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  1. No! I can't leave my avatar! It goes to good with my roleplay!
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    Amber ran faster after the birds. They would probably kill her, but after a year of searching for someone to be with again, she had started to get a little insane and desperate. Besides, living with birds for to years had trained her to know how they attack. Especially the last time she had seen birds fight. No, she couldn't think about that. She couldn't think about Nightstream and Star. She saw two other wolves behind her, heading towards the cliffs that the birds had disappeared into. They were probably trying to save the wolves that had been lifted up into the air. She finally stopped to sleep, catching and eating a rabbit-creature first.
  3. No. Again, I like my avatar better because of the roleplay I made. And yes it is. I don't know when we'll have enough people to start. No one else has joined yet.
  4. Kate watched as the guy that claimed her was a shifter showed them his mark and shifted into a lion, and back again as a girl walked over to them. She drew a knife and was talking to Sofia as if they knew each other. Kate didn't say anything. The girl had been talking to Sofia, and pointed her knife at the guy that turned into a lion when he spoke. It would be best if she remained silent.
  5. No. I like my current avatar better. I like my avatar because it fits with roleplay I created.
  6. Kate watched as Sofia told the guy that had just come everything. Her eyes narrowed. She didn't need random dudes to now her name and that she was a shifter. Unless he actually was a shifter, she didn't want him to know anything about her. She waited for him to show them his mark.
  7. "He already knew I was a shifter. Diving into a bush would just slow me down. I didn't talk out loud at first, because how was I supposed to know that you're a shifter? What if you were another member of the ordinance?" Kate whispered. "Thanks for tying that guy up." She added.
  8. ((just so everyone knows, I will be posting as Backup77, check Zoroark77's signature for proof)) Kate looked at the girl who had walked up to her. So far she hadn't tried to kill her, or capture her, or do anything else like that. Kate looked at her. She could speak to her telepathically, and if she wasn't a shifter she would never know she had done anything."My name is Kate. What's yours?" Kate was ready to flee at the slightest indication that this girl was about to harm her.
  9. Blew everyone in a two-mile radius up. Then...
  10. Name:Star Gender:Female Age: Wingless Hatchling Breed:Nebula Personality:Independent. She will always try too do things by herself, and does not like to accept help, but she is too little to do much without help. But she is very protective of others and likes friends. It can be difficult for her to have fun in the day, because she is usually half asleep. At night she is full of energy and has a hard time sleeping. Other?:She has four legs and two wings, instead of a two legs two wings. Added a bit to her personality.
  11. Star watched in horror as the wolf leaped up. She could see his yellow fangs, covered in slime. But then he stopped moving. Drops of saliva were frozen in the air, and the wolves teeth were shining. She felt something under her paws, and she looked down. A glowing yellow orb lay under her paws. Where did that come from? Just as she noticed it, the image of a frilled dragon appeared before her. Hello Star, my name is Firlt, a dragon who formerly lived on this island, I am here to give you the power of lighting. With this, you can send a wave of thunder through your body, damaging only those you want to harm. You also now have the ability to summon small amounts of thunder from your horns. He disappeared, along with the orb. What is going on? Star barely had time to think this before time resumed. The huge wolf again began moving toward her. I am here to give you the power of lighting. Arcs of lightning shot from her horns, and the wolf was no more. The other wolves looked at her in fear, but they were still determined to have her for breakfast. "Need help?" A small silver dragon hatchling spoke, and Star and the remaining wolves looked towards her. "No, run, save yourself!" Star yelled as the wolves started to chase her. Outraged and determined to save the other hatchling, Star leaped down onto the back of a she-wolf. Star sent a jolt of electricity through her body, and the she-wolf slumped down, knocked out. She leaped off her back and stared at the other wolves, frighted, tired, and just wanting to sleep, safe in her nest.
  12. Star yelped. When the wolves had come and attacked her, she had fled, running as fast as she could, searching for a tree that she could climb, anything she could use to escape the slobbery mouth that was trying to devour her. She had found the tree with her nest in it and climbed, fear propelling her to scratch at the trunk, shooting up the tree faster than she thought she ever could. Now she was staring down at the wolves that had gathered around her tree. Eight eyes watched her, waiting for her to make a wrong move so they could devour her. Star watched, her eyes wide, staring at the wolves. They're so big... too big. How will I ever get away? Will they leave? Or will I die of hunger or thirst first?
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    Do you have to submit your own artwork? If you don't I'd like an invite. Thanks in advance.
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    clicked everyone again
  15. Everyone, I got a new email and was trying to change the email that dragoncave sends stuff to and I typed it in wrong. So I won't be able to post with my old account. If you don't believe me look in my old account's siggy. Sorry I haven't been on.
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    I joined. Pretty good so far. And I clicked everyone.