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  1. Icefall


    Icefall pricked her ears forward to listen to Mistystar's announcement. She needed to know who was leaving, even if she expected to be overlooked as always. Her eyes widened in surprise when she heard her name called. Her? There hadn't been some kind of mistake?


    Of course it wasn't a mistake. It made sense that Mistystar had chosen her. She deserved it more than anyone else, after all. Still, it was hard to get over the shock of being acknowledged as being better and more deserving than others. Mistystar had even named her leader of the expedition! Out of all of the others, even Cranewing, Mistystar knew that she would be the best choice.


    The others going on the journey were Birchpelt, Tallstorm, and Sagepaw, but that seemed unimportant. Icefall knew that it was important, but it was hard to think of that after hearing that she would be going on the journey. They were good choices; Icefall might've picked them if she was choosing warriors to go on the journey. Birchpelt and Tallstorm were both old and experienced, and they did need a healer. Sagepaw wasn't loud and annoying like some of the other apprentices, which was good.


    Icefall pinned her ears back and lashed her tail once when she heard Cranewing. He was acting like an apprentice! Who was he to question his leader? What made him special, that he felt that he needed to go on the journey? He was the deputy, yes, but he would be just as useful back at camp. Even if Tallstorm didn't want to go, Icefall would have picked someone else after that.


    Everyone was going back to the dens, but Icefall remembered the fish that she had left by the river. Maybe she did need a full night's sleep for the journey tomorrow, but it wouldn't take her long to reach the fishing spot and get back. Quietly, she slunk out of camp and trotted along the river until she found the fish, then picked then up and turned around. As quickly as she could without getting tired she headed back, dropped the fish on the fresh-kill pile before crawling into the warriors' den. Doing her best to avoid waking anyone else, Icefall curled up in her own nest and fell asleep.



    Marshflight felt his heart beating quicker as Mistystar began her announcement. Who would be leaving? He knew that he wouldn't be and that Sagepaw almost certainly would be. He was afraid that he wouldn't see any of them again, and he wouldn't be able to help them. It wouldn't be his fault, would it? Perhaps he could have trained Sagepaw better. Maybe he said something wrong, or he forgot to tell her something. If he did, and someone died because of it...


    No. He was being silly. Sagepaw knew what she was doing. Mistystar finally got to the part of the announcement where she told them which cats would be going. Icefall, Birchpelt, Tallstorm. Marshflight's heart sank when she reached Sagepaw's name. He had known that it was coming, but he had still hoped that her name wouldn't be called. He had to remind himself that it was good that Sagepaw was going. Things had been fine before she had been his apprentice, hadn't they? It would be okay until she got back.


    Suddenly feeling tired, Marshflight brought the bones of his fish to the dirtplace and entered his den. Finding the pile of moss that was his nest, he lied down on it to sleep. He could say good-bye in the morning.


  2. Marshflight


    Marshflight nodded in relief, glad that Nightwing felt okay. "Okay, good," he said. Hopefully the birth would be as painless and easy as possible. The last few had been fine, fortunately, but what if something went wrong this time? He didn't have enough experience for that! He went through the same stages of fear and panic before every kitting. This time would be worse, though, because if Sagepaw was leaving he wouldn't even have her to help him...


    He closed his eyes. Of course Sagepaw would be leaving. The journeying cats needed someone who knew how to heal, right? He couldn't go, and he didn't want to anyway because his duty was to the whole Clan. If he couldn't protect all of them he had to at least protect most of them, didn't he? He couldn't help cats who were traveling far outside of Cloudclan's borders. In that sense, it was good that Sagepaw would be going. Would she be okay, though? She wasn't a warrior, and there would only be three other cats to help her. What if there were dogs, or twolegs captured her, or anything else happened?


    Marshflight heard Sagepaw's voice, breaking him away from his thoughts. Feeling her belly for the number of kits? He didn't remember his mentor ever doing anything like that. He didn't want to cause any problems, and they didn't really need to know how many there were. It would probably be difficult to count, anyway. Nightwing was probably the best judge of how many kits she was going to have. "I don't think-"


    Before he could finish, he heard Mistystar calling everyone. The announcement! He followed Sagepaw out of the den, and was pleased to see that the fresh-kill pile was well-stocked with fish. He grabbed one, large enough to feed a cat, and looked around for somewhere to sit. Sagepaw seemed to be sitting with the rest of the apprentices, so not by her. He noticed that she didn't have any food, though. Had she eaten anything that day? She needed to keep her strength up. Should he bring a fish to her? Maybe she planned on eating after the announcement. Still, Mistystar wouldn't mind if cats were eating during the announcement, so long as everyone paid attention. "Here," he said, dropping the fish in front of Sagepaw. "You should eat something." He then walked back the pile and picked up a fish of his own, settling down and beginning to eat while waiting for Mistystar to start the announcement.

  3. Icefall


    Hearing Birchpelt's words, Icefall swam out of the river. The water made her pelt cling to her bones, making her look even skinnier than usual. She shook herself in an attempt to dry herself, then shook each of her paws. Drops of water flew everywhere, but she still felt soaked. There wasn't time to properly dry off, but at least her thin fur didn't hold water very well. She ran over to where the prey had been piled, then scarfed down the remains of her fish. The prey after such a long day was wonderful, and the fish was large enough to satisfy her. Birchpelt had already left, carrying a few fish. Though Birchpelt had said that they would be able to make it back in one trip, Icefall could see that she wouldn't be able to carry everything else back. Maybe Birchpelt had forgotten about the rabbits? Deciding that one of them could go back for the fish after Mistystar's announcement and that the rabbits were more important, Icefall put the remaining fish into a neat pile and walked over to pick up the rabbits. She was worried about the fish being stolen, but there wasn't much else that she could do. Somehow, she managed to pick up all three rabbits. One of them being scrawny certainly helped, but they still felt like they might fall out of her mouth. The weight, too, was making her neck feel tired. She set off towards camp, moving at halfway between a walk and a run.


    It was a relief when she finally reached the camp and could drop the rabbits onto the fresh-kill pile. Could she go back and get the fish before the announcement? No, it didn't look like it. Cats were already gathering, and the announcement wasn't really something that she could miss. Instead, she sat down near the fresh-kill pile and began to lick her shoulders dry. She was careful to watch the rabbits to make sure that no one took them.

    ((Sorry, it's too late for me to write a Marshflight post. I'll post one tomorrow.))

  4. Please let me know if I make any mistakes involving herbs or anything else. I haven't read the books in awhile (I'm working on fixing that, but even if I can get all of the books online it'll take me awhile), and the wiki isn't great for that kind of thing. It has a nice herb list, but it doesn't give very detailed explanations, so I'm making up a lot of this.

  5. Marshflight


    Marshflight nodded. "If it was just a few bruised leaves, it'll be fine. I was mostly worried about the stems breaking or bending." He considered the herbs that Sagepaw had mentioned. If Nightwing was few days away from her kitting, then it probably wouldn't be best to give her strengthening herbs already. Over a long period of time, strengthening herbs could be damaging, and Nightwing didn't need any yet. It was best if a cat could wait for a few days to recover before using them again, so Marshflight wouldn't give them to Nightwing until just before her kitting. A bit of borage would be good, though. If they started to boost her milk production now, then she would have plenty to keep her kits strong and healthy. Of course, that meant that Nightwing would have to stay well-fed, which could become a bit hard as the prey were all disappearing. There were still fish in the river, though.


    At this point, Marshflight realized that he was starving and hadn't eaten all day. He could get something from the fresh-kill pile after seeing Nightwing, though. Keeping his Clanmates safe was more important than food. "We can start giving her a bit of borage, but no ragwort until just before she's kitting. Can you tell me why?" Marshflight asked as he nipped off a few pieces of borage. Sagepaw was clever, and he thought that she knew the answer, but little tests were reassuring. It was as much a test for him as for Sagepaw. If she gave him a contradictory answer to the one he was thinking of, well, then one of them was wrong and they had to figure out who it was.


    Herbs in his jaws, Marshflight ducked low and squeezed into the nursery. Nightwing was huge, and very close to kitting. A jolt of panic flew through Marshflight. Kitting always seemed so dangerous, with so many things that could go wrong. He tried to keep himself calm, but he was worried that he would make a mistake. The kitting probably wouldn't be for a few days, though. He didn't need to worry yet, just make sure he had all of the supplies that he could need. Ragwort, a stick for Nightwing to bite on, raspberry leaves, chervil... "Hello, Nightwing. Are you feeling okay?" Marshflight dropped the herbs in front of her. "Eat these. It'll increase your milk production, to help the kits grow strong and quickly."



    Icefall nodded to Barkpelt. She planned on finishing the fish that she had tasted, maybe sharing it with Birchpelt, but the strong habit of feeding the Clan before herself sent her back to the river. She could wolf down the remains of the right before they headed back to camp, anyway. Squashing down her hunger, she waded back into the river to catch more fish. A fat yet short silver fish soon joined the others on the bank as she waited for Barkpelt to return. A second fish swam close to her. Icefall sent her paw darting towards it, but the fish was agile and fast. Her claws scratched at its tail, leaving it with a tear, but it swam away. At least she hadn't left it with any life-threatening injuries, so that it could return and breed, but she was disappointed that she hadn't caught it. Another fish soon swam by, however, which she managed to catch and fling onto the shore.

  6. Icefall


    Icefall waded back into the water, paws moving slowly as if she was stalking prey. The icy water was chilly, but her fur was already damp. With a paw hovering over the water, she stared intently for a minute. A few fish, ones that were too small or too far away to bother trying to catch, swam past. She ignored those. Finally, a rather large fish got close enough to claw out of the water and onto the shore. She looked back, just to confirm that the fish had lander far enough from the water to not escape. Satisfied, she went back to fishing. If she, Barkpelt, and Birchpelt (and Duskflame) caught two or three fish each they would have lots of fish. Adding that to the stuff that any other patrols might have caught, and the Clan would have a decently stocked fresh-kill pile. The time that they had wasted testing the fish hadn't been fun, but they should be able to make up for it before sundown. Splash! A lightning-quick paw shot into the water, hooking another fish. It was disappointing small, but it had been in a good position to be caught. Every little bit helped, anyway.


    A third, average-sized fish joined the first two. Icefall kept hunting, but she didn't have enough time to catch a fourth before Barkpelt spoke. "We might as well eat them now. That's less prey to bring back, and with this amount we might need two trips anyway." Reaching the shore, Icefall started putting the fish into a neat pile, killing one that was still thrashing around. There wasn't a reason to let the fish rot, nor one to not finish them now. She would have liked to keep hunting (there was still enough light that she could see the fish, after all) but if Barkpelt and Birchpelt wanted to go back it would be better to go with them. Besides, there wasn't that much time left. She suspected that by the time they got back to camp it would be almost too dark for fishing.

  7. Marshflight


    When Sagepaw left to go get the herbs (Marshflight would feel much better when they had more borage; Nightwing might need it), Marshflight returned to his den to wait for her to return. He didn't think that there was much left to do, thankfully, but he did find that Thistlepaw had been right to go through the herbs. The piles had many more bad leaves in them than Marshflight would have liked. The piles had also been disorganized a bit; it seemed that as someone was leaving they accidentally kicked the horsetail and the stems had spread out everywhere. Marshflight kept himself busy, sorting herbs and picking out bad bits. By the time Sagepaw came back he had managed to sort out and clean all of the piles, including bringing all of the rotten leaves to the dirtplace. The piles looked smaller now, but there still seemed to be enough of most things.


    Sagepaw entered with the borage and some juniper berries. Those were helpful, though Marshflight would have preferred to see more chervil. Borage was the main thing, though, so if Sagepaw didn't see any it would be okay. He could just find some tomorrow; they would surely have enough until then. He listened carefully to what Sagepaw said about the borage. It was an interesting idea, one that Marshflight had never though of before. The young she-cat was clever. "That was a good idea, Sagepaw. Were you careful to keep the plant undamaged, though?" Borage was large, and Sagepaw was a smaller apprentice. With the added weight of the dirt in the root, it would be impressive if Sagepaw had dragged it up to the tree without bending or breaking the stems. It was doable, though. "I've sorted and cleaned all of the herbs in here, and getting more chervil can wait for tomorrow. Shall we check on Nightwing?"



  8. Icefall


    "Not really, no. Cloudclan has never really had problems with poisoned food. If there is something wrong with prey, it's usually because someone tried to eat crowfood or it ate some twoleg poison," Icefall said, replying to Birchpelt's question. She watched Barkpelt to see if there was anything wrong with him, though she was itching to catch more fish. The long minutes of doing nothing were almost painful. Just sitting around next to the river bank wasn't something that she was used to doing, especially when there were so many easy-to-catch fish right in front of her. There wasn't really a point in catching more if they found that the fish were poisoned. It would be a waste of energy, and once they were sure that the fish were safe they wouldn't have a problem catching more than they could carry back.


    Eventually, Barkpelt revealed that there was nothing wrong with the fish. Good. If there was something wrong with the fish, well, things wouldn't go well. The Clan couldn't survive on rabbits and birds alone, especially with the cloud cover driving all of the non-aquatic prey away. She nodded to Birchpelt, and took a bite from the fish. Carefully considering the taste, she decided that it didn't taste any different from what she had expected. She took a few more bites, eating enough that she would be able to feel the effects of any serious poisons but would be able to get some yarrow before any damage was done.


    Though it was against the code to eat before the elders and queens had been fed and eating on a hunting patrol wasn't allowed, Icefall wasn't worried about anyone being mad at them. She had learned that sometimes rules could be broken and things would be fine. Of course, generally following the rules was a very good thing to do, but eating the fish wasn't for personal gain. It was more like breaking a rule for the protection of her Clan; they did have to find out whether the fish were poisoned or not, and it wasn't really something that they could test on Nightwing. Even those who took the code a bit too seriously wouldn't be able to complain.

    "It's fine," Icefall said a few minutes later. "I think that testing two fish is enough. If there's poison in the water, it should affect all of the fish anyway. We'll just tell everyone to be careful and to go to Marshflight if they feel sick at all."

  9. Marshflight


    Marshflight felt deep annoyance when Cranewing came to take the apprentices away. Hadn't Cranewing told him to keep them busy and let them help? They had been helping. Training the apprentices was good, of course, but moving them around like this was only going to cause confusion in everyone. That wasn't really something that they could afford right now. Aside from the arguing, which Marshflight was sure would stop soon, things had been fine before the huge deputy entered the den and took up so much space. Trying to avoid being pushed back and stepping on the herbs, Marshflight stepped backwards and stood on one of the nests.

    "Thistlepaw, please don't insult Sagepaw. We don't need that now, okay? I thought you knew that." His tone was soft yet disappointed. Apprentices could be so short-sighted sometimes (not that adult cats were always better). He certainly had been. They could usually learn, though, with just a bit of gentle correction. It really depended on the cat's personality, and it often worked with Thistlepaw.


    "Let's all get out of this den for a minute, okay? Sagepaw, you can stay if you want to, but I think that we all need some fresh air." He left the den and breathed deeply, then twisted around and noticed Sagepaw's expression. "Are you okay?" he asked. He had hoped that Thistlepaw hadn't hurt Sagepaw that much, but she seemed to be a bit shocked.

  10. Uh, just so that I don't make a horrible mistake, medicine cats in the series do dry herbs for leaf-bare, don't they? I'm sorry, I haven't read any of the books for a long time.


    Also, Marshflight's just assuming a bit about Cranewing and Mistystar and then worrying smile.gif

  11. Marshflight


    What!? Something was wrong with Cranewing's heart? But only elders ever had heart problems! Foxglove seeds could be used to treat them, but, well... it was dangerous. Very dangerous. Marshflight didn't trust himself with them, and he didn't even keep them in his den. The small, black seeds could be confused with poppy seeds, and a mistake like that would likely be fatal. Besides, they weren't likely to be needed. The only elder they had was Ivyclaw, and he was too young to have heart problems. He supposed that Icefall was at risk, with her age and active lifestyle, but Marshflight didn't expect her to tell him if she felt heart pain.


    ...oh. Cranewing meant his metaphorical heart. What had Mistystar said to him that had made him act that way? Marshflight didn't have any experience with love. It was a bit of a terrifying concept; the idea of caring for a cat, loving them, and never being and to be with them because StarClan said so? Not that Marshflight would ever go against StarClan. His work for Cloudclan was worth far more than that. "Okay..." Marshflight said, unsure if Cranewing was really as okay as he said. If he wasn't feeling pain then there wasn't anything that Marshflight could do for him, even if he was worried about the deputy having had a head injury. He seemed fine, though, so Marshflight headed to his den to see if the apprentices were there.


    Hearing Sagepaw shouting, he ran a bit faster. When he got there, however, everything seemed to be fine. Sagepaw was there, as well as Thistlepaw and Willowpaw. Thistlepaw was helpful, even if he couldn't remember what each herb did (though Marshflight suspected that he was better than he thought he was). Marshflight was a bit more worried about Willowpaw, as he hadn't ever seen her sort herbs before. She was probably doing fine, but he carefully looked over her work anyway. "Is everything alright, Sagepaw? I heard shouting." Noticing a piece that Willowpaw had put in the 'bad' pile that was still usable, Marshflight gently moved it back. "That one is still good. It's a bit wilted, but not so much that we can't use it. I'd get you to help set herbs out in the sun to dry them, but we can't really do that now." If the sun didn't return soon, they wouldn't be able to properly dry herbs for leaf-bare, which could be disastrous.



    Well, fine. Icefall had expected them to need another rabbit, but looking at the sizes of hers and Birchpelt's they wouldn't need a fourth. Barkpelt's catch wasn't completely useless, after all. There wasn't a point in worrying if they managed to catch enough prey, and Icefall had to admit that she wouldn't have felt good if either of the others caught more prey than she did.


    Setting her rabbit down beside Birchpelt's, Icefall waded a short ways into the water. She would have preferred to hunt from the bank, but this wasn't a great spot for that. Most of the larger fish weren't within reach from the shore where the water got gradually deeper. The icy water was cold, but it wasn't anything that she wasn't used to. They wouldn't have to spend much time in the water, with the amount of fish that were there. Actually, there were too many fish, especially once Birchpelt mentioned it. Icefall hadn't seen them act that way before. Worried that something was wrong, Icefall gazed at the fish. Were they fleeing from something? She couldn't see anything upstream that might be chasing them. Was something wrong with the water? She bent down to taste it, and noted that it tasted fine. "I'm not sure. There doesn't seem to be anything wrong with them, aside from the way that they're acting. We should at least taste one before bringing them all back to camp, but what if there's something wrong with them and we can't taste it?" Well, then they wouldn't know until a cat got sick. You could usually taste if something was wrong with prey, but Icefall remembered a cat who had died after eating a poisoned rabbit. "Maybe they're trying to swim away from the clouds. Maybe it's something else. What do you think, Barkpelt?" Icefall ignored Duskflame. If he really thought of anything, then he could mention it.

  12. Icefall


    Tail twitching, Icefall stalked off to find another rabbit. She stalked the first one that she saw for a minute, but it turned out to be too scrawny to bother with. Not finding a good rabbit and wasting that time was irritating, but if it meant that there would be more rabbits in leaf-bare it was fine. Luckily, she soon spotted another one. It was huddled up in a clump of tall grass, hidden on three sides. Quickly figuring out how to approach it, Icefall dropped into a crouch and walked around to the left of the grass clump. That way, the rabbit wouldn't be able to see her. She wouldn't be able to see it either, of course. but that was okay. So long as it didn't move, she would be able to pounce through the grass and land on it.


    When she had gotten close enough to the rabbit that she was satisfied, Icefall leaped. As a Cloudclan cat, her jumps were long, and she loved the feel of the air under her paws. Even better, however, was the feeling of succeeding in a hunt when she fell through the grass and her claws caught at the rabbit. It tried to bolt, but her back paws hit the ground, giving her the stability that she needed to reach forward and bite its neck. She got a mouthful of grass as well, which she spat out when the rabbit stopped struggling. Parting the grass with a forepaw, she picked up the rabbit and headed back to where the others had been standing.


    When she got there, she found them right where she had left them, without any new prey. What were they doing? This was a hunting patrol, not a let's-all-catch-the-same-amount-of-prey patrol. Really, did they think that she would be angry if they caught more prey than she did? Okay, she wouldn't like it, but she was more annoyed that they hadn't caught anything else. "You didn't catch anything else?" she asked to confirm, just as Duskflame arrived. She turned her head to him curiously, wondering if he had a message to deliver, but when he didn't say anything she turned her head back towards Birchpelt and Barkpelt.


    ((Sorry, I didn't have time to post as Marshflight. I'll write a post for him sometime tomorrow.))

  13. Icefall


    Ah, yes, the journeying cats. Icefall hadn't really given them much thought. True, she would be very glad to finally be able to breath without wanting to vomit, but what did she care about the journeyers? Whoever they were or whatever hardships they faced on the way, they would all be regarded as heroes if they managed to stop the clouds. She didn't really have the energy to speculate on who they were, so she didn't bother. Sagepaw, probably. Three others. Did it matter? Marshflight and Mistystar definitely wouldn't be going, as those were the two that really needed to stay. Icefall doubted that Mistystar would send her. They all thought that she was too old, Icefall knew. They were probably whispering behind her back, spreading rumors that she was too busy to overhear. No one cared about her, or about how she went on more patrols and caught more prey than any of them. Well - maybe not anymore. But she worked harder.


    Oh, she certainly wanted to go. Going on the journey would make her the heor, and then how could anyone speak rudely about her? Every kit would know who she was! There would be stories told about her for generations. Not even apprentices would dare call her weak or old.


    If she came back, of course. If she died on the journey, well, then she'd just be that old cat that though she could do more than she really could, the one who slowed the others down. That wouldn't happen to her, though. No, she knew how far she could go, and that wouldn't be a problem, not really. She could keep going without complaining.


    Seeing that Birchpelt had managed to kill her rabbit, Icefall moved away from the others in search of another. She stood low to the ground, and opened her mouth to inhale deeply. The smell of rot that the clouds caused made it a bit difficult but she managed to catch the scent of a rabbit upwind. Good. Narrowing her eyes, she crept forward. The rabbit-scent was fresh and fairly close, but she hadn't spotted it yet. At this time, her coat color was a hindrance. The white didn't blend in with the grass or flowers, and the colored patches didn't help. It was better in leaf-bare, when the patches could be mistaken for dead grass and the white fit in with the snow.


    Finally spotting the rabbit, Icefall crouched lower. It was still a distance away, but in the open field she was careful not to be seen herself. She stuck behind clumps of tall grass and rocks, using the cover to make it easier to hide. All of her focus was on her prey, but a few steps before she could properly pounce she felt the wind shift. In a last ditch effort to catch the rabbit she lunged, but its tail slipped away a mouse-length from her claws. There wasn't a point in chasing after it. It had the head start, and its burrow was probably somewhere nearby. Hissing in frustration, Icefall starting searching the meadow for other rabbits. She hated missing a kill, but it happened sometimes.



    Marshflight blinked. Him, make sure nothing terribly happened? Well, it was just a normal day at camp. Surely nothing would happen, but the responsibility of it weighed on his shoulders. His leader and all of his clanmates were counting on him. What if he did something wrong? Mistystar was probably right about not worrying, but... somethings were just worrying. Like the clouds. He had noticed more infections since they had come, either from the darkness making cats injure themselves more or the dampness they brought making infection more likely. "O-okay..." Marshflight said, but Mistystar had already left. She obviously wasn't worried about anything terrible happening.


    "Hi, Sagepaw," Marshflight said, noticing that his apprentice had come over to ask a question. He felt relieved that she was there to help, although he would have liked for her to spend a bit more time with the other apprentices. He couldn't have everything, he supposed. "Um, yes. We're completely out of borage, and if you see some chervil it would be helpful, too. I'm sorry, I'd come with you to help, but I'm supposed to watch the camp."


    Marshflight looked to the center of camp, and noticed that Cranewing was back. Already? He was curled up in the center of camp, his fur damp and mud-stained. Was he hurt? Concerned, Marshflight ran over to him. "Cranewing? Are you hurt?" Worry filled his voice. It wasn't like the deputy to just stop working and lie at the center of the camp. He couldn't see any external injuries or blood, but it could be something else, like a head wound. He didn't know how he could treat that. If it was just a headache feverfew could help, but...


  14. Icefall

    "Songbreeze?" Icefall asked, flicking an ear back in annoyance. The cat hadn't been a warrior very long, and seemed to talk far too much. Icefall didn't really know her, having avoided some of the more irritating young warriors. Maybe she was better while hunting, but Icefall didn't really care to find out. With the prey running off already they didn't need someone to chase them off by gossiping about kits. Though, Birchpelt was right about one thing. Songbreeze still did have a lot to learn, and hunting with the older warriors was a good way to do that. Though Icefall didn't usually like younger cats, she did like having a hard working apprentice. Her last one had been, what, three seasons ago? Four? It was a pity that she didn't have one now, but she'd rather have no apprentice than have a stupid one. "I suppose, if we can find her..."


    Icefall was saved from having to search for Songbreeze by the arrival of Barkpelt. "Hello, Barkpelt. It looks like we won't have to find Songbreeze after all." There was the slightest hint of happiness (or smugness; it was hard to tell) in her voice. "Shall we go fishing? We might as well catch fish before leaf-bare and save the mice." Over the years, Icepelt had become an expert at fishing. Though her reflexes had dulled slightly, she could still tell where the fish were despite the refraction.


    Without waiting for the others, Icefall walked out of the camp towards the river.



  15. @Delta: Part of the huge brown organic thing towering into the sky moved. The slime had never seen such a thing move, especially not a small part of its own skin when the rest of it didn't. Strange! Continuing to stare, the slime saw it wasn't the plant at all, but something the same color that happened to be on it. Not far away, a dark thing on the ground with an even stranger shape moved; but whatever it was, it was behind the plant.

    ((Sorry, did you accidentally do Zeditha twice instead of Delta?))

  16. Marshflight


    Marshflight's tail and paws twitched. Deep in a nightmare, he didn't notice the sounds of warriors waking up and going on their morning patrols. Perhaps that was good; he had, after all, been working late into the night to help one of the queens. She and her kits were fine now, thank StarClan.


    He awoke with a start, eyes snapping open. Dread filled him when he noticed the dull sunlight, filtered through the clouds, that had managed to make its way into his den. Trying to get out of his den quickly, he stumbled over his feet and nearly fell back to the ground. It would have looked quite comical, if Marshflight wasn't so worried. What if someone got sick, and they were missing some herbs? He knew that they were dangerously low on borage, at least. Well, borage wasn't usually needed immediately, but they were low and that was what mattered. Did they have enough feverfew? If they didn't have borage and they didn't have feverfew, then what would they do? Someone could get a fever!


    Realizing that he couldn't exactly check on his stores when he wasn't in his den, Marshflight rushed back. He checked over the neat piles of herbs: chervil (could use more), horsetail (they seemed to have enough of that, at least), catmint (a rather large pile, but leaf-bare would come quickly)... As he passed the borage pile, he saw that it was completely empty. The feverfew pile, on the other hand, was large enough that if they dried some it would last quite awhile. Marshflight forced his fur to lie flat, and twisted himself to lick some of the fur on his back. Since when had he been so forgetful?


    He stepped out of his den, looking for Sagepaw. He soon saw her, talking to Thistlepaw. Thistlepaw was talking to her, at least. Marshflight didn't want to interrupt their conversation - it would be good for Sagepaw to talk to other cats - so he sat down just outside of his den.



    Icefall yawned. She felt tired, exhausted, as she usually did in the morning. Staying out to hunt or patrol a bit longer than most cats tended to do that, she supposed. Her eyelids flickered as she fought to wake up properly. Had she always been this tired in the morning? She didn't think that she had. It seemed like every season she had to sleep a little longer and was more tired in the morning. It didn't matter, yet. She had to protect her Clan, and she couldn't do that by sleeping in.


    Still tired, she was awoken by someone poking her. She wasn't poked very hard, but she woke up quickly and scrambled to her feet. Had she slept too long?


    It was just Birchpelt asking about a hunting patrol, good. Birchpelt wasn't a bad cat, and had been the first apprentice that Icefall had mentored. Birchpelt was the closest that Icefall had to a friend, really. They had survived for a long time together, and had fought in many battles.

    "Yes, of course I'll come," said Icefall in a raspy voice. She needed to get out of camp to start the day, and she might as well go with Birchpelt. A lone cat simply wasn't as organized as a group patrol, and Icefall didn't particularly want to go with anyone else. To be polite, she asked, "Did you want to take anyone else?" It was okay if Birchpelt did want to bring another cat or two, so long as it wasn't some noisy apprentice that would scare all of the prey away. Many of the older warriors had died, but some of the younger ones weren't completely incompetent.