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  1. Dennis

    Allies: Kuu, Rufus, others

    Location:  Mauna Kea Beach - Food Table


    Yeah, no, there was no way that he was leaving Kuu to look for Rufus alone. While Kuu wasn’t malicious, unlike the demon, he could cause just as much chaos with his stunning lack of awareness of social norms. Leaving him unsupervised wasn’t an option.


    Sighing, Dennis takes off jogging after Kuu, wishing (not for the first or last time) that he still had Vista on his team or that he had a Mover power. It’d make keeping his two idiot boyfriends from getting into trouble slightly more manageable, though he doubted any power would have been enough. He arrives just in time to see Kuu teleport away again. He’d never been able to understand the words “low profile”, and Dennis had just about given up on trying to remind him. No riots started, but the guests, all wearing fancy outfits, were looking pretty unhappy. 


    Among the normal human guests, he feels out of place. His helmet was off, collapsed and held in a pocket on the back of his armor. Other than that, he wears his full costume, grey and white with the image of a winged clock on the chest. 


    It’s not the costume that makes him feel out of place. It would have been easier if he were wearing his mask. 


    Fortunately, he’s not there to talk to people, he’s there to find Kuu and keep him from stripping in the middle of the party or doing something worse. Rufus, too. 


    He finds Kuu holding out an egg towards a woman with pie smeared on her face. He decides not to question it, and instead looks for something he could give her to wipe her face with. There’s a thin sheet of cloth stashed in his costume, but it’s large enough to cover several people at once and takes ages to fold back up again. Instead he grabs a cloth napkin from a table, automatically taking note of his surroundings as he does so. He can’t let his guard down. 


    “Here, this might help more,” he says, holding the napkin out to the woman, gallan- graciously resisting the urge to poke fun at the woman. He was getting better at that. “Rufus?” he asked Kuu, though it really wasn’t a question. Who else?

  2. Once out of sight (as speeding up before that would make it look like they were fleeing, when of course they were storming out dramatically) Tenebris burst into a run. Their lengthy strides easily consumed the distance below them, many times faster than they would have been able to move as a human. Their mind cleared, their thoughts swept away like dust in the wind. They wanted to push themself faster, but that would have forced them to stop sooner, and they couldn’t afford that. 


    Despite their attempts at pacing themself, they couldn’t keep running for long. They stopped at the side of a stream, chest heaving, and lapped up the water. 


    They were still angry, of course. There was no reason for them to stop being angry, and they were perfectly capable of holding a grudge. Rather, the anger had less of a hold on them. They could summon it, stoking the fire, but until it was necessary it would smolder in the pit of their stomach. Another weapon.


    They should have controlled themself better, back at the camp. It’d been weak to show such anger, as justified as it had been, and they should have been able to think. Rationality was a virtue, and to let themself be controlled by their emotions like that was a sin. 


    ‘If one makes a mistake, one should do one's best to rectify it and resolve any harm that might have been caused.’


    Was there anything they needed to rectify? They’d made a mistake, yes, but their reasons for their actions and the lack of effect their actions had had were the only things they regretted. They had been the only one physically harmed, so far as they knew, and they had done nothing to cause mental harm against anyone that didn’t deserve it. It would have been better to have a calm conversation than to bring in aggression, but that had never been possible. Chetella and Samuel refused to listen to any amount of reason. Was it their duty to try to educate fools? At what point should one give up? 


    Deep in thought, it took them a moment to notice Kikyo and a man they’d never seen before on the side of the stream a distance away. They tensed, ready to run to the small serval’s defense if necessary, but for the moment things seemed calm. Kikyo shifted to match the man a moment later. It was fortunate that Tenebris had seen her before she had shifted, or they wouldn’t have known whom she was. 


    They started to approach, trying to appear unhurried, but their ears were pricked forward and their eyes didn’t leave the pair. What was going on? 

  3. Don't worry, they aren't just going to run up to them while screaming. It's physically impossible to yell at Kikyo. It'll be awhile before I can post, anyway, I've got some homework to do (but hopefully I'll be able to do it sometime today). 

  4. Hey Aroara, are you alright with Tenebris joining the Kikyo/Mr. Russia interaction? I've already asked lu, she said it's okay because there's not really anywhere else for Tenebris to go since everyone else is hanging out in the camps right now. 

  5. Tenebris moved forward to fight Samuel, but before they could react a blur of tawny slammed into their chest, pinning them to the ground. They snarled and struggled, but long black claws easily dug through their fur and kept them from wriggling free. 


    Wait. ‘Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt.’ 


    They stilled, tension thrumming through their limbs. Chetella was a fool to shift back, but that she underestimated Tenebris was in their favor. Her words only told Tenebris more about the delusions she and her brother shared, and her touch made them want to tear off the offending limb. The contact was anything but calming, making their skin crawl and their stomach twist with the sheer audacity and arrogance of it. Chetella must have thought she owned them, for there was no other way that she could think her actions acceptable. Like they were a pet, acting up, but ultimately harmless. 


    They hissed, harsh enough that flecks of spit flew at Chetella, hatred in their eyes. 


    They stood, not for a moment letting their glare lessen. “Do not patronize me. There is no future in which I ever submit to you or your tyranny, and one day you will fall.” 'Not a promise, not an oat, or a malediction or a curse. Inevitable.' “You cannot win me over with petty gifts, and I grow weary of your attempts.” 


    They turned and left, flicking their tail for maximum dramatic effect.

  6. Oh, this is fun, I'm looking forward to seeing the finished post! Tenebris is really not going to like the touching. I've written the first part of a post so that I'll be a little faster when you finish, and right now Tenebris is pretty much ready to try biting Chetella's arm. 

  7. All of their attempts at calming down were thwarted by Samuel’s next words. They snarled, barely able to keep themself from leap at Samuel then and there. 


    There were so many things wrong with what he’d said. Every statement incensed them more. “We are not beasts,they snarled. “Are you so enamored by the lies of society that you’ve accepted them into your own heart? Poison, filth, infecting your mind with the virus of conformity? Perhaps it is true, for only a beast would declare himself king, prancing around as though others are beneath him. Does it make you feel powerful, standing upon a false throne? A king is not powerful. A king is weak, pathetic, so unable to rise on his one merits that he relies on tradition and browbeating to retain his place. Democracy has existed for thousands of years, yet you refer to yourself using an archaic and feeble title, hiding behind a facade of strength.” 


    They took a brief pause to breathe, then continued their absurdly long monologue. 


    “Do not speak to me of science as if you know the meaning of the word. This is not science, this is a sick and perverted spectacle. Tell me, do you really believe any useful data could be gained from hurling us into this arena? With no control group? No way of replicating the results? Don’t be naive. The claim of “science” is merely an appeal to ideology because they believe us too stupid to look past their veil and see the truth beneath.


    “I do not need to know this specific system, for I have seen it often enough before. Tyrants. Appeals to authority, to ideology. Lies. Systems set up for the good of the people at the top, that remain only because the proletariat are too beaten down to think. The draw of security, to the belief that there is any sort of fairness in the world, an afterlife. Do not pretend that any of this is new. It has repeated itself a thousand times throughout human history and will repeat itself a thousand times more.” 


    They weren’t even going to get into the phrase “actual gender”, as much as it added fuel to the fire of their anger. 


    “Complacency,” they spat, disgusted. “They give you luxuries and you think that means you get to step on others to remain at the top? You think that’s enough to simply give up? ‘The struggle for justice is an ongoing and necessary pursuit that should prevail over laws and institutions,’they quoted. “If you truly loved the system you created you would be eager to tear it down, to see something new and better rise out of the ashes. The fight is never over. By trying to block progress, you have merely become the very thing you tried to fight against in the past, you despicable worm.” 


    They took a step forward, teeth bared, fully intending on fighting Samuel then and there. Had they been thinking, they would have realized that such an act was suicide, but their heart was afire with the desire for revolution, for change. Samuel was everything they hated and had insulted them. If nothing else, they would show their conviction to everyone present. Death was not something they feared. 

  8. Samuel hadn’t even apologized for his actions, instead telling some anecdote that Tenebris little nothing for. Despite being shorter than Samuel in animal form, they managed to look down their nose at him as though he were beneath them. “Either Iona has made no threat of violence and there is no need to fear, or she has made threat of violence and shouldn’t be allowed to remain. A house divided cannot stand, and the same applies here. Should the members of the pride not feel safe amongst these huts, the entire system is rotten and should be thrown out and started anew.” 


    This was why they couldn’t stand people. There was always some snag, some reason they couldn’t get along, and bystanders suffered in the wake of it. They’d lived most of their life living in quiet dread of returning to their mother’s house, and it was only in the last five years that they’d learned what it felt like to have a safe space to go to. 


    They suspected that they’d never really managed to find the feeling that people meant when they talked about a “home”, despite all that. They’d had their own apartment, yes, and it had been theirs as much as they could make it, but there’d still been something missing. Building their life had been slow. There were times when they’d go home after a long day and be unable to escape the feeling that someone was there, invading their space. Like they’d been lucky to get a small reprieve, as if their mother was just around the corner, breathing down their neck. They’d light candles and encase themself in rituals and a blanket of music to try to drown it out. 


    But it had been something, and most days had been good. They’d been able to breathe, to scream their defiance to the world. That had been stripped away from them, and all they wished was to cling to some remnant of that feeling. Their life had no place for people that couldn't even try. 

  9. Tenebris stiffened, angered by Samuel’s assumptions. How dare he? They had never spoken, never broadcast any intent for their thoughts to be revealed. Samuel had pried, looked upon them and presumed to know what they thought. He’d reached into their mind, the most sacred of places, and violated it, laying them bare for all to see. He might as well have cracked open their ribcage and displayed their heart to the world. It mattered not that he had been correct in his impudence, for at another time he could have made the wrong assumption and painted a distorted picture of Tenebris. 


    This alone, Tenebris could have looked past, but Samuel continued to interject himself into their affairs. Diego asked Tenebris a simple question, one which they had been prepared to answer, but before they could Samuel told him about Tenebris’ choice to sleep outside. 


    They stood, legs stiff, reeling around to face Samuel with bared teeth and raised fur. “Do not presume to speak for me!” they hissed, anger evident. They tried to calm themself- people are fallible. It was only natural for Samuel to make mistakes, and angered though they were it was Tenebris’ duty to think before acting in rage. One should strive to act with compassion and empathy toward all creatures in accordance with reason. 


    Diego had asked a question, and though Samuel had already dared to speak for them Tenebris thought it polite to set the record straight. “I do,” they said, relaxed their stance some and letting their fur settle as much as it were able. They gestured towards their hut with their muzzle. “I lack a roommate.”


    Given that they had only arrived about a week ago, Tenebris’ hut was plain and unadorned for the time being. They’d made tiny changes where they were able to, scratching protective runes and the like into the wood, but it was still bland and ugly. There were so many things they couldn’t do without the resources of the outside world. 

  10. Tenebris bristled at the implication and huffed. “No, of course not! I-” 


    They nearly made a terrible lapse and told Diego exactly why they were out there, but they were interrupted by Samuel entering the scene. The lion was hardly there for a moment before running off, yelling about something that Tenebris didn’t care to notice. “Okay,” they blinked, thoughts derailed. “So anyway-” 


    They didn’t get anywhere before Diego took off as well, carrying his sister (?). How dare he! Did no one understand proper etiquette? Filthy mongrels. Huffing again, they awkwardly leapt from the tree, managing to land without falling over by some miracle. The loped after the trio, easily keeping up as they mumbled curses under their breath. 


    As with before, they still didn’t care what Samuel had to say. Most of it was useless drivel, some about how Iona was “terrifying” without a cup of coffee. Pathetic, really, that she couldn’t manage to remain polite in the morning without drugs, and Samuel was more so for being afraid of her. Still, they kept quiet. Not because they were afraid, but because one should never bother another in their lair and because they prided themself in being able to stalk silently through the night. 


    Then, unfortunately, they were met with a problem. They could never admit to Diego or Kikyo that they perhaps, on some level, wished to continue speaking to them. On the other hand, they looked ridiculous, running back to camp for no apparent reason. Hmph. Unsure of what else to do,  they sat down, back straight and towards the camp, a silent guardian watching the rising light of the horizon. 

  11. Tenebris paused, unsure of what to do with this new information. Them? Forget? Impossible. And yet… squinting, looking more carefully at Diego, they realize that he does look familiar. The hurt, dramatic pose. The self-assured way he stood. The regal confidence that infused every aspect of his being. Yes, they had seen him before. He’d tried to talk to them the day before, holding the serval under his armpit like a pillow.


    They try to tell themself that it’s not their fault that they were too busy thinking about their own mortality to consciously notice Diego, but the failure weighs heavy on their heart nonetheless. A weakness, a crack in their mentality. Thoughts about the vast and unknowable proceedings of the universe were important, but hot guys were important too. 

    “Well, of course,” they said. Smooth as always. “I was merely... “ they tried to think of a possible reason for their previous words. “...ensuring that you remembered me.” Excellent. 


    “What are you doing out there? We went out hunting late last night, but I thought everyone else had gone to bed."


    Wouldn’t he like to know! Tenebris feels a flickering of amusement and pride. They’d have smiled, had they currently had the required anatomy. The foolish mortal, so desperate for knowledge about them. It was empowering, and they had no intention of giving that up. Even if they were actually just trying to sleep in the try because they thought it made them look cool. “I have not gotten so far in life by revealing my every secret. I have my reasons for being here.”


    "So tall."


    Tenebris’ eyes light up, and their tail, hanging below them, gives a few light wags. So discerning! “Thank you,” they said, the sincerest they’ve been for a long time. “May the shadows cloak your footsteps and the light guide your path, sharp-eyed one.” Perhaps these people weren’t the worst they’d ever encountered. 

  12. Tenebris blinked open one blood-red eye, lazily looking down from their perch at the chattering figures. They’d tried to sleep high in a tree, but a long, black-furred limb hung down, unable to fit on the branch. Irritating. At least they’d gotten some sleep before being so rudely interrupted. 


    They didn’t recognize either of the people, presumably shifters, that had stopped to drink. That meant that they didn’t know how to get rid of the intruders, but on the other hand the shifters hadn’t had a chance to prove themselves useless yet. Perhaps one or both of them would, if the stars aligned, not be a curse set upon them like everything else in their life. 




    Still, it was unlikely that they’d get any more sleep with the incessant screaming going on below them, and it wouldn’t hurt to try. As a bonus, the human-form man was nice to look at. He was tall (and probably thought he was better than Tenebris, disgusting), but was well-muscled and beautiful, with piercing eyes and well-cared for hair. The serval, on the other hand, was adorable. Tenebris would have pet her if she were a housecat, and would do it anyway if they got the chance. 


    They adjusted their position slightly, trying to pull themself into stance that made them look less asleep. They’d intended the gesture to be a graceful, dramatic thing, but their precarious stance on the branch left them almost falling. They gripped the branch with their claws, eyes widening, with the limb that had been hanging down curling around the branch to keep them from falling. For a moment, they thought that they’d flip upside down, but then they regained their balance and smoothed out their hair, resuming their relaxed, casual pose. 


    All according to plan. 


    “Who walks upon these paths? Friend or enemy?” they said. An excellent and normal greeting. “My name is Tenebris, and I wish you no harm should you extend the same goodwill towards me.” 

  13. Name: Dennis | Clockblocker
    Origin: Worm
    Info: Once a sarcastic and cheerful member of the Brockton Bay Wards, Clockblocker grew jaded and cynical after losing several friends and seeing how little the efforts of the heroes really changed the world. Despite this, he continues to fight to preserve the multiverse, even after death. 

    • Striker 7: Clockblocker has a Striker power that allows him to cut anything he touches off from the flow of time. The effect lasts for a random period of time between thirty seconds and ten minutes, and Clockblocker has no control or awareness of how long it will last. Objects cut off from time become completely impossible to move or damage for the duration of the effect. Frozen objects, particularly thin ones such as paper or strings, can become deadly while in this state. He’s able to freeze people, but is unable to freeze himself (he can, however, freeze his costume in an emergency). He can freeze objects ‘chained’ together, such as freezing a piece of silk tied around a gun by freezing the gun, but this becomes more difficult the farther away the object is. 
    • Costume: The tips of his gauntlets are attached to strings and can be fired at things and frozen, he carries many useful objects such as sheafs of paper, flashbangs, and a automatically-deploying tent in his costume, and his costume covers all of his skin to provide armor if he freezes it. Armor panels covering most of the suit provide some protection even while unfrozen, while the joints are unarmored to provide mobility. 
    • Battle Hardened: Clockblocker gained powers when he was 15, and has been in many small and large-scale battles, both alive and dead. He has a good understanding of tactics and battlefield dynamics, is a strong leader, and will literally touch a kaiju if it’d help protect people. 

    Link to wiki: https://worm.fandom.com/wiki/Clockblocker

    -His career was basically ruined because people shipped him with a warlord. Also, almost all of his friends are dead. Good times. 
    -He spent [UH EITHER A YEAR OR TWO YEARS I NEED TO READ A LITTLE FURTHER] after his death as one of Glaistig Uaine’s shades before being revived and becoming a part of her Flock for the next year. 
    -After his resurrection his once-red hair was pale and desaturated due to the effects of being a ghost. He dyed most of it red again, but bleached a chunk of it white. Better to make it a fashion accessory than have it weigh on you forever. 

  14. Karen and Nidrak


    Allies (?): None

    Location: Castle, Xander's Room

    Current Morph: Karen


    Well, that was awkward. 


    Karen stood with both hands shoved into his pockets. He wanted to help, really, but apparently there wasn’t anything they could do. For all of the deadly injuries he’d sustained and healed, there was nothing he could do to help others. Useless. Power meant for killing and to keep them alive long enough to enact more violence. 


    Nidrak shifted uncomfortably in his head. Not a physical shift, of course, but a gentle shuffling sensation in their shared emotionscape. Xe didn’t say anything, still being too shaken up by recent events to find the right words (Nidrak didn’t need to worry about that, xyr words were always the right ones), but the reminder of xyr presence helped. Xe didn’t like it when Karen’s thoughts became too dark and sharply pointed towards himself. He’d done his best to keep them to the positive, more for xyr sake than his own. 


    What now? he asked. It was easier when they had a task to work towards, and Nidrak needed that. As busy as xe was worrying about him, he knew that xe wasn’t doing okay either. 


    There must be more people around, right? We still don’t know what’s going on, truly. 


    Let’s not make contact. It’s better to find as much information as we can while no one’s paying attention to us. 


    He felt a faint twinge of disappointment from Nidrak and smiled. Of course xe wanted to meet new people as soon as possible. It wasn’t that Karen didn’t, but he could be patient and find out if these people really were who they claimed they were first. Right. Morph? 


    They were so used to always being in morph while on a mission, but they’d already been seen, hadn’t they? Would they be less conspicuous, less likely to be stopped as a human? A mouse or rat probably wouldn’t be out of place in a stone castle, but he didn’t know how helpful that would be. For eavesdropping it’d be excellent. For opening doors and rifling through desks, less so. 


    We could morph later, if need be. 


    That’d work, hopefully. If not, the best they could do was act confident and like they belonged. Depending on the level of security at the castle (and so far it seemed incredibly weak) they might even get out without a fight. 


    They took off at a quick yet unhurried pace. Fast enough to look like they knew where they were going (even though they were really just wandering around and had absolutely no idea where they were going), slow enough to not look like they were being chased. 


    They heard voices and stopped to listen, hidden behind a wall. There were… people chatting and eating cookies? It hardly sounded like some nefarious plot, and for a moment Karen almost felt silly for skulking around and spying. 


    Maybe there’d be something elsewhere. 


    Eventually they came to a hallway lined with doors. Picking one at random, the looked for anyone watching them and pushed it open. Inside looked like a fairly normal dorm room, if far cleaner than any dorm room Karen had ever seen. It almost looked like nothing strange was going on and that these people weren’t evil. Oh well. Worst case scenario, they were caught looking through someone’s underwear drawer. Which, actually, would be pretty bad. 


    Deciding to leave the underwear drawer alone for now, they headed towards the desk and opened a drawer. 


    Oh, hello. 


    Large, old-fashioned keys sitting alone in the top drawer? Yeah, those had to lead to something interesting.


    my first post in months and it's just karen ruining things

  15. Karen and Nidrak


    Allies (?): Raine, Enterprise

    Location: Castle

    Current Morph: Karen


    Surprise, irritation. He hadn’t expected to just be brushed off like that, and it rubbed him the wrong way. “I know some first aid,” he said, crossing his arms. “She looks- huh.”


    From a closer vantage point, he was able to see that the girl wasn’t bleeding as much as the depth of the wounds suggested. More importantly, tubing, wires, and metal plating crossed through her flesh. “I don’t actually think they covered that.” 


    He was still annoyed (let it go) (says you), but, well, maybe it wasn’t something as simple as applying some pressure or pinching an artery shut. Clearly Raine had a lot more important things to deal with than him, but something almost felt… off.


    Because you aren’t the center of attention?


    Shut up. 


    So yes. 


    No, seriously, don’t you find it weird that something strange is happening and we weren’t immediately caught up in a life-or-death struggle or found some Yeerk plot or something?




    Allies: Hibiki, Stan, Raine, Enterprise, Kardrak
    Location: Castle 


    Natsuki sat with their forehead against the cool wood of the table. Unusually for them, for the moment they weren’t thinking of all of the things that they had to accomplish. Stan was lying on the floor, but he was just being dramatic. Probably. The Gateway would be fine with Xander taking care of it, and Natsuki didn’t particularly want to be around Xander at the moment. They knew it was cowardly, and they hated themself for it, but making Xander upset felt different from making other superiors upset. Instead of fear and a drive to do better, it was as if there was a crushing weight on their heart, telling them to curl up and hide. Inconvenient, unhelpful. Useless emotions interfering with the job again. 


    Perhaps they should have followed Raine, but it was too late now, wasn’t it? 


    As they were indulging in lamenting their situation they heard armored footsteps. Too light and quick to be Xander. They turned their head to the side to see, bleary, then shot upright. A faint tinge of pink dusted their cheeks at being caught in such an unprofessional position. “White hair and orange clothes?” they said, straight to business, unaware that their hair had become even more mussed up than it usually was. “I’ll come with you, in case she needs more help.” 


    Did that sound too eager? They weren’t too eager, they just needed to do something. Even if a few seconds ago they’d wanted nothing more than to just lie on the table. 


    Not waiting for a response, they strode out of the room and down the stairs. The girl hadn’t said anything about why Raine needed Stan, so they didn’t expect to see blood smeared across the floor or Raine kneeling next to an unconscious girl. Their eyes widened, and for a brief moment a shot of fear went through them. Cold rain and blood on their skin, dark stone and slick plants, fire and blood and darkness. Their fingers twitched towards their radio, but the heavy weight was missing. Sveta wasn’t coming.


    They pushed away the images, bothered by their intrusion. The situations weren’t similar at all. They willed shots of drugs to flow into their system and the world clarified, stilled. They took in the scene before them as they rushed towards Raine, letting it chase away the remainder of the flashback. 


    Dark fluid, revealed to be oil by scent, smeared bloody paw prints leading away, Stan and the girl not being behind them anymore. The girl’s injuries were partially healed, but they could see cut wires and tubing beneath her skin. That was what Raine needed Stan for, then, like how she couldn’t always heal Natsuki themself alone. 


    “What’s her status?” Natsuki asked as soon as they were close enough, ignoring the slightly irritated young man standing nearby. He wouldn’t be any help with this.



  16. Karen and Nidrak


    Allies (?): Hibiki, Raine, Enterprise

    Location: Castle

    Current Morph: Spotted Hyena, Karen


    They yelped as they crashed roughly to the ground, the fall aggravating their partially-healed injuries. They scrambled to their remaining feet, whirling around and snapping their jaws shut to threaten Hibiki’s retreating form. They hadn’t expected to be dropped and left behind like that (did the girl not care for her ally’s safety? Was she that confident in the healer’s ability to protect herself?), but didn’t have the time or energy to dwell on it. 


    Hibiki had left and Raine hadn’t moved, so Karen and Nidrak stared at Raine, growling, teeth bared and tail curled under their belly. What was happening? Why? Raine didn’t look like she was in a position to attack them, being busy tending to Oil Girl, but that didn’t mean that someone else wouldn’t come in. Either way, neither of them wanted to start an unnecessary fight with a free human. 


    We could ask her, see what her intentions are, Nidrak suggested, unsure. 


    No, let’s just leave, he replied, not bothering to articulate the multitude of reasons why he didn’t think that they should stay. It didn’t really matter, when Nidrak could feel his thoughts on the matter. 


    Xe agreed and they slowly began backing away, eyes trained on Raine the entire time. When they’d decided that they’d gotten far enough away they turned and bolted, running off and purposefully avoiding the stairs. They saw an ajar door and ducked inside, finding a small closet filled with cleaning supplies. The small space was both comforting and frightening; the lack of secondary exits was concerning, but the out of the way space meant that they’d be unlikely to be interrupted in the minute it would take for them to demorph. 


    They nosed the door shut, then took a few deep, shuddering breaths. It served the dual purpose of helping to calm them down and letting them smell for anyone nearby. Cleaning chemicals, dust, blood, Hibiki, Raine, Oil Girl, the stale scent of over a dozen others. A few old scents that they didn’t recognize. There wasn’t anything unexpected, really.


    What now? 


    Karen took another breath. Honestly? I have no idea. We’ll start by demorphing, I guess. We won’t be able to get out of here without hands, anyway. 

    Nidrak gave him a nudge to start the demorphing process, clearly glad to get out of the injured body. 


    Demorphing was incredibly gross and strange, but that was hardly new. When the process was completed, Karen sat down, arms resting on his knees and forehead resting on his arms. So. No idea where we are except for information that we can’t trust, there’s a good chance that the others are dead and the world’s doomed, we can’t get back home, and there’s apparently a bunch of other people (that might be violent) stuck in a similar situation. That about sum it up?


    We can’t worry about all that right now, Nidrak replied. Xyr voice was shaky - even if the rest of the animorphs hadn’t known that xe existed, xe still didn’t want to think about them being dead. It hardly seemed possible, after all they’d survived. We need to decide what to do next. 


    Can’t just hide in a closet forever. 



    Check on magic gal, then? 




    They stood and opened the door, peeking around the corner to see if anyone was coming. Karen winced at the smudged bloody pawprints clearly leading to the closet and stepped around them. 


    They returned to the room where Raine was still tending to Oil Girl. Karen briefly wished that he had external pockets to stick his hands in. “Yo, I’m lost,” he said, raising one hand in a lazy wave. “Need some help?”



    Like you had a better plan. 


    blood and mud in a foreign land, trying to understand

  17. Karen and Nidrak


    Allies (?): Hibiki, Raine, Enterprise

    Location: Castle

    Current Morph: Spotted Hyena


    They didn't stop struggling throughout the journey to the castle, but the armored girl carrying them didn't seem fazed by nearly 150 lbs of struggling muscle. It was concerning, frightening, and frustrating -- how could one small girl be so strong? 


    They were too distracted to pay much attention to Raine’s healing of the white-haired girl, but even so it was enough of a surprise to make them stop flailing for a moment. Not that they had enough energy to keep flailing anyway. Even with the hyena’s stamina they couldn’t just keep fighting while spraying blood across the walls. 


    The healing was strange and new, but then, it wasn’t even as miraculous as the morphing technology was. 


    They didn’t know what to do as they lay panting in Hibiki’s arms. The situation didn’t make much sense. Why was the girl working so hard to hold them instead of just killing them? She couldn’t know about the morphing power, could she? If she did, she could have just disabled them to force them to morph back or at least tried to threaten them.  


    Something in Karen tried to whisper that maybe she was just trying to do a good thing, but he’d been too cynical to believe that even before meeting Nidrak. 

    They stiffened at the odd feeling of Raine’s magic washing over them and healing their wounds. It was so different from morphing -- almost warm and alive instead of the wet shifting of morphing. Nidrak would have had some more poetic things to say about it had the situation been different. 


    Either way, the magic soothed the pain their were in and sealed up their wounds. Nidrak nearly sobbed in his mind in relief, but Karen couldn’t help but feel suspicious about being kept alive. They’d spent too long fearing being captured alive for him to be comfortable with non consensual healing. 


    They didn’t want to be dragged around by Hibiki anymore -- hated the idea of being confined and held for another moment, carried around like a lifeless doll. They couldn’t think of any way to get out without revealing that they weren’t a mindless beast, but they almost didn’t care. They could rationalize their mistakes later. <Let me go!> they growled at Hibiki. 

    what awaits has not yet been revealed

  18. Karen and Nidrak


    Allies (?): Hibiki, Lara, Tem, Utakata

    Location: Gateway

    Current Morph: Spotted Hyena


    ...Was that General Grievous? 


    Well…. Perhaps it’s as good a time as ever to say this, now that there are multiple of you..."




    In terms of strange things that have happened to them it ranks somewhere in the top five. 


    Top three, Nidrak argued. 


    Top three, then. 


    Either way, even if it wasn’t the strangest thing, it was still pretty weird to be teleported somewhere and see Lara Croft (the actual Lara Croft?) explain that she was part of some multi-dimensional organization while they were bleeding out. 


    Speaking of which, that still really hurt. Waves of agony travelled up the leg with each labored breath they took, and there was no position they could stand in to lessen the weight of the leg pulling at the remaining flesh. 


    Karen did his part to try to distract Nidrak, sending xem a gif of Kronk saying “by all accounts, it doesn’t make sense”. Xyr responding chuckle was a little hysterical and distracted, unsurprisingly. 


    Putting that aside, they needed something resembling a plan. Demorphing had to happen soon, no matter what, but there wasn’t a safe place for it at the moment.


    They’d be vulnerable during the time it would take, and besides, there was too much risk that even information in an alternative dimension could get back to the Yeerks. 


    For all we know, I’m not even the only Yeerk here. 


    It was a concerning thought. Unlikely, but concerning nonetheless. 


    We can’t last long like this.


    Dapsen, I know, but- 


    Distracted by their internal arguments, Karen and Nidrak weren’t paying enough attention to Vaccaria as he removed the flask from his belt and dropped it. Nidrak tried to dodge out of the area, but it was too late for them to escape unscathed. They let out an agonized scream, both out loud and in private thought-speak that no one around could hear, from the jerking on their leg and the fresh burns on their hindquarters. The smell of burnt hair and flesh filled their awareness. 


    It only got worse when a strong arm gripped them around the middle and leapt. 


    Everything was fire and darkness and white-hot pain. 


    They couldn’t see or think. The hyena was terrified by the pain and confinement, thrashing and trying to reach around to bite or claw at their captor. They barely had the presence of mind to reach forward to tear away the offending limb. It’s almost a relief to be rid of it. It dropped to the ground, limp and bloody. 


    Instinctively, they started to demorph. Bones and organs shifted with wet noises that they couldn’t hear over the rush of blood in their ears. Their hind ankles unbent, further and further until their snapped backwards and became knees, their bones breaking to become new ankles. They didn’t get much farther, stopping themself before the changes could complete. It was hard to remember why, but they couldn’t reveal the morphing power. Not now. 

    so charge and attack, going to hell and back


    Status: Heavily Injured

  19. Karen and Nidrak


    Allies (?): Hibiki, Lara, Tem, Utakata

    Location: Gateway

    Current Morph: Spotted Hyena


    Nidrak leapt backwards, barely avoiding a Hork-Bajir blade meant for their eyes. Not allowing the Controller to recover, xe lunged forward and crushed her tibia with a powerful bite. The Hork-Bajir fell with a scream, allowing Nidrak to narrowly pivot away from a Dracon beam.


    Karen busied himself with assessing the situation while Nidrak fought. It was, to use an understatement, bad. They were surrounded, outnumbered, and most of the Animorphs were already injured. They’d survived worse, but it was a narrow thing. Either they escaped and demorphed soon or they wouldn’t all make it out. 


    Nidrak giggled, betraying xyr fear, and charged at the Hork-Bajir blocking a door. The Hork-Bajir Controller balked, making Karen think that she would dodge out of the way. At the last moment the Controller stood firm and struck out with her wrist blades. 


    A fiery burst of pain concentrated on their right forelimb. Almost worse was the sickening feeling of the limb falling limp, every movement causing it to sway and tear at the remaining connection. Nidrak tried to look down and the grisly wound, but Karen wrenched it back to focus on the grinning Controller about to finish them off. He pushed backwards with their remaining three limbs, getting out of range of the blades. Nidrak would’ve taken the opportunity to attack, but he lacks xyr boldness and decisive movements. This deadly dance is xyr role, but the shock of the wound is clearly too much for xem. 


    For now, Karen just had to buy enough time for xem to focus on focusing. 


    It hurt to feel xem so apologetic, panicked, and in pain. Not that he wasn’t hurt too (it’s difficult to move through the agony), but Nidrak was always more sensitive than he was. He’d do whatever it took to protect xem. 


    If he even can. Filshig, they needed to get out and demorph, but he didn’t know if they could last that long. 


    The next moment the Hork-Bajir and the sound of the battlefield were gone. 


    The scent of blood was still heavy in their nose, but beneath it was the smell of wildflowers, clean grass, and the acrid scent of vomit. Harsh fluorescent lighting had been replaced by the softness of dusk. The open sky was speckled with stars. 


    They didn’t trust any of it. It’s certainly either a trick of the Ellimist or Crayak. 


    What exactly the trick was wasn’t clear. They could see a furry, a teenage girl, some vomiting guy in a kimono, and a Lara Croft cosplayer. None of them looked at all like aliens, and the mix itself was strange enough. More importantly, none of the other Animorphs were with them. 


    They giggled, staring with teeth bared and ears flattened. Blood matted their fur, both their own and from others, and their leg hung limp. Karen briefly considered simply ripping it off to get rid of the dead weight and pain of it pulling at the wound, but they couldn’t take their eyes off of their potential enemies. They weren’t at all ready for a fight.

    weak or strong, carry on, show no mercy to them all


    Status: Heavily Injured

  20. Anders

    Allies: Keaton, Pascal 



    Usually, Anders would be more annoyed by being jolted out of an attempted nap and ripped from where he was sitting, but he didn’t feel like mustering up the emotional energy to be upset. Instead, he merely yawned at Keaton, more or less ignoring what he said. Something about how he was dying horribly, not important. What was important was that Keaton had pressed him against his chest, which was pleasantly warm. A purr started rumbling in his chest, both because he felt secure and because it’s scientifically impossible to stay angry at a purring cat. 


    he sleeps

  21. Jowan 


    Allies: Duke, Evonna, Chikako
    Location: Kitchen


    Jowan peers at Duke, confused by how slow and deliberate Duke’s movements -- OH. 


    He’s not sure how he hadn’t noticed Duke bare his well-toned arms, and for a moment he stares with wide eyes. It’s not a sight that he’s used to. Fashions in the Circle consisted exclusively of robes and Templar armor, neither of which showed much skin. His own arms are scared, pale, and embarrassingly scrawny, and he’s glad that they’re covered up. 


    Andraste’s grace, he can’t just keep staring, but he doesn’t know where else to look and he doesn’t exactly want to stop, either. The best that he can do is pray that, somehow, Duke hasn’t noticed him staring even though Duke’s looking right at him. He’d think it impossible, but so far Duke hasn’t been the most observant person. 


    Fortunately for him, the faucet in Duke’s hands explodes in a spray of water. Jowan blinks, then bursts out laughing, bringing a hand up to his mouth and leaning over as he does so. “Trying to wash your whole front, too?” he teases. 

  22. Jowan 


    Allies: Duke, Evonna, Chikako
    Location: Kitchen


    A feeling of delight rises in his chest at Duke’s unbridled enthusiasm (he wants him to tell him about things!), but the feeling is crushed when two girls walk in and interrupt. 


    Perhaps a public place wasn’t the best area to have a private conversation. 


    Duke drains his mug so quickly that he nearly misses it, and he blinks at the speed and lack of reaction before taking a far more careful sip of his own mug. If Duke wants to scorch his own throat that’s his problem. 


    He stands around awkwardly and waits for a gap in the conversation, completely unsure as to what he should be doing. He has some vague idea about how cookies are made with flour and sugar and baked, but he’s never done it before. It couldn’t be too difficult, right? “Is there anything that I should do?” he asks, a bit hesitantly. He doesn’t particularly feel the desire to help, but he doesn’t want to just stand around doing nothing, either. That and, well, maybe if he helped the girls would go away sooner. It wasn’t as though they’d done anything wrong, exactly, but he couldn’t help but feel ruffled by the way they’d barged in and started loudly rummaging in the cupboards.