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  1. Katrina sighed as she looked out the window of the Pokemon Centre, then dropped her gaze back down to her candle-lit book. Through her headphones (the power of her music player had died awhile ago, but she still wore them out of habit) she could hear the sound of raindrops pounding against the glass. The weather had been so strange lately- clouds gathered much faster than they should have, and dissipated just as quickly after a heavy rainfall. It was frustrating; she would go outside to train or play with her pokemon, only to get soaked. Ninetales could only affect the weather so much- the poor pokemon couldn't keep the sun out for very long, especially when the weather was like it was. Besides, the fire-type was injured, and was being cared for.


    Really, I should have picked a more interesting book to read, Katrina thought as she stroked Houndoom's head. This one had a dull writing style, and she knew most of what it was saying already. She was hoping for more info on dealing with her team's weakness to rock-type attacks, but the book couldn't seem to do much more than state the obvious. Why did Stone Edge have to be such a common move... Oh, look, a rainbow. Maybe if she should have found something else to do, if the sky was more interesting on her book.



    Katrina looked up and glanced around wildly. Was someone talking to her? No, she decided. She hadn't heard a sound; it felt more like the soft presence of something in her mind. Feathers brushing against her consciousness, the warmth of flames flickering against her soul. Something like that, if she wanted to be poetic.


    The presence faded as the clouds moved to cover the sun in the distance, causing the rainbow to fade.




    For about an hour, things were normal. Ninetales was successfully healed, but Katrina didn't plan on leaving. She was currently in her rented room, and was staying the night. Hopefully the sky would clear up the next day. The Pokemon Center was barely able to run, what with the lack of power and all, but it was still open.


    The clouds broke open once again, and the presence returned.


    I have found you to be worthy.


    Worthy? What...?


    I can tell that you are confused. My name is Ho-oh.


    Ho-oh? She hadn't even been sure that the legendary existed. Why would they be talking to her now?


    Will you be my champion?


    "I don't know what that means," she whispered, hoping that no-one else would notice her and think that she was talking to herself. She wasn't sure if Ho-oh would be able to hear her or not, but she didn't know what else to try. How did telepathy work, exactly?


    You will gain my power- the power over fire and life. In turn, you will promise to fight for me. Once you have received it, you will head to the fields outside of Fortree City. Do you accept?


    This is crazy. It was Ho-oh talking to her, though. Surely they wouldn't lie or harm her. They were a pokemon known for bringing happiness and rainbows, after all. "I accept."


    Instantly, she was bathed in a bright light. It swirled around like fire, if fire was colored in blues and greens and reds. At first she was shocked, but it wasn't hot at all. It was just pleasantly warm, and brought a feeling of joy with it. Houndoom barked, waking Ninetales from where she was sleeping.


    Her eyes tingled slightly, and the light faded. Katrina gasped; she felt exhausted, yet energized at the same time. She watched in awe as color seeped into the hair that had fallen in front of her face, like ink spreading through water.

  2. Yay, I finished my form.


    Name: Katrina Mason

    Age: 17

    Legendary: Ho-oh

    Appearance: Before: Katrina's dark brown hair is long, reaching down past her shoulders. It's usually kept tied back in various ways- clips, braids, a ponytail- whatever she feels like for the day. Her large eyes are a deep brown, and her olive skin has been tanned from constant exposure to sunlight. She has a slender build, and is a few inches taller than average. Preferring bright colors, she likes to wear sleeveless shirts and shorts.

    After: Ho-oh has caused Katrina's hair to change colors, becoming bright and vibrant. On the top of her head, most of it has become red. A lock of hair above her eyes has become golden, mimicking Ho-oh's crest. Starting just above the tops of her ears, orange steaks starts becoming mixed in with the red. Lower than that the hair is yellow, and so on to violet (each strand of hair is just one color, so it looks more like streaks than horizontal stripes, if that makes sense). She's glad about this change, but some might say that her hair is now painfully bright. Her eyes, meanwhile, can't seem to decide on what color they are. Depending on the lighting and angle that they're viewed at, they switch through the colors of the rainbow.

    Personality: Katrina is very cheerful, and wishes to bring happiness to people. People whom she likes, anyway. She doesn't like anyone who is mean, rude, untrustworthy, etc., and she often refuses to even talk to them. Why would she waste her time with them, when they'd probably never change? Second chances aren't a thing that she gives out freely. However, she is intensely loyal to those whom she likes, and doesn't jump to conclusions. Once someone earns her trust, it takes a lot to break it. She is also very passionate and determined, and isn't likely to give up on saving her friends.


    Houndoom (38)

    Vaporeon (35)

    Swellow (36)

    Ninetales (37)

    Leafeon (35)

    Cherrim (34)

    History: --


    Kill it with Fire She can create small amounts of fire. It's not very hot or suited for combat, but can help out in a pinch. With great effort she can create a larger fireball, but it would likely make her faint on the spot.

    Heal it with Fire: Katrina has become resistance to damage from fire. High temperatures will still burn her, but the flames of campfires will slowly heal her instead.

    Other: She loves sunlight, and thus her pokemon team is based around using intense sunlight.

  3. Aster hated quests where you had to wait for an item to be randomly dropped. It was impossible to tell how long they would take from the start, but it was always a long time if you wanted something good. Take this quest, for example; he'd been trying all day to get a sword better than his NPC-made «Iron Straight-Sword», and had only gotten halfway through the quest.


    He'd heard that, two days into the game, two players had been killed by the «Small Yellow Bees» that they were fighting. He wasn’t worried, though. Five days later, everyone had become much stronger, and he was working with three other players. Despite the bees’ tendency to swarm every once in a while, the group had no difficulty fighting them off. They were almost pathetically weak. Of course, this meant that their exp. and Cor drops were terrible, and it was boring to fight them. One or two good sword strokes would cause them to shatter into blue polygons, and they were slow for insect-type monsters.


    After dismissing yet another exp. window, Aster checked the time. There was plenty of time left in the day, but they’d been killing bees for hours and it had become terribly dull. Seriously, who designs these quests…? To advance in the quest, a dozen of the rare drops were needed. Aster had so far gotten half that many, and the others hadn’t been having much better luck. The sun was beginning to set, anyway, so the diurnal bees were starting to spawn less often.


    “I think I’m going to head back to the Town of Beginnings to drop off my vendor trash, anyone else coming?”

    “There’s a bit of time left. I’m going to try to get another drop before heading back,” one of the others said.


    “Alright. Well, the spawning’s slowing down a bit now, so if I leave then then you guys won’t have to wait. Sound good? Bye!”


    The rest of them echoed his farewell as he turned to leave. There was some other reason that he wanted to get back to town around sunset… what was it? Ah, he’d remember once he got back. Probably. If he didn't, it probably wasn't a big deal.


    Once he reached town, Aster sold his vendor trash to an NPC. It didn't take long, as the price was fixed and couldn't be changed by arguing (not that the NPCs would even be able to understand if you tried). He then went to check the announcement board for any updates- oh. Right, of course, that was it. The labyrinth entrance had finally been opened, so someone had been looking for a group to explore it with. That had sounded interesting- why not go? It had been open for a day or two already, so it was likely that all of the good stuff was already taken by the beta testers. Still, it would be cool to explore, and maybe they could help clear the dungeon. At the current rate it would take years to clear the game- well. Hopefully things would speed up a bit later, or they’d be stuck for quite awhile. Best not to think about it too much.


    "Hey man, what's good?"


    Oh, hey, it was Naudleigh. "Nothing much, I'm going to go meet up with this group that's planning to go explore the labyrinth. You busy?"

    "Nah, mind if I come along?"

    "Of course not, that'd be great. Let's go, then?" The more the merrier, after all. Plus, it would be more fun to go with someone that he already knew.


    "Let's go."



    The tavern wasn't very full, which made sense, given the time of day. Aster scanned the tavern for anyone that he might know, and spotted Nydedri. Ah. Lovely. Right, now that he thought of it the announcement had mentioned her guild (perhaps he should have paid more attention to it). Last time they partied they hadn't gotten along all that great. Nydedri had been a bit rude. ...Maybe they would get along better this time? Hopefully some other people would show up. He didn't want to be in a party that was too small if he had to talk to her.


    For now he might as well go talk to her, though. “Hey Nydedri!” he said, walking over to her. He sat down at a different table, then turned his chair around a bit so that he could face Nydedri and Ybyl. “So, uh, you’re gathering people to explore the labyrinth, righ? I can come. Probably. So can Naudleigh.” Great, now I've annoyed her and she won’t let me come…

  4. Thanks! That's exactly was I was thinking. I was really confused about what was going on while lining it, haha. I need to work on drawing heads from different angles.


    (The crit is very much appreciated, don't worry biggrin.gif)

  5. Aster's basically been partying with different people, taking group quests, and so on. Like Narvix said, at some point Aster and Nydedri partied together and didn't get along very well. Anyone else should let me know if they want their character and Aster to have met before the start. At the beginning of the RP he'll probably be in a tavern or something after leaving his last party, where he could meet up with a few other characters. This could be changed, if there's somewhere more convenient where he could start.

  6. Hello! I don't have much experience with art, so this thread's going to be a thing to post my stuff while I try to improve. Expect my style to change a lot as I try to figure out what works.


    I'll take requests, but only two at a time. They'll probably take quite awhile, too, and I can't really draw people. It's one of the things I need to work on (which is everything).


    Anyway, here's what I've done so far.


    A tree monster thing and a squirrel, for Coryn's The Death Game RP.


    A Flamel (that snake cross thing from FMA)


    Sorry, there's not much here yet. I'll add more once I draw it.




    ~Current Requests~


    None yet

  7. A horse. Lauren had almost become a horse.


    Taylor’s initial reaction was to disbelieve her. Lauren was lying, or the stress of the previous day had gotten to her and she was imagining things. People didn’t just become horses. After everything else Taylor didn’t need any other absurd things to have happened. She just wanted to forget everything. Why did she even come, why didn’t she stay home…


    Her nails were digging into her palms again, and there were tears starting to form in her eyes. Simon’s outburst wasn’t helping. After all that, and he still wanted to try morphing? Maybe he really was going crazy, or maybe they all were.


    Andrew wasn’t any better. What, he thought that they were just going to stop the Yeerks without morphing? Not that she wanted to morph. It was the last thing that she wanted to do, but… well, five teenagers didn't have a chance of stopping an alien invasion on their own without superpowers. Morphing wouldn’t help much anyway, not against a race of space faring, mind-controlling alien slugs (why was this happening to her), but it would have to be a bit useful.


    "What, you don’t want us to morph, but you expect us to hold off the ...Yeerks for long enough for some Andalites to save us?" It was the first thing that she had said since the night before. Her voice was hoarse, desperate, and there was a noticeable pause before she said the names of either of the aliens. Still, she hoped that she had at least gotten some of her point across.


    "And another thing, how do you know all this about the morphing?" This time there was a bit of frantic anger in her voice. The Andalite had never mentioned anything about the morphing stopping because of a lack of concentration. He hadn’t had time. So how could Andrew possibly know about this? Was he a Controller? Taylor was exhausted, and the inconsistency bothered her.


    She was being paranoid, she knew. Even if Andrew somehow was a Controller (and he most certainly wasn’t), there was no way that he’d be stupid enough to expose himself like that. She took a deep breath to calm herself. There was no use in panicking, however rational a response it might seem. Still, there was definitely something that Andrew hadn’t told them yet, unless he was just guessing, which she doubted. "Just... please explain."

  8. Panting and gasping, Taylor reached her house and ripped the door open, slamming it shut behind her. With shaking fingers, she pulled off her shoes and tossed them to the side. She stumbled as she climbed the staircase. Pain shot through her knee, but it felt dulled and unreal.


    Like everything else.


    Once at the top of the stairs, Taylor opened the door to her room and rushed inside. She grabbed the doorknob and twisted it to lock the door, but didn’t let go. Couldn’t. Her knuckles were turning white and the sharp edges of the doorknob were digging into her palm, but all she could do was grip it harder. She leaned against the door with her other hand, taking in large, gasping breaths. The air seemed far too thin, and there was no way to breathe without feeling like she wasn’t getting enough oxygen. Her heart was racing, and her vision grew blurry.


    Breathe, breathe, just focus on breathing and calm down and it’ll all be okay... Haha. Things had always been okay before, hadn’t they? Maybe not great, but okay, except this wasn’t like before at all. Everything was completely different, and she couldn’t trust anything. She couldn’t calm down, not when everything was so wrong and when she couldn’t breathe. The sting of tears pricked at the corners of her eyes while her gasps turned into choked sobs.


    She wasn’t sure how long she was like that for. Time didn’t seem to flow right, and everything seemed unreal and out of focus. All she knew was that at some point her breathing and heart rate began to slow. Focusing on keeping her breaths steady helped, until at some point she was calm enough to lurch to her feet. When had she fallen? It was difficult to remember.


    Things seemed to be rather dreamlike after that. She went through her nightly routine mechanically, not thinking about anything other than the present. Sleep came soon, but was disturbed throughout the night.


    The next morning she felt a little better, though not much. Anxiety gnawed at her stomach, but she wasn’t crying or breathing too quickly. Her hands still shook as she got dressed and she felt exhausted, but she wasn’t caught in a hopeless blur. That was good, at least.


    There was a temptation to try to convince herself that the events of the previous night had all been a dream. It almost felt like it had been a dream. Unfortunately, pretending that it had been a dream would be lying to herself, and she was a terrible liar. Her memories seemed blurred, yet were vivid in some places. The terror deep in her stomach, the gleam of the morphing cube, the Andalite’s calm conviction that he would die. No, those things didn’t seem dreamlike at all. A nightmare at best, but she knew that even that was wrong. Despite none of it fitting into her worldview at all, despite how it wasn’t right, it had happened.


    She clenched her fists, and her breathing started to speed up again. Aliens were not normal. An alien invasion was something that she had never even considered with the slightest hint of seriousness. How was she supposed to react? She had no plans, no ideas on how to go on with her life and make things normal again.


    There was a knock at the door. Taylor jumped, the noise distracting her from her thoughts. She glanced down at her palms and rubbed them where her nails had dug into her skin. A heavy sigh left her. She didn’t want to talk to anyone, or to let anyone see her as such a mess, but it would be rude to leave whoever was at the door waiting. As far as she knew, her parents were still asleep, and Elise definitely was, so she forced herself to stumble down the stairs and open the front door.


    It was Simon. He looked exhausted, like he hadn’t slept all night. Taylor’s mouth went dry. If she hadn’t been fully convinced that the events of the previous night had happened, she was now.


    “We’re all meeting at Lauren’s house,” he said.


    Taylor nodded stiffly, but didn’t trust herself enough to speak. She left a note on the kitchen table, grabbed her bike, and followed Simon to Lauren’s house.

  9. Icefall

    Icefall blinked. How was she supposed to reply to such a stream of answers and statements? Not that they weren't all good questions. "I slept fine, thank you." Birchfall didn't looked like she had slept very well. Unfortunate, given that they would be needing all of the strength they could get for the journey, but everyone was having difficulty sticking to schedules. She herself was doing her best, but it was more like she was hunting and patrolling for as long as she could each day, rather than sticking to a schedule. It was more motivation to find out what was wrong with the clouds and fix it, though with everything else that was wrong they didn't really need any more.


    "They should wake up soon," Icefall said. From the looks of it, most cats were awake already. "If they don't, I'll go wake them up. We should leave as soon as possible." The sooner they left, the farther they could get on the first day. Icefall knew that it wouldn't make much of a difference, but she was tired of the clouds and was anxious to leave.


    Out of the corner of her eye, Icefall saw a cat running. She automatically turned her head in that direction, not expecting to see anything of interest. To her surprise, she saw Fleckpelt carrying an unfamiliar kit. What was going on? Her fur bristled slightly, but she flattened it. The kit obviously wasn't a threat. It didn't look dead, so it was probably injured. The Warrior Code did say to protect kits, though Icefall hoped that they didn't use too many herbs on the kit. "It looks like Fleckpelt found an injured loner. I wonder if she'll stay? We already have too many apprentices." Apprentices were good, but not when there were so many. Almost half of the Warriors had apprentices now, and the apprentice den was probably getting a bit crowded. Though, Willowpaw and Thistlepaw would be warriors soon, so another apprentice wouldn't be too horrible.



    Still deep in sleep, Marshflight didn't notice Fleckpelt calling for him and Sagepaw at first. As cats continued to talk, he woke up, confused. What's going on? There was the scent of an unfamiliar cat in his den. A kit, maybe. There was a bit of blood, too. Shocked by the realization, Marshflight snapped awake and stood up. Who was hurt? It was probably serious and bad, and he hadn't woken up in time! His fur thick fur puffed up as he looked around the den. Sagepaw was awake; that was very good. Fleckpelt was there as well, with the strange kit. She had to be the injured one. Slowly, Marshflight calmed down. She looked scared, hungry, and cold, but she wasn't bleeding to death or anything.


    He listened to Fleckpelt's story. Chased by dogs? The kit didn't have any obvious wounds, but she would be tired. She could have injured paws as well. "Fleckpelt, could you please grab her something to eat?" he asked. He noticed that Fleckpelt had scraped his shoulder, but it didn't look bad enough to become infected. Marshflight would check once the kitten was taken care of. "Are you okay?" he said gently. She probably didn't like all of the questions, but asking questions was often the best way to find out what injuries a cat had.

  10. Icefall

    Icefall's ears twitched as she awoke. Lifting her head enough that she could see out of the den, she opened her eyes. The light was thin and filtered through the clouds, but it was light enough that she could tell that it was day. She stood up, then arched her back, stretching. After falling asleep earlier than normal she felt well-rested, though with the noise that the apprentices were making it was a wonder that she had fallen asleep at all.


    Careful to avoid waking the others who were still sleeping, Icefall walked out of the den. She barely had to squint in the early morning sunlight, and soon her eyes had adjusted enough to allow her to open them fully. Glancing around the camp, she noted that Birchpelt was awake, but neither Sagepaw nor Tallstorm were. She hadn't really expected them to be awake, but was hoping that they would wake up soon so that they could get ready to leave. Well, unless Tallstorm decided to back out. Icefall supposed that Mistystar would just choose someone else to send in that case. They couldn't just send three cats when StarClan had told them to send four, after all.


    Without anything else to do, Icefall walked over to Birchpelt. Perhaps they could find something to talk about while waiting for everyone else to wake up. "Hello, Birchpelt," she said.

  11. The slime heard something. A shift in the pile, maybe? It seemed like a sound the the pile might make if some of it was moved. A bit of a wet, soggy sound, a bit of a harsh, scraping sound. It wasn't a large movement; the sounds were too tiny. Why was the pile moving? Nervously, the slime backed up a bit. It didn't sound like a large thing was moving the pile, which was good. Maybe there wasn't a reason to be nervous, then. After all, a small thing couldn't hurt it. If it was a small moving thing, then it would be good food! Excited, the slime climbed over to where it heard the sound, but didn't find anything. It flicked out its wet-getter, but the new sense couldn't detect whatever the moving thing had been. There was too much of a jumble around. Disappointed, the slime didn't know what to do next. Something had caused the movement sound, right? Where had it gone? The slime started climbing down the pile, blindly searching for the moving thing. There! The slime's wet-getter touched something that tasted like the outside of one of the hard, moving things. The thing started to flee, so the slime lunged towards it. Unfortunately, all it got was some thin stuff. It tasted fine, but there wasn't much of it. The slime continued towards the moving thing.


    ((Sorry, I was still a bit confused.))

  12. Icefall


    Icefall pricked her ears forward to listen to Mistystar's announcement. She needed to know who was leaving, even if she expected to be overlooked as always. Her eyes widened in surprise when she heard her name called. Her? There hadn't been some kind of mistake?


    Of course it wasn't a mistake. It made sense that Mistystar had chosen her. She deserved it more than anyone else, after all. Still, it was hard to get over the shock of being acknowledged as being better and more deserving than others. Mistystar had even named her leader of the expedition! Out of all of the others, even Cranewing, Mistystar knew that she would be the best choice.


    The others going on the journey were Birchpelt, Tallstorm, and Sagepaw, but that seemed unimportant. Icefall knew that it was important, but it was hard to think of that after hearing that she would be going on the journey. They were good choices; Icefall might've picked them if she was choosing warriors to go on the journey. Birchpelt and Tallstorm were both old and experienced, and they did need a healer. Sagepaw wasn't loud and annoying like some of the other apprentices, which was good.


    Icefall pinned her ears back and lashed her tail once when she heard Cranewing. He was acting like an apprentice! Who was he to question his leader? What made him special, that he felt that he needed to go on the journey? He was the deputy, yes, but he would be just as useful back at camp. Even if Tallstorm didn't want to go, Icefall would have picked someone else after that.


    Everyone was going back to the dens, but Icefall remembered the fish that she had left by the river. Maybe she did need a full night's sleep for the journey tomorrow, but it wouldn't take her long to reach the fishing spot and get back. Quietly, she slunk out of camp and trotted along the river until she found the fish, then picked then up and turned around. As quickly as she could without getting tired she headed back, dropped the fish on the fresh-kill pile before crawling into the warriors' den. Doing her best to avoid waking anyone else, Icefall curled up in her own nest and fell asleep.



    Marshflight felt his heart beating quicker as Mistystar began her announcement. Who would be leaving? He knew that he wouldn't be and that Sagepaw almost certainly would be. He was afraid that he wouldn't see any of them again, and he wouldn't be able to help them. It wouldn't be his fault, would it? Perhaps he could have trained Sagepaw better. Maybe he said something wrong, or he forgot to tell her something. If he did, and someone died because of it...


    No. He was being silly. Sagepaw knew what she was doing. Mistystar finally got to the part of the announcement where she told them which cats would be going. Icefall, Birchpelt, Tallstorm. Marshflight's heart sank when she reached Sagepaw's name. He had known that it was coming, but he had still hoped that her name wouldn't be called. He had to remind himself that it was good that Sagepaw was going. Things had been fine before she had been his apprentice, hadn't they? It would be okay until she got back.


    Suddenly feeling tired, Marshflight brought the bones of his fish to the dirtplace and entered his den. Finding the pile of moss that was his nest, he lied down on it to sleep. He could say good-bye in the morning.


  13. Marshflight


    Marshflight nodded in relief, glad that Nightwing felt okay. "Okay, good," he said. Hopefully the birth would be as painless and easy as possible. The last few had been fine, fortunately, but what if something went wrong this time? He didn't have enough experience for that! He went through the same stages of fear and panic before every kitting. This time would be worse, though, because if Sagepaw was leaving he wouldn't even have her to help him...


    He closed his eyes. Of course Sagepaw would be leaving. The journeying cats needed someone who knew how to heal, right? He couldn't go, and he didn't want to anyway because his duty was to the whole Clan. If he couldn't protect all of them he had to at least protect most of them, didn't he? He couldn't help cats who were traveling far outside of Cloudclan's borders. In that sense, it was good that Sagepaw would be going. Would she be okay, though? She wasn't a warrior, and there would only be three other cats to help her. What if there were dogs, or twolegs captured her, or anything else happened?


    Marshflight heard Sagepaw's voice, breaking him away from his thoughts. Feeling her belly for the number of kits? He didn't remember his mentor ever doing anything like that. He didn't want to cause any problems, and they didn't really need to know how many there were. It would probably be difficult to count, anyway. Nightwing was probably the best judge of how many kits she was going to have. "I don't think-"


    Before he could finish, he heard Mistystar calling everyone. The announcement! He followed Sagepaw out of the den, and was pleased to see that the fresh-kill pile was well-stocked with fish. He grabbed one, large enough to feed a cat, and looked around for somewhere to sit. Sagepaw seemed to be sitting with the rest of the apprentices, so not by her. He noticed that she didn't have any food, though. Had she eaten anything that day? She needed to keep her strength up. Should he bring a fish to her? Maybe she planned on eating after the announcement. Still, Mistystar wouldn't mind if cats were eating during the announcement, so long as everyone paid attention. "Here," he said, dropping the fish in front of Sagepaw. "You should eat something." He then walked back the pile and picked up a fish of his own, settling down and beginning to eat while waiting for Mistystar to start the announcement.

  14. Icefall


    Hearing Birchpelt's words, Icefall swam out of the river. The water made her pelt cling to her bones, making her look even skinnier than usual. She shook herself in an attempt to dry herself, then shook each of her paws. Drops of water flew everywhere, but she still felt soaked. There wasn't time to properly dry off, but at least her thin fur didn't hold water very well. She ran over to where the prey had been piled, then scarfed down the remains of her fish. The prey after such a long day was wonderful, and the fish was large enough to satisfy her. Birchpelt had already left, carrying a few fish. Though Birchpelt had said that they would be able to make it back in one trip, Icefall could see that she wouldn't be able to carry everything else back. Maybe Birchpelt had forgotten about the rabbits? Deciding that one of them could go back for the fish after Mistystar's announcement and that the rabbits were more important, Icefall put the remaining fish into a neat pile and walked over to pick up the rabbits. She was worried about the fish being stolen, but there wasn't much else that she could do. Somehow, she managed to pick up all three rabbits. One of them being scrawny certainly helped, but they still felt like they might fall out of her mouth. The weight, too, was making her neck feel tired. She set off towards camp, moving at halfway between a walk and a run.


    It was a relief when she finally reached the camp and could drop the rabbits onto the fresh-kill pile. Could she go back and get the fish before the announcement? No, it didn't look like it. Cats were already gathering, and the announcement wasn't really something that she could miss. Instead, she sat down near the fresh-kill pile and began to lick her shoulders dry. She was careful to watch the rabbits to make sure that no one took them.

    ((Sorry, it's too late for me to write a Marshflight post. I'll post one tomorrow.))

  15. Please let me know if I make any mistakes involving herbs or anything else. I haven't read the books in awhile (I'm working on fixing that, but even if I can get all of the books online it'll take me awhile), and the wiki isn't great for that kind of thing. It has a nice herb list, but it doesn't give very detailed explanations, so I'm making up a lot of this.

  16. Marshflight


    Marshflight nodded. "If it was just a few bruised leaves, it'll be fine. I was mostly worried about the stems breaking or bending." He considered the herbs that Sagepaw had mentioned. If Nightwing was few days away from her kitting, then it probably wouldn't be best to give her strengthening herbs already. Over a long period of time, strengthening herbs could be damaging, and Nightwing didn't need any yet. It was best if a cat could wait for a few days to recover before using them again, so Marshflight wouldn't give them to Nightwing until just before her kitting. A bit of borage would be good, though. If they started to boost her milk production now, then she would have plenty to keep her kits strong and healthy. Of course, that meant that Nightwing would have to stay well-fed, which could become a bit hard as the prey were all disappearing. There were still fish in the river, though.


    At this point, Marshflight realized that he was starving and hadn't eaten all day. He could get something from the fresh-kill pile after seeing Nightwing, though. Keeping his Clanmates safe was more important than food. "We can start giving her a bit of borage, but no ragwort until just before she's kitting. Can you tell me why?" Marshflight asked as he nipped off a few pieces of borage. Sagepaw was clever, and he thought that she knew the answer, but little tests were reassuring. It was as much a test for him as for Sagepaw. If she gave him a contradictory answer to the one he was thinking of, well, then one of them was wrong and they had to figure out who it was.


    Herbs in his jaws, Marshflight ducked low and squeezed into the nursery. Nightwing was huge, and very close to kitting. A jolt of panic flew through Marshflight. Kitting always seemed so dangerous, with so many things that could go wrong. He tried to keep himself calm, but he was worried that he would make a mistake. The kitting probably wouldn't be for a few days, though. He didn't need to worry yet, just make sure he had all of the supplies that he could need. Ragwort, a stick for Nightwing to bite on, raspberry leaves, chervil... "Hello, Nightwing. Are you feeling okay?" Marshflight dropped the herbs in front of her. "Eat these. It'll increase your milk production, to help the kits grow strong and quickly."



    Icefall nodded to Barkpelt. She planned on finishing the fish that she had tasted, maybe sharing it with Birchpelt, but the strong habit of feeding the Clan before herself sent her back to the river. She could wolf down the remains of the right before they headed back to camp, anyway. Squashing down her hunger, she waded back into the river to catch more fish. A fat yet short silver fish soon joined the others on the bank as she waited for Barkpelt to return. A second fish swam close to her. Icefall sent her paw darting towards it, but the fish was agile and fast. Her claws scratched at its tail, leaving it with a tear, but it swam away. At least she hadn't left it with any life-threatening injuries, so that it could return and breed, but she was disappointed that she hadn't caught it. Another fish soon swam by, however, which she managed to catch and fling onto the shore.

  17. Icefall


    Icefall waded back into the water, paws moving slowly as if she was stalking prey. The icy water was chilly, but her fur was already damp. With a paw hovering over the water, she stared intently for a minute. A few fish, ones that were too small or too far away to bother trying to catch, swam past. She ignored those. Finally, a rather large fish got close enough to claw out of the water and onto the shore. She looked back, just to confirm that the fish had lander far enough from the water to not escape. Satisfied, she went back to fishing. If she, Barkpelt, and Birchpelt (and Duskflame) caught two or three fish each they would have lots of fish. Adding that to the stuff that any other patrols might have caught, and the Clan would have a decently stocked fresh-kill pile. The time that they had wasted testing the fish hadn't been fun, but they should be able to make up for it before sundown. Splash! A lightning-quick paw shot into the water, hooking another fish. It was disappointing small, but it had been in a good position to be caught. Every little bit helped, anyway.


    A third, average-sized fish joined the first two. Icefall kept hunting, but she didn't have enough time to catch a fourth before Barkpelt spoke. "We might as well eat them now. That's less prey to bring back, and with this amount we might need two trips anyway." Reaching the shore, Icefall started putting the fish into a neat pile, killing one that was still thrashing around. There wasn't a reason to let the fish rot, nor one to not finish them now. She would have liked to keep hunting (there was still enough light that she could see the fish, after all) but if Barkpelt and Birchpelt wanted to go back it would be better to go with them. Besides, there wasn't that much time left. She suspected that by the time they got back to camp it would be almost too dark for fishing.

  18. Marshflight


    When Sagepaw left to go get the herbs (Marshflight would feel much better when they had more borage; Nightwing might need it), Marshflight returned to his den to wait for her to return. He didn't think that there was much left to do, thankfully, but he did find that Thistlepaw had been right to go through the herbs. The piles had many more bad leaves in them than Marshflight would have liked. The piles had also been disorganized a bit; it seemed that as someone was leaving they accidentally kicked the horsetail and the stems had spread out everywhere. Marshflight kept himself busy, sorting herbs and picking out bad bits. By the time Sagepaw came back he had managed to sort out and clean all of the piles, including bringing all of the rotten leaves to the dirtplace. The piles looked smaller now, but there still seemed to be enough of most things.


    Sagepaw entered with the borage and some juniper berries. Those were helpful, though Marshflight would have preferred to see more chervil. Borage was the main thing, though, so if Sagepaw didn't see any it would be okay. He could just find some tomorrow; they would surely have enough until then. He listened carefully to what Sagepaw said about the borage. It was an interesting idea, one that Marshflight had never though of before. The young she-cat was clever. "That was a good idea, Sagepaw. Were you careful to keep the plant undamaged, though?" Borage was large, and Sagepaw was a smaller apprentice. With the added weight of the dirt in the root, it would be impressive if Sagepaw had dragged it up to the tree without bending or breaking the stems. It was doable, though. "I've sorted and cleaned all of the herbs in here, and getting more chervil can wait for tomorrow. Shall we check on Nightwing?"