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  1. Aroara, may I ask for some size clarification, like a length or weight? I don't know what kind of ship is meant by his description, and Arkhesis sounds quite large already. I'm also having trouble understanding how he could have a set of gills in his nose. Gills require water to flow in one direction, unlike lungs. Sorry for the nitpicking, I'm just having trouble visualizing the physics of everything (not that the physics need to make perfect sense, given the magic and all).
  2. That went surprisingly well, if he was honest. The last time he had squirted someone in the face he'd nearly been punched. Oh, did the boy think he'd been trying to start a fight? To be fair, it wasn't an entirely unreasonable reaction, but really, there was no need for that. "Uh, no, not really. I'm Vo-" He blinked and stared down at the guitar that had suddenly appeared in his hands. His backpack was gone. Slowly, he placed the guitar on the bench and took a step back before sprinting in the direction that he had seen the man flee. As he ran, he reached up to his ink bottle necklace out of habit and felt curses scrawl themselves under his sleeves. His thoughts seemed to be stuck on 'screaming'- he'd never been so careless as to allow his bag to get stolen. What if the boy got away with it? [i[Why[/i] had he stolen it in the first place? He didn't even know him! Fortunately, Vogel was faster, as he wasn't weighed down by anything. Unless the man took a corner and managed to lose him, he'd be able to catch up soon enough. Hopefully. It wasn't much of a comfort.
  3. Vogel shifted the straps of his backpack and raised a hand to block the sun. It was painfully bright outside. On the upside, he knew that it wasn't the middle of the night and he shouldn't go back to sleep. Twelve-hour clocks could be so unclear sometimes. He suppressed a yawn and continued walking. He could have just gotten coffee from the machine in his dorm, but the café near the park made much better muffins than he could. There was almost two hours before classes or work started, anyway. His phone buzzed in his pocket, playing the cheery ping that signified an announcement related to any research on sea creatures. His heart jumped in anticipation, and he searched around for a place to sit while checking his phone. The nearest bench was occupied. The man had clearly been recently unconscious, as Vogel was fairly sure that no one found such a position a comfortable way to sit. His hair was pink, his eyes were green, and he was holding a seashell. It was worth a shot. At the very least, it would get the man to move and free up some space on the bench. Approaching the man, he pulled out his water pistol, took aim, and fired at the man's face. When he didn't grow scales, Vogel shrugged and began to take off his backpack in preparation for sitting down.
  4. Looks interesting! May I please reserve a selkie? I'm planning for my character to be a scientist; is there anything about what humans know about the sea creatures that I should be aware of?
  5. Well, right now she's at the library for her interaction with Nadia and Elis; not sure how long that'll take. It might be awhile before she's walking along the street again, but if you can find a way for them to meet I don't mind. I suppose she could know of him or have met him (depends how large the army is, I guess?), but I don't think she'd be all hype, sorry. Hard to say without writing the interaction, but it's more likely she'd go with a dramatic "Good day to you, esteemed knight!".
  6. Mid Morning, Vogel's House It wasn't much of an explanation, but there was no point in taking a risk. It wasn't the most scandalous information, but if the other villagers found out that he had been a skyling... no. He'd be out of business, at the very least. It wasn't like he relied on being a scribe, but the money would run out sooner or later if he didn't replenish it. That was the best-case scenario, and he really didn't want to move. Vogel gave a short laugh. "If you've been following me, as you've said, you know I can't go to the authorities." He stretched a wing out and began running his fingers over a section, not taking his eyes off the man. The habitual movements were calming, though not as much as he would have liked. "So? What do you want from me? I doubt you'd go to that much trouble for a few trinkets." Was he working for someone? Looking for information? Kidnapping him for some Dark Wing plot? It could be anything, really. "Would my thief be so kind as to tell me his name?" He didn't attempt to keep the sarcasm out of his voice, nor did he much expect to be told an answer. Still, it was a chance at being able to call the man something other than 'the intruder'. Early Noon, Library Cyrille nodded. "'Tis truly a sight, seeing it rise up over the eastern hills. Why, did you see way the clouds were died purple this morning? I doubt I shall ever grow tired of it." "What, me? Of course! Don't you know, I make it a part of my routine to slay a dracon each morning. The most knightly of actions, really." She paused as Elis spoke, before switching back to a more serious voice. "Indeed. I do hope our visit pleases her." "I could say similar things about you, friend- it has always amazed me, how you can express such things through music or project a scene onto paper. I have tried, yet never had the time or talent. It seems as though we all have different skills, no?" She gave a few flaps of her wings, careful not to send too much wind towards Elis. After a second of hovering an inch or so above the ground, she touched back down. "If a talk is what you wish for, I am always glad to help. How has your father's research been going now, by the way?" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ After some time, they reached the library. The building was impressively large, with tall windows. "Nadia!" Cyrille said as she threw open the oaken doors. "It has been such a long time, friend. How have you been these past days?"
  7. Mid Morning; Ienlynn Residence "Oh, not so long. Perhaps an hour or two." It had been enough time to take care of Cloudchaser, don her armor, run a few rapier drills, and arrive at a slow pace, anyway. She wasn't one to pay much attention to the time, when the sun did so well. "I do hope I didn't disturb your rest." It was doubtful, but better to apologize now than not. Cyrille grinned. "Ah, but where would be the fun in that?" She took her friend's hand in hers, then swept her other one out dramatically as she took a step forward. "Come, my lady! May Himar light our footsteps as we partake in this grand endeavor!" She laughed and started to walk, keeping pace with Elis. "A fine idea. Nadia will be there, will she not?" She couldn't deny that Nadia could be, ah, a little self-centered at times. Still, she considered her a friend, and the library was always nice. Even if Nadia wasn't the person to expect much sympathy from, the atmosphere of the building and the available books made it a delight. "You, a knight? I'll admit I can't very well picture it, but the imagination leaves much to be desired, does it not? I find it to be a worthy pursuit, though I have to admit I'm biased," she said, chuckling lightly. "It pains me to hear of your boredom, friend- what may be done to remedy that?"
  8. Early Morning, Vogels' House Passed out on the ground? He had a bed, and it wasn't like he didn't use it. Just because- well. "Twice," he muttered under he breath. It hadn't even been recent. Okay, it was good that the thief wasn't infected with parasites (heaven knew he didn't want anything spread to him; one experience with feather rot had been enough), but he didn't have to sound so offended about it. It was the first thing to look for with atypical feather loss, and he'd been just trying to help. The man's wings weren't completely healthy, clearly, but the crooked way he held them looked to be more the result of a bone defect or old injury. It took him an embarrassingly long time to notice. His eyes widened. "How did you know?" he hissed, glancing from side to side. His cover story, of being the son of a jewelry seller from a far off village, wasn't exactly perfect. Still, few questions had been asked, and he hadn't thought that anyone realized where he was actually from. Some of the books could have given it away, but the thief hadn't even touched A Repository of Wing Types and their Geographical Locations, vol. II. There wasn't a chance that he knew what to look for, with that. "Oh." He blinked. "I supposed I realized that." He wasn't entirely sure where to go from there. What was the etiquette when one caught a thief in their house?
  9. Early Morning; Vogel's House Vogel glanced at the clock and nearly swore. He'd meant to get some sleep the night before, really. Everything went slower when he was tired, and he was liable to make mistakes. It wasn't like there was any rush, either. There had been one time, when the tendon samples would've gone bad if he hadn't taken the measurements in time (the last time he bought preservatives from that supplier). In any case, there wasn't a point in losing focus just because the sun was rising. He'd snuff out the candles and make a quick breakfast, when he had to. At that moment, he was in the state of mind where everything just seemed to flow so perfectly. Like, a river or something. Or, like the thoughts crystallized into place. Ice? Well, that had been it, anyway. It was a tendency of his, for his brain to get dragged off by poorly thought out similes when he was so tired. One moment he was jotting down notes fast enough to splash ink onto his hand, and the next he was struggling to get his scale to work. Somehow, the number was changing by a fraction of a gram. It was enough to mess with his conclusions, especially if the scale was broken. It took him fifteen minutes to remember that he was using his spare scale, and that he had left his good one in the library. He squeezed his eyes shut for a few seconds, then stood up to retrieve it. He had to step around a pile of books to get to the library, but it was like that in most of his house. Stacks of papers covered every surface, save for some frequently-cleared counter tops. The library was a bit neater, at least. He called it that, but it probably held less paper than the rest of his house. It was where he kept all of the good books, on proper bookshelves instead of chairs and tables. Still, it took him longer than expected to find it. He was sure- He stared into the man's eyes, unblinking. "Why aren't you asleep!?" Vogel nearly screamed, but it came out as more of a shriek. "I- what!? Did you just break into my house- of course I'm not- why aren't you asleep!?" The question didn't make sense, he knew, but he was too tired and shocked to care. His eyes tracked the feathers as they floated downwards, momentarily distracted from the thief. "Oh, huh, do you normally molt at this time of year? It's pretty early, unless your wings aren't the standard aves type- have you checked for mites? Could be plenty of other parasites and diseases, but-" No. There was an intruder in his house. "I mean- hey! What are you doing here!?" Early Morning; Ienlynn Residence, Outside Cyrille finished off a flourish of practice swings before sheathing her rapier. It was a good way to start the day. The overly fancy techniques took focus to pull off, provided valuable practice and were light exercise. Most importantly, they were enjoyable. Deciding that it was late enough to avoid disturbing Elisvan, she knocked lightly on the door. It was a routine thing, simply to let her know that she had arrived. There was no rush, and indeed, if Elisvan deigned to sleep another hour she wouldn't mind. It was her job to protect her and keep her company, and pestering the girl would accomplish neither end. When the door did open, Cyrille bowed lightly and smiled. "You look gorgeous as always, Lady Elisvan. What is it that you wish to accomplish upon this fine morning?" The formality wasn't necessary. Their families weren't that far apart in status, and her father would be embarrassed by her lowering herself in such a way, but it was fun. Besides, she liked Elis. Why not show her some respect?
  10. Great! Sorry, I mustn't have been clear enough. He's not so much explicitly supporting them at the moment, more if they ask for information or such he'll provide it.
  11. Username: Backup77 Name: Cyrille Lucrèce Chevalier Age: 19 Gender: Genderfluid; uses she/her more often than not Ground or Sky: Sky Class/occupation: Lesser Noble | In training to become a knight Dark Wing supporter: No. Appearance: Cyrille has shockingly bright red hair, which reaches the nape of her neck while tied in a high ponytail. A few strands always fall out to frame her face. She likes to tie some of her moulted coverts into her hair. Her eyes are ice blue, and display central heterochromia. The right one has a ring of bright green around the pupil, rather than the pale blue of the left one. She stands at 5’7”, and though her limbs are long and skinny she is well-muscled. Her skin on her face, neck, and hands is lightly tanned. As she has trouble carrying too much weight, her armor is made to be thin and far lighter than it looks like it should be. The plates have triangular points that stick up when her joints bend, and care was taken to preserve as much mobility as possible. The armor is a polished silver color, with gold trim around every edge. A rapier with a golden filigree basket is kept at one hip, and a parrying dagger at the other. Personality: Cyrille is courteous, and tries to act the part of a knight in shining armor. She could be called idealistic or naive, in the way she loves the cloud cities without seeming to spare much thought for the groundlings. In truth, she does think about them (hard to prepare for war without doing so) but she doesn’t feel much about them. It’s her duty to protect the sky and Elis, so that’s what she’ll do. Wing appearance: At only eight feet in span, Cyrille’s wings are far shorter than most. Their ends come to sharp points. The primaries and secondaries are relatively long, and are almost translucent. Like a hummingbird’s, her wings beat fast enough to be seen as a blur, allowing fast and agile flight despite their size. The coverts are brilliantly iridescent, glittering in the light and projecting green and blue spots onto nearby surfaces. History: Cyrille’s father was a military general, and her mother a rich, beautiful lady. Though her father was initially disappointed to not have a son, Cyrille didn’t much mind activities traditionally seen as masculine. Being an ambitious man, he raised her much as one would a prince or princess, with tutors training her in etiquette, linguistics, sword fighting, cloud cat riding and the like. She showed an affinity for the rapier, and her agility in the air is unmatched (even if her distance flight leaves something to be desired). Skills: Rapier wielding, cloud cat riding, and strong knowledge on military tactics, court politics, history, and geography. War or peace: Peace would be lovely, if the groundlings didn’t make such a fuss. Username: Backup77 Name: Vogel Avem Age: 24 Gender: Male Ground or Sky: Ground Class/occupation: Scientist (Physics, some biology) Dark Wing supporter: He’d prefer to focus on his work, but he’d rather they win over the alternative. Appearance: Vogel’s straight, black hair is messy and unkept, and reaches slightly past his ears. His skin is light brown, and his eyes are dark brown. It’s common for him to forget to wash splashes of ink off of his face. He is 5’8”. Personality: Vogel is more focused on his research than anything else. While he might not be completely apathetic to the world around him, it can seem that way when his only response to learning about a war is to worry about his books getting damaged. He often stares off into space mid-conversation, fidgeting with his feathers. Wing appearance: Vogel’s wings are short and rounded, and his wingspan is fifteen feet. The feathers are white, with black edges, like a Sebright chicken’s. Out of habit, he keeps they carefully cleaned. History: Vogel was born and educated as a skyling. He was particularly interested in everything about wings- how they developed, why there were so many different kinds, how Avians could fly when all mathematical models suggested that doing so should be impossible. Though the bright patterns on his wings gave him time, when he was seventeen he realized that he wasn’t safe in the sky. Without so much as a note, he packed up all of his books and equipment (as well as some stuff that wasn’t his) and jumped. As he couldn’t fly properly and was weighed down, he hit the ground hard. Fortunately, he managed to avoid breaking any bones. There on the ground, he managed to find spare work as a scribe, and continued his research when he could. Skills: Mathematics, physics, and knowledge of wing genetics. War or peace: Conflicted. War would be a disturbance, but an interesting one.
  12. Are one's wings based on what their parents have? For example, would a child of too Avians with feathered wings be expected to have feathered wings as well? Would their patterns and shape be similar?
  13. Working on some sheets now! I was just wondering, what kind of languages do they speak? Is there an equivalent to Latin or such that would be seen as a sign of education?
  14. Zor

    Choice OOC

    I'm really sorry, everyone, but I think I'll have to drop out. I keep focusing on other things and completely forgetting about this RP, and writing posts has become too difficult. This was really fun, and I hope it goes well for the rest of you! I'd be happy to show up in the chat to discuss what'll happen with Ev, if that'll help. I'm completely fine with her becoming an NPC or someone else taking her over, if that's somehow easier than writing her out of the story. Thanks for this, I'm glad I a part of it for awhile.
  15. To be honest, Ev was glad that Allison was able to take care of things. She wanted to help, but was perfectly content to support Anhew and watch to make sure she didn’t fall. She spoke little during the time, though did offer words of encouragement and a few minor corrections. Once Anhew was able to walk without support, she gave a soft smile. It was difficult, learning a new method of movement, but the girl had learned quickly enough. With that done, Ev finally noticed how tired she was. Her eyes felt almost ready to close on their own, and her feet were sore from standing all day. After she prepared for bed and lay down, sleep came quickly. The dream was unexpected. Her first response was confusion, as she didn’t know where she was or why it was so dark. The confusion shifted to fear as she realized that she couldn’t move, or feel any sort of pressure from the ground. The woman that walked out of the darkness did nothing to alleviate either emotion, nor did her words. An adjustment to the rules? She felt sick. It seemed almost unfair, like a rug was being pulled out from her. The expectation that the rules would stay had almost been a constant the past few days. If they were being changed now, they couldn’t be trusted. There was no reason to expect any of the others to stay. As the puzzle piece crumbled into nothing, she felt the urge to flinch back. She didn’t even know what she was afraid of. Getting her memories back was supposed to be her goal, even if she hadn’t expected to get any so soon. To her surprise, a wave of calm washed over her. She was sitting on a thick armchair, with a table in front of her. Dark, almost red bookshelves surrounded her, blocking out the rest of the library. Soft, warm light came from a tall window to her right, casting the shadows of her long hair onto a page. The book was thick, and the pages had yellowed slightly. A coffee stain marred one edge. It was peaceful. Cozy, almost. Without warning, she was ripped from the dream. Any sense of calm she had before drained away, leaving her shivering on the bed. At some point during the night, she had thrown her covers off, and the blankets were now half on the floor. Her face was wet, so she reached up to wipe her eyes. For a moment, anger flared through her. She had no idea what the point of that was. She couldn’t even remember a single word from the book, and the memories grew fainter with each passing second. The color of the floor, the ceiling, the shape of the table- there wasn’t a chance of finding out which library it had been. Maybe she had had glasses in the dream. Anger fading to exhaustion, she clutched and the blankets and rolled over. It was some sort of manipulation, probably, but she didn’t even know what the woman could have been trying to achieve. Perhaps she had shown a lack of conviction, and the woman was trying to give her an incentive to work harder. A carrot. That it wasn’t a stick instead was something to be glad about, at least. That, or it really had been just a dream. It was completely possible that her mind had just made it all up. She’d have to tell the others about it, though she wasn’t sure how. If it had been more than a dream, hopefully someone else would mention it first.
  16. Ev paused. Explaining things would be more difficult than she thought. Her mind jumped to skeletal structures and different hip bone shapes, but Anhew wouldn’t be able to understand stuff like that. She didn’t think she'd be able to form the right sentences to talk about them properly, either. “Well-well, uh, bird pokemon have four limbs like Deino do, but two of those are actually wings, because they need those for flying. I’m so, so sorry, uh, this doesn’t help at all, apologies. Of course I’ll tell you when we change direction.” She tensed for a second, the relaxed when Anhew comforted her about the cave. She didn’t know how the girl had been able to tell that she was bothered, but it was appreciated. “...Thanks,” she whispered, eyes downcast. Anhew was right, of course. She didn’t have any reason to be scared of caves; they were a common enough travel route, after all. She wasn’t even sure if ‘frightened’ was the right word to describe was she was feeling, either, and she didn’t think it was the idea of actually entering the cave that bothered her. There was some kind of strong, negative feeling, but she couldn’t figure out the source. Her frustration morphed into confusion when Anhew asked about her legs. “Weird?” She hoped that it was just from standing in a new way, and not something serious. It was difficult to sort through all of Anhew’s questions, and for half a second she regretted offering her help. That thought was quickly shoved from her mind with some guilt. Questions were a good thing, after all, and it wasn’t Anhew’s fault if she was having trouble keeping up with them all. She was relieved that they had all managed to agree on a route, at least. For now, the arguing seemed limited to Cassandra and Allison’s squabbles. “Ah, right,” she said in reply to Cassandra. She couldn’t say that she cared all that much about their conversation. Allison didn’t seem like a bad person, and that was all that really mattered to her at the moment. She liked Cassandra, and trusted her to an extent, but was glad that Allison wasn’t like her. Cassandra was nice and understood a lot of things, but she could be a bit overwhelming. It was good to have someone more serious in the group, and it seemed like Allison was the most reliable of them. In any case, she was glad that they weren’t leaving until the next day. There was no way to avoid sleeping in the wilderness (a fact Ev wasn’t at all pleased about), but by the time they got all of their supplies organized it would be nearly dark. She was exhausted, anyway, and being able to sleep in a real bed sounded amazing. A shower would have been lovely as well. It took her a few seconds to decide whom to go with. She certainly needed practice with her pokemon form, and didn’t know if she’d be much help teaching Anhew. On the other hand, Cassandra and Jasper clearly knew what they were doing. Whatever Cassandra meant when she said ‘training’, it was more advanced than simple movement. Ev cringed at the thought of floundering around. No, she’d go help Anhew. “I’ll go help you, if that’s alright.” In the back of her mind she knew that putting it off wouldn’t help her, but there had to be other opportunities to practice later. It wasn’t like anyone was expecting her to fight. “Come on; it’s a bit twisty, but we’ll go slowly, alright?” she said softly, guiding Anhew’s hand to rest on her arm again.
  17. Ev bit her lip as she listened to Laren’s speech. None of the routes sounded very doable, and she didn't think she wanted to go at all. It would be so much better to stay back for a few days and do research. Unless someone else knew something that she didn't, they were running off with no idea of what was going on. Whatever it was… thinking about it made her uneasy. Something must have given them the ability to transform, and she had no idea what it could be. The memory-wiping part could have been possible, if some old Sinnoh rumors were to be believed, but the rest? Besides, destroying Team Helix's research seemed like bad, selfish thing. She had no idea what the research was, but unless Team Helix was evil, their research would most like help humanity. They seemed like a pretty normal lab, disregarding the ‘Team’ name thing. There wasn't must . She didn’t want to get separated from the others she had arrived with. Cassandra and Allison were both older and seemed to know what they were doing, and Anhew needed help. Aside from that, going to the base would have to provide some kind of answer. It wasn't like they needed to destroy anything once they got there. Oh, the poor girl. She didn’t know how to walk? “Oh, uh.” How was she supposed to explain something like walking? “No, you need to balance on your back legs. It’s sort of like, when a bird pokemon walks?” Ev stood back up, extended an arm with her elbow bent, and used her other hand to guide Anhew’s to rest on her’s lower arm. “Here, can you lean on this…? Please be careful, it’ll, it’ll probably be really difficult if you aren’t used to it.” The physical contact and need to keep one of her arms from being curled around her body wasn’t fun, but she needed to make sure that Anhew didn’t fall. Her voice had been quiet already, but she lowered it further. “And, uh. Yeah. I was that Fletchinder, sorry, I didn’t, didn’t mean to lie. Please, explanations can wait for later.” She shrank back a bit and averted her gaze as the attention turned to her. They expected her input now? She’d barely had time to think about it! Her words were slow and halted often as she tried to piece her thoughts together. “Well, I- the caves? They seem okay to me, really! But, don’t mind my opinions! It’s just. If we have maps, it should be alright, right? And, uh, I really don’t want to bother a gym leader, they’re probably really busy with all of their, gym stuff.” Oh. That probably hadn't made any sense at all. It was so pathetic, really, how she couldn’t even communicate simple concepts like where she wanted to go. She wished she could go run and hide, or focus her attention on copying the maps, but she couldn’t with Anhew leaning on her arm. Inhale, exhale. Why did anyone even bother talking to her? She had no pokemon, and her only form of defense was turning into a frail Fire/Flying type. She wouldn’t have been able to last half a second again a Rock-type (inhale), and the very word ‘cave’ increased her heart rate and she didn’t even know why. Exhale.
  18. Laren’s house was amazing. There was so much stuff, she didn’t know where to start taking it all in. Overflowing bookcases were everywhere, covered with sheets of paper, sketches, maps, drawing supplies, pencils, strange models- not to mention the books themselves. It was overwhelming, if in a good way. She was sure that she’d be able to spend months there without getting bored. Still, she was reluctant to venture further into the house, and hovered near the entrance. Cassandra obviously had no such restrictions (had she already found the fridge? It was actually impressive, given how camouflaged it was with post-it notes). This did much to assuage her worries, but it still felt like she would be intruding. Not to mention, some of the paper stacks looked like they’d fall over if she so much as breathed on them. She couldn’t exactly stand around forever, though, so she drifted towards an appealing-looking stack of papers. The contents were far too complicated for her and the writing was difficult to decipher, but she’d have to learn something by reading “Notes on Helix and Dome Fossil Distribution in Northwestern Lamorak”. Before she could get very far, she heard her name and jerked her head upwards. “Oh!” After so long with only berries to eat, she’d managed to ignore her hunger. Now that she was reminded of food, she realized that she was starving. Careful to make sure that she left the papers exactly they had been, she moved closer to the kitchen. “Food would, food would be lovely. Anything’s good, really, especially if it’s not too spicy. If there’s anything I can do to help…?” Glancing around, she chewed lightly on the end of her thumb. The number of people in the house had certainly increased. She hoped that the noise level would go down a bit once introductions were through and everyone had food, because it was getting to be quite loud. On the plus side, she was able to pick up an important piece of information: she wasn’t the only one with amnesia. It had been something that had worried her, as no one else had mentioned it. Well, the ‘rules’ had, but she didn’t know if everyone had the same ones. There was some variance in times of awakening as well. This was all so complicated. Maybe if they had some sort of spreadsheet, they’d be able to figure out a pattern. Typings, rarity, time/date of awakening, evolutionary stage, region of highest population… She was broken out of her thoughts by Anhew’s sudden glowing. Startled, she tensed and took a step back. Anhew must have been so scared, and the fear was affecting Ev too. Oh, why was she so useless? Cassandra seemed to know what she was doing, so why didn’t she know how to help? It didn’t help that Laren took that moment to arrive. She could feel a headache building, along with the anxiety that came with being overwhelmed. Couldn’t everything just stop for just a moment so she could catch up? Ev felt a flash of alarm as Cassandra left. What if Anhew was still scared, or had questions? She couldn’t just be left alone like that! Ev kneeled in front of her to line up their heights better. “I’m Ev, remember me? I’m really sorry if things are confusing right now. Are you doing alright?”
  19. WIP Username: Backup77 Name: Teresa “Tere” Silva Age: 17 Gender: Female Romantic Orientation: Panromantic Demisexual Appearance: Teresa has straight, fine black hair that approaches the bottom of her ribcage, with bangs that reach her thin, dark eyebrows. It’s normally kept in a high ponytail, with two thick locks left free to frame her face. Her face is square, and her large, deep-set eyes are dark brown. Her skin is a clear, medium brown. Standing at 5’6”, she’s taller than average, and has a slender, column-shaped figure. Generally, she has a relaxed, casual posture. Her fingers are long and thin, and her left fingertips are calloused. There is a small, slightly reddened mark on the left side of her neck, caused by pressure from her violin. Her casual clothing tends towards jeans and oversized hoodies, though she’s more than glad to wear fancy dresses if the situation calls for it. She wears a few accessories: her rectangular, wire-framed glasses, a pair of black, bulky headphones, and a silver necklace chain that holds her Branch. The headphones are wireless, and are often seen around her neck while not in use. Personality: History: Element: Fire Branch Color: Weapon: Armor: Other: She speaks a limited amount of French and Portuguese, but not enough to hold much of a conversation with either. Her French is what she remembers from school, and her Portuguese is mainly scattered words.
  20. She stopped at Cassandra’s interruption, and hung her head. She’d really messed up, hadn’t she? All those attempts at hiding, and it had just made things more difficult. Out of embarrassment, or a simple desire to hide, she buried her face into her hands. A few tears leaked out of her eyes, but they were easy to hide. She inhaled deeply, forced her shoulders to relax, and let her fingertips fall along the curves of her eye sockets to massage her temples. The tears had been brushed away, and the movement masked well enough that someone wouldn’t notice unless they paid attention. Relax. She exhaled, and dropped her hands back to her waist. The momentary calm wouldn’t last, but it gave her a chance to think before looking up again. There was no point in lying anymore, but she still felt exposed. They weren’t in a great position for a private conversation, and she was careful to look around for any eavesdroppers before replying. “...Yeah, I can. Not that I, uh, really know how to do it on purpose, but, uh. Fletchinder.” Again, she glanced towards the nearby doors of the pokemon centre before whispering, “Isn’t there a better place for this, maybe?” She couldn’t help but gasp as Cassandra lit a flame and Jasper let ice grown on his hand. They could do that? Would they expect her to do something similar? It didn’t look all that hard, but she'd never even attempted to use a move. To her surprise, it seemed like she knew which moves she had- but that was impossible, because there were six. It was such an odd set, too. Swords Dance, but no Roost? It looked like something cobbled together by someone who didn't know what they wanted. It was tempting to spend more time analyzing the supposed moveset, but Jasper seemed to be expecting a response. Ev shifted nervously. She’d already proved that she could understand pokemon, so it wasn’t like she needed to use a move. On the other hand, wouldn't it make her look suspicious if she didn’t? Weak? At the very least, she’d stick out. It was better to try, then. She lifted an arm, and to her relief felt a light breeze. After a few seconds, she lowered her arm and the breeze stopped. She felt like she should have said something (there were more than enough questions to ask), but her throat constricted and she decided against it.
  21. Ev was amazed by how nice Cassandra had been so far. She’d expected, what, laughter? For her mistakes to be glossed over with a cruel glance and never mentioned again? Not cheerful acceptance, anyway. It was almost strange, but she was sure she could relax. There was no point in continuing to stare at and bend and twist her fingers again and again. Yet there was still the tension in her chest, like she was waiting for something to happen, like something awful would come and there was nothing she could do about it. It was irrational, but there was always a what if. What if Cassandra was just pretending to be nice, what if she was wrong, what if everyone knew what was going on but her? She was beginning to worry that she'd always feel like this. “You alright, hon?” The emotion and concern in Cassandra’s voice was so genuine that Ev felt bad lying. She rationalized it as being the lesser of the two evils. Cassandra had been so kind, and she couldn’t bother someone like that with something as minor as her own feelings. Cassandra probably had her own things to deal with. “Really, I’m okay,” she said softly, matching Cassandra’s volume. It probably wasn’t very convincing. She had lifted her gaze to meet Cassandra’s, but soon had to lower it again while biting her lip. She did manage to twist her mouth into a small, grateful smile, at least. Jasper, on the other hand, didn’t seem to care much about anything at all. He had a strong air of casualness about him- that, and perhaps anger? Through her own emotions and the short period of time she had to work with, it was difficult to tell. There was a bit of roughness in the way he shoved his hands into his pockets, but that wasn’t much to go on. It was a feeling she had, nothing more or less. Whatever the truth was, he didn’t seem like a nice person, and she figured that she’d rather deal with Garrett (Gertrude…?) than him. Was that wrong of her, to judge someone like that so quickly? It was all terribly awkward, anyway. Cassandra had reacted to Garrett’s voice, Jasper had probably seen her react, Garrett knew Ev- it was a mess. They’d all figured it out by now, hadn’t they? It seemed like the only one not in the loop was Anhew, and she seemed to be a child. Someone just needed to say it, and maybe they’d be able to make some progress; but there was still that nagging feeling, that what if. If Ev said something, and she was wrong- she didn’t even want to think about that! Anhew was talking about her and Zoey, she noted. Anhew’s words didn’t seem all that relevant, until she turned her head towards Ev. "I-I think I heard your voice somewhere. I really don't know." She froze. Her hands stopped moving, and her eyes stopped glancing back and forth to stare at a point near Anhew’s feet. Oh. It was interesting that voices stayed the same; she would have expected them to be different. What now? “I-me? I don’t- I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.” She gave a small, nervous laugh. Why was she even frightened? Why deny it when she was so, so obviously trapped? “I haven’t- Anhew, I haven’t seen you before, sorry, it can’t have been me. Someone else.”
  22. “Thank you. For the, apology. Thanks.” Pyroar-girl seemed nice enough, at least. Ev was still confused about why she had approached her, but it didn’t seem to be out of any sort of malice. Perhaps she was just applying too much importance to herself. Garrett and Anhew were quite cute, and maybe Pyroar-girl just wanted to see them. This idea was reinforced by how the girl held out her hand for the two pokemon to sniff- oh! “Ah! Careful, Deino bite!” Oh, maybe it wasn’t her place to say that? It wasn’t like she was Anhew’s trainer, and Anhew hadn’t been biting things, as far as she knew. It was a very common thing for the species to do, anyway, and better to be safe than sorry? What if Anhew was offended by the implication that she might bite? “Right, nice to meet you too, Pyr- Cassandra. Cass. Sorry, mixed up my, words.” Would that bother Cassandra? Would she decide that Ev wasn’t worth her time, and leave? Not that she wanted her to leave! Or, well, she kind of did. It wasn’t that she disliked Cassandra or anything! It was just a bad time. A really bad time, actually. Lots of things were happening, and it was so hard to keep straight. Was she even getting everyone’s names right? It would be so very embarrassing if she got something wrong. She looked down and chewed her lip at the question. Where had she lived? Depending on the extent of her memories, the best way to find out would be testing her knowledge of geography. That would take a long time, though, and she didn’t have the resources for it. Not now. “Ah, no, sorry.” She glanced over at Allison. The woman didn’t look all that interested in her, which was somewhat of a relief. Too much to deal with without someone else jumping into the conversation. Ev wasn’t the best judge of fashion, but she thought that the stark black-and-white clothing she wore was cool (if a bit intimidating). The resemblance to a pokemon took longer to get than Cassandra’s had, but she thought she got it. “Zebstrika…?” she muttered under her breath. A small, sparking, yellow shape scurried down from Allison’s sleeve. “Eek!” Ev shrieked. When she saw that it was just a Joltik (confirmed by Cassandra), she relaxed. He was cute, once she got over her surprise. She bent down to get a better look, leaning down on her knees with her hands. “Hey,” she whispered to the Joltik. This was nice, as long as he didn’t start crawling too close to her. Bug types touching her didn’t sound the least bit pleasant. She noted Allison leaving, but didn’t feel the need to respond. Allison didn’t seem like she’d care, so why bother with unnecessary talking? She jerked her head up to watch Garrett’s tirade, and her breath caught in her throat. it’s not you it’s not you, she isn’t talking to you so it shouldn’t be a problem. Still. She stood back up, leaving the Joltik alone. She didn’t like the way Garrett’s tone of voice sounded. It made her feel so nervous and frightened. Her knuckles had already been cracked recently, but she grabbed her fingers and went through the motions anyway. On the plus side, Garrett had revealed for sure that Jasper was a shifter, and that Aqua Jet was one of his moves (at least, it was implied). Knowing that, there was no way that Garrett didn’t realize that Ev was a shifter as well- did Jasper just call her Gertrude? Those two names didn’t sound similar at all. Had she been wrong? Oh, no. She shook her head ‘no’, with wide motions, eyes closed. “Not mine,” she said quietly. What now, then? Jasper and Zoey were both confirmed shifters. Garrett… probably wasn’t? She could be, though; best to not rule anything out. Anhew seemed to just be lost. Cassandra and Allison could be shifters, too, but she couldn’t just bring it up. If she was wrong… she didn’t even know what would happen.
  23. Wide eyed, Ev stared at Garrett. How could she possibly reply to something like that? She’d messed up. If she said anything to confirm or deny it, someone could notice her talking to a pokemon. Maybe if she said nothing- but no, surely her expression made it terribly obvious that she already knew Garrett. Before she managed to figure something out, a girl approached them. Expecting the girl to enter the pokemon centre, Ev tried to ignore her. It took her a few seconds to realize that she was being spoken to. Why, why was this happening? Why would someone just go up and talk to a stranger, when they probably had better things to do? “I, ah, sorry!” she squeaked, trying to make up for her earlier pause. She wrapped her arms around her chest, lowered her gaze, and glanced around in confusion, brow furrowed. Why’d she have to be leaning against a wall? There was no way to step back and get some space. The question, right, she needed to answer that. “I, uh, sure?” No, no, bad answer, very bad answer. “I mean! Not mine, they’re just… a friend’s?” She seemed to be digging herself into a deeper hole. As she stumbled around trying to find the right words, Garrett called out to some ‘Jasper’. Ev followed Garrett’s gaze, and saw a man that she was sure that she hadn’t seen before. His clothing was quite blue, and the circles on his jacket reminded Ev of an Azumarill. Hadn’t there been one that had come into the pokemon centre with them, and then left in that direction? Would it be too far-fetched to conclude that he was a shifter from this? After all, the Azumarill and Garrett had been standing close to each other. It could be that Jasper was simply the trainer of both the Azumarill and Garrett, but hadn’t Garrett said that her trainer was down near the fighting? It had seemed odd enough at the time, but now… The clothing thing, at least, might not be valid evidence. It seemed like half the people she’d seen by now were cosplaying as pokemon (including the girl, whose hair was quite Pyroar-like. Pyroar-girl she was for now, then). Names, right, those hadn’t been exchanged yet. That was what people did when forced into unnecessary conversations, right? Offer their name in exchange for the other person’s? “Evelyn. Is my, what is it, person-word - name! I, um, what’s your’s?” Great job, there. Perfect wording.
  24. “My trainer is Zoey and she can turn into a Purrloin!” If Evelyn hadn’t already been more or less immobile already, she would have frozen upon hearing those words. Shouldn’t have been surprised, really; she already knew that Zoey wasn’t normal, and with that outfit… a Purrloin really made sense. But hearing it, just shouted out like that, so clearly- There were probably more ramifications to the Litleo yelling it out to all pokemon to hear, but Ev couldn’t really care at the moment. Couldn’t care much about anything, really, except the pounding of her heart and the tension and the wild, frantic flurry of thoughts in her head. she can shift too how couldn’t I realize it before I should have something was up I knew so stupid to not. how could I mess up like that it’ll be fine just please calm down 1, 2, 3, 4… Oh, Garrett had asked her something, if she was okay. “I’m fine-fine-fine-fine-” She stuttered, then. Good to know. Unpleasant. Like a broken record, just repeating the same word again and again and again until she could realize what was happening and stop herself. She should have probably added a ‘thank-you’ at the end there, but she really didn’t want to try speaking again. Just a few minutes, first. so rude, oh no, she’ll hate you for that I wasn’t trying to be I’m just 1, 2- 5, 6 Okay. It was okay. She just needed to observe for now, wait, breath. it’s okay you’re quiet and still and no one will notice you now they can’t they won’t please don’t let them notice me She tried to just watch and make sense of it all, she really did, but it was getting so crowded. Too many people when she didn’t know what was going on, their voices tangling in the air. It was so frustrating- she couldn’t keep up with watching everyone’s reactions. Wait, so if Zoey could understand pokemon, and she could shift, did that mean that any shifter could? She hadn’t had the chance to test it earlier, and was in no state to now. If they could, well, then wouldn’t that make any human that reacted to the words that Tama had said likely to be a shifter as well? Sure, it’d be hard to pick them out from those that had just reacted to a Litleo being so loud, but it made them suspicious enough. Too late now, though. good job on messing up again, oh no, oh no why couldn’t I just pay more attention 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 3, 4, 6 She felt sick, and she didn’t even know if she could throw up. Clearly, she needed to get some books on the physiology of the Fletchling line as soon as possible. Whatever the case, she needed to get out. There were too many people, and she did want to get information but she couldn’t like this. Besides, she didn’t know if she could stand being stuck like that for much longer. Even if she could figure out how to change back, she couldn’t exactly do it in a crowded pokemon centre. When someone pushed the door open wide enough to get out, she suddenly jumped upwards and flapped her wings. It wasn’t graceful by any means, but she did manage to get through the doorway without slamming into it. She had to land briefly after that, and took the momentary stop to look around for a more secluded place. It didn’t have to be perfect, just so long as no one was looking and it blocked some of the light- there. A nearby alley. Nothing that would really help, but it was better than nothing. She half ran, half flew to it, and ducked inside. oh no what am I doing can you imagine if they found us what would we even do what could I say how do you even explain something like this to someone turn back turn back turn back turn back please A glow filled the air around her, and she found herself sitting on the ground, arms wrapped around her knees. Shaking, she stood up and brushed the dirt from her skirt. She pushed each of her fingers down in turn until they produced a satisfying crack. Nice to know that those all worked. She walked forward with slow, halting steps, and poked her head around the corner to make sure that no one had seen. That had been a terrible plan, a really, terrible, awful plan, but it seemed as if no harm had come from it. Now what? Well, she supposed that she probably needed to another shifter, but Zoey was the only one she’d confirmed. ‘Look for people who’re cosplaying as pokemon’ wouldn’t really help, as it was a fairly common hobby. So, what? Her best bet was the pokemon centre, but she wasn’t going back in there. Nope, not at all, not 'til she was actually calm. Waiting outside it was, then. She walked over and leaned up against a wall. She chewed on her lip and her head was downcast, her shoulders hunched forward and her hands fiddled and twisted each other under her chin. The door opened, and she turned to look. “Garrett!” she exclaimed, before immediately clapping her hands over her mouth. Oh. She wasn’t supposed to know that.
  25. It took a large amount of willpower to stay still when Zoey mentioned taking her to the Pokemon Centre, and more still when she was picked up. Ev had no idea what she'd do when she got there, but her goal had been to find a town. Even if this wasn't going according to her plan of 'wander around and hope for the best', it'd still get her where she wanted. In a sense, at least. What was she going to do, pretend to be an uncoordinated Fletchinder forever? She didn't even know if she could, and she certainly didn't want to. It had its pluses, like how people didn't expect her to speak, but the lack of thumbs was really a downer. Besides, she felt so terribly uncomfortable not being able to twist and crack her fingers, as she had a habit of doing. Being held with her wings pressed to her side, she couldn't even stretch them. Tugging at feathers it was, then. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was embarrassing to learn how close Vertia was to where the'd been. She'd been so close to finding it, but had instead gotten herself into a mess. "I'm fine, I'm not hurt," she muttered as she was set down. Not that it would do her any good, if the nurse couldn't understand. Zoey, for her part, just left her there. Either she didn't hear, or she had other reasons to ignore her. Ev nearly threw herself off the counter when the roar shook through the building. The shock caused her to jump, her entire body tensing in preparation. Her talons scratched against the counter top as she struggled to regain her footing. When she finally stopped moving, her wings were pressed tightly to her sides, her eyes were wide, and her feathers had puffed up. Wha-what!? Oh. A pokemon of some sort. Rationally, she new that she didn't have anything to worry about. Whatever it had been, there was a gym trainer and others nearby that would be able to handle it. That was the easy part. If only she could calm down her racing heart and the tensing in her chest that screamed that something was terribly wrong. She was perfectly able to see and hear things around her. If anything, her senses had increased. Laren talked excitedly about the Tyrantrum (Rock/Dragon type, evolves from Tyrunt) that had apparently made the noise. Jasper seemed equally as excited, if for a different reason. The nurse wanted her to come with her. It was just so hard to work through what it all meant. Her thoughts seemed far too slow. Moving was even more difficult, and she was only able to twist her neck around to stare wide-eyed at the nurse and those that hadn't run out. She didn't want to go with the nurse, she knew that. It wouldn't accomplish anything, and the nurse wasn't someone that she knew. Things were too unknown. Really, what she wanted to do was curl into a ball and cry, but Fletchinder weren't know for their ability to do that. She couldn't shift back, she couldn't move, and she couldn't speak. As far as she could tell with her anxiety-affected mind, all she could do was stop and try to calm down. At least she'd only been startled. Getting back to her baseline state of 'nervous' shouldn't take more than a minute or so. It was embarrassing and terrifying and she hated it, but it'd end.