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  1. Hello! I hope you're alright with one more girl, haha. Name: Sveta Gender: Female Birthplace: Northern Water Tribe Age: 18 Social Status: Healer, Traveller Appearance: Sveta’s skin is the light brown common in the Northern Water Tribe. Her hair is an unusually light sandy color, and while unbound it reaches to her shoulder blades. She generally keeps it in a braid or bun, with bangs reaching her eyebrows and her face framed by two chin-length strands. Her eyes are an icy blue-grey. She is 5’5” (165cm) tall and weighs about 110lbs (50kg). Though she has good stamina and is able to carry a heavy traveller’s pack for long distances, her build isn’t particularly muscular. (I might draw her later, but if it helps anyone I made a picrew here!) Clothing: Her clothing is a mishmash picked up from different places in the Earth Kingdom and Fire Nation, though she still carries a dark blue parka with a fur-lined hood from the Water Tribe. She prefers simple, durable clothing, and when possibly picks dark colors that don’t stain as easily. She often wears a black, hooded traveller’s cloak, and she carries her supplies and an extra set of clothing in a dark green canvas backpack. In her backpack she also carries her medical kit, which includes bandages, basic medicines, a mortar and pestle, and her most prized possession, an obsidian scalpel given to her by a Fire Nation fisherman after she saved his son’s life. Identifying Marks: Her hair is strangely light, and she has a mole under her left eye. Personality: When interacting with strangers and while working Sveta adopts a brusque, blunt nature. She works hard, and she’s been called cold because of how unfazed she is by blood and death, and she has a tendency towards sarcasm and dark humor. In truth, she hasn’t had a friend in a very long time and has little idea of how else to act outside of work. She feels awkward attempting small talk, and prefers to stick with what she knows. When alone she enjoys nature and doing things such as lying in the grass and flying, but she believes these behaviors to be childish and unbecoming. Though she knows that she doesn’t know everything and is happy to listen to those with more experience, she feels confident in her skills. Element Bended: Water Animal Shapeshift: An arctic leopard tern. Her form is essentially that of a lithe griffin, with a cat-like body and head, long, pointed white wings, white spotted fur, and a black patch on the top of her head. Her tail is long and cat-like, but long white feathers extend from it, particularly near the tip. This form is quick and agile in the air, but is best at soaring for long distances over the sea and along the coasts. Skills: Sveta is adept at healing, both using bending-based and non-bending healing techniques. Her knowledge of herbs is limited, as she did most of her learning in the Northern Water Tribe where herbs are scarce, but she did pick up some knowledge when she could find someone willing to take an apprentice for a few weeks during her travels. Outside of healing, her waterbending is limited. She is able to form ice into detailed, artistic structures (as sculpture carving is considered to be an acceptable womanly art) and she knows some of the theory of combative waterbending forms, but she has no combat experience. History: Like all female waterbenders in the Northern Water Tribe, Sveta was taught healing and wasn’t allowed to learn combat-based waterbending. This didn’t particularly bother her, as she found learning about the body to be extremely interesting and becoming a healer was the best way for her to gain some form of status and stability within the Tribe. As she grew older, she became more interested in learning more about the medical knowledge in the other nations, and she started thinking about travelling. Meanwhile, she became more aware of the pressure to marry should she stay, which had little appeal; a good number of the men that she interacted with had become injured in what she believed to be ridiculous attempts to show off, and she thought that marriage would pull her from her work. At the age of 16 she left, taking little but the necessities for travel. For the next two years she traveled, visiting the western Earth Kingdom, the Western Air Temple, and the Fire Nation. As she traveled, she would stay in towns that had need of a healer for a few days or weeks, earning enough money to live comfortably enough. Family: Tiriak (father), Siqiniq (mother) Love Relationships/Crushes?: None at the moment
  2. Oh! I'd like to keep going as well!
  3. Zagreus Allies: Caspian, Jin, Ace, Parker Status: Not Great Weapon: Exagryph, the Adamant Rail Location: The Gateway The next few moments are a frantic dance of violence, intoxicating in their familiarity. He manages to drive a few bullets into the woman when the opportunity arises, but he struggles to do much more than dodge the woman’s attacks. He can’t afford to die again so soon. While Zagreus fights to distract the demon and stay alive, the fire man and the red-haired man manage to free the pink-haired man (he really needs names for all of these people) from the overly-large clutches of the woman. Perhaps the bomb wasn’t completely necessary- It goes off, blasting bright splashes of wine into everyone within the bomb’s range -- the woman, the fire man, another boy, and Zagreus himself. He doesn’t flinch or blink, even as his body is launched up and away from the ground. That’s… not normal. The blast leaves him winded, with a pounding headache, and with the overwhelming scent of wine in his nose, but he expected that. What he didn’t expect was to be somehow launched free of gravity’s pull. Exagryph glows golden before condensing into nothing, freeing Zagreus’ hands to flail uselessly. The weightlessness almost feels like swimming, but there’s no resistance, nothing to push against, no solid earth for his feet to stand on. He never expected to just fall off the world upon reaching the surface. Surely this wasn’t something mortals had to deal with? Achilles and Orpheus had never mentioned such things. For a moment, something that could almost be considered panic flashes through him, but the fight isn’t over and he won’t let a little thing like not being able to move stop him. The woman is in the air with him, still screaming in rage and clutching her head as blood and wine drip from her skin. Exagryph reappears in his hands and Zagreus fires, taking advantage of the woman’s distraction. With nothing to brace against, firing pushes Zagreus backwards and away from the woman. At least he has some method of transportation. bloodstones: 1 death defiances: 1
  4. Karen and Nidrak Allies (?): Vaccaria, Adolin, others Location: Monster Hunter Guild Base Current Morph: Karen “Indeed,” Karen says, nodding at Vaccaria’s question. He’d never thought about it as such a terrible thing, or thought about it much at all, but he supposes that to one that was used to changing his stats it must seem sad. Not that ‘stats’ were even really a thing, but pretending that they were worked well enough. "It means that we'll have to beat him to the hunt. Neither of you look too heavy, so someone can mount with me. " “I can-” morph is what he means to say, but Nidrak takes control of his mouth, barely missing a beat. “-mount with you,” xe finishes. Karen scowls internally, but there’s not much that he can do and Nidrak knows it. The meddling slug sits on his brain, waves of smugness rolling off of xem. What a terrible roommate. I’m just being helpful! Besides, you don’t need to scout. Vaccaria’s in the air, so he can watch for things. Deciding that that wasn’t worth responding to, Karen approaches Sureblood at a slight diagonal angle to remain out of his blind spot. He’d been a horse before, and Cassie had told him how to approach horses, so he isn’t too concerned (even if he can remember the predator?-run-fear feeling of being a horse and if Sureblood is very big). He holds out a hand, allowing Sureblood to sniff him. Sureblood takes a few breaths, then flicks an ear and turns his head away in disinterest. Karen takes that as permission. He takes Adolin’s offered hand and puts his foot in a stirrup, using it to pull himself up, meeting Adolin’s eyes (if only so that he could say that he’s not a coward) while doing his best to avoid blushing. For a moment he’s unsure of what to do with his arms, but Nidrak is quick to wrap them around Adolin’s waist, leaving Karen’s chest pressed against Adolin’s back. He’s definitely blushing now. He regrets everything. It doesn’t take them long to reach a camp containing a group of tents, supplies, and small, bipedal cats. Karen looks around as well as he can with Adolin blocking a large portion of his sight. “Do we need to stop for anything, or should we just go?” he asks. None of them know where they’re going, exactly, but is that important? He can already see some large creatures in the distance. Are they dinosaurs? They look like… Ducky. The adult Duckies. They’re not called Duckies. That’s from a children’s show. What’re they called then, o’ Wise One? Nidrak is silent. Good.
  5. Zagreus Allies: Caspian, Jin, Ace, Parker Status: Not Great Weapon: Exagryph, the Adamant Rail Location: The Gateway Zagreus raises Exagryph to fire another hail of bullets at the woman, but before he can pull the trigger all of the combatants are surrounded by strange barriers that repel attacks against them. Wh-? Normally, he would have just continued to attack. In his experience, barriers and shields always went down eventually, and it was best to be shooting when that happened, but he doesn’t want to shoot the red-haired man that ran in between him and the woman (even if the man’s actions are strange). In the pause of the action he reloads Exagryph, hands moving automatically and without conscious thought. He’s not sure how to answer the man. What did he mean by “you can’t just kill people?” Of course he could kill people. He doesn’t want to, of course, but what was there to stop him? He’d killed dozens of the best warriors of Elysium again and again (not that he would be able to do that now, with as few boons as he has). “Do you want to test that?” Well. That sounded a bit like a threat, and it was partially meant as one, but he doesn’t want the redhead to get the wrong idea. He doesn’t have time to say anything more. The shields crumble under the woman’s onslaught and the battles resumes. He feels almost bad for the redhead. He’d prefer if there wasn’t any fighting either, but this is what he is good at. Killing is what he does. The woman isn’t aiming for him but he dashes anyway, constantly moving to make himself harder to hit. With the swordsman of flame so close to the woman he can’t risk Exagyph’s bullets, so he calls up the power of his cast, augmented by the power of the Huntress. Once, twice - twin arrows of green launch from his hand and dart towards the woman, curving in flight to hit her. The first digs into the flesh of one of her arms, less helpful than it could have been, but the second strikes true and drives itself into the woman’s throat. The woman hardly seemed affected by his earlier attacks, he’s closer to death than he’d like thanks to Master Chaos, and Exagryph is a ranged weapon. Despite having such good reasons to stay away from the fight, at the sight of the pink-haired man held tightly in the woman’s grip he dashes towards her. Again, icy winds dig into her flesh, while the man’s hair is ruffled and snowflakes gently caress his skin. At his side one of the lion-creatures digs into the woman with its claws. It’s strange to have someone fighting at his side, but it fills him with a surge of camaraderie. He won’t allow the Keres to take the man today. “I’ll give you blood,” he snarls at the woman, close enough that she could reach forward and tear open his chest (although she seems busy tearing apart her own), before dropping a bomb. It’s not the most delicate approach. In fact, it will definitely hurt the pink haired man as well, but it’s the only way to deal damage quickly enough to the woman that he has. The initial blast won’t do much more than scorch the people in range other than the woman, at least. She’ll have a much worse time of it. The demon, it seems, was preparing an attack of her own, and it’s not one that Zagreus is ready for. He’s good at analyzing his foes’ attack patterns and countering them. He’s not good at reacting to them the first time he sees them. Red crescents of blood slice towards him, tearing through the earth, and he isn’t quite quick enough to avoid them. A slice through his leg, his ribs torn open - it’s too much and for a moment he falls. “Nngrh, I won’t go back.” He rises into the air, will and determination half healing his wounds. He can keep going. He won't be stopped by the likes of the multi-armed woman. bloodstones: 1 death defiances: 1
  6. Zagreus Allies: Caspian, Jin, Ace, Parker Status: Uninjured Weapon: Exagryph, the Adamant Rail Location: The Gateway As is usual, Zagreus is fighting for his life. Exagryph hums in his grip and, at his bidding, forms a grenade that sparks and falls slowly to the ground. Unwilling to risk getting hurt by the bright explosion of wine that follows the grenade hitting the ground he dashes from the epicenter of the blast, icy wind tailing him. Behind him, a crowd of Numbskulls disintegrate in the wake of the blast. The Skullomat that spawned them perishes afterwards, the last vestiges of its vitality taken by the curse of Dionysus. The battle is mundane, until suddenly it isn’t. It is as though his next step takes him a thousand miles. The omnipresent green glow, stone walls, and dank air of Tartarus are gone, replaced by thousands of pinpricks of light in the sky, open space, and light, cool air. The place he finds himself in is similar to Elysium in that it has grass and flowers, and completely unlike it in every other respect. There are no statues of dead heroes, no walls, no Lethe, no ceiling. It doesn’t make sense, and is as likely to be some new infernal trick or illusion as anything else, but still Zagreus nearly drops Exagryph in surprise as he stares up at the sky. The sky! "You!" yells a voice, distracting Zagreus from the sight above him. He can’t relax yet, it seems. The owner of the voice isn’t a simple mortal, if the multiple arms and tooth-lined chin are any indication, but she doesn’t seem dead, either. "I need -- more, healing -- give me your blood!" "My apologies," says a pink haired man. His stance is tired, but there is a sword held loosely in his grasp and a glint of will to fight in his eyes. Blood drips down his chin, as red as Zagreus’ own, and there is no divine energy about him. A mortal. "Please accept my sincerest regrets for ruining your present company." Three large, white and black striped beasts prowl protectively around him, unlike any creatures that Zagreus had ever seen before. They’re most similar to drawings that he’s seen of the Nemean lion or the chimera, yet they lack manes. For a moment Zagreus questions whether or not he should interfere. He could leave the pink haired man to his battle and talk to the red haired man or the two people tangled on the ground instead. He dismisses the thought quickly. He hadn’t had many chances to play the hero, but now is as good a time as any to start. “Need a hand?” he asks. Starting a fight with some form of banter or pun is required, of course, and the multi-armed woman seems to have enough hands already. He could have said that she has her hands full fighting the pink haired man already, but the pink haired man almost looks like he might collapse. Zagreus looses three bullets from Exagryph towards the multi-armed woman, two of which hit, then dashes towards her. The snowy wind rushes ahead of him and slams into the woman, curling harmlessly around the pink haired man and his white beasts. As soon as the dash is completed he turns on his heel and dashes back the way he came, putting some distance between him and the woman and allowing him to see how the bullets and wind affected her.
  7. Tenebris Pride Territory “To provide us with information now would be a gesture of openness and willingness to cooperate. It is true that you would receive no direct and immediate gain by telling us from whence you came. But know this,” they said, pausing for dramatic effect. “Such a flagrant display of mistrust is not something quickly forgotten. A small concession upon an initial meeting can lead to great returns in the future, yet it opens oneself to risk. Thus, whether you respond to my requests or not says much about what you wish to gain from this crossing of paths. Are you mistrustful and likely to betray me in the future? Are you looking to gain an ally, and willing to take on some risk to do so? That is the true reason you should tell us.” They stared at Valiant for another moment before looking downwards at the drawings Deric had scratched into the ground. The drawings were upside down from their point of view, so they had to mentally flip them. Even so, they weren’t easy to interpret. There was a crowd of stick figures, twelve in total, next to a wolf’s head covered with some kind of branched line of sticks. Lightning? Connections, community? No, too abstract to be the intended meaning. Was it a crack? Division? Two of the figures, likely signifying Deric and Valiant, were separated from the others by a plus sign. Had they left for a reason? No. Away from the wolf’s head was a cat’s head with another of the branching figures going through it, so the branching figure couldn’t mean internal conflict. It had to be something that applied to both camps. Question marks, a house - he didn’t know much about the camp Tenebris and the others had come from. That was reassuring, if nothing else. Ah, little Kikyo made an excellent attempt to subtly acquire information. Perhaps she wasn’t as naive and trusting as she seemed. Gaining Deric’s trust with a confession of weakness, then asking a seemingly seemingly normal question that could tell them how long Deric and Valiant had been living in the scientists’ arena for -- Tenebris approved. Aleiss Pride Camp “Ah,” they said, feeling their excitement die with the conversation. A shame. They picked at their food, then spoke again. “What do you mean? Isn’t chemistry one of the most natural sciences there are?” Unless they were very confused about what a natural science was, which didn’t seem right, because chemistry was certainly “natural” by all reasonable definitions of the word. The only things more basic than chemistry were physics and mathematics.
  8. Name: Zagreus Origin: Hades Info: The son of Hades and Persephone. He found himself at the XDRE base after trying to escape from his father’s realm well over a hundred times (and dying in each of those attempts). Abilities: Infernal Arms: Zagreus is able to wield five different Infernal Arms, semi-sentient weapons once wielded by heroes and gods. They are Stygius, the Stygian Blade; Coronacht, the Heart-Seeker; Varatha, the Eternal Spear; Aegis, the Shield of Chaos; and Exagryph, the Adamant Rail. At base, Zagreus can transform the weapons into different Aspects of themselves. Currently he wields Exagryph in the form of the Aspect of Eris. Exagryph: Aspect of Eris can launch a hail of bullets before needing to be reloaded. Additionally, it produces grenades that Zagreus can throw that normally don’t damage him or his allies. While Exagryph is in the form of the Aspect of Eris, being in the range of one of the grenades when it goes off causes all of Zagreus’ attacks to deal more damage for the next eight seconds. Hazard Bomb: The grenades that Zagreus drops have larger ranges, deal more damage, and cannot be thrown. Additionally, they can now harm Zagreus and his allies (though less than would be expected from a bomb). Blight Flourish: The bombs Zagreus drops have purple explosions and inflict Hangover (ones affected by Hangover take extra damage over time). Mistral Dash: A sudden leap forward that allows Zagreus to cross gaps and become briefly immaterial. Additionally, dashing causes a cold, snowy blast of wind to gust in front of Zagreus that inflicts Chill (enemies are slowed). True Shot: Zagreus has three bloodstones that he can use to cast out a bright green projectile that seeks out enemies. Upon hitting an enemy, the bloodstone will remain lodged in and Zagreus cannot retrieve it until the enemy dies or the bloodstone falls out. Death Defiance: Zagreus can recover from a fatal wound once. Link to wiki: link Extra: -He doesn’t know what a bird is -He doesn’t know what a star is -There’s a lot he doesn’t know, please help him -He’s totally cool with having a polite conversation with someone after they try to kill him. He's not one for holding grudges, and only has one against his father. -He doesn’t really understand why someone would be freaked out about skulls, blood, or death, since those are completely normal to him. -once he died from slipping on a banana peel -i'd call him a sunshine child, but I don’t know how old he is and he’s never seen the sun unobscured by clouds before
  9. Karen and Nidrak Allies (?): Vaccaria, Adolin, others Location: Monster Hunter Guild Base Current Morph: Karen “Excellent,” Karen says, smiling wide and easy. Vaccaria is beautiful, and even more so when his face alights with passion and joy. Maybe we’ll be able to acquire some new morphs without getting killed after all! “DEF is for tanks,” he says, nodding in agreement. Tanks and people that didn’t have strong regen. He’s not sure what to say about WIS - who knew what it was for in Vaccaria’s world. It could be anything from perception to increasing the size of mana pools to boosting crafting ability. It's easy to understand what Vaccaria says, but more difficult to respond without saying something wrong. Good, keep flirting. What? No- “Nice cosmetics, by the way,” Nidrak cuts in. Mentally rolling his eyes, Karen takes the flask and inspects it, ignoring Nidrak gushing about how pretty Vaccaria’s eye-thing looked in the back of his head. “Huh, that’s amazing. I don’t think it would work that well on me, though,” if it would even work at all. “I get a permanent ability to transform into any living mob, NPC, or player I touch, so my physical stats get reset when I transform.” Eh, better explain that respawning didn’t actually happen to him before Vaccaria decided that friendly fire was friendly. “That, and I don’t know if it’d work. Permadeath is on in this world - most worlds, actually - so I don’t even know if the respawn mechanic would work. Try not to die.” Nidrak, of course, thinks the bottle looks bright and inviting, even though there’s a chance that it would kill them both. No. It’s a gift. It’s rude to refuse gifts, xe whines. And it might be tasty, xe finishes, sullen, but relents. Xe moves their arm as if to put the flask in a pocket before remembering that xe doesn’t have any. Awkwardly, they hand it back to Vaccaria. “No inventory space, but thank you.” Unfortunate - maybe it would work like an instant death cloud if it was “”too dangerous to drink”” like Karen said. Probably not, considering that Vaccaria had said it didn’t technically cause death, but it was an idea. “Alright!” Karen says at Adolin’s approach, clapping his now-empty hands together. Adolin didn’t quite seem to get the jargon, but he was making an attempt! “Now that we’re all here, I suppose we might as well-” He’s interrupted by a man (or boy, rather) stomping in, shouting and making the floorboards rattle. Well. That wasn’t very polite, was it? “I don’t think so,” he replies, speaking just as softly as Vaccaria. “He mentioned a Rathalos, and that was on the list of monsters, but…” he trails off. He didn’t really want to go ask the screaming box cutter child about where he’d chased a monster off too, nor did he want to go near the fox-tailed man. Had he said something about “eating people”? Concerning. nidrak ate a bath bomb once
  10. Hey Aroara, can I ask a question about shifting? Chetalla said that pheromones are involved in the forced shifting drug, and I was wondering if that was true, and if so if the involvement of pheromones in shifting was know outside of these scientists? If that's not something specifically known that's going to stick out as really weird to Aleiss, since pheromones are produced to communicate with others of the same species, so that would imply that the presence of other shifters of the same species can induce shifting or something like that.
  11. Zagreus Allies: Caspian, Noelle, Zephyr, Doppio Status: Uninjured Weapon: Stygius, Blade of the Underworld Location: Sector 1 Feeling his face wrenched down by slender hands, Zagreus blinks and oh dear, he can’t see. His vision isn’t entirely gone like when his eyes are cut or gored from his face, but dark spots consume the centre of his sight. The spot warps and moves, refusing to stay still long enough for him to figure out the shape of it. Caspian was entirely right -- the damage is extensive. Whatever would he do without Caspian to guide him through the dangers of the overworld? “Is it permanent?” he asks, his voice betraying more curiosity than concern or fear. Were all beautiful things on the surface so dangerous? Briefly, he wonders if staring at Caspian’s eyes would have a similar effect. Not that he can see Caspian’s face, despite how close it is. The soft pressure of fingers on his cheek disappears and the cool breeze wipes away the warm traces of them. He’d forgotten that Caspian had been touching him, somehow. Ah well, they had to move on anyway, and continuing the contact wouldn’t be practical. Hearing voices in the direction that they’d been walking, Zagreus perks up. “Are those people?” he asks, trying to see with his peripheral vision. It’s not very effective, but he thinks he can make out some sort of large green creature and two human silhouettes. “Hello!” he calls out, louder. He hopes that the owners of the voices are friendly; he doesn’t expect to be able to last long in a fight with his vision as weakened as it is and without the help of the gods, nor can he protect Caspian. Still, he won’t go down without a fight if that’s what it comes to. good riddance
  12. I'm waiting for Chetalla, Valiant, Deric, and Kikyo.
  13. Karen and Nidrak Allies (?): Vaccaria, others Location: Monster Hunter Guild Base Current Morph: Karen “Nice to meet you Myrhh, I’m Karen,” Nidrak says, taking the opportunity to take a dramatic bow in response to her curtsy. They accept a guild card, then take the time to read through the mission board. Between the two of them, they’d be able to remember the contents of the board without much difficulty. It’d be helpful if they actually knew what any of the creatures listed on the board were, but they’d be able to figure something out. Probably. Neither of them have any objections to trying to team up with Vaccaria and Adolin again, and they suppose they count as an assist. (Karen’s interested in teaming up with them because they worked well enough together and it’s better to work with someone that you already know the powers and fighting style of. Nidrak wants to team up with them “because look at them, they’re both hot”.) “I’ll party with you,” Karen says to Vaccaria, hoping that that counts as “whispering in”. It’s not like they’re playing SAO. “Do you have any debuffs or status effects, or are you pure DPS?” he asks. Vaccaria is strange, but at least the way he talks is familiar enough for Karen to slip into it. Best case scenario, he has some kind of sleep or paralysis spell. They’re on a planet filled with giant monsters, and they’re supposed to hunt them. Karen and Nidrak don’t have any intention of leaving without petting a few monsters, and they can't do that if the monster's dead (and things will be a fair bit more difficult if it's actively trying to kill them).
  14. Jowan Allies: Duke, Raine, Natsuki, Giorno, Mista, Kelsier, Kelsier's Crew, Dynarst Location: Club's Shop Jowan wrings his hands, ready to try to pick up as much information as he can. He’s unused to this kind of setting, all dimly lit and secretive, and he doesn’t want to miss anything or fall behind. Duke, of course, manages to distract him almost immediately. Jowan looks at Marsh nervously, convinced that the man had heard because of how loud Duke was. He doesn’t notice the man’s hair so much as he notices his eyes, blue and piercing. Marsh’s gaze falls upon him for a moment and Jowan looks away, uncomfortable. Marsh’s eyes aren’t the same shade as Neria’s had been, but he’s reminded of her all the same. “I guess so,” he mumbles, much quieter than Duke had been. Surely there’s better things to focus on. Alternate versions of themselves…? Duke sounds so confident, so assured in his position, but Jowan can’t feel the same way. The idea is disconcerting; is it possible that there’s a version of him somewhere that’s just better? Smarter, better at magic, a Jowan that didn’t make so many awful decisions? One that never picked up the knife? Well. Even in the most idea of circumstances, he’s sure that he’d have messed it up somehow. Couldn’t have escaped with Lily. Couldn’t have passed his Harrowing if he stayed. He’d never really stood a chance, but he’d still managed to make everything worse along the way. The small bird the Giorno gave him -- he doesn’t know what it’s called, but he wants to know -- cries, a shark aak-aak sound, as it hops around and clings to different parts of his shirt. The sight is cheering, and he allows himself a small smile. If only he could just sit and watch the small creature. It’s fascinating -- at the circle there had been some seabirds, but they’d been difficult to see through the high windows, and he’s never interacted with an animal so closely before. Hesitantly, he holds out a finger, and the bird makes a short jump to land on it. ☙🙙❧ Natsuki Allies: Duke, Raine, Jowan, Giorno, Mista, Kelsier, Kelsier's Crew, Dynarst Location: Club's Shop “Our priority is the Anchors,” Natsuki says, though they doubt that Duke will listen. The only thing they really need to know about the sickness is how to avoid it, and Duke likely wishes to cure it or something similarly fanciful. They know how deadly and politically important plagues can be, but even slowing its spread would require time and resources that they don’t have. Frankly, the illness doesn’t sound particularly relevant to their mission, and nor does the discussion about parallel worlds. “What do you know of the golden sand and people turning into monsters upon contact with it?” they ask.
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  17. Tenebris Pride Territory Tenebris blinked in confusion. Diego had known that that his sister had met a wolf, but not that the wolf had been a shifter? How? It seemed to them that a wild wolf would have been just as concerning as a shifter. Either way, Kikyo had claimed that Tenebris’ presence wasn’t unwanted, which took a weight off their shoulders. At the sound of a growl behind them they jumped and twisted around, fur puffed. Behind them stood a wolf, tall and scraggly. His fur was filthy and matted with dirt, and overall he looked pathetically scrawny and unable to take care of himself. He’d come from downwind so that they wouldn’t be able to smell him. It was unfortunate that they’d been too shocked to bite his tail as it slapped them in the face. How rude. Was the dirty wolf trying to flirt with both them and Diego? It was the only thing that made sense - clearly Diego was far more of a ‘hunk’ then they, skinny as they were, was. (Valiant was right about one thing - Diego was certainly blessed with good looks and the strong will to keep himself in shape.) Tenebrous wasn’t entirely sure how to react. Of course, they knew they were flirt-worthy. They, after all, had impeccable taste in aesthetics, knew the alleged magical properties and chemical compositions of two dozen minerals, and had an excellent set of tattoos that professed both their religion (for lack of a better word) and their knowledge of SCP GoIs. Valiant had no way of knowing that, however, unless he’d been spying on them for quite awhile (which wouldn’t have been a point in his favor). "Well unless you ask to be bitten sexy." Right. Had no one ever told Valiant that he came on too strong? Talk of such things five seconds after meeting someone was uncouth, and it was bold of him to think that he would be doing the biting. “Only if you don’t have fleas, which I’m not convinced by,” they said dismissively. Their rock collecting had been interrupted and they had more important things to worry about. At least Valiant was cultured enough to know about anime. “Where did you come from?” Then, because they couldn’t resist, “Where will you go?” The situation involved Deric, Kikyo, and Diego more than it involved them and they didn’t want to pry, but there were some questions that had to be asked. Why were shifters from outside of the camp suddenly showing up? How long had they been around for? “How many others are you aware of?” Aleiss Pride Camp "Ah, yeah, I kind of figured. Wonder if we could make a radio? I have no idea how, but I've heard of objects picking up radio signals. Ah, sorry, that's not important." They'd gotten off track again. Besides, whatever appliances the hamlet had had to be a lot more important than the chance of getting a radio. Ugh, more dry mouth? They'd never be able to eat anything. Still, that was interesting, though not what they expected. "DNA? Huh, any idea what kind of vector it uses? Retroviruses?" Did it cause permanent changes? Why DNA, and not using a protein directly? Weird. Hm, or maybe it wasn't combined with the host's DNA at all? "Plasmids? Would that work?" They didn't know; gene expression wasn't their focus. Maybe there were plasmids that could produce proteins in human cells before being destroyed by the host's defenses? No, wait, that wouldn't work. A plasmid would still need some way to get into the cells to be of any use. Very interesting. Lion pride method...? Alright then. They tried to think of some kind of joke about baby killing, but nothing came to mind. That probably wasn't a good idea, anyway. "Oh, I'm sure it'll be awful," Aleiss said brightly. There was no way that they were going to enjoy living there. That wasn't Ella's fault, it was just never going to happen. They were going to get horribly sunburned, forget how their favorite songs went, and be kept up at night with burning questions about the history of embroidery with no way to answer them. It'd be terrible.
  18. Tenebris Pride Territory Tenebris lifted their head from where they were examining the ground, ears pricked forward, perking up at the sound of their name. Kikyo sounded surprised (she needed to be more aware of her surroundings as one so small), but not upset, so Tenebris gave their tail a single wag. Their good mood didn’t last long, however -- Kikyo pointed out a white wolf and Tenebris raised their hackles. They should have been more aware of their surroundings too. Were rocks so important that they couldn’t pay attention to what was around them? (Yes, but they could blame themself for missing the wolf anyway.) They sniffed the air, and recognized that yes, that was the scent of the shifter that Kikyo had met the day before. Why was he here? Tenebris briefly glanced around, wondering if there was an ambush, but they didn’t search for long. Deric looked fearful and ready to bolt, but he wasn’t concealing his presence. Was he holding… flowers? Why? They weren’t entirely sure how to react to this. They’d come for rocks and company, not aggressive wolves with flowers. They laid their ears against their head, then reconsidered and forced themself to relax. There was no reason to act frightened or hostile; they had nothing to fear, and acting like they did would only stir up conflict and weaken their position. They strode over to the group, making quick time due to their long legs. “Greetings, Kikyo, Diego. We have met once again,” they said. They considered asking if there was an issue, but such a leading question was needlessly hostile and they were in a fairly good mood. Instead, they merely flicked their ears towards Deric inquisitively. "I hope you do not find my presence to be an intrusion; if such is the case I shall leave with no ill will."
  19. Aleiss Pride Camp “Thank you,” Aleiss said, joining the redhead. “Ella,” they repeated to help it stick in their mind. Had it been that obvious that they’d missed it the first time? Embarrassing, but it wasn’t something they had to worry about now. They took their own slice of bread and spread some cheese over it; it was okay. Not the best bread they’d ever tasted, but satisfyingly dense. “Just use any pronouns for me. Switch it up, if you can. I don’t mind.” Ella hadn’t slowed the deluge of information, but at least now Aleiss was more prepared to follow along with it. They were still tired, having just gotten up and feeling the slowness of sleep, but they were able to catch most of it. A Queen? Seemed a little pretentious- there couldn’t have been more than two dozen people living in the hamlet, and from the sounds of it there were a lot fewer. Whatever, Ella hadn’t told Aleiss to call her ‘her Majesty’ or anything, so they’d just keep talking to her like normal unless they were told to stop. Well, questions. They were sure they had plenty of those, given that they had just arrived at a mysterious new place. When they tried to come up with one to start with, though, their mind came up blank and they said the first thing that came to fill the empty space. “What’s the Wi-Fi password?” Stupid question, obviously. They didn’t even have their phone, a fact that they noticed and lamented at every moment. They kept feeling the lack of a familiar weight in their pocket, reaching for it in panic, and then remembering. They scrambled to think of a better question. “Do you know what kind of drugs they used to force me to shift? Side effects, at least? I could maybe try to figure out how it works, if I had a pen and paper. Or, better question, did the scientists leave my drugs -- I mean, any medication for me?” They still hadn’t asked any of the important questions, but at least they’d gotten closer.
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  22. Zagreus Allies: Caspian, Noelle, Zephyr, Doppio Status: Uninjured Weapon: Stygius, Blade of the Underworld Location: Sector 1 Caspian doesn’t seem entirely convinced by Zagreus’ words about who he was or where he came from, but Zagreus doesn’t press. He doesn’t know what’s so hard to believe about it, but Caspian hadn’t outright denied him. Besides, he was far too distracted by Caspian’s next words to worry about the possibility of Caspian not believing him. What a delightful response! His smile widens and he places a hand to his chest before bowing slightly. “Glad to be of service, sir,” he says, not to be outdone. “And to you as well -- I can’t imagine better company in this strange place.” He listens to Caspian’s description of his homeland, eager to hear all he can. He had, truly, never really thought about the damage his cousin caused to mortal lands; Ares had always been such a help to him. He wasn’t blind to how warfare killed people, of course. Plenty of shades had arrived in the House due to death in battle, and of course there was Achilles. It’s the way of the world, for humans to fight and die. Still, it’s sad to think about how it affected the people left behind. He nods, more serious than he had been before. “It sounds beautiful,” he says. “Still, I would like to visit it someday, even the less vacation-worthy spots.” He doesn’t mean anything by his words -- he merely wishes to see as much of the world as he can. He laughs; it seems that they won’t be leaving the blob creature so quickly after all. “Are you so sure, Caspian? It seems to me as though you’re the one that collected a companion.” He reaches back to grip the handle of Stygius, just to make sure the weapon is there and waiting. The Infernal Arm hums in his grip and he releases it, letting his arm fall forward. Normally he would travel by running and dashing, eager to get through the Underworld as quickly as possible, but out of consideration for Caspian he walks. There’s so much to see while they walk, but Zagreus can’t help but look directly at the sun. It burns, but it’s just so bright. It’s so amazing to see -- he knew he would one day, but he’s finally made it and it's almost hard to believe. and passed me by
  23. Jowan Allies: Duke, Raine, Natsuki, Giorno, Mista, Kelsier, Ray, Twilight, Antoni, Sorey and co., Tsuki Location: Gateway At least Duke was excited by Kelsier’s presence. Jowan wasn’t entirely sure how he felt or should feel about that. Jealous? Hurt, that Duke didn’t care enough about his discomfort to be bothered as well? Whatever the feeling was, it wasn’t pleasant and left him with a bitter pang in his chest. To distract himself, he started flipping through the papers again. Feruchemy -- he’d seen that. Sure enough, the Terris were mentioned in the section about Feruchemy. He’d have been able to find it eventually if he hadn’t given in and asked Kelsier. Feruchemy sounded like it could be powerful, but the amount of set-up that went into it seemed so limiting. He didn’t really get why the Lord Ruler was so much more scared of Feruchemy than Allomancy, but then, he’d never been smart enough to figure that kind of thing out. The part about selective breeding… that was uncomfortably relatable. “That’s familiar,” he said, despite not having meant to speak. Mages weren’t allowed to have families either. There was nothing so horrid as a ‘breeding program’ for non-mages, but the loss of prestige for families that produced mages and the social pressure against them was high enough to be similar. He only looked up from the papers when Giorno called out. Thank the Maker, and excuse to look at something other than the papers or Kelsier. His eyes widened at the sight of Giorno growing a second arm -- no, the arm was incorporeal? It didn’t really look incorporeal, but it didn’t look entirely real, either. It didn’t disturb his clothes, almost as though it was a ghost that had been hiding inside his body. Eerie. The extra arm was strange, but the bug that grew in Giorno’s hand was a little disturbing. It looked like a beetle, but no beetle could get that big naturally. It reminded Jowan of the giant spiders that kept infesting the lower levels of the Circle. Apparently he couldn’t blame everything in the multiverse on demons, but the comparison was there and he didn’t like the association. The thing had so many legs and he didn’t really fancy the idea of one crawling on him. He may have squeaked a little when it flew. Natsuki moved without hesitation to give Giorno one of their hairs, and Jowan supposed that he should trust the senior agent, but he didn’t like the idea of just handing over part of his body for someone to track him with. He’d worked so hard to escape from that. It was a bit different though, wasn’t it? It wasn’t blood magic, for one, and unlike with his phylactery he’d have control over it. If he did need to destroy the creature Giorno made for him for whatever reason he’d be able to. That thought was comforting, so he lifted a hand to his head and, after another moment of hesitation, pulled a hair free.
  24. Aleiss Pride Camp At the sound of the nanny braying, Aleiss pivoted back around. They hadn’t expected it to charge at them; they had expected it to be satisfied when they had turned and walked in the other direction. Clearly they didn’t know enough about goats. An overly-muscled redhead came out of nowhere and tackled the goat before Aleiss could move out of the way, then introduced herself. “Okay,” said Aleiss, struggling to process the surprise deluge of information. They would have been fine if they’d been prepared, but being given several pieces of information when they hadn’t been prepared for English and had still been thinking about how much they wanted to read the Wikipedia article on goats was too much. They’d missed the redhead’s name entirely, which was unfortunate because they didn’t want to ask and look like they hadn’t been paying attention. They didn’t even know how they were supposed to reply to the redhead, hence the ‘okay’. Normally the standard response would be to reply with their name, but they couldn’t do that if the redhead already knew it. Their whole script was thrown off and they felt as though they were floundering. “Uh, yes,” they said. “Food, I mean. Thank you.” Ugh, that wasn’t right, but the words were already out of their mouth. They were hungry, once they cared to notice. That made sense, since they hadn’t been given anything to eat the night before (to keep them from throwing up and drowning in their sleep, they assumed).
  25. Natsuki Allies: Duke, Raine, Jowan, Giorno, Mista, Kelsier, Ray, Twilight, Antoni, Sorey and co., Tsuki Location: Gateway Natsuki felt… happier than they should have at Raine’s support and choice to come with them. They’d been noticing that a lot recently, it seemed, and no wonder; Raine was excellent at everything she did. Even her handwriting was nice, far better than Natsuki’s own blocky letters. It made reading her notes or hand-written paperwork much easier, and Natsuki appreciated how seriously Raine took everything. “I’m glad that’s settled,” Natsuki said. They weren’t entirely satisfied with the people assigned to the mission; Antoni had just arrived and, in their opinion, shouldn’t be allowed to go. They had stacks of paperwork, rules, and policies to go over with new agents (not that most of them seemed to care) and Antoni hadn’t had a chance to be vetted or settle in yet. The trip to the marketplace had involved nearly-arrived agents as well, and that had turned into a mess. It wasn’t their place to say any of that, however, and they could trust Twilight to keep the group together. “Your Tsuki will be invaluable on this mission, Rayla; it’s good that you’re going,” Natsuki continued, feeling somewhat awkward. They weren’t entirely sure whether they were supposed to be addressing Tsuki or Rayla. In their mind, Tsuki was similar to the dogs; a full member of the team and able to understand human speech, but still someone that stayed with their handler and understood their handler best. It wasn’t expected that they speak to the dogs directly in most situations, but Tsuki wasn’t exactly the same as a dog. The dogs, as intelligent as they were, couldn’t speak directly to anyone but their handler. They watched Gold Experience work, fascinated, though they couldn’t see the Stand itself. They weren’t overly interested in magic in general, but the way Giorno’s creations went through their life cycles to reach their final form was interesting, like a time lapse video. They almost wished they could study it. “Of course,” they said, plucking out a strand of their hair and holding it out towards Giorno. While they wouldn’t have trusted Giorno’s Stand as a sole tracker, having another option to make sure everyone was where they were supposed to be was an excellent idea.