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    Latios soared over the Kanto coastline. To his left was the deep blue ocean, rippling with waves that looked tiny from so high up. To the right was the rocky coastline, which gave way to a thick forest. Flying slightly behind and below him was his sister, Latias. Latios slowed slightly to crane his neck around to look at her. Flying at nearly top speed for so long was exhausting, so they'd have to stop soon.


    They had recently found a lead that suggested that there might be a Soul Dew somewhere near Victory Road. It wasn't very reliable, but at this point that didn't matter. The months of searching for a Soul Dew after theirs had been stolen hadn't been fun. At least there had been lots of travel, but travel was better when you didn't have to base your destinations on vague rumors. They hadn't even been able to track who had stolen their Soul Dew, which frustrated Latios. If he ever found who did it...


    "Shall we rest there?" Latios asked, slowing and pointing to a small, but lush island. It would probably have some nice berries, and was small enough that they weren't that likely to be disturbed. They would probably reach the Victory Road area sometime the next day, but Latios didn't get his hopes up.


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    Azelf blinked his eyes open, and slowly uncurled his tails from around his body. He had been sleeping, curled up with his chin tucked towards his chest. He rose from where he had been floating, about a foot about the glass still water of Valor Cavern. The cavern may have been considered a bit small by a larger pokemon, but to Azelf it was the perfect size. Home.


    In a sudden burst of speed, Azelf zipped out of the cavern and flew over Lake Valor before looping around to hover over the island. The night was perfectly cool and clear, and the lake barely even had any ripples in it. The starlight glittered off of the gems set into his tails, which circled around in a steady rhythm. Looking out over the forest that surrounded his lake, Azelf couldn't see any movement, aside from a Goldeen leaping out of the water and landing with a splash. Most pokemon slept at night, and those that didn't were often very stealthy. Azelf's sleep cycle was a bit more fluid.


    Deciding to find some cheri berries, Azelf flew into the forest, skillfully weaving through the trees. He was almost at his favorite cheri bush when he stopped. Lying limp underneath some ferns was a dead Tangela. It wasn't such an unusual sight. Sad, but unavoidable. Normally, Azelf would have ignored it and continued on its way, but nearby was a groaning Tangrowth. The huge pokemon was twitching in its sleep, and was clearly under the effects of a nightmare. Concerned, Azelf poked at it, trying to wake it up. "Hello?" It didn't wake up. "Hello?" Azelf asked again, louder this time. He didn't want to hurt the Tangrowth, but he couldn't just leave him. Azelf flew back a bit, then shot forward and rammed the grass type, but it still refused to wake up. Azelf rammed it again, harder, then circled around it. Why wouldn't it wake up?


    Azelf felt frustrated. He mostly protected his lake, but he also protected the pokemon that lived around it. The Tangrowth's sleep didn't seem natural, or it would have woken up. Azelf was tiny, but he could hit hard. There were a few different ways a pokemon could be put to sleep, but most didn't cause that deep of sleep or cause nightmares. Unless...


    No. Why would he be here? It was most likely just a stray Sing. Still, it would be best to make sure and find the pokemon who was responsible, so the Willpower Pokemon wouldn't stop until he did. Azelf left the Tangrowth alone and started to fly around the trees, quickly but warily. His tails lashed violently behind him, and he kept turning his head from side to side.

  3. "I know you! You're that guy who had a pastry in his mouth and ran away! Oh wow, that took me forever to remember. You'd think I remember someone with a costume like yours but apparently not."

    Oh? When did that happen? Before or after the spider-man had found the food? Probably before, or the spider-man would have had an easier time remembering. Being captured and escaping would have been distracting. Had the man who had fallen been in a pod, too? If so, had the pods been used to store people with supernatural abilities? As far as she could tell, the woman didn't have any superpowers. Now wasn't the time for testing, anyway, but it was a possibility to remember. She didn't even know if the guy who had fallen hadn't even been in a pod.

    "Um... Sorry, I think you have the wrong guy, I haven't gotten something to eat all day. Maybe you must have seen my twin brother... Um... Frank."


    He wasn't even trying to lie properly. Well, actually, he was. He was just so pathetically bad at it that he might as well have been not trying. The more he spoke, the more the woman thought that he might be insane. That bothered her a bit; insane people could either be predictable or unpredictable. The guy who had fallen seemed to fall into the 'unpredictable' category. He was also very annoying.


    My name's- Deadpool, what's yours? Hey, do you know where I could find some food? I'm starving!"


    He paused slightly before saying his 'name', so he had been thinking up an alias. What kind of name was 'Deadpool', anyway? What was her name? She wasn't going to tell this 'Deadpool' what it was even if she could remember, but it would be nice to know. She couldn't remember anything, and her name might not be any different, but trying wouldn't hurt. What seemed familiar? Ns, maybe. As, too. N-A. Natalia? No, not quite. Natasha?


    That name clicked. It seemed familiar enough to work, and it wasn't a bad name.


    Now, what could she do about 'Deadpool'? Finding out more about him seemed to be a start, at least. "You've seen him before? Where?" she asked the spider-man, turning her head slightly towards him while still paying attention to 'Deadpool'.


  4. Catching more movement out the the corner of her eye, the woman glanced at the first man without moving her head. What she saw surprised her, but she didn't show it. Somehow, the man had managed to cling to the side of the skyscraper, almost like a spider. That would explain the spider emblem on his chest, anyway. The cans he had been carrying were stuck to some sort of white substance, similar to spider silk. Well, that was interesting. First a guy survived a twenty foot fall, and then someone started sticking to buildings and shooting spider silk out of his wrists. It didn’t seem weird to the woman, somehow. It was weird, but it didn’t feel like it should have been.


    The man who had fallen started to make noise, and the woman flicked her eyes back towards him. The spider-guy could easily be a threat, but they had been talking and he hadn’t seemed to be the violent type. She’d deal with him and why he could stick to walls later. She knew absolutely nothing about the man who had fallen, aside from that he was alive, and he seemed to be a much bigger threat at the moment. The sound he was making was disturbing- it was almost like a chuckle. The man stood up suddenly and jerkily, like a puppet. Creepy, but the woman was only concerned about the fact that the man seemed fine after falling from twenty stories and wasn’t listening to her orders. She kept her gun pointed at his head as he moved.

    "I'm moving around! Whatcha gonna do? Shoot me? Huh? I just survive a freakin' long fall, you think I'd be scared–"

    It had crossed her mind, but whatever the man was, a bullet through his brain would probably inconvenience him, at least. She glared at him, but before she could reply the man stood up straighter and started to speak again, flirtatious this time. Great.

    "Hey, sorry about that, I get... carried off sometimes. Say, you look gorgeous, could we maybe get dinner sometime?"

    Well, he certainly wasn’t worried about being shot in the head. Either he thought she wouldn’t do it, was suicidal, or was confident that it wouldn’t kill him. Calmly yet with the hint of a threat in her voice, she replied, "No, and I don’t think that you’ll want to repeat that." She didn’t really want to deal with a guy who could fall twenty stories and get up like it hadn’t happened. She especially didn’t want to deal with one who was flirting with her. She had a gun pointed at his head! Was he insane?

    "Whoa, keep it easy there."

    Right, the spider-guy didn’t like guns. Well, too bad. He was the one who could climb up buildings, not the one stuck on the ground. "It’s just a precaution," she told him. Hopefully, things wouldn’t turn into a fight, but if they did she wanted to be ready.

  5. "I know they were planning to look for food in a forest, but I don't exactly know where said forest is from this exact location."

    The woman nodded. Okay, they needed to find a forest. She hadn't seen much of the city, so she didn't have a clue where to start looking. For all she knew, it could be around the corner or several miles away. Either way, wandering around blind probably wouldn't help much. She took 'I don't exactly know where said forest is from this exact location' to mean 'I'm lost'. It was something about the way he phrased it, or maybe something in his voice. She couldn't be sure, but it seemed likely. Honestly, the mask that the man was wearing bothered her a bit. It wasn't that it was a strange or scary mask (it almost seemed normal), it was just that she couldn't see his face. She felt that if she could see someone's face properly, they'd have a very hard time lying to her.

    "You, uh, wouldn't happen to of seen a door in your pod room, would you? Because if you did go in, I'm guessing you'd figure out it was a bathroom. On the chance that you did enter the bathroom, did you see any other doors in it? A door that didn't lead to your own pod room?"

    She paused for a moment to think. Had there been another door? She thought she would have noticed if there had been, but she had been pretty out of it. Maybe there was another door. If there was, what would be behind it? Another pod room with someone else in it? Supplies? Something else? Why did the man think that there might be another door? Was his pod room connected to anything else? "I don't think that there was another door in the bathroom. There may have been, but-"


    The woman was interrupted by something on the edge of her vision. Red and black, falling from the skyscraper beside her. The object- it seemed to be a person- hit the ground, hard. Guessing from the length of the fall, she was sure that the person must be dead. Looking at him, she could see that he wasn't from the light rise and fall of his chest. The woman quickly pulled out a handgun and pointed it at the head of the man, her stance widening and becoming more stable as she did so. The man was wearing a skintight red and black suit, somewhat similar to the first man's blue and red suit. A very notable difference between the two were the swords strapped to falling-guy's back. How was he alive, and why had he fallen from the skyscraper? The building didn't exactly look sturdy, so why was he on the skyscraper in the first place? There were always more questions, it seemed. "Don't make any sudden movements," she said to falling-guy. It seemed unlikely that he'd be able to move at all, but it could be possible. She didn't want to take that chance.

  6. Well, at least the man seemed to know something about radiation. That would probably be helpful at some point, if there was any radiation. If not, that suggested that the man was either intelligent, or just really liked researching bombs. It was most likely the first one, but it was best not to assume things. At any rate, the information that the woman got from the man's speech was important. Not the bit about why the city could be in the state that it was, the bit about the "mutants" and stocked stores. Mutations caused by radiation didn't sound like they'd be dangerous; quite the opposite, really. Still, if the mutants weren't dangerous, why would the stores still be stocked? It could be that the area was hazardous enough to prevent people from getting the food and the mutants were immune somehow. All of this was just speculation, though. If she (and possibly the man; it didn't seem like he'd be against an alliance, and an alliance would be good at this point) couldn't find another food source, she'd have to find out more about these stores and mutants.


    Judging by the man's ideas and the way the city looked, it had been destroyed for a long time. There was something disturbing about that, but the woman didn't let it bother her too much. There were more important things to do than angst about being in the wrong time period or something. Why had they been in the pods, though? The man's idea about them being 'storage units' was probably right, but why? Who was responsible for putting them in the pods? Alternately, the man himself hadn't actually come out of a pod, and was part of the reason that she had been in a pod. He had mentioned the pods first, so he either knew about them or was telling the truth. It was something to remember, just in case. Always keep your guard up.


    Now what? Just standing around could be dangerous. How long had the man been out of his pod for? He seemed to be in better shape than the woman was, although she was feeling much better now. She knew that he had been tied up, escaped, and found food, so it couldn't have been that recently. Why had he been let out first? What about the companions he mentioned? Maybe they could find them. "Do you have any idea where to look for your companions?" she asked. He hadn't outright said that they were missing, but it was pretty obvious.


  7. The slime almost fell off of the slope when the burning started. Why did this keep happening? As far as the slime could tell, it hadn't done anything to cause the burning. This burning, unlike the last one, caused the slime to twitch. It was painful, yes, but there was something else. The 'something else' was worse, and the slime tried to rub itself against the surface it was climbing in an attempt to get rid of it. It didn't help. If anything, the rubbing just caused more pain. The slime tried to focus, as it had with the previous burning, but it was difficult. Twitching horribly, the slime resumed climbing.


    As the slime slowly ascended higher, trying not to fall, its new sense started picking something up. It was above the slime, and was very different from things that the sense had picked up earlier. The bursts of sound were longer than the ones previously heard, and were higher pitched. Somehow, it didn't seem like these sounds were caused by movement.

  8. "Oh, you just wanted to know how to find food? Yeah, I know where to get food! I got these cans from that woman who tied me up earlier."


    The man sounded cheerful now, which was a bit surprising. As she thought before, the city didn't look like the nicest place. Maybe the man was just strangely cheerful and generous; she doubted that most people would act that way. The man said that he 'got them' from the woman who tied him up, but from what he said before the meeting hadn't been that friendly.


    "Well, she didn't really give me the cans, I kinda took them. But n-not all of them! I only took what my companions and I needed. Speaking of which..."

    Well, that confirmed that the meeting hadn't been friendly. The woman wondered how the man had escaped. It didn't seem likely that someone had willingly untied him. It was possible, but who would let someone escape with food when they had already been tied up? The man also suddenly sounded panicked and worried. Maybe he thought that the she would be bothered by the stealing, but it didn't. Not really. She didn't think stealing was such a bad thing. Well, maybe it was right, but was it horribly wrong? She didn't think so, especially if you needed food. Now, she would have been worried if the man had said he killed someone, but only because that could have meant that she was next. At the moment, she didn't have anything that could really be stolen, besides the weapons that she had. Those wouldn't be so easy to steal, at least when she was awake.


    The fact that the man had mentioned companions was important. Where were they? The man didn't seem to know, judging by the way he was looking around. She wished she knew more about them, but if the man wanted to tell her then he would. If he didn't want to tell her, there wasn't much she could do right now by asking. Maybe later.


    "You wouldn't happened to just came out of a pod of some sort, would you? Because... you know... your clothing is nice and the woman who tied me up and had torn clothing. The only other people who have clean clothing are my companions who are running around somewhere. So I thought..."


    The woman's blood ran cold. So, she wasn't the only one who had been locked in a pod? Well, that changed things. It also explained why the man hadn't been confused by a fairly well-fed person asking where to find food. What he said also indicated that his companions, whoever they were and however many there were, had also been in pods. The important question was, had they also forgotten everything? She was inclined to believe that they had. He didn't mention knowing anything that had happened before waking up in the pod, and it would make sense if she wasn't the only one who forgot. As much as anything made sense, anyways.


    "If you aren't in the same situation I'm in you're probably pull out your gun now."


    The man was panicking; apparently he thought that she would think that he was crazy. Well, yay for him. Even if the woman hadn't been in the same situation, she doubted that she would have taken out her gun. For one thing, she still didn't know how the man had escaped from the woman that tied him up. For another, his companions could be near enough to hear the sound of gunfire, and the woman didn't think that she'd be able to run very fast yet. Somehow, she didn't think that they'd be happy if they found her after she shot their friend.


    Carefully, she started to reply to what the man had said. "...Yes, I did, not very long ago." She nodded towards the door that led to the pod room. "So, still no guns. Do you know what's going on?"


  9. The slime noticed that the stuff under it had transitioned from a flat, inorganic surface to a bunch of strange brittle stuff. It was organic, but dead and not very tasty. Oddly, when the slime moved over the brittle stuff it could be picked up by the slime's new sense, but not before. Could it be that the new sense indicated movement? The slime absorbed a bit of the brittle stuff, but only because it was hungry.


    As it continued along, there was a sudden rush of movement. To the surprise of the slime, the source of the noise went upwards as it moved away from the slime. The slime hadn't known that that was possible, but apparently it was. In any case, whatever it was had gotten away, so the slime didn't care much about it. The slime then ran into something like smooth slope. Confused, it tried to absorb a bit of it, but the taste was too similar to something it had eaten before to hold the slime's interest for long.


    As the slime was about to climb the slope, something happened. The slime was used to the hard things forming inside of it by now, but then something new happened. The thin hard things grew sideways from the rod in the slime's back, then jointed and grew downwards, pushing the slime slightly off the ground. This caused the slime to panic a bit, feeling wobbly, but then the rods branched and made the slime feel more stable. Slime flowed down the rods, coating them. Calming down, the slime started using the rods to walk up the slope, moving much faster than it could have before.


    ((The slime startled a bird, then grew legs and started climbing a tree.))

  10. I actually prefer cats. I have two indoor dogs and four outdoor cats (of course, that doesn't stop me from sneaking them inside). Cats usually just sit on your lap and sleep nicely, but dogs bark and their claws hurt when they step on you (cat claws don't really hurt if they're not trying to hurt you). Sure, cats don't really care about you or listen to what you say, but they're (usually) quiet. The exception to this is one of my cats, who enjoys running around and headbutting people. I still love my dogs, though.

  11. "Oh. I thought I sensed someone around here."

    What? The woman was a bit confused about the statement. Normally, you'd say 'I thought I heard someone' or 'I thought I saw someone'. Technically sight and hearing were both senses, but you just didn't usually say things like that. It was possible that the man thought he was psychic, or was trying to make the woman think that he was psychic. She didn't ask questions, but filed the information away for later.

    "You're not going to try and pull a gun on me, are you? I'm not too fond of guns at the moment. Not too long ago a woman pulled a gun, sorta like the one you have there, on me and tied me up."


    Ooh, that was also interesting. If you just payed attention to the words, it could have seemed like a threat. However, it didn't sound like the man was threatening her. He did seem to be worried about the gun, though. That was pretty normal. She was also thinking that the man probably wasn't lying about having been tied up and threatened with a gun. She couldn't see his face, so she wasn't quite sure, but just guessing from his voice...


    "Okay, no guns. See?" she said as she raised her hands a bit farther away from the guns. "I was just wondering if you knew a way to find food." It was probably best to not outright ask for food.

  12. Out of the corner of her eye, the woman saw movement. Flicking her eyes towards it, she saw... what? The body shape indicated that it was a man, but he was wearing a rather strange outfit. It was blue and red, and was covered with a design like spiderwebs. The man was looking away and upwards, so she couldn't see his face, but he could have turned around at any second.


    The next moment, the woman found herself standing behind a crumbled building, with only the slightest crunch of gravel to announce her movement. A pistol appeared in her hands. The sudden rush of movement caused stars to pop in front of her eyes, and she brought a hand up to her forehead. When the stars cleared, she blinked at the gun in her hand. That had been unexpected. She hadn't really made a conscious decision to move, which was interesting. Maybe she really did know how to fire a gun.


    Now what? A stealthy peak around the corner of the building revealed that the man was standing far enough away to have not heard her movements. Well, that was good, at least. He was also carrying a small stack of cans in his arms, which interested the woman more. Her stomach rumbled at the thought of food, but how could she possibly get it?


    She had weapons, and the man didn't appear to. That was good. Still, if it came down to a fight she still wasn't sure if she could win. The man could have any sort of skills, and what if she was wrong and couldn't shoot a gun accurately? It could also be that his suit was bulletproof, although it didn't look thick enough. If she couldn't incapacitate him with the first shot, things could end very badly. She also still felt a little wobbly, while the man seemed to be fine.


    Okay, no fighting, then. In any case, it would be best not to hurt anyone. That left two options: get away while she had the chance, or ask politely for some food or a place to find food. Something about the ruined city told her that no one was going to be giving away food any time soon, however. People weren't very generous at the best of times (at least, she thought they hadn't been. She wasn't really sure of anything, now), and with the city as it was? No way. Leaving without letting the man see her might have been the option she chose, if she wasn't so hungry. It wasn't like she couldn't bear the hunger- she felt like she could, if she really had to- it was that she knew that she needed to find food sometime, or risk starvation. Starvation wasn't something she planned on. So, asking politely and then threats if he didn't give her some food? Possibly the best option. After all, the man wouldn't know that she could barely stand.


    Cautiously, she put her gun back into its holster and stepped out into the open, palms facing up in a nonthreatening gesture. Raising her voice slightly so that she could be heard over the distance, she said, "Hello," in English. She didn't know what language(s) the man spoke, but the robotic voice that woke her up had spoken English, so it seemed to be a good start. From what she could tell, the woman knew quite a few languages.

  13. On the edge of her consciousness, a woman heard a voice. It wasn’t in the least bit like a human voice; rather, it was cool and robotic, devoid of any emotion. Only half awake, the woman couldn’t make out what the voice said, and didn’t much care to. She could tell that the voice had spoken in English, but why would that matter? Far more pressing was the horrible feeling of soreness she felt.


    Vivid green eyes snapped open, or at least they would have if they weren’t crusted with gunk. Instead, her eyelids just pulled against each other and failed to open properly. She attempted to reach up to them to rub the gunk away, but stopped. The attempt caused her muscles to burn horribly, like they had been heavily exercised the day before. It wasn’t just her arms that hurt- far from it. All of her muscles felt similarly sore, although they weren’t as bad because she hadn’t tried to move them. Her mouth was dry, her lips were chapped, and her head pounded. In particular, she felt very nauseated.


    Too late to do much about it, the woman felt bile rising in her throat. Ignoring the soreness of her arms, she pushed herself into a sitting position so that she at least wouldn’t choke. The bile had now reached her mouth, but the woman was determined not to vomit all over herself. She managed to crack her eyes open the tiniest fracture, and saw a ledge of some sort. Reaching towards it, she leaned over the edge. Vomit splashed against the floor, and the woman was rather glad that she was covered in it.


    Weakly, she collapsed back into the cushions, shaking. She couldn’t just lie there, though. For one thing, she needed water to wash the taste out of her mouth, and for another she felt as if she’d be very hungry if she wasn’t so disgusted. In any case, she needed to find out where she was. Captured, maybe?


    By who? Well, she didn’t know. Actually, the woman found that she didn’t really know anything, not even her own name. Wiping the crust out of her eyes so that she could see properly, she sat up again. First things first, after all. The soreness of her muscles seemed to be fading, but not at nearly a fast enough rate. How long had she been asleep for? Awhile, not very long? Why had she been woken up? Why couldn’t she remember anything? Wishing that she could just keep resting, she grabbed the edge of the pod again and lifted one leg over the edge. Unable to keep her balance and still too weak, she tumbled over the edge and fell. Pain radiated from her knees, but at least she had managed to avoid breaking her wrists. Unfortunately, she had also fallen into the puddle of vomit. It coated her hands and forearms, and didn't exactly smell nice. She gagged a few times, making an effort not to throw up again.


    Eyes watering, she pushed herself away from the puddle and towards a nearby wall. She didn’t quite trust herself to stand, but she could see a door off to the side. There was also a staircase and a table, but she couldn’t see if there was anything on the table from her position. The door could lead to anything, but there wasn’t much to do besides open it to find out. She leaned against the wall, leaving smears of vomit on it, and shakily stood up. Taking small steps, she eventually reached the door. Turning the knob, she found that the room was indeed a bathroom. At first the water from the sink spluttered, and she was worried that it wouldn’t work, but the water soon came out as a clear stream. She washed her hands, arms, and face with the water, and once they were clean she filled her hands with water and drank.


    The relief was wonderful, but now that her mouth no longer tasted like bile she was starving. She didn’t remember seeing any food before. Maybe there had been some on the table? Unlikely, but possible. As she was about to turn to leave, she noticed a mirror. Funny that she hadn’t seen it before. A rather pretty face with green eyes and red hair looked back at her. Her hair was a bit dirty, but that didn’t really matter. More importantly, there were hinges on the edge of the mirror. She didn’t expect to find anything behind it, but to her surprise found small bandages, a few antibiotics, and some salve. Not amazing stuff, but it could be useful.


    Feeling able to stand without support now, the woman headed back to the main room. To her disappointment, there wasn’t any food on the table. Instead, there was a black outfit. Interestingly enough, included with the outfit was a pair of pistols. Why? If she had been captured, why give her weapons? She put on the outfit and strapped the pistols to her legs. For whatever reason she had the weapons, she was certainly going to use them.


    Frowning, she looked around the room. There was vegetation growing around the edges of the room. None of it seemed to be edible (of course), but how had it gotten there? Come to think of it, the room did look pretty old. Still, how could that be possible? The lightbulb would need changing, wouldn’t it?


    Feeling uneasy, the woman stepped up the stairs. She still felt horribly weak and sore, but the water had been helpful and she could at least walk. She opened the door and squinted. It wasn’t that bright out, but it was brighter than her room had been. Around her was a city that looked to be in pretty bad shape. This probably wouldn’t be fun.

  14. ((My character's name is Delta, and started in the forest.))


    The slime increased its pace, trying to find something organic to absorb. It lacked any way to find things, other than running into them. It didn't particularly like that, but it didn't even know if such a thing was possible. Anyway, so far its senses of touch and taste had been enough to find enough food. The pain had also started to lessen, fortunately.


    As it moved across the ground, it ran into something that was organic. It was about twice as long as the slime, so the slime had to started absorbing it from one end. While it was long, it was fairly thin, so this didn't take long. The slime didn't particularly like the taste of the thing- it was rigid and hard, as well as just not as good tasting as the last things that it had eaten- but it was food. Once the long thing had been absorbed, the slime continued on.


    As this was happening, however, it felt something weird in its front end. Attached to the rod on its back, a hollow thing made up of the same material of the rod formed. Inside of the cavity was still slime, until some of the slime started to change into something else. The slime didn't take much noticed of this. Changes had happened before, but they hadn't really mattered.


    This changed when the slime felt a new sense. Quiet and almost unnoticeable at first, the sense was strange and unknown. The slime was confused. The sense seemed to be telling it... something, but what? It didn't know what to do. Hesitantly, it moved towards the source. As it got closer to the source, the sense became clearer. Finally, the slime touched a hard creature like it had absorbed before. The slime felt relief at something so familiar as touch, and started to connect what the new sense had told it with what had happened as it absorbed the creature.



    ((The slime found a stick, then grew a skull (with no jaw). Then, it grew ear and used them to find another cockroach.))

  15. ((Okay, just clearing up some confusion smile.gif ))


    The slime struggled with the hard organic creature for awhile. While the creature still hard some ability to swim through the wet, the slime was able to hold on to it. The slime attempted to cover the creature, but the frantic movements that the creature kept making made that impossible.


    Then, the slime noticed something else; a horrible, horrible burning sensation. It had to get away! Where? The burning was awful, but seemed to be coming from everywhere. It almost released the struggling creature, but then it noticed that the inorganic ground was far more solid. The slime used the ground to gain some traction, and then finally caught up with the creature and absorbed it. The slime pulled itself out of the wet, and then didn't know what else to do. The pain was still awful and sourceless. There was nothing to do about that, so the slime attempted to ignore it.


    The slime then felt another strange feeling. Along its top side, a long, flexible rod seemed to stiffen. Then, hard and non-flexible weird looping things grew down from the rod. As this was happening, some colorful webbing grew between the rays that it had previously grown, although the slime couldn't see the color. Feeling very hungry now, the slime started to move across the ground, away from the wet.


    ((The slime grew a spine, a ribcage, and finished growing a tail fin.))

  16. Ember

    "Well I was getting tired of city life. It was to boring and bleak."

    Ember blinked in shock, and was so surprised that she almost didn't even hear what Alex said next. Someone left because she war bored? Okay, maybe not everyone liked being underground, but no matter how boring life might be you didn't just throw it away! Maybe Taylor would be able to get to the next city, but then what? Alternately, did she just think that the journey would be fun or something? It certainly wouldn't be boring, at least.


    The thought of the next city made Ember feel a bit uneasy. Taylor might find the next city as boring as Maelik had been, and Ember herself could find it as empty of ores. How could if she could even find any work? Had she stepped outside of the relatively safe city for nothing? These thoughts weren't very enjoyable, so Ember started to listen instead of thinking more.


    “Well we're all stuck out here, and we're not going in. You guys can do whatever you want, I’m leaving by myself.”


    Well, bye then. Ember would still be traveling with a crazy thrill seeker, the crazy thrill seeker's friend, and a useless rich guy. At least the murderer was leaving.


    “...On second thought, none of you really have destinations, you're kind of just wondering around. Why don't you come with me to Khani?”


    Ember sighed. It had been too good to hope for. Well, she could always refuse and go off on her own, couldn't she? Yeah, you just do that. Then you can be alone when you starve to death! Hm, starving to death or being stabbed in the back. Well, the stabbing at least would be over quickly. As much as Ember hated to admit it, she really didn't have any survival skills. Finding food? Nope. Building a fire without a flint & steel? Also no. Sure, if a skeleton attacked her she'd most likely be fine, but a spider could always ambush her and then she'd be dead!


    Well, that made the decision for her. Starving to death and spiders? No way. Anyway, it was just a couple of days. It'd be okay, wouldn't it? "Alright, fine," she said. "I'll come with you." Hopefully, she wouldn't regret that.