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  1. The slime shifted uncomfortably. Everything hurt so much. Well, not everything, but the things it remembered the most had hurt it. It didn't know what was going on with its new wet-getting thing, but that concern was secondary to the pain. Trying to take its mind off of the pain, the slime turned to bite something else. Unfortunately, this hurt too! Well, it didn't quite hurt. The stuff wasn't quite furry, more fluffy. The fluff was itchy, sort of, and little bits of it seemed to stab the slime's wet-getting thing. It was an odd feeling. It wasn't a nice thing to swallow, but it was interesting, and the pain wasn't as bad as the other pain. It was distracting, which was really what the slime wanted. Distractions from pain were nice.


  2. ((Sorry, sorry, I haven't posted in ages and this is an awful post.))

    Saphia could hear the Black Tea dragon following her. That was good. She didn't really know what she would have done if he hadn't decided to follow her; how could she have left him there? Okay, so she needed to find Charlotte and Changming, but leaving the Black Tea still wouldn't have been right. She shook her head to clear it; why was she thinking about might have happened? Stress and exhaustion, probably. What might have happened shouldn't have been a concern at the moment. They were in a very dangerous situation, and now wasn't the time to be thinking about useless things. Maybe thinking about what could have happened would be fine later, but now?


    However glad she was that the Black Tea was following her, she was still slightly annoyed. He walked far too slowly. If she was alone, Saphia would have started flying, but she couldn't fly slowly enough for the Black Tea to keep up at the speed he was going. In fact, Saphia found that she had to slow her walking a bit to keep the Black Tea from falling behind. How was she supposed to find the others if she couldn't catch up to them? In fact, she'd probably never catch up now. She wanted to turn around and tell the Black Tea to hurry up, but chose not to. However much he was slowing her done, it wouldn't be nice. After all, the Black Tea didn't seem to be doing as well as the rest of them. He was quite small, as she could now close enough to see. He was smaller than she thought a Black Tea hatchling should have been, anyway. Maybe he was younger; at any rate, seeing the blood everywhere... well, Saphia was trying to forget it.


    "What's your name?" she asked the Black Tea instead of asking him to walk faster. Calling him 'Black Tea' wouldn't really work. "I'm Saphia." She didn't remember if she had told him her name yet, but it probably wouldn't hurt to tell him again if she had.


    Stepping around a tree, she saw a blob of red. Charlotte. While Saphia would never admit it, she felt relieved to see the obnoxious hatchling. She hadn't wanted for the Royal Crimson to get hurt, especially if it was because her own rude comments (however deserved they had been) had driven Charlotte away. Still, something bothered her; where was Changming? Charlotte was talking to another hatchling, and Electric, but the Sunsong was nowhere to be seen. She had expected to find Changming in the same place as Charlotte. Had he gotten lost? Confused and worried, Saphia sat there, looking and listening for Changming.


  3. May I suggest Giga Drain instead of Magical Leaf? Giga Drain recovers health, and has a higher base power. Energy Ball has an even higher base power, but it doesn't recover health.


    I would also replace Close Combat with a coverage move or a stat-boosting move, unless Virizon's personality is more offensive than defensive. An offensive Virizon would like the extra power, but Stone Edge would give you really good coverage, though it isn't very accurate. Alternately, Swords Dance could power up Sacred Sword and Leaf Blade.


    Sorry, I'm not trying to be rude or anything. I think I spend too much time reading Smogon pages.

  4. ((Delta is still blind. I wasn't planning on giving it eyes for awhile, but I could if that would make it easier to write descriptions of stuff. Do you want me to give it eyes?))


    The slime crawled into the flimsy ripped thing to better get at the organic it had tasted. It reached forward and grabbed it between its rectangular things, biting down and swallowing a piece. It didn't taste very good- parts of it were overly sweet, and other parts were rancid. The rancid part seemed to be coating the sweet part, and was fuzzy. The sweet part, on the other hand, was wet and mushy. It wasn't boring, but surely there were better things to eat. Taking a step forward to try to find something else, the slime's foot landed in something wet. The wet wasn't organic, but it was still very interesting. The slime leaned down to eat some of the wet, but found that wet was actually difficult to pick up. The slime managed to eat some of it, but most seemed to stick and drip off of the outside of the slime. It was irritating. The slime then felt something growing- it was long, thin, forked at the end, and grew inside of the slime's mouth. The slime could move this new thing, and the new thing could be dipped into the wet to pick the wet up easier.


    When the slime couldn't find any more easily accessed interesting wet stuff, it started to search for other things. It bumped against a small cylinder and grabbed it in its mouth. The slime couldn't seem to be able to cut through the cylinder, so it just tried to swallow it. This was difficult, because the cylinder was a bit too big to swallow easily, but the slime managed. As it searched for other stuff, it brushed against something furry.


    ((The slime grew a tongue.))

  5. Muddy Water is a water-type move, by the way, not a ground-type.




    Another minor thing is that Latios and Latias are poking around Victory Road, looking for the Soul Dew that they lost.

  6. If he couldn't retrace his steps to reach the camp, then why was he so sure that he would be able to retrace his steps to reach the pod room? Of course, certain emotions could hinder one's ability to pay attention. If Spider had been trying to get away from the camp quickly, or feeling a little too victorious, then he might not have been carefully looking at his surroundings. It made sense. Still, there was the possibility of failure to retrace his steps that Spider seemed to have overlooked. He may have accounted for that and just not mentioned it, but it didn't seem like it.


    Which, of course, brought Natasha to another problem that Spider hadn't mentioned: was going back to the camp the best idea? Okay, so it was their only idea. They didn't really have much choice in the matter, but they would at least have to plan carefully. Natasha certainly didn't feel like being caught, and would much rather stealthily sneak around the camp. Provided that they could find some street or landmark near the camp that Spider recognized, then they wouldn't need to actually enter the camp. Now, they would still have to go near the camp, but it wouldn't be quite as dangerous.

    "There's really only one door that leads into it building unless you count that intent in the wall behind the mirror near the sink. That could possible be a secret-"


    Oh? Natasha hadn't remembered any indents near the mirror in her pod room. She hadn't really been paying much attention, but she had noticed the hinges on the side of it. Speaking of which, grabbing the few medical supplies she had seen would be a good thing to do. While doing that, she could check to see if there was anything like what Spider had described in her room. If she really didn't have such indents in her pod room, then why did Spider's? Actually, why were the rooms different at all? It was weird; Natasha had been alone in her pod room, while Spider's had been connected to several other rooms. What was the reason for that? It seemed likely that there would be other pod rooms around, too; it would be odd to have one large room and one small room. Unless she was of some special interest to whoever had put them in the pods, then they wouldn't create the pod rooms to be so unsymmetrical. If she was of some special importance, then she would have to figure that out when she uncovered more data. It seemed like there would probably be a scattering of pods across the city, some connected and some not. Of course, there could be other reasons, but the lack of information was frustrating.


    "I didn't see anything like that in my pod room," she said, frowning. "Though, behind the mirror was a medicine cabinet with some salve, antibiotics, and bandages. I'm not sure how old or safe that stuff is, but it would be best to have. I'll go get the medical supplies while you climb the building.

  7. An imaginary llama? For me? ohmy.gif *hugs llama* laugh.gif


    I live in Canada, so I haven't heard of most of those flavors or brands. I guessed what flavors I would like best on the list part. My favorite chips are Ruffles All Dressed. Ketchup-flavored Lays chips are actually pretty common around here; they're not bad, but not my favorite. They used to be my favorite, though.

  8. A pokemon with prankster, who has only one weakness (plus three immunities and a resistance), who can turn into a pokemon with Magic Bounce, and people are describing M-Sableye as 'horrid'?


    ...BWAHAHAHA! Seriously? Okay, so Sableye isn't a sweeper (unless, for some reason, they decide to heighten his Speed and Attack a lot while ignoring his defenses, which would make me very disappointed) and his base stats are a bit low, but Prankster and Magic Bounce are both awesome. There's a Sableye set on Smogon for Ubers already (its used as a check for Extreme Killer Arceus). Add that to the unpredictability of being able to mega evolve to become a Magic Bounce pokemon at any time, and Sableye becomes even more awesome.



    Personally, the mega evolution I'd like to see is Luxray, because I'm horribly biased and Luxray was basically my starter for my first pokemon game (because I traded my actual starter to a friend and Shinx was cute). I'd also love mega evolutions for Staraptor, Ninetales, Arcanine, non-overpowered legendaries like Articuno... you know what, just give all of the pokemon mega evolutions (mostly joking, but...).

  9. I don't know. I guess I decided that the Mysfytt avatars looked cool, and I was bored with my Raikou avatar. I didn't really notice the ice dragon avatar being used much, and I like the color blue and ice dragons.


    Now I'm thinking about avatars, so I'm going to change it to a Latios because I'm playing a Latios in a RP (and Latios is cool).

  10. The slime was a bit disappointed that the sound didn't lead to new food, but at least there wasn't any pain. However, it didn't know what to do. There was sound and movement everywhere, so where to go? The wet that was falling was somewhat annoying, and a bit cold. It wasn't that bad, though, and the slime didn't mind that much. It started to walk forward, lost and unable to find out what to do. Suddenly, it hit something hard and rough. The pain of crashing into it, while the slime wasn't happy about it, wasn't so bad and subsided quickly. The slime started to nibble on it, finding it much harder to bite than the creatures had been. Still, it managed to chew off a piece, and found it to be familiar. It wasn't yet boring, but it wasn't new, either. There wasn't much else to do, anyway. Eventually chewing on the thing got boring, though, so the slime started to walk away from it. As it did so, it seemed like more drops of wet were hitting the slime. It tried to ignore the wet, but it was a bit bothersome. The slime then ran into something else. It was, strangely, very smooth, thin, and flexible. Experimentally biting it, the slime could taste that it wasn't organic. It tried to spit the shred out, but it ended up swallowing it instead. Not worrying about it or interested in the object, the slime turned to leave. However, as it did so its back end hit something organic. It seemed to have been within the inorganic, and had been exposed when the inorganic had been torn. Curious, the slime turned back around to find out was the organic was.


    ((The slime found a garbage bag.))

  11. Had Spider not been paying the least bit of attention? Deadpool had disappeared right in front of them! That seemed like something that should have been immediately noticed, even if you weren't completely focused. Natasha was, to say the least, feeling a bit annoyed. Spider hadn't seemed incompetent before; why the sudden lapse in attention? A quick scan of her surroundings didn't reveal anything distracting. Had he simply started thinking about something or other? If he had, then he may have had a very short attention span. Natasha expected her allies to be somewhat competent. If Spider couldn't notice something as simply as someone teleporting away, well, then she wasn't sure that he would be useful instead of just dead weight. Yet, a growl of her stomach reminded her that she still didn't have a food source, and Spider did. That, at least, would be enough for Spider to be somewhat helpful for a little while. If the food ran out and Spider proved to be useless, then she could leave. Until then, forming an alliance was still her best bet. Besides, one mistake didn't really prove much. Spider most likely didn't have any serious military or similar training, but he had shown superhuman agility, ideas about what had happened to the city, and the strange ability to shoot webbing out of his hands.

    "So uh, I still have this food and Deadpool kinda connected us as a group right before he... vanished. Are you, um, up for coming back with me to the little pod room me and my companions kinda woke up in. You don't have to, of course! But, if you wanted to come along, I would be okay with that."


    Add 'socially awkward' to the list of Spider's traits. It sounded as if he was trying to make a good and inspiring speech, but he had failed miserably. If this was how he usually proposed alliances, then it would be best if he left any diplomatic talking to Natasha. She didn't remember, of course, but it felt like something she'd be good at. Simple and easy for her, but something that most people didn't quite grasp. There was also a problem she noticed with what Spider had said: did he even know how to get back to the pod room? From what she remembered, he had been lost. Well, he hadn't outright said it; he had only said that he didn't know how to find his companions. Presumably everyone would meet back at the pod room, but if Spider and Natasha could even find the pod room... "Thank you," she said. She glanced around again for any sign of 'Deadpool', but she still didn't see him. Deciding that calming Spider down was more important than being able to react slightly faster at the moment, she slipped her gun back into its holster. "I thought that you didn't know where to find the pod room, though?"


    ((Sorry, I missed your post while I was away for the weekend and then I was at the school most of the day.))

  12. There was a sound coming from behind the slime, which worried it. Why was there sound again? At this point, the slime would have liked to just sit and eat the creatures. It still wasn't sure if it wanted to seek out sounds, or if they would only lead to pain. As the slime didn't know what to do, it simply chose to do stop and do nothing. What else could it do? It was trapped between two decisions: risk or safety, curiosity or caution. Was it even safe now? Everything was so confusing. Why did everything have to be so difficult?


    The slime ended up trying to do something simple and easy: eat the last of the small creatures. However, when it tried to eat it the slime found that it simply couldn't. The web of tubes running through its body had seemed harmless before, but now they were preventing the slime from eating. Like a net, they stopped the creature from being pulled into the slime's body. Panic gripped the slime. It didn't yet understand concepts such as 'death', but there was a primal fear of not being able to eat, of starving to death. Even now, when it felt like it wouldn't be able to eat much more anyway, it felt the fear. Terror, really. This was even worse than the painful feeling of being ripped apart.


    As it panicked, the slime felt something new. Underneath the hard cavity thing that held its hearing things grew a U-shaped hard thing. It curved around and was connected at each end to the hard thing above it. Two sharp, rectangular things grew upwards from this new hard thing, and two similar ones grew downwards from the cavity-thing. This wouldn't have been helpful on its own, but then a gash opened up between the new thing and the cavity thing. Tubes were cleared from this gash, being pushed aside to leave a thin tube of slime into the main body of the slime.


    Eager to try anything to eat food, the slime tried clamping a piece of the small creature between its new rectangular things. Surprisingly, the rectangular things sliced easily through the creature's flesh. With a small jerk, the slime ripped a piece of flesh away and swallowed it. Relief flooded through the slime. This new method of eating seemed to be incredibly inefficient, but at least it worked. Anything was better than not being able to eat at all.


    Finished eating the small creature, the slime crawled over to the larger creature that had attacked it. It hadn't moved in awhile; surely it was safe. How could something that wasn't moving be dangerous? The slime started to rip away a piece of the large creature, but then decided not to. The creature was so similar to the small creatures that it wasn't worth eating, and the slime wasn't hungry anyway. Instead, it turned its attention back to the noise. The slime was still wary, but going through that much emotion in a short space of time had made it reckless. On an impulse, it headed towards the sounds.


    ((The slime grew a jaw, gopher teeth, and a sort of early esophagus and stomach.))

  13. user posted image

    A glint! Though the object was mostly hidden in shadows, a small stream of light had managed to hit it. Could it be? The object was round and the right size, although the darkness didn't quite allow Latios to see what color it was. Hope welled up inside of him as he rushed towards the object with his sister. After so long, it seemed as if they may have finally found it. Was it really so easy? Careful search at every other location that they had searched had led him to believe that, if they ever did find the Soul Dew, it would be after hours or days of careful, dusty searching. Immediately finding it, barely inside of a cave entrance, didn't seem right. It was much to simple, and surely someone else would have found it? The Eon twins had only heard that the Dew may have been at Victory Road through a rumor. Others would have to have heard, or the rumor would not have spread at all. While many considered the orb useless, for its powers affected none but the twins, others must have realized its value. Aside from those who collected powerful objects, there were those who would have used it to control Latias and Latios. They would do almost anything to get it back.


    A Smoke Ball. That was all that the small, round object that had caught their attention was. All of the hopes that had built up crashed to the ground to be replaced by defeat. It was hopeless, wasn't it? They hadn't properly searched the cave, but Latios doubted that the Dew was there at all. They had chased rumor after rumor, and for what? No good had come out of any of it. It truly seemed as if they would never get the Soul Dew back.


    Normally a bit prideful, Latios now felt so defeated that he felt as if asking for a new Soul Dew was truly the best course of action, though he didn't think that it would be so simple. "If we could even find Arceus," he said bitterly. "When is the last time anyone has seen him?" Even if they could find him, would he even help? Who ever knew how he'd react? Maybe he would help, or maybe he would punish them for losing the Soul Dew.

  14. user posted image

    Latios awoke the moment he heard is sister's voice. It was past dawn already? He hadn't meant to sleep in, and usually the rising sun woke him up. Perhaps he had slept longer than he had meant to simply because he had been so tired the day before. He felt a bit guilty; how long had his little sister been awake, waiting for him? He was supposed to be the strong one. Maybe she had awakened only a minute ago, but he couldn't be sure.


    The blue pokemon rose up into the air, noting that the sun behind him was at the right angle. They needed to travel as efficiently as possible, and moving in the right direction to avoid needless turns and angles was a part of that. Flying was quite nice, even if he was exhausted and wanted to rest a bit longer. Anyway, it only took a few hours before they reached the coast, and then it was a short distance over the rocky terrain before they reached the tunnel known as Victory Road.

    "We're here," said Latios, hovering over the entrance. He knew that he was stating the obvious, but he was excited. Maybe he shouldn't have been excited- there was no guarantee that the Soul Dew would be there, after all- but they had been traveling for awhile without it and it could be there. Everything would be worth it if they could just find the Soul Dew.




  15. The slime lay still on the ground for a moment. It was so tired from being crushed and almost ripped to shreds. Whenever it thought that it had found good, easy prey something larger attacked it. Maybe it should avoid noises? Perhaps that would be best. It seemed like sounds led to lots of food, but the food was often guarded. Although, both times that noises had led it to pain were non-movement noises. When movement noises had led it to creatures, the creatures had been small and easily eaten. Yet, all moving things made movement-noises, even the large and scary ones. It was all very confusing.


    Everything seemed to be fine for now, though. The large creature had stopped attacking, or even moving at all, and the small creatures had never seemed threatening at all. It hurt to move- oh, it hurt so much- but the slime still had three working limbs. The forth had been crushed. Dragging itself a short distance to the small creatures, it started to absorb one. The creature tried to struggle, but it was pathetically weak. It soon stopped moving at all, the the energy that the slime got from the creature helped it to heal. For the second time, the internal hard things pulled themselves together and mended. Some of them were crushed horribly, and they would take longer to heal, but they would heal eventually.


    When it was fully healed, the slime didn't know what to do. There was so much food! It consumed a few of the small things, but it just couldn't eat all of them. Then, there was a strange feeling inside of the slime, like it was being hollowed out. What was happening? The slime was worried, but it didn't seem to be hurt. Tubes snaked throughout its entire body, splitting off into smaller tubes at the ends of its limbs. The tubes seemed to be highly concentrated around the hollow area and another thing that had grown along with the tubes. It felt weird. Then movement! The slime could feeling a beating inside of it, contracting and expanding. The hollow things started moving as well, drawing air through a hole in the front of the slime and then forcing it out. The slime liked the beating thing and the hollow things. They made it feel good. Energized.


    ((The slime grew lungs and a circulatory system.))

  16. ((There's a row of rose thorns along Delta's spine, continuing along its tail.))


    Pain! It ripped through the slime yet again. Even as it found the source of the noise to be helpless, something was attacking it. The slime wished to flee, and it tried, but then the thing attacked again. A wide gash was slashed through the slime's slide, and while the edges melded together quickly it still hurt. The internal hard things of the slime didn't seem to have been damaged, fortunately. Then again! Instead of a slash this time, long spikes left deep puncture wounds in the slime and ripped a piece of slime away. Aside from the spikes, the slime could feel something soft and wet. It couldn't pay much attention, because it felt like it had been crushed.


    Suddenly, the slime heard more shrieking. The noises from the small creatures had been continuing throughout the fight (if you could call it that), but this was different. Louder and lower, this shriek seem to convey deep pain. The slime dropped to the ground, and blindly tried to crawl away from the creature before collapsing in a corner. It could hear it crashing around now, slamming into the walls and shaking. The slime barely noticed; this pain was worse, so much worse than before.


    The sounds were rougher and weaker now. The creature had stopped thrashing so much. The slime was very glad; it had been afraid of being crushed. Then, at last, everything was still except for the mewling of the small creatures.


    ((The large creature (a badger or a fox?) attacked the slime, accidentally bit off a chunk of slime, then coughed on it and died.))

  17. Taylor sat in a chair at the bookstore, reading a book. It was a paperback, already paid for, which would soon be added to her growing collection of book. The book was about technology growth in the European Middle Ages, and she needed it for a school assignment. Well, she didn't really need it. While the assignment had to be sourced from books, not internet articles, she could have borrowed a book from the library. She thought the book was interesting, though, so she decided to buy a book. With a decent allowance and not much to spend it on, books were a good choice.


    Glancing up at her book, she could see Simon at the cash register. Oh, he'd finally finished? That was good. She wasn't really bothered that he'd taken awhile; decisions shouldn't be made rashly, and it wasn't like she was bored. It was just that they had been in the bookstore for awhile now, and was there really that much difference between the two books that he was deciding on? They both seemed to be about birds of the north. Well, maybe there was some difference that she wasn't picking up on. Honestly, she was focusing more on reading her book. She shut the book with the soft sound of pages hitting each other, then stood up and carefully placed the book in her nearly-empty backpack. The other things included in the dull blue backpack were the rest of the money she had brought, a half-full tea thermos, and a few granola bars.


    She strode over to Lauren and Simon. Lauren wasn't Taylor's favorite person. She was too irresponsible and rash, two of Taylor's least favorite traits. However, she, Andrew, and Simon were all hanging out at the mall, so she could tolerate Lauren for an hour or two. The mall was fun, and you had to get out of the house sometimes. "Finished?" she asked Simon politely. "Good. Do either of you know where Andrew is?" They were probably either in the Starbucks next door or behind one of the bookshelves.

  18. With the ways the sounds seemed to be coming from everywhere, the slime started to get nervous. It was vaguely disturbing, and the slime didn't really know what to do There wasn't much to do but continue on deeper, though, so that's what it did. It paid careful attention to the noises and to the ground, looking for any changes. The ground still sloped downwards at a steady pace, while the noises could have been getting louder. It was a bit hard to tell, with the way that the sounds were bouncing around the tunnel so much. As it walked, the slime's new extension finished growing, long and spiked.

  19. ((Sorry for the late post.))


    Ember picked up her stuff, and headed out of the shelter, squinting in the sunlight. She wasn't too worried about not being useful; maybe there wouldn't be many caves to explore alng the way, but there would certainly be fights. She just hoped that the other's wouldn't see her fear of spiders as a weakness. Currently, they didn't know, but that could change quickly. Well, even if they did find out they'd still need her. Aaron didn't seem to have that much of a problem with fighting, but Taylor and Alex hadn't helped with the fight at all and Samual seemed pretty useless. They'd need protection. Besides, Aaron's comment seemed to be mostly directed at Samual.


    It was cool outside for now, with the sun still rising, but the sky was mostly clear. A few fluffy clouds floated in the sky. The light breeze could help cool them down, but it seemed like it would be a warm, bright day. Great. Why did the weather always have to be so awful? Would it hurt for it to be a nice, ovecast day? Being above ground was bad enough without it being so bright. Ember hated the way the sunlight always seemed to find places to bounce off of straight into her eyes. At least the sudden bursts of pain would be helpful in finding water.


    ((Is my description of the weather okay?))