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  1. I was actually thinking that an ostrich would be cool, but then I realized that a Hork-Bajir could decapitate one pretty easily. I think I'll take a grizzly; it's really effective, and that would appeal to Taylor's pragmatism.


    I'm trying to download Skype now, but I'm not sure if it'll work. I've been having some troubles with my computer since I reset it.

  2. Alright, I mostly finished my form. I just need to decide on a battle morph; I was going to do a large cat of some kind, but we already have two. Suggestions?


    Also, I have a plan where Elise becomes a Yeerk, sort of like the Tom-Jake situation. She's not a Yeerk yet, though.

  3. ((Just a note, Delta doesn't have eyes yet.))


    The slime picked up a few of the rods. It didn't need more biomass, and the flavor wasn't as interesting as it had been before, but it was enough to hold the slime's interest for a little while. The thinness of the rods made them easy to absorb, and with a bit of the extra biomass the slime felt something. Along its back grew several prickles, just above the flexible, hard rod. The prickles were similar to the prickles that had been on the rods that it had been eating. As this was happening, it also felt its back-rod very slowly lengthening past its limbs.


    Deciding that the delicate rods weren't interesting enough anymore, the slime continued on its way. It bumped into the rough organic thing, then took the left path around it. Sure, it was organic, but it was similar to the rods. Dull. As it was walking down the slope, the slime froze. It heard a noise, sort of a scraping noise. It was almost certainly a movement noise, but the slime didn't have enough references to tell how large the moving-thing was. Should it go forward? Noises had hurt it before. It didn't want to get hurt again. However, noises had also led it to food. Eventually, curiosity won and the slime started forward towards the noises.


    ((Recap on how Delta looks now: Basically, like a jawless, clear-fleshed lizard with a slowly growing lizard tail with a betta tail fin stuck to the end of the tail and rose prickles along its spine.))

  4. I've lost interest in this RP as well, sorry. I'll continue with Latios if MasterWeavile still wants to play Latias, but someone can take Azelf if they want. He's just somewhere between his lake and Stark Mountain now.

  5. Alright, my form's not quite done yet, but here's the first bit. Constructive criticism is very much appreciated.


    Name: Taylor

    Gender: Female

    Age: 15

    Physical Appearance: Taylor is a little short than average, at about 5' 1" tall. She is slender and athletic due to daily runs and strength building exercises. Her large, dark brown eyes are hidden behind slim glasses with black rims. She doesn't need the glasses to see, but she is nearsighted and the glasses help. Her hair is straight and dark brown, and smells like raspberry shampoo. It's kept at about shoulder length, and is often tied up in a neat ponytail. Her face is heart-shaped, with a pointed chin. Her skin is lightly tanned, and she has a thick splash of freckles across her nose. Her fingers, while not especially long or thin, are nimble and dexterous from hours of piano practice. Rarely, her nails will be carefully painted a light, unobtrusive color or something metallic. Her makeup is light and not very noticeable, mostly serving to highlight her eyes. Her clothes are, while not the newest fashion or the most expensive, fairly new. She generally wears a normal jean and t-shirt (plus a sweater, depending on the weather) combo. A cheap, blue digital watch, always accurate and set to 24-hour time, almost never leaves her wrist. Her morphing outfit is a dark blue spandex t-shirt and black spandex shorts.

    Personality: Taylor is almost always serious and calm. She doesn't joke around while in an important situation, and will be bothered if she doesn't think that someone isn't taking things seriously. Schedules are very important to her as well, with every day being structured. She doesn't sleep in on weekends, preferring to get up in the morning at her normal time. Disruption of her schedule bothers her, and repeated interruptions makes her angry. She'll know if it wasn't anyone's fault and that it's irrational to feel angry for such a thing, but she'll still be angry. That said, her dedication to keeping everything orderly means that she isn't forgetful, and is always on time (barring situations that are out of her control, but she tries to account for things that might happen).


    Attentive to detail and incredibly focused, Taylor is sure to make sure that everything works perfectly. She is quick to point out flaws, and will then immediately get to work fixing those flaws. She has a long attention span, and doesn't like starting something else without finishing the first thing. 'Reckless' is not the way that anyone would describe her; she has an aversion to taking risks, and always thinks things through. She's good at long-term plans, but thinking on the fly really isn't her thing, and that's part of the reason why she is so careful to always have a plan. Speaking of plans, if she's going to be involved in one it better not have much acting. She's a terrible actor and can't hide her emotions very well, something that she's a bit insecure about. Because of her bad acting, she's usually pretty blunt in her interactions with other people.


    Taylor sticks to her morals, and won't quit just because something gets hard. If she decides to do something, she won't back down until it's completed. She's often been described as 'stubborn', and that descriptor fits her well. Her highest priority is saving the world; if she has to risk her friend's lives, or even her own life to save the world? So be it. If the world's taken over by Yeerks, it's not going to be a very nice place to live in, and all of the Animorphs would probably end up dead anyway.

    (Preferred) Morphs:

    -Ferruginous hawk (main flight morph)

    -Grizzly Bear (main battle morph)

    Background: Taylor's back story isn't really anything special, having lived in the same town her whole life. Her parents both have steady, decently payed jobs. About the most devastating thing that's happened to her was the death of the family cat, Mittens, about one and a half years ago. He climbed over the backyard fence, went wandering off, and got hit by a truck. Since then, Taylor has wanted to get a new cat, but her parents have refused, saying that maybe they'll get a dog instead (which they still haven't done). She has regularly taken piano lessons since she was six, and for two years she played volleyball. However, this year she decided that she preferred running, because it's more solitary and she doesn't have to deal with last-minute practice cancels or out-of-town games. Her grades have always been good, and she has never gotten into serious trouble with the school.


    Parents: Her relationship with her parents is pretty good. She wouldn't trust them with any big secrets, and she mostly just quietly does her chores and then leaves to do her own stuff, but they don't get into any arguments or anything. All in all, they're both pretty boring, normal people.

    Elise (Older Sister): Taylor's relationship with her sixteen year old sister... well, they don't get along very well. An extremely social and extroverted person, Elise tends to get on Taylor's nerves. Taylor thinks that Elise is irresponsible and annoying, while Elise thinks that Taylor is dull and uninteresting. Taylor tries to ignore Elise, but that's not so easy when she's leaving the kitchen a mess that Taylor has to clean up.

    Contact Information: I've got an e-mail address that I can PM to people if they need it.





    Side note: I took both tests, and Taylor's a ISTJ and a 1w9.

  6. The slime couldn't see how big the creature had been, but it had sounded huge. Such a large creature had scared the slime, and it tried to stay as still as possible, even after it had gone. The stinky tasting air was disgusting, but the slime didn't move. The small creature that it had caught had almost completely dissolved now, and the slime's internal hard things had almost healed. Soon, it would be able to move, but did it want to? The large creature could come back! Eventually, however, the slime forgot about the large creature and decided that it was safe to move.


    When the small creature had been absorbed completely and the slime's bones healed, it felt the need to eat something else. It wasn't quite hungry, in the sense that it needed to eat, but it felt the urge to. The rod it was sitting on was organic, so the slime started to absorb it, not smart enough to realize that doing so would cause it to fall. With a snapping sound, the rod that the slime had been sitting on fell, the slime with it. The slime started to panic, fearing more pain, but this time it wasn't so bad. It fell for a shorter amount of time, and the ground it fell onto was smooth, grainy, and inorganic. Taking a few steps forward, the rod it was sitting on forgotten, the slime fell yet again. This time, the fall was so short that the slime barely felt it. Crawling in one direction, the slime hit a wall. The opposite direction was the same. The walls weren't very far apart, but there was some room between them. Trying a third direction, the slime started walking down a slope.


    ((The slime fell out of the bush and into some kind of burrow.))

  7. Haha, nope. I'm still working on personality a bit, but right now Taylor's more stubborn, blunt, bold, and dedicated to making sure that everything run on schedule. My plan had her not really have friends because she was more focused on her own stuff, but I think I'll change that to distance her more from Coryn's character. I'll check out those links when I get home and I'm not supposed to be doing schoolwork.


  8. It would most likely be best to go with Spider. He didn't seem to be against Natasha coming along, and there was strength in numbers. Going solo would be much more difficult, and for what? There was always a chance that things could go badly, but that chance would be higher if she was wandering around trying to find food instead of working with other people in the same situation. It would also make it easier to find out what was going on; Spider had already shown that he had an idea. More people could think of things in more ways than one person, after all, and-


    Natasha's thoughts were interrupted by a flash of movement. Spider, again. He somehow did a front flip off of the building he was stuck to, then fell and got up again. It would have been comical, if things weren't so serious. He was incredibly agile and fast; along with his ability to shoot webbing, this made Natasha think that she really didn't want to get into a fight with him. How could he do that, anyway? His agility alone showed that he was superhuman, unless he was a cyborg. 'Superhuman' seemed more normal, though. Why?


    Just as she was turning her attention back to Deadpool, he disappeared. One moment he was standing there, but then he was gone. Natasha immediately went on full alert, scanning her surroundings and turning around to search for any sign of him. Seeing a red costume against the grey buildings should have been easy, but she didn't see him anywhere nearby; this bothered her. Knowing where Deadpool was (and having the ability to shoot him at any time) had been... calming wasn't exactly the best word. It had given her sort of a sense of safety. No, that wasn't right. She hadn't felt safe before; she just felt much less safe now.


    Narrowing her eyes, she slowly lowered the gun, ready to flick it back up if she saw Deadpool again. Only now did she realize how tired holding the gun up for so long made her arms feel. Well, that wasn't exactly a priority at the moment. Sore arms could wait. "I can't see him anywhere, if you'll pardon me stating the obvious," she said dryly, having looked carefully in every direction. She wanted to ask Spider if he knew why he could shoot webbing and such, but she also didn't want to let her guard down. Deadpool could be anywhere, depending on where he teleported to (unless he turned invisible? That was a scary thought, but if he was invisible and tried to move he'd be heard). Why had he left? Had it been intentional? Was teleportation how he ended up falling twenty stories down a crumbling building? Would he come back anytime soon? If not, great, because he had been very annoying.

  9. ((Morphing suits are pretty much anything skintight that cover the character enough that they won't get embarrassed. Spandex clothing is usually what characters use. I can't remember anyone else's, but I think that Rachel's morphing suit is her gymnastics leotard.


    Here's my character's appearance from my WIP form:

    Taylor is a little short than average, at about 5' 1" tall. She isn't especially muscular, but isn't fat either due to a running schedule. Her large, dark brown eyes are hidden behind slim glasses with dark rims. She doesn't need the glasses to see, but she is nearsighted and the glasses help. Her hair is straight and dark brown, kept at about shoulder length, and is often tied up in a ponytail. Her face is heart-shaped, with a pointed chin. Her skin is pale, but she has a thick splash of freckles across her nose. Her clothes are, while not the newest fashion or the most expensive, fairly new. She generally wears a normal jean and t-shirt (plus a sweater, depending on the weather) combo, along with a cheap, digital watch with a velcro strap. Her morphing outfit is a dark blue spandex t-shirt and black spandex shorts.


  10. It was hard to notice through the haze of agony, but the hard things in the slime were slowly knitting back together. It was painful, and didn't seem to be working quite right. The way that the slime had fallen, spread out across a few hard rods, made it so that most of the hard things didn't line up properly. Either the pieces had been pulled apart by the weight of the slime, or they had simply fallen out of place. A few of the hard things had only been fractured; these healed quickly. The slime that had be torn by the flying thing attack had already healed. Slowly, with great pain, the slime moved the hard things back into placed. The creature that the slime had caught twitched one last time, pushing the hard things apart again, but then it stopped. It took a long while for the hard things to heal after that, but it happened. Slowly, the pain faded away until the slime could focus again. Relief was the main thing that it felt. It wasn't happy, not after the trauma it had just gone through, but the pain was gone and that was good. Because the creature had stopped moving it was easier to absorb, which was also good because the healing had made the slime quite hungry. The weight of the creature made it so that it would be hard for the slime to move, however. Not that the slime wanted to. It seemed to be balanced on hard organic rods, and it feared that if it moved it would fall again. There were noises nearby, but the slime still had the creature to absorb. It didn't need to move yet.

  11. Natasha didn't want to tell 'Deadpool' her name, mostly because she didn't want to acknowledge him at all. It didn't seem right to answer his questions; it could make it harder to get rid of him later, and she had already decided that she wouldn't tell him. He could be a source of information, having possibly been in a similar situation, but was it worth it? He didn't appear to be a threat at the moment, but Natasha didn't forget how he had gotten up after falling twenty stories. She did have a gun pointed towards his face, but could he survive that? Provoking him didn't seem right either. It probably wouldn't be dangerous to tell him her name. So far he hadn't shown any signs of attacking, but... "Natasha." Her tone suggested something between I don't like you and I don't care about you, but if I tell you this will you stop bothering me?.

    "Oh, well I saw...Frank in the bathroom where I met my companions. We were talking about getting rations when he walked in with a Twinkie in his mouth, shouted something about 'getting our own' and sped out of the room. The guy in our group with a mechanical arm gave chase. Seeing as a fight wouldn't be great considering we could all barely stand, I raced after the two only to run into another guy. The guy with a mechanical arm came back later saying that he failed to catch, uh, Frank and that was the last I saw and heard of him."


    'Deadpool' being found in the pod bathroom (presumably spider-guy meant the pod bathroom and not a different bathroom) heavily suggested that he had also woken up in a pod. He could have been there for other reasons, but if he had been living in the pod rooms spider-guy would have probably noticed signs of that. If he was there because he knew about the pods and when they would open- well, he didn't seem the type to be able to keep a secret like that or find out in the first place. Where did he get the Twinkie, though? According to spider-guy, no one else had gotten food. Had 'Deadpool' awoken first, went out to get food, and then returned to the pod rooms? The 'guy with a mechanical arm' detail was interesting, too.

    "Okay, so what are we going to do now?"


    We? Great. Just lovely. Natasha really should have been surprised that the creepy, delusional guy who flirted with women who had guns pointed to his head thought he was allies with the woman who still had a gun pointed to his head. She resisted the urge to sigh and rub the bridge of her nose. That would mean taking her eyes and attention off of 'Deadpool'. He was annoying and didn't seem to be about to attack, but he was still a threat. She just glared at him, hoping he could take a hint.


  12. user posted image

    Azelf was confused. He wasn't the best at reading emotions; that was Mesprit's thing. He could, however, tell that Cresselia didn't want him to come along. Want, motivation, willpower: those were things that Azelf understood. There were a few hints. Cresselia had left quickly, for one thing. She had said before that Darkrai would keep his word and not come back, but she had just now said that he might come back. She had offered him a feather earlier, but had then left without giving him one. She had been making excuses.


    So, what was her motivation? Azelf was curious, to say the least. He wanted to find out why Cresselia wanted him along. As far as he could tell, most legendaries didn't dislike him. Was Cresselia just antisocial? That could've been it, but it didn't seem to be quite right.


    He had already decided that the lake would be fine and that he was leaving. Cresselia not wanting him along wouldn't change that. In fact, people saying 'no' usually just made Azelf want to oppose them and do it anyway. He waited for awhile, hovering quietly and eating berries. It probably wouldn't be best to catch up with Cresselia immediately and have her angry at him. No, he could follow a short ways behind, assuming that he could find the trail. He didn't know how Cresselia tracked Darkrai, but Azelf was sure that he could find a way to track both of them. When Azelf decided that he had waited long enough, he sped off in the direction that Cresselia and Darkrai had gone, north. It could be that they would soon change directions, but north seemed to be a fine place to start. Maybe it was stupid to leave the lake to follow pokemon that he had no way of tracking, but that wouldn't stop Azelf.


    user posted image

    Latios nodded, glad that Latias was listening to him. She wasn't happy about it, but at least she was listening and didn't try to push herself further. Latios was sure that he wanted the Soul Dew just as much as his sister did. He just liked to think that he was more careful about the search, less likely to be rash and get them hurt.


    Finished eating, he curled up on the ground with his head under his wing. As soon and the sun poked above the horizon they would leave again. For now, Latios tried to sleep. The setting sun was bothersome, but exhaustion soon took over and he found himself asleep.

  13. The slime rested for a few seconds, glad that the burning had finally stopped. The round thing it had found was interesting and organic, but the noise it had heard seemed to be coming from inside of the round thing. The noise seemed to have almost stopped, save for a few peeps. Strange. The slime crawled into the round thing, a few pieces of it being picked up and absorbed into the slime's feet. To the slime's delight, inside of the round thing were a few large, strange things. Had they been what had been making the noise?


    The things seemed to be trying to get away, frantic, but the slime managed to catch one. It squirmed and poked the slime with something hard and sharp, but the slime didn't pay much attention. The thing tasted delicious, and the slime wasn't about to let it get away. As it struggled, the slime pulled it further into its body. The racket that the creatures were making was very annoying, almost painful, but the slime was still happy. The creature that it had caught would take a long while to be digested, even once it stopped struggling, but that didn't matter. The creatures didn't seem to be escaping, so the slime could just stay in the round thing and-


    Suddenly, another screech was added to the noise. It was similar to the other noises, but at the same time it was different. The slime felt something sharp rip into its back, tearing it up and causing pain. The change was abrupt and terrible. Desperate to get away from the strange attacker, the slime crawled out of the round thing and flung itself away. The creature that it had caught was stuck in the slime, still struggling, but that wasn't what the slime cared about. It just wanted the attack to end.


    Then there wasn't anything beneath it, organic or otherwise. There was just a sick falling sensation, like what had happened long ago. The noise of the creatures faded away as the slime dropped, but then there was a soft sound. Half a moment after the sound registered, the pain did.


    It was worse that the tearing. Much, much worse. Some of the hard things in the slime shattered, mostly the ones in its limbs. It was broken, unable to move without feeling more pain. The struggling of the creature made everything hurt, although it was slowing now. Unable to do anything, the slime just sat there. It tried to focus on absorbing the creature, but it was far more difficult than it should have been.


    ((The slime climbed into the nest and started eating a chick, but then one of the parent birds attacked it and it fell.

    ((Can you explain what each of the arcs are?))

  14. Anyone else play the Attack of the B-Team mod pack? I just recently started in on it and OH THE THINGS.

    I wanted to try it, but it won't run properly on my computer for some reason. Oh, well. There's always Tekkit.

  15. I don't like the thought of being buried alive at all, or not being able to move and stretch in general. I like small, dark spaces, but only if I'm free to get out of them.


    I'm also afraid of being forced to run long distances. It's not really a big deal, and I can handle it, but I panic a bit when I think about the twelve minute run. I don't know if its like this in other schools, but in our school for Gym class we have these fitness tests a few times a year. We have to run laps around the gym for twelve minutes, and the more laps we get done the higher our mark is. I never want to get a bad mark, so I try and run as far as I can. By the end of it I can't think properly because of exhaustion, and I still don't do that much better than the people who didn't try. dry.gif So, yeah. Not fun. On normal days, we also have to run back and forth across the gym a bunch of times, which wouldn't be a problem if I wasn't scared of it.

  16. I don't really care if someone doesn't name their dragons. Most of my dragons aren't named, because I'm terrible at thinking up names.


    I haven't really hoarded any dragons. Most of the ones I really love are a bit hard for me to get to when I don't spend much time hunting (looking at you, Nebulas). I do have a fair collection of Greens and Vampires, though.

  17. user posted image

    Latios nodded to his sister, and dived down towards the island. The wind rushed through his feathers, but the chill didn't bother him. He pulled up and landed delicately on the ground. He felt relieved that he could finally stop flying for a moment, but they couldn't stop for very long. Could they? He gazed up at the sun. They maybe had another hour before the sun set. If they stopped now, they could wake up early the next morning and make it to Victory Road before noon. Latios didn't want to stop, but they had to sleep sometime. He worried about his sister, and whether or not she was pushing herself too hard. It was silly, of course- Latias could handle herself- but that didn't stop him.

    "Perhaps we should stop here for the night?" Latios asked, plucking an oran berry from a nearby bush and swallowing it. Latias wanted to continue on, and Latios would follow her if she refused to stay, but it wouldn't hurt to make the suggestion.

  18. My reaction to these went pretty much like this:


    Gen III remakes? YES! FINALLY! Oh, wait. 3DS. dry.gif


    So, pretty much my reaction to PMD: Gates to Infinity.


    It's not worth it for me to get a 3DS. My old DS Lite is pretty beat up, but I still don't want to spend that money on something I might not use. I still haven't even finished Black 2. (Although, I am replaying Explorers of Sky now. Maybe I'll start playing Pokemon again.)

  19. Azelf gave a slight nod to Darkrai as he left. He wouldn't be returning? Good. That would be one less problem for the pokemon of Lake Valor to face.


    Although... Azelf hadn't really expected for Darkrai to just leave. He expected there to be a fight. Even if he would have lost, he expected to have at least convinced Darkrai that attacking the lakes wasn't a good idea. He wanted to avenge the Tangela, not just let Darkrai leave peacefully. It didn't seem right that the Pitch-Black pokemon could just leave to cause more nightmares elsewhere. Still, what could he do? He had told Darkrai to leave, and he had left. Would it be right to chase him after that?


    If it meant that less pokemon would be harmed? Yes.

    "I should keep going. No rest for the dream-giver. Would you like one of my feathers, in case he does return?"

    "I would be honored to have one of your feather, Cresselia. Although..." Azelf paused for a second. Was this really what he wanted to do? Lately, the area around the lake had been peaceful, and if Darkrai really did intend to not return then it would be fine if he left. Azelf wasn't bound to one area- he was free to roam as he pleased, and often did. He just preferred to stay in the lake area most of the time. It had been awhile since he left, but now would be a fine time for a change of scenery. "Would you like my help in stopping Darkrai? I cannot just allow him to leave peacefully after what he did."

  20. The slime was didn't like the thick organic that blocked it. The source of the noise was very close now, but how could it get to it? There didn't seem to be a way, and the burning sensation was really quite bothersome. The slime was very hungry, and the last time that its new sense had picked up something it had led to food. The slime attempted to edge around the organic that blocked its path, but it couldn't get a proper grip. The slime attempted to eat its way through the blockage, but it took a long time. The organic was dense and tough, and the slime could only dissolve it from one side of it. Furthermore, the organic was... boring. Dull, like the slime couldn't learn anything from it. The slime stopped trying to absorb the organic.


    Then, from the branches of hard stuff that held up the slime grew sharp things. They weren't coated in slime, and made it easier for the slime to grip the organic it was sitting on. This time, the slime tried to get around the blockage from the other side. That way was easier, but the sharp things helped the most. The slime managed to almost make its way around the blockage, but then something else blocked its path. Again? Instead of a smooth, wall-like thing, this blockage was made up of a bunch of long, thin, pointy things. The sound was even closer now. The slime tried to grip it with one limb, and the other limb grabbed the first blockage. Using its hind limbs for propulsion, the slime eventually managed to pass the blockage.


    ((The slime climbed around the branch and nest using claws that it grew.))

  21. user posted image

    Azelf's search came to an end as the psychic-type glimpsed the white, smoke-like plume on Darkrai's head set against the night sky. He wasn't even trying to hide. Did he think that no one would notice the Tangela and Tangrowth? Did he think that Azelf wouldn't be angry? Azelf may have had a type disadvantage, but he was determined to make Darkrai pay. How could he do less? The other legendaries needed to understand that Lake Valor was under Azelf's protection. He didn't mind company- in fact, he quite enjoyed it- but he would not stand for someone attacking the lake.


    Then, a glittering blue and purple pokemon flew up to Darkrai. Cresselia. Well, that was good. She would certainly be helpful in chasing away Darkrai. Azelf was going to interrupt, but then Darkrai began to speak. Azelf didn't particularly care what Darkrai was saying, especially since he was talking to Cresselia. One point caught his interest, though. The dark-type claimed to not have meant to hurt the Tangela, but who knew whether or not he was telling the truth? Darkrai had a bad reputation, and Azelf wanted him to leave. Azelf floated up from the cover of the trees, his tails lashing around below him. "Leave Lake Valor now, Darkrai. I care not who started the fight, but I will not have you causing nightmares here." The tiny pokemon spoke surprisingly loudly for his small size.