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  1. Zagreus Allies: Caspian Weapon: Stygius, Blade of the Underworld, Aspect of Arthur Location: Sector 7 Zagreus peered around another of the strange pillars. He’d been wandering for some time after being transported to this strange world in a burst of light, and he didn’t understand anything more than he’d had when he’d first arrived. At first he’d thought that perhaps it had been one of Chaos’ machinations, but thinking back to his last interaction with the being it didn’t fit. Chaos had always insisted on allowing him to choose, and he doubted that had changed. His l
  2. Hello! I hope you're alright with one more girl, haha. Name: Sveta Gender: Female Birthplace: Northern Water Tribe Age: 18 Social Status: Healer, Traveller Appearance: Sveta’s skin is the light brown common in the Northern Water Tribe. Her hair is an unusually light sandy color, and while unbound it reaches to her shoulder blades. She generally keeps it in a braid or bun, with bangs reaching her eyebrows and her face framed by two chin-length strands. Her eyes are an icy blue-grey. She is 5’5” (165cm) tall and weighs about 110lbs (50kg). Though she has good stamina and i
  3. Zagreus Allies: Caspian, Jin, Ace, Parker Status: Not Great Weapon: Exagryph, the Adamant Rail Location: The Gateway The next few moments are a frantic dance of violence, intoxicating in their familiarity. He manages to drive a few bullets into the woman when the opportunity arises, but he struggles to do much more than dodge the woman’s attacks. He can’t afford to die again so soon. While Zagreus fights to distract the demon and stay alive, the fire man and the red-haired man manage to free the pink-haired man (he really needs names for all of thes
  4. Karen and Nidrak Allies (?): Vaccaria, Adolin, others Location: Monster Hunter Guild Base Current Morph: Karen “Indeed,” Karen says, nodding at Vaccaria’s question. He’d never thought about it as such a terrible thing, or thought about it much at all, but he supposes that to one that was used to changing his stats it must seem sad. Not that ‘stats’ were even really a thing, but pretending that they were worked well enough. "It means that we'll have to beat him to the hunt. Neither of you look too heavy, so someone can mount with me. " “I
  5. Zagreus Allies: Caspian, Jin, Ace, Parker Status: Not Great Weapon: Exagryph, the Adamant Rail Location: The Gateway Zagreus raises Exagryph to fire another hail of bullets at the woman, but before he can pull the trigger all of the combatants are surrounded by strange barriers that repel attacks against them. Wh-? Normally, he would have just continued to attack. In his experience, barriers and shields always went down eventually, and it was best to be shooting when that happened, but he doesn’t want to shoot the red-haired man that ran in between
  6. Zagreus Allies: Caspian, Jin, Ace, Parker Status: Uninjured Weapon: Exagryph, the Adamant Rail Location: The Gateway As is usual, Zagreus is fighting for his life. Exagryph hums in his grip and, at his bidding, forms a grenade that sparks and falls slowly to the ground. Unwilling to risk getting hurt by the bright explosion of wine that follows the grenade hitting the ground he dashes from the epicenter of the blast, icy wind tailing him. Behind him, a crowd of Numbskulls disintegrate in the wake of the blast. The Skullomat that spawned them perishes af
  7. Tenebris Pride Territory “To provide us with information now would be a gesture of openness and willingness to cooperate. It is true that you would receive no direct and immediate gain by telling us from whence you came. But know this,” they said, pausing for dramatic effect. “Such a flagrant display of mistrust is not something quickly forgotten. A small concession upon an initial meeting can lead to great returns in the future, yet it opens oneself to risk. Thus, whether you respond to my requests or not says much about what you wish to gain from this crossing of paths. Are
  8. Name: Zagreus Origin: Hades Info: The son of Hades and Persephone. He found himself at the XDRE base after trying to escape from his father’s realm well over a hundred times (and dying in each of those attempts). Abilities: Infernal Arms: Zagreus is able to wield five different Infernal Arms, semi-sentient weapons once wielded by heroes and gods. They are Stygius, the Stygian Blade; Coronacht, the Heart-Seeker; Varatha, the Eternal Spear; Aegis, the Shield of Chaos; and Exagryph, the Adamant Rail. At base, Zagreus can transform the weapons into different Aspects of themselves.
  9. Karen and Nidrak Allies (?): Vaccaria, Adolin, others Location: Monster Hunter Guild Base Current Morph: Karen “Excellent,” Karen says, smiling wide and easy. Vaccaria is beautiful, and even more so when his face alights with passion and joy. Maybe we’ll be able to acquire some new morphs without getting killed after all! “DEF is for tanks,” he says, nodding in agreement. Tanks and people that didn’t have strong regen. He’s not sure what to say about WIS - who knew what it was for in Vaccaria’s world. It could be anything from perception to increasing the size
  10. Hey Aroara, can I ask a question about shifting? Chetalla said that pheromones are involved in the forced shifting drug, and I was wondering if that was true, and if so if the involvement of pheromones in shifting was know outside of these scientists? If that's not something specifically known that's going to stick out as really weird to Aleiss, since pheromones are produced to communicate with others of the same species, so that would imply that the presence of other shifters of the same species can induce shifting or something like that.
  11. Zagreus Allies: Caspian, Noelle, Zephyr, Doppio Status: Uninjured Weapon: Stygius, Blade of the Underworld Location: Sector 1 Feeling his face wrenched down by slender hands, Zagreus blinks and oh dear, he can’t see. His vision isn’t entirely gone like when his eyes are cut or gored from his face, but dark spots consume the centre of his sight. The spot warps and moves, refusing to stay still long enough for him to figure out the shape of it. Caspian was entirely right -- the damage is extensive. Whatever would he do without Caspian to guide him through the dang
  12. I'm waiting for Chetalla, Valiant, Deric, and Kikyo.
  13. Karen and Nidrak Allies (?): Vaccaria, others Location: Monster Hunter Guild Base Current Morph: Karen “Nice to meet you Myrhh, I’m Karen,” Nidrak says, taking the opportunity to take a dramatic bow in response to her curtsy. They accept a guild card, then take the time to read through the mission board. Between the two of them, they’d be able to remember the contents of the board without much difficulty. It’d be helpful if they actually knew what any of the creatures listed on the board were, but they’d be able to figure something out. Probably.
  14. Jowan Allies: Duke, Raine, Natsuki, Giorno, Mista, Kelsier, Kelsier's Crew, Dynarst Location: Club's Shop Jowan wrings his hands, ready to try to pick up as much information as he can. He’s unused to this kind of setting, all dimly lit and secretive, and he doesn’t want to miss anything or fall behind. Duke, of course, manages to distract him almost immediately. Jowan looks at Marsh nervously, convinced that the man had heard because of how loud Duke was. He doesn’t notice the man’s hair so much as he notices his eyes, blue and piercing. Marsh’s gaze fal
  15. Sorry about the double post, I edited in Aleiss' bit.
  16. Posted for Tene, I'll post for Aleiss later!
  17. Tenebris Pride Territory Tenebris blinked in confusion. Diego had known that that his sister had met a wolf, but not that the wolf had been a shifter? How? It seemed to them that a wild wolf would have been just as concerning as a shifter. Either way, Kikyo had claimed that Tenebris’ presence wasn’t unwanted, which took a weight off their shoulders. At the sound of a growl behind them they jumped and twisted around, fur puffed. Behind them stood a wolf, tall and scraggly. His fur was filthy and matted with dirt, and overall he looked pathetically scra
  18. Tenebris Pride Territory Tenebris lifted their head from where they were examining the ground, ears pricked forward, perking up at the sound of their name. Kikyo sounded surprised (she needed to be more aware of her surroundings as one so small), but not upset, so Tenebris gave their tail a single wag. Their good mood didn’t last long, however -- Kikyo pointed out a white wolf and Tenebris raised their hackles. They should have been more aware of their surroundings too. Were rocks so important that they couldn’t pay attention to what was around them? (Yes, but they co
  19. Aleiss Pride Camp “Thank you,” Aleiss said, joining the redhead. “Ella,” they repeated to help it stick in their mind. Had it been that obvious that they’d missed it the first time? Embarrassing, but it wasn’t something they had to worry about now. They took their own slice of bread and spread some cheese over it; it was okay. Not the best bread they’d ever tasted, but satisfyingly dense. “Just use any pronouns for me. Switch it up, if you can. I don’t mind.” Ella hadn’t slowed the deluge of information, but at least now Aleiss was more prepared to follow along wi
  20. Thanks! I'll post for Aleiss today, should be able to start working on one soon.
  21. Hey Aroara, did Chetalla and Aleiss move into a building to get the food? It sounded like it in your post, I just wanted to confirm. I was also wondering why Chetalla decided to introduce herself again?
  22. Zagreus Allies: Caspian, Noelle, Zephyr, Doppio Status: Uninjured Weapon: Stygius, Blade of the Underworld Location: Sector 1 Caspian doesn’t seem entirely convinced by Zagreus’ words about who he was or where he came from, but Zagreus doesn’t press. He doesn’t know what’s so hard to believe about it, but Caspian hadn’t outright denied him. Besides, he was far too distracted by Caspian’s next words to worry about the possibility of Caspian not believing him. What a delightful response! His smile widens and he places a hand to his chest before bowing
  23. Jowan Allies: Duke, Raine, Natsuki, Giorno, Mista, Kelsier, Ray, Twilight, Antoni, Sorey and co., Tsuki Location: Gateway At least Duke was excited by Kelsier’s presence. Jowan wasn’t entirely sure how he felt or should feel about that. Jealous? Hurt, that Duke didn’t care enough about his discomfort to be bothered as well? Whatever the feeling was, it wasn’t pleasant and left him with a bitter pang in his chest. To distract himself, he started flipping through the papers again. Feruchemy -- he’d seen that. Sure enough, the Terris were mentioned in the
  24. Aleiss Pride Camp At the sound of the nanny braying, Aleiss pivoted back around. They hadn’t expected it to charge at them; they had expected it to be satisfied when they had turned and walked in the other direction. Clearly they didn’t know enough about goats. An overly-muscled redhead came out of nowhere and tackled the goat before Aleiss could move out of the way, then introduced herself. “Okay,” said Aleiss, struggling to process the surprise deluge of information. They would have been fine if they’d been prepared, but being given several pieces of information