly, and the razor-sharp tip slashed a gash on the side of the girl's head, cutting away a bit of her hair, but didn't cause any serious damage. Annoyed, she nocked another arrow.
  5. ((I'm back! Also, why did people vote for the one-eyed girl with the gut wound? ((I voted for Mel because she's not insane yet (well, Glitter isn't really, but I'll try to fix that, and I have a feeling that she'll die at the feast) and I want to see if she goes crazy. Mostly, I don't want Ellis to win because HE KILLED PIXELLE RAGE (not like that was my fault or anything...) ((And yeah, the number thing for the NPCs would be great. Even better than it would be for player characters, because people could just make the NPCs weaker/slower/dumber just to keep their characters alive.)) Glitter "Congratulations if you're alive! In honor of the only 8 tributes left in the arena, a feast will be held. This feast will have the most important item you need. It'll be held out by the cornucopia." Well, that would be interesting. It was great that it would be held at the Cornucopia, because that way she didn't have to travel. Always a plus when you had previously almost bled to death. But what did she need? She needed all of the not-people to be dead so that she could get out of the arena. Unfortunately, that probably didn't count as an item. What items could she use? She had food, water, bandages, shelter, and weapons. Medicine for her shoulder would be helpful if it started to become infected, but so far it seemed to be okay due to careful cleaning. It didn't hurt so much that it was a problem, so painkillers would be less than helpful. Armor, maybe? It would have to be very light to let her keep the small amount of agility she had. Glitter really wasn't a fan of becoming a walking tank that could be easily wrestled to the ground and killed with a dagger or just stabbed in the face. When the inevitable Career betrayal happened (if they didn't all die first) Christian could easily kill her if she wasn't fast enough to put some distance between him and her before shooting him to death. She didn't have perfect accuracy with her arrows. It was helpful that she had at least some skill with the most game-breaking weapon in the arena (seriously, what were the Gamemakers thinking?) but if she missed, and then she couldn't shoot another arrow fast enough... Well, then the obvious solution would be to not miss. Explosive arrows, maybe? Those would probably be the most helpful thing that she could get. Spotting movement out of the corner of her eyes, Glitter tensed and turned to look at whatever it was. Fortunately, it was just Buck and Christian. "Glad to see that you didn't die horribly. Who died?" she asked when they had reached the Cornucopia. She had been slightly worried at the sound of the cannons - less competition was great, but if both of her allies died she'd have to abandon the Cornucopia. It was too easy of a target if their was only one person there.
  6. ((The Careers don't even have to kill them. They could just die of infection (I've heard that intestine wounds are nasty). Anyway, I won't have an Internet connection for a few days.))
  7. Hm, I was thinking that I might re-join once the posts slow down. But if someone really wants her, then that's fine.
  8. ((Yay, thanks guys. ((Anyway, Shyrus, Pixelle was still alive at the end of my post, just bleeding to death really quickly. But it's okay, and she's dead by the end of this post.)) Pixelle It didn't seem so bad, dying. She didn't have to worry or run anymore. She couldn't run, anyway, not with a giant hole in her side. Mel was screaming, telling her to come back. Pixelle didn't want Mel to be screaming. "I-I'm... sorry..." she managed to say. Who was she saying sorry to? She didn't really know. Mel, probably. Or her family. Whoever she was saying sorry to, she meant the same thing. She was sorry that she died, that she failed, that she didn't come home, that she abandoned Mel. Maybe it wasn't fair to herself to think like that, but wasn't that what she did? She died and left Mel without an ally, while she was wounded. That wasn't fair. It wasn't fair to any one of them, not Mel or the D7 boy or the D6 girl or Pixelle. The Games turned her into a killer, then killed her. Well, it was all over now. The nightmares and the terror and the guilt. All of it. She would just fade to nothing and become only a memory. "Do-don't... for-" Pixelle wanted to tell Mel to win and to never forget her, because if only one person was going to survive, Pixelle wanted it to be the one person she met that didn't try to kill her, and if she was going to become nothing but a memory she didn't want to fade from anyone's mind. She tried to say it, really. But before she could, she died. Glitter A cannon fired. One of the not-people was dead. Glitter hoped that it wasn't one of her allies. That would be annoying. She shrugged and went back to watching carefully for anyone attempting a raid on the Cornucopia.
  9. Pixelle You never really expect to die. Not really. It's always a shock, and there's always some feeling that you weren't going to die. However unlikely your survival, there's always a part of you that thinks that you're invincible. Everybody knows that everybody dies. But they don't always realize that that includes themselves. Everyone else, well, they're just everyone else, aren't they? They're not you. You're the main character of the story. How could the world keep spinning without you? So while Pixelle knew, on a conscious level, that she wasn't going to get out, there was always a part of her subconscious that said that she would be fine. That she would get out, and see her little sister and her mother and her father who was dying of cancer again. That everything would be fine, and that the arena was nothing more than a nightmare. But that was just it, wasn't it? She had a chance. However small, there was a chance that she would get out. She knew that. For all her thinking that she was going to die, she knew that maybe if she ran fast enough, or she was clever enough, everyone else would die first. So, while she knew it was hopeless, it was still a shock when the ax blade buried itself in her side. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Pixelle slashed at the boy's windpipe with one knife, and aimed a jab at his heart with her other knife. Maybe they could beat him. It was two against one, wasn't it? Granted, it was a tiny, weak girl armed with knives and a heavily injured girl armed with a sword against a mountain armed with an ax. But maybe... Thunk. Pixelle looked down dully at the ax blade that was stuck in her lower body. That... that wasn't fair. Letting go of her knives in shock and instead grabbing the ax handle and gripping it like a lifeline, she fell to the ground and slumped against a wall. "I-I..." she said weakly. She felt like something should follow it, but she couldn't think of the words. The wound didn't hurt- too much shock and adrenaline. That was good. She didn't want to be hurting while she died. ((Sorry, Mel. Guess you're on your own. One or two more posts, and Pixelle will be dead, but I want to see if her knives hit Ellis, and maybe a reaction or two from Ellis and Mel first. ((Anyway, yes, I know that I didn't have to kill Pixelle. But I like realistic combat more than the number system anyways, and I was really excited about writing her death scene.))
  10. Sorry guys, I think I'm going to have to quit the RP. I haven't posted for awhile, and it's going kind of fast. Does anyone need me to post one last time to free up their character?
  11. ((Sorry guys. I didn't get home until a few minutes ago.)) Pixelle Pixelle held her knife tightly in one hand, and pulled out a throwing knife to hold in the other hand. Her breathing was shallow and her eyes were wide with terror as she watched the door. Suddenly, the door was smashed open by an ax. Wielding it was none other that the District 7 male. "I believe we've met, no where to run now Pixelle," he said, smirking. Smirking! How could he do such a thing when he was about to kill someone? Pixelle's mind was blown at his cruelty. "The District 2 Female too..." "No..." she said quietly in despair with a tear flowing down her cheek, temporarily forgetting about her plan to throw a knife at the intruder. He was the one that slashed open her district partner's head, splattering blood and brains everywhere. He was the one who trapped her in a tree, who killed her in her nightmares more than anything else. Pixelle didn't want her nightmares to come true, but it didn't seem like she had a chance. The boy raised his ax, and Pixelle was sure that she would've been slashed apart if Mel hadn't shoved her out of the way. Pixelle almost fell to the ground, but managed to regain her balance. No more standing around in despair, now. No more running, either; there was nowhere to run. Their only chance was to fight the nightmare that was chasing them with an ax. "Pixelle!" she heard Mel yell. Mel looked to the bed, and then opened her hand. Like an explosion. Yes, the bed might be their only chance, but how could they possibly get the D7 boy to jump onto it? Pixelle tried to think, but she couldn't. What could she possibly do? She was brought out of her stunned silence by Mel's scream. A huge pang a guilt filled her stomach. Her ally was fighting, and getting hurt, all because she was too scared and stunned to move for a few seconds. As Mel was trying to hit the boy with the flat of her blade, Pixelle came up behind him and aimed a deep stab with her knife, about halfway up his back. She couldn't reach any higher without sacrificing power. It was probably suicidal to try to fight and not flee while Mel and the D7 boy were fighting, but what how could she leave Mel after she saved her? It would be horrible, and everyone would hate her and know just how much of a coward she was. Her anger and the D7 boy for actually enjoying killing people helped.
  12. ((Why is Mel so worried about water? It's been raining for the entire games so far. ((Let me know if you want me to change anything about how I describe Mel's wound.)) Pixelle ”Thanks. I promise I’ll repay you later.” Repay her? For what? All Pixelle did was give Mel a few bandages that she found in a backpack. Generally, it was a bad idea to let an ally bleed to death. Although, maybe Mel would think that she owed Pixelle, which would be great. Maybe then Mel would be less likely to try to kill her. “Pixelle, I’m going to attempt to pull out the arrow slowly. I need you to check if it went all the way through my shoulder if it did, I need you to cut off the arrowhead.” "Okay." Pixelle didn't know whether to hope that the arrow went all the way through or not. If it went through, there would be even more bleeding, but they wouldn't have to deal with widening the wound to get the arrow out, or the arrowhead falling off and getting stuck in the wound. That probably wouldn't happen, though. In training the instructor didn't really mention arrowheads falling off, only their triangular shape causing problems. That meant that the arrowheads were attached properly. Right? She took a deep breath, closed her eyes for a second, and looked at the arrow wound. Blood seemed to be everywhere- bleeding to death could be a real problem. Fortunately, it seemed to have avoided all of the major arteries, and the arrowhead was poking through the back of the wound. The sight of the arrowhead poking out of Mel's skin, as well as the blood everywhere, made Pixelle feel like vomiting. She swallowed, trying to focus on the task at hand. "Okay. I'm going to try to pull it through just a little bit farther so I can get at the shaft with my knife better." She pulled on the arrowhead- just a light tug- and it slid forward a enough for her to get at it with her knife. She took a few more deep breaths, and started to saw through the shaft with the serrated edge of her knife. Eventually, the arrowhead fell to the ground, and she let out a sigh, glad that it was almost over. Then there was a sound. Maybe something, maybe nothing, hardly distinguishable from her own breathing and the sound of the rain. But to Pixelle, any sound could be dangerous. She wouldn't be surprised if she ended up running from a mouse because she heard it in the grass. The sound she heard was almost like the footsteps of a heavy person getting caught in mud, which was exactly the kind of sound you wanted to listen for. "Don't stop what you're doing. Don't act like anything is wrong. I think I heard someone outside," Pixelle whispered quietly into Mel's ear.
  13. Pixelle Okay, everything was fine for now. Rain wasn't pouring on her head, she probably had food, and the rain didn't seem to be stopping anytime soon, so she probably had water. She did have an 'ally' that was probably plotting to kill her, and there were teenagers that were trying to kill her, and she was trapped in a giant arena created specifically by an evil, oppressive government to force said teenagers to kill each other for entertainment. It really wasn't fine at all. Pixelle felt like breaking down and crying because of everything that had happened to her, not to mention what was happening to all of the others in the Games. But at least now it was better, and- Swish! Pixelle ducked instinctively at the sound of something sharp slashing through the air, then quickly got up in panic at the sickening sound of tearing flesh. Mel was kneeling on the ground, blood dripping from a wound on her shoulder. Oh, bad, bad, bad, that was bad. Her ally getting hurt was another brutal reminder of all of the traps in the village, and how one was never really safe from them. Traps weren't something that you could run from. Traps were something that you ran into. But thinking about the dangers of the arena wouldn't help Mel. Quickly checking the ground for more traps, took her backpack off and put it on the ground, digging in it for the cloth strips that she found in the backpack earlier. Matches, a bit of food, her water bottle, lots of cut up pieces of rope... where were they? Her panic certainly wasn't helping as she rummaged through the backpack. "Pixelle, how long have you been here? Do you know if the water from the sink is safe?" "No," Pixelle said, still searching. There seemed to be blood everywhere now, soaking through Mel's shirt. Blood. There always seemed to be blood when people died, like when the blood stained the flying silver knife red, or when her district partner's head got slashed open. There had been so much blood then... Focus. By now Mel was cutting up her backpack to use as a band aid. "I don't know if it's safe. The last house I was in didn't have a sink. But the rainwater's safe. I think." Horrible images of parasites and slow-acting poisons flashed in her mind. Would that be entertaining? Watching a tribute die after a week of living with a worm in their intestines that was sucking out all of his/her energy, without said tribute even knowing about the parasite? Probably. The Capitol audience obviously didn't care about what horrible things happened to the tributes. Pixelle took a deep, shuddering breath. "The food should also be safe. I don't trust the bed. It would be too easy to hide a weight-activated bomb in there." Finally, Pixelle found the cloth strips in her backpack. "Here," she said, handing the strips to Mel and trying not to look at all of the blood.
  14. Glitter "Well, I think that I'd be the best for guarding the supplies," Glitter said calmly. After resting, she felt much better. Her shoulder still hurt a little, but she would still be able to shoot, even if her accuracy was off a little bit. "As far as we know, the only ones that teamed up were the D8 tributes, and they're out of the picture. There could be other alliances, but it's unlikely that any of them would really be a threat. The Cornucopia is surrounded by a meadow, which would make it easy for me to pick off anyone that even tries to get close." Adding to that, Glitter didn't really want to go out in the rain with an injured shoulder. Trees, like the ones across the river, made it more difficult to shoot, and if they ambushed the D7 male in his cave her bow would be completely useless. Close combat with a dagger was not fun, as she had found out when she fought the D8 girl. Pixelle “Deal.” Yay, maybe she wouldn't be killed immediately. Pixelle managed not to panic more as the D2 girl started to cut away that the ropes. Skewering herself on the sword of someone who was trying to help her would be a very embarrassing way to die- not to mention painful. Again she thought of attacking the D2 girl with her knife- now she was close enough that she could stab her- but would probably get her head chopped open as soon as she moved her knife. Like what happened to her district partner... And she couldn't do it. Couldn't bear more nightmares of guts and blood spilling everywhere. “I have a couple tricks and tips I can give you. I have an ally here; if you want I can talk to her later and see if she agrees to not killing you.” Pixelle felt very wary when she heard that the D2 girl already had an ally, and even more wary at the implication that said ally might try to kill her. If the D2 girl already had an ally, then she would need Pixelle even less. Pixelle found herself hoping that the D2 girl's ally would die soon. It was a horrible thought, but the girl's ally dieing could be beneficial by making Pixelle more useful to the D2 girl. I’m willing to trade my weapon if you find a bow, and I’m fast so I can offer you a distraction if someone comes along. So obviously I don’t have much in terms of items or food, but I have much more I can offer that will help in the long run." "Bet I'm faster," muttered Pixelle quietly, before immediately getting mad at herself. Stupid, stupid. Acting all superior to a girl that could easily kill her. Although, maybe it would make her seem more useful, or more like someone who could defend herself against an attack. “My name is Mel, and as you know I’m from district two. Now let’s get out of this rain or we’ll die of the cold. Wouldn’t that be pathetic?” Yes, it would be pathetic. Pixelle wasn't even sure why she decided that looking for traps in the rain was a good idea. Pixelle stood up and shook the rope scraps off of her jacket. As an afterthought, she picked up the cut up ropes and put them in her backpack. She thought about running- she really, really wanted to run and hide- but knew that it was a bad idea. She followed Mel to a door, stepping where she had stepped just in case. Mel knocked on the door, activating a trap. That was a good idea, and Pixelle felt a bit unhappy at not thinking of it herself. She obviously wasn't as clever as she thought she was. "Wait," she said before stepping into the house. She could see the faint outline of a trap behind the door. If was probably attached to a weapon of some kind, like the sling trap and the crossbow trap. She picked up a few rocks and threw them all over the room to check for traps, before pointing to the pressure plate on the ground and stepping over it.
  15. ((Happy Hallowen everyone! ((Sorry, forgot about the rain and doom. I guess Pixelle should be hiding inside right now, but whatever.)) Pixelle She was trapped by one of the traps that she intended to use against the enemy. Great. And now she would die because of it. And even if she didn't, her chances of getting a sponsor to help her were at about zero. Not like anyone would have sponsored her at any point in the Games. People didn't sponsor cowards. But that wasn't something she should have devoted the tiniest fraction of her brain to; not when she was almost certainly about to die. So she kept cutting at the ropes furiously as the D2 girl walked calmly towards her. Guess the traps that I dodged on the way didn't help much, she thought as she felt the tiniest bit of hope her terrified mind had had slipping away. The falling rain made everything dark and cold. She was going to die, trapped and helpless, her blood staining the ground until the freezing rain washed it away. “Hey. Um… hi, again?” Well, that wasn't what Pixelle expected. The sound of the girl's sword slashing through the rain and stabbing into her heart would have made sense. Maybe some threatening one-liner first. Not a casual 'hi again'. Pixelle tried to shrink back away from the girl, but the rope net made that impossible. She stopped trying to cut away that the net; there wasn't a point anymore. Even if the net magically disappeared instantly, she'd be dead before she could even stand up. Maybe she could talk her way out. The girl didn't seem very threatening, and while it could have been a trick, Pixelle couldn't see a point. She was at the girl's mercy now, and trying to trick Pixelle would just be wasting time. Briefly Pixelle thought about throwing her knife at the D2 girl, but the D2 girl would certainly be able to kill her before she died, even if Pixelle did manage to hit her at all. At she couldn't do that. Not after the Bloodbath. “Look I’m willing to trade. We’ll go over what we have and we’ll see what we want. Deal?" "Okay," Pixelle managed to say. She didn't know what she could possibly have that the girl could want, but making a deal with the girl was her only chance. “I’m looking for more food, any type of weapon, mostly a bow, and maybe just some general knowledge about anything.” Knowledge, food, and a weapon. Okay. Pixelle had lots of food, assuming all of the houses in the village had food. The others... well, she had a bit of knowledge about the arena. She knew where a few traps were, and how to make a few more. She had knives, but knives weren't special. Maybe there would be a bow somewhere in the village, and she was planning on exploring anyway, so maybe she could find a bow for the D2 girl. Giving the enemy the most game-breaking weapon in the arena probably wasn't the best idea, but it was her only chance. She took a few deep breaths before speaking, trying to calm herself down. "I can get food easily, I think. I know where a few traps are." She paused for a second. "And I can get knives. I haven't seen a bow, but I might be able to find one somewhere in here." Pixelle was careful not to actually tell the girl anything. It would be best not to outlive her usefulness too soon, if she could help it.
  16. Pixelle The girl had a sword. Swords were bad, very bad, dangerous things. And then the girl growled, making the hairs on the back of Pixelle's neck stand up. At this point Pixelle would have run, wanted to run, should run, but she was rooted to the spot in terror. “Well? What are you waiting for? Are you going to attack or what?" Pixelle laughed nervously, obviously terrified. This girl actually thought that she, the girl from D3 who was only good at running and memorizing things, and was already having problems with nightmares, was going to attack a D2 girl with a sword? What was the girl thinking? Maybe she couldn't use a sword, or was scared and just trying to look intimidating, but that didn't matter. She could still easily beat Pixelle in a fight, and even if she couldn't Pixelle couldn't tell her terrified brain that it was okay, that the girl wouldn't attack. She had to run. Maybe she could talk for awhile and surprise the girl by running suddenly, or there was a tripwire in between them... no, the girl's eyes flickered towards it. If she knew about the tripwire, it wouldn't do much good, and Pixelle didn't want to see another person die, didn't want more nightmares. The D2 girl's hardened face softened a bit, and she lowered her sword. That didn't mean anything. She could still beat her in a fight, it could all be a trick to make Pixelle lower her guard. “You’re the district three girl, aren’t you?” "Yes," Pixelle replied, her voice shaking. "Pixelle." Try to remain calm, try to remain calm... “Your district partner is dead isn’t he? You didn’t have any attachment to him did you?” Pixelle closed her eyes tightly to try to block the flashback of screams and axes and wooden spikes. Stupid, stupid, stupid. Closing her eyes when there was a potential enemy standing right there, who could slash her head off? She opened them as quickly as she could, blinking. "Yes. He's dead." She could see the tears of fear blurring her vision. "No... I didn't know him." Finally, Pixelle mustered up the courage to say something that wasn't a direct reply to a question. "Yours is dead, too, right?" Maybe it would be alright. Maybe the D2 girl wouldn't kill her, and she'd let her live, and she could survive a few more hours... And then the cannon fired. Startled and already terrified from fear, Pixelle bolted away from the D2 girl. She managed to remember where a few traps were, leaping over two tripwires, but she forgot about one, and fell to the ground. Immediately a weighted net seemed to come from nowhere- a hidden compartment under the ground, probably- and wrapped itself around Pixelle. Frantically, Pixelle took out her good knife and started to cut at the ropes. Not fast enough, not fast enough, the D2 girl would catch her...
  17. Zor

    Winged RP

    "Oh, that would need an excuse. Once I was late coming home and that's probably a really boring story that you don't want to hear but anyway I was grounded," Rose said quickly. "Would you like to come with me to face my fate?" "Sure!" Rose didn't see any reason not to come with Aeio. They had been talking for about five minutes, but Rose made friends quickly. And you were supposed to help friends, right? Of course. And facing angry parents alone was never fun, so it would be nice of her to help. Anyway, it was either come with him or continue to practice crashing into trees.
  18. Zor

    Winged RP

    "It's okay! Accidents happen, 'cause if they didn't happen then we probably wouldn't even understand the concept of an 'accident', so obviously they happen and I don't really understand the point of saying 'accidents happen', because it's so obvious there's not really a point in saying it. Anyway, I'm okay." Rose stopped trying to rub the dirt off of her face, having decided that she had gotten most of it off, but there was still a large, smudged streak of dirt across her face. "Are you any good with coming up with excuses?" "Uh, I don't know. I don't usually need to come up with excuses. Except for that one time. And that other time." Rose started to count on the fingers of one of her hands, using the other to try to rub at her face again. "And then, and that time, and... Right! Those three other times. But other than that, not really. At least, those are the major times that I remember. Anyway, what do you need an excuse for?"
  19. Zor

    Winged RP

    "Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt, otherwise there wouldn't be very many skydivers, would there? That wouldn't be fun, falling out of a plane and feeling like the wind is ripping away your skin, and ew that gave me a really gross picture in my mind even though skydiving obviously doesn't rip your face off," Rose said, leaning forward to try to keep from being blown backwards by the wind that Aeio was generating. It was pretty difficult, but was good training. "Where are you staying in town?" "Wait! I know this one. In a house, somewhere, in Windkeep. I forget where. Somewhere! Wait, now I remember. It's that one house with the roof and the door and every house has a roof and a door so that's not very descriptive but yeah. A house." Right around the time that she stopped talking, Aeio stopped hovering, causing her to crash forwards into the dirt. "Ow. Stop making me crash into things," she said, standing up and rubbing the dirt off of her face.
  20. ((Thanks)) Pixelle While walking along the street, staring at the ground and occasionally looking a the walls of the buildings, Pixelle froze. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw movement. Movement was always bad in the Hunger Games, unless you were hunting something... or someone. And Pixelle was definitely trying to hide from hunters. Turning very, very slowly, every on of her instincts telling her to flee but her brain telling her that if she ran then whatever moved would definitely see her, Pixelle looked at where she saw the movement. To her right, there was a side street, and at the end of that street was the D2 girl. Pixelle could barely breathe from fear, and she could hear the beating of her heart. Thump thump thumpthumpthumpthumpthumpthump Badbadbadbad. Would the girl see her? Almost definitely. And then she would kill Pixelle, kill her horribly and slowly, because that's what people were supposed to do in the Hunger Games, because it was entertaining. Putting on a show for the Capitol, and she was going to die for it.
  21. ((I vote yes for the autokill)) Glitter "Mwha?" Glitter said sleepily, before becoming fully awake. Stupid, stupid, stupid! She should have been awake as soon as Buck started talking. Dying in her sleep because she was betrayed and didn't wake up fast enough would be pathetic. The blood loss was a problem, but at least she had stopped bleeding awhile ago. Hopefully it would get infected, either; that would be really embarrassing. Crawling out of the Cornucopia, Glitter looked up at the sky. D3 male- no electric traps from him. D11 male, both D4 tributes, D1 male, and D2 male- that wasn't news. Okay, so the D8's didn't die of blood loss, but that was obvious, because there were no cannons. Fine. Now the only real threats were the D9 male and the D7 male, blah blah blah, they'd gone over all of that. "That's going to lure something." She hadn't thought of that. But if the Gamemakers wanted to send mutts after them, they could send mutts after them. And if they didn't, they wouldn't. Crawling back inside, she fell back asleep, vowing to be smarter and more alert when she woke up. Pixelle Finally, Pixelle woke up from her nightmares. She shivered in the darkness, breathing heavily and trying to calm down. They had seemed so real, and the darkness of the room, with creepy shadows being cast by the curtains, didn't help. After five minutes of trying to forget her nightmares, she shakily stood up. Okay. Don't touch the bed or the pressure plate by the door. Everything else should be fine. After putting some water from her water bottle- she'd need to get more soon- and a box of pasta into a pot, she turned on the gas and lit it with a match. Once the pasta was done, she ate it. It was obviously bad quality, and stale, but she was hungry enough that it didn't matter. She left the pot of water on the stove to cool, and sat down on her blanket to think. There was no reason to leave the village. Sure, there were definitely too many traps to count. Yes, it was very likely that mutts would be released. But the D7 male at least set traps in the forest, and there could be mutts there, too. In the village there was shelter, food, and if another tribute tried to attack her, the traps might stop them. She could even learn where the traps were, set up a few more, and plan a route so that if someone was chasing her, she could run at full speed and avoid or leap over the trip wires a pressure plates. And she was good at running. Carefully, Pixelle stepped over the crossbow trap and opened the door. Very slowly, watching everywhere she put her feet, she started to map the traps on the street she was on. Tripwire, tripwire, more tripwire under that window, pressure plate near that door, etc. She even looked through the windows of the houses to see if she could see any traps. On a couple she could see wires attached to the doors- probably rigged to explosives that would be set off when the door was opened. ((Anyone want to poke around the village? Pixelle's kind of lonely.))
  22. ((Yeah, I'm sure. You can have the bird. I think I may be joining too many RPs, anyway.))
  23. ((If we're out of spots, someone can take the bird. I don't really know if I want to join this RP anymore.))
  24. ((Yay, we're all happy! ((Trying to decide whether I want my character to shift into a Bee Hummingbird or a sparrow of some sort.))
  25. ((I don't know how the reservations are going- if mipuppy ends up with the bird, I want the gryphon.))