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    I'm guessing more than you can count.
  2. ((It says you have to start out as a loner, junkpack member or shadowpack member, but that hasn't been updated since the Tall Stone pack was made. You can start out as a member of the Tall Stone packi, someone correct me if I'm wrong.))
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    I want to buy Minecraft, but I can't until I buy my own computer. So I'm stuck playing the demo until I can get enough money to buy a computer. This quote sums Minecraft up pretty well. And the video is awesome.
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    Granted, but the universe and all parallel universes get confused and blow up. I wish the universe and all parallel universes didn't get blown up.
  5. Amber and Snowflake settled down in the corner that the mother dog had indicated. She had been acting very aggressive, but that was probably just because she was protecting her pups. Snowflake was on the inside of the corner, protected by Amber. If the mother dog made any move to attack Snowflake, Amber would protect her. "Thank you," Amber muttered before drifting off to sleep.
  6. Amer finished drinking at the fountain, water dripping of her chin. Now would be a good time to get some sleep, maybe just a quick nap before roaming around the streets, looking for more food. After that, she and Snowflake would sleep away the the day, waking up when night cooled the air. Night was were she belonged, in the dark, not in the harsh sunlight. The sunlight hadn't been so bad when she was a house-dog, playing in the sunshine with her master. Now that was gone, and she had no reason to enjoy the daylight. Amber and Snowflake walked into a shed, to tired to smell the scent of a mother dog, milk, and puppies. They nosed open the door, and looked in. There was already another dog in there, a mutt, and three cute little puppies. Amber and Snowflake backed off, afraid that the mother dog would chase them away. "Sorry", Amber said. "We were just looking for a place to sleep."
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    Stop BSL Lineage

    What if we have a dog that is a cross between a dog that isn't banned and a dog that is banned? Are they banned? This whole BSL thing is stupid. There are dogs being put down, just because they're a part of a breed that looks vicious, or part of a breed that people trained to fight. I'll join. Also, I have a suggestion for a new dragon breed to add to the linage. of people hate green dragons because they sometimes kill eggs when people try to make them hatch eggs early. I think they would be perfect for the linage. Sorry if this has already been suggested.
  8. Updates: Because I can't edit posts that I made before I lost my old account, I will post updates here. We have a new clan, NightClan. Correct time:Sunset Correct season: Summer Weather:Slight breeze, blue sky, white puffy clouds. Clans:The Light, The Darkness, NightClan Name of Clan: NightClan Where is the territory: north of the two main clans in mountains Anything special about the land?: there is a magic forest that the dragon apprentices must go through and survive the challenges to become a part of the clan. this forest is in the center of the territory and has many dangers. (dangers will be explained in detail when the time comes. other than this it is mountains and rock. More character sheets: Username: Durppie Name: Xaril Gender: Male History:Xaril's mother was a member of the Shadows, and she searched for the egg-thieves. But like the others, she never came back. Xaril's father discouraged him from joining the Shadows after that, feeling that they were at fault for her disappearance. Despite this, he is a member of the Shadows, along with Star. Personality: Cautious and serious. He likes things to be in a neat and orderly fashion, and feels out of place when things are chaotic and unorganized. He is known to lighten up though, especially to his mate. Xaril is quite willing to fight the Light if they endanger his clan, and wishes to end the war as soon as possible. Clan: Darkness Rank: Alpha Age: Adult Breed: Black Username: DragonFriend Name: Aera Gender: Female History: Aera has never known her family. She thinks that they were killed, but she's not sure. Personality:Friendly, but sometimes, she need some alone-time. She hardly trust strangers, but she can be very kind to her friends and mate. Clan: The Light Rank: Alpha Age:Adult Breed: Sunrise Other: Aera has got a strange stone as a necklace around her neck. It changes the colors from yellow to a soft pink. Username: DragonFriend Name: Soul Gender: Male History: His parents were captured by some dragons of the Darkness clan. Personality: Proud and strict. But can also be caring. Clan: Light Rank: Beta Age: Adult Breed: Silver Other: His eyes are emerald green, and the 'mane' is emerald green, too. Username:hgfggg/Tangleclaw Name:Aeteriak Gender:Female Personality: Slightly more humorous then the light usually is Clan:Light Rank:Beta Age:Adult Breed:White Username:Zoroark77/Backup77 Name:Spel Gender:Female History:Spel is a member of The Lost, but does it purely out of free will. She is a spy, and every time she goes back to The Lost's base, she brings back more info about both clans, and The Shadows. She pretends to be a member of The Shadows, but she always gives them false information, and never contributes to them. Personality:She is a good actress, and pretends to be nice and sweet. But inside she is just plain evil. Clan:The Darkness Rank:Gamma Age: Adult Breed:Magi Username:Zoroark77/Backup77 Name:Dusk Gender:Female History:Dawn and Dusk's parents were taken by The Lost, and they escaped. They stuck together, and haven't joined a clan yet because they can't agree on witch is better. Personality:She hates getting up in the morning, and loves to stay up late at night. The rest will be RP'd. Clan:Loner, along with her brother. Rank:N/A Age: Winged Hatchling Breed:Sunset Username:Zoroark77/Backup77 Name:Dawn Gender:Male History:Dawn and Dusk's parents were taken by The Lost, and they escaped. They stuck together, and haven't joined a clan yet because they can't agree on witch is better. Personality:he loves getting up in the morning, and hates to stay up late at night. The rest will be RP'd. Clan:Loner, along with his sister. Rank:N/A Age: Winged Hatchling Breed:Sunrise Username: En'K'Haral Name: Marlin Vaughn Bernard Gender: Male Personality: Marlin is friendly but very stern. He can sometimes even be single minded. He has no tolerance for rebellious attitudes or practical jokes. Clan: Darkness Rank: Beta Age: adult Breed: Nocturn Username: En'K'Haral Name: Teiyos Tennes D'riss Gender: Female History: Teiyos is a member of the dark but has long since decided to go and seek out the lost to see if she can find out the truth of the missing eggs. She finds it hard to believe that the light would steal the dark's eggs. Personality: Committed and a little light hearted for a dragon of the darkness clan. She is determined to get to the bottom of everything and searches the lake constantly for the rumored base of the lost. So far she has no idea where it is or even where it could be and has yet to encounter the Shadows. Clan: Darkness Rank: Gamma Age:Adult Breed: Green Username: Saphira123456 Name: Kerry Freeman Gender: Male History: A firey Guardian of Nature, always encouraging cooperation between various clans, including The Light and The Darkness. When he is unable to convince the clans to work together by peaceful tactics, he turns aggressive, using all of his powers to create powerful monsters to try to FORCE the clans to work together. He is a member of The Shadows. Personality: Firey, and very persuasive. When his persuasive tactics fail him, he turns violent! Watch out, and don't make him mad, because if you do, he'll kill you without warning! Clan: The Light Rank: Gamma Age: Adult Breed: Guardian of Nature. Username: Draconian557 Name: Zashia Gender: F History: Hatched alone... very quiet except to her mate Personality: If she gets in a battle she isn't going to stop until she wins. "If i can't win then i'll fight forever!" Clan: Darkness Rank: Beta Age: adult Breed: Hellfire Wyvern Username: Scott-the-wolf Name: Rylee Gender: female Personality:to be rp'd Clan: NightClan Rank: Apprentice Age: Stage 2 Breed: nocturne Other: She is blind, and is a member of The Shadows. Username: Scott-the-wolf Name: Rune Gender: Male History: he was an outlaw of the Darkness clan (not tellin anymore ) Clan: Nightclan Rank: leader Age: adult Breed: Alt. black, i want him to be the only alt black in nightclan if thats alright ? Username: Scott-the-wolf Name: Ruby Gender: female Personality:she is very simple minded, and sometimes acts almost like one of The Lost. Clan: NightClan Rank: Apprentice Age: S2 Breed: Ochredrakes Other: Rylee drags Ruby wherever she goes. Username: Red Dragonette Name: Atlas Gender: Female History: Will be revealed Personality: She tends to be short-tempered, aggressive, and hostile towards the members of Light and the Lost. She tends to show her enemies no mercy. Everything else about her will be revealed, of different from the description if I don’t play her right. Clan: The Darkness Rank: Gamma Age: Adult Breed: Magi Username: Red Dragonette Name: Aeolus Zephyrin Gender: Male History: May be revealed Personality: Will be RPed Clan: The Darkness Rank: Gamma Age: Adult Breed: Green Username: Red Dragonette Name: Diana Gender: Female History: May be revealed Personality: She's normal serene and gentle. But more of her personality will be RPed. Clan: NightClan Rank: Alpha Age: Adult Breed: Moonstone Username: Wolf of the Moon Name: Moon Gender: Female History:(optional) Nope Personality:(also optional) Clan: Light Rank: Gamma Age:(S1, S2 or adult) Adult Breed: Day glory Username: Fire-Ice Name: Phrygian Gender: Male History: No one knows where he came from, he just showed up one day. He became very dedicated once he learned of the missing eggs, and is constantly trying to figure out what is happening to them. Personality: Aggressive towards dragons he doesn’t know, but can be very protective of dragons close to him. He is also very curious and likes to take charge of situations. Clan: Darkness Rank: Apprentice Age: S2 Breed: Red Other: He is a member of the Shadows. Username: seacatsmew Name: Twilight Gender:Female History:Only talks about it to Cinni, will make a high pitched squeak if being almost forced to talk about it. Personality:Kind, strong, smart, shy and strange Clan:The Light Rank:Apprentice Age:Winged hatchling Breed: Alt.Black Other: She's kinder then most of the Darkness dragons so she joined the Light. Makes Cinni carry her, but gets tired of it at sometimes and tries to fly, which always ends in a crash into the ground. Username: seacatsmew Name: Cinni Gender: Female History:Only talks about it to Twilight, will attack if forced to talk about history, attacks dragons trying to make Twilight talk about it. The reason she only talks about it to twilight, dragons made fun of them in the past. Personality:Smart, swift, shy, easily confused. Clan: The Light Rank: Gamma Age: Adult Breed: Gray Other: Twilight's older sister, always watches over Twilight. Has taken care of her ever since she hatched. Username:seacatsmew Name:Rain Gender:Male History: Doesn't talk about it. Personality:Odd, awkward,loves tricking people, has a fear of bees. Clan:The Light Rank:Apprentice Age:Winged hatchling Breed:Electric Other:No family, rarely seen, best friend is Twilight Username:seacatsmew Name:Flame Gender: Male History: Was abandoned as an egg, and will wander into the Darkness camp in his first post. Personality: None right now. Clan:The darkness Rank:hatchling Age:hatchling Breed:Ember Other: Will join the shadows when is apprentice, doesn't like being in the Darkness. Username:seacatsmew Name:Stardust Gender:Girl History:Rolled outta mom's nest, lost. Personality:Does an egg have one? Clan:The Light Rank:None Age:egg Breed: Sunstone other:Will hatch later. Username:Alexxo97 Name: Lopia Gender: Female History: Lopia caused the death of her parents as a hatchling and abandoned their clan. she then started being a loner and a part of the Lost Personality:lopia is a very quick witted dragon.She uses the lost to further her own mysterious ends. She relies on her breeds innate speed and the cover of night to steal eggs and cause the clans to war against each other. Clan: loner Rank: do loners have ranks:p Age:adult Breed: whiptail Username: Fractional Pi Day Name: Tira Gender: Female History: Tira left home a few weeks after learning to fly to explore, as many skywing hatchlings do. She's decided to settle down in Artaria, but will return to the spawning areas in mating season as is skywing tradition. She decided to join a clan for protection against other dragons. Personality: Tira has a cheerful disposition, but is quite nervous around other dragons since many dragons see skywings as easy prey. She will blindly trust the ones she has befriended, however, and try to help them however she can. Clan: The Light Rank: Omega Age: Adult Breed: Skywing Other: She has odd spiral markings under her eyes. Username: Draconian557 Name: Jeffrey Gender: Male History: He was only a few months old when his parents were killed in front of him. Anything other then that is a blur. Personality: Calm and happy most of the time, unless someone hurts his friends or doesn't shut up. Loves to joke around Clan: None but hangs around the Darkness Rank: Age: adult Breed: Thunder Other: Username: Red Dragonette Name: Sitis Gender: Female History: She was a loner, who got kidnapped as an egg, and turned into a Lost member. Personality: Usually emotionless and detached. She has a cold personality and has a habit of remarking how she finds some things and values like love and friendship 'incomprehensible'. She can sometimes be can sometimes be very candid and impolite. Clan: none Rank: Lost member Age: Stage 2 hatchling Breed: Black Marrow List of characters: Light: Alpha:Sol, Aera Beta:Soul, Aeteriak Gammas:Kerry, Moon. Twilight Apprentices: Cinni, Rain Hatchlings: Stardust Omegas: Tira Members of The Darkness: Alphas:Star, Xaril Betas:Marlin, Zashia Gammas:Spel, Teiyos, Aeolus, Atlas Apprentices: Phrygian Hatchlings: Flame Omegas: Members of NightClan: Alphas:Rune, Diana Betas: Apprentices:Rylee, Ruby Hatchlings: Omegas: Loners: Winged Hatchlings:Dawn, Dusk Hatchlings: Adults: Lopia, Jeffery, Sitis Members of The Shadows: Star, Xaril, Kerry, Rylee ((If you want your dragon(s) to be a member of The Shadows, but your dragon(s) name isn't on the list, roleplay them flying to the island at sunset and I will put the on the list.)) Members of The Lost:Spell, Lopia, Sitis, Dawn and Dusk's parents ((NPCs unless someone sends me a form.))
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    Granted, but now you're dead. I wish I could control water.
  10. Amber and Snowflake reached the source of the hotdog-scent, a lonely hotdog stand. The human standing at it was going home for the night, satisfied that he wouldn't get any more customers. As he locked up the stand, a hotdog fell onto the ground and rolled towards Amber and Snowflake. They each ate half of it, and ran away before the hotdog seller started to throw rocks at them. They walked over to the fountain they had passed earlier, lapping up the cool water.
  11. Star woke up as she heard a scream. She looked down and was horrified to see the silver hatchling bleeding on the ground. A daydream hatchling was sitting next to her, pressing leaves onto her wounds. Star leaped down from the tree, anxious to help. She had tried to protect the younger hatchling, but she had fallen asleep, safe in a tree, leaving the silver hatchling on the ground. More wolves were coming, smelling the silver hatchling's blood. Star ran in front of the other two hatchlings and stood there, growling. Electricity arced between her horns, threatening to jump out and hit the wolves if they made a move. One charged at her, but was stopped in his tracks by a jolt of electricity. He had been knocked out, and the other wolves stared at the small baby dragon that had electrocuted their friend. Two more charged, and were also knocked out by jolts from Star's horns. The others ran away, growling at the hatchlings. Star stood guard over the other hatchlings, trying to protect them from any more wolves. So sleepy... No! I have to stay awake! I can't let the other hatchlings get hurt!
  12. ((Why is there two copies of Soldier's form but none for Amber's in the first post?))
  13. "There are MORE of those things?" Star panted. She couldn't go on much longer. Her stomach was screaming, and her eyes were drooping. "Can't we just climb a really tall tree or something? Those things can't climb trees, can they?" Star looked around. She saw a tree, perfect for climbing. She darted up it, her claws digging into the bark. One branch at a time, she reached the top. On the tree were large red round things. They smelt good, so Star took a bite of one. Inside the fruit was white, and she could see that the red part was just a thin skin around the rest of the fruit. She gobbled it down, and grabbed another, and another, until her stomach was full. She relaxed and drifted off to sleep, confident she was safe from the wolves...
  14. Amber continued to trot along sniffing the air for the scent of food. She found the trail of a rat, but as she started to follow it, fat drops began to pour from the sky, washing away the trail. She ran faster, determined to find something to eat. Snowflake ran alongside her, sniffing in the scent of the rat. They caught up to it, a huge brown rat, sitting just outside a junkyard. Amber approached on one side, Snowflake on the other. Together they cornered it, and soon it lay dead on the hard asphalt. They gobbled it up, savoring the taste of food. They hadn't caught a meal this big in days. When nothing but bones remained, Amber and Snowflake looked where the rat had led them. It was an old junkyard, the scent of trash mingled with the scent of many dogs. Snowflake shuddered as she smelt traces of dead cat on the air. She didn't want to be eaten next. "Amber, let's get out of here." She meowed. "There's to many dogs around. And I smell hotdogs." Amber too, smelt the scent of hotdogs on the breeze, carried by the wind. They started to trot towards the delicious smell of food.
  15. Can I join? Name:Amber Age:4 years Breed:German Shepherd Rank:Loner Appearance:Amber GenderFemale Personality:Amber is generally kind and protective, but don't make her mad. She'll go into a rage if you harm her friends, and if you kill one she'll try to kill you. She doesn't eat or chase cats. Mate:None Pups:None History:Amber lived in a house, with an owner, everything a dog could ever want. There was another pet living in the house, a cat named Snowflake. ((Snowflake is a NPC and you can kill her. Just remember that Amber won't be very happy about it.)) Then, not that long ago, her owner died. She and Snowflake escaped the house, running from the dog catcher. They escaped into the Boneland, always fighting and fleeing whenever they accidentally invaded a packs territory. Introduction Paragraph: Amber trotted along the road. Her stomach was growling, and although she sniffed around, she couldn't find a scent trail to follow. Snowflake walked beside her, looking around for a rat or pigeon to catch. She was also on the lookout for dogs. This wasn't a friendly place for a cat, and the only dog she knew she could trust was Amber. As they passed by the fountain, Amber considered waiting for the night of no-moon and sitting by the fountain. She had heard rumors about the Junkpack, and how you could join them. But she couldn't. They would never accept Snowflake. Accept her as a snack, more likely. Besides, Snowflake would hate being surrounded by dogs all the time. And she couldn't leave her alone. She would die, killed by a starving dog. Amber need to protect her.
  16. They flew away. Finally the FBI got so frustrated they...
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    Granted, but the economy of the world is destroyed and money is worth nothing. I wish I had real pokemon! ((not in video games))
  18. No! I can't leave my avatar! It goes to good with my roleplay!
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    Amber ran faster after the birds. They would probably kill her, but after a year of searching for someone to be with again, she had started to get a little insane and desperate. Besides, living with birds for to years had trained her to know how they attack. Especially the last time she had seen birds fight. No, she couldn't think about that. She couldn't think about Nightstream and Star. She saw two other wolves behind her, heading towards the cliffs that the birds had disappeared into. They were probably trying to save the wolves that had been lifted up into the air. She finally stopped to sleep, catching and eating a rabbit-creature first.
  20. No. Again, I like my avatar better because of the roleplay I made. And yes it is. I don't know when we'll have enough people to start. No one else has joined yet.
  21. Kate watched as the guy that claimed her was a shifter showed them his mark and shifted into a lion, and back again as a girl walked over to them. She drew a knife and was talking to Sofia as if they knew each other. Kate didn't say anything. The girl had been talking to Sofia, and pointed her knife at the guy that turned into a lion when he spoke. It would be best if she remained silent.
  22. No. I like my current avatar better. I like my avatar because it fits with roleplay I created.
  23. Kate watched as Sofia told the guy that had just come everything. Her eyes narrowed. She didn't need random dudes to now her name and that she was a shifter. Unless he actually was a shifter, she didn't want him to know anything about her. She waited for him to show them his mark.
  24. "He already knew I was a shifter. Diving into a bush would just slow me down. I didn't talk out loud at first, because how was I supposed to know that you're a shifter? What if you were another member of the ordinance?" Kate whispered. "Thanks for tying that guy up." She added.
  25. ((just so everyone knows, I will be posting as Backup77, check Zoroark77's signature for proof)) Kate looked at the girl who had walked up to her. So far she hadn't tried to kill her, or capture her, or do anything else like that. Kate looked at her. She could speak to her telepathically, and if she wasn't a shifter she would never know she had done anything."My name is Kate. What's yours?" Kate was ready to flee at the slightest indication that this girl was about to harm her.