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  1. Aaaaand the winner is sbowen! And a two-way tie for second place which is pretty cool. Hope everyone had fun making and voting for eggs.
  2. ...Oh, I meant to post. Aweshome eggs you guys, I like how they're different despite being the same theme. And the poll is open so everyone vote away~ Even though technically I don't have any bias, I'm just going to null my vote.
  3. Thanks! That's really creative. I guess I'll just extend it until I get 3 eggs for now and hope that's not too late for the poll. Sorry for not giving warning that I could wait earlier, my internet was out unexpectedly.
  4. No harm in extending it until Saturday night if that's enough time for you all. I think everyone who's going to see the vote will have seen it in 11 days. So moar extending, yay~
  5. Nice egg. I love that it's animated, that was a nice touch~ Come on guys, don't make me the only host who had to make the contest last longer than a month... We need at least three entries I think. I'll extend it to the 17th. The 20th if there's not enough by then.
  6. Entries morningglory17 (Earthquake) sbowen (Hurricane Map) This egg has a hurricane map on it. HawktalonOfRiverClan (Thunderstorm) Every so often, a lightning bolt jumps from the thunderclouds that surround this egg. Tiga (Lightning Storm) This egg has lightning striking down its shell occasionally.
  7. Congrats sbowen! I loved everyone's eggs. Next contest should be up soon~ Ever dreamed of creating your very own dragon egg? Well then, here's your chance! For this contest, you will be given a theme and have to create a unique dragon egg that adheres to that theme. Each artist will be given two weeks to create their egg and then post it here to be voted on. Rules: 1. Each user may only submit ONE egg design per contest, no exceptions. 2. Eggs must use the standard egg format for DC. 3. Eggs must be your original design, no copying! Those who copy eggs will be disqualified and will not have a chance to participate in the poll. 4. Artists will have 2 weeks to complete their designs and submit them. There will then be a poll to determine the winner. 5. Be creative, and have fun! The theme for this contest is: Natural Disasters! This can also include any major weather event such as lightning storms and blizzards, not just things such as tornadoes and tsunamis. Prizes: The winner may ask for any egg to be bred off my scroll and given to them. They also get to host the next contest. Previous Winners and Themes: gloryKAT - Summer HawktalonOfRiverClan - Elements Floralpikmin99 - Opposites Diaveborn - Gemstones HawktalonOfRiverClan - Animals TLOSpyrogirl - Holidays
  8. Based of the skull paint people do on Dia de Muertos. This pallid egg has a smile stitched on its shell.
  9. Sorry to Odeen and Jazi, as well as DSL. That was my fault for reading the artists' forms wrong or something. Not really sure how it happened. I have to go through and double-check everything to make sure I'm not breaking any permissions again, definitely tomorrow if not tonight. Especially since some forms might have changed in the last year which is when I last checked it, besides for the new dragons. I know how much artists care about their work and I don't want to upset anyone on purpose. Really sorry to everyone involved. >.<
  10. Could you explain the orange thing? I don't understand what you mean. Like do I change the green scales to orange or put dots of orange like I did with the stars?
  11. You're welcome. Done. Sorry about the first one, I really can never get red and green to look good together. >.< And Epona always came off as red to me but her actual colours are all orange apparently.
  12. I actually finished that yesterday. Working on recolours now~
  13. Sorry, I can't do those. :/ Before you request a dragon, hit ctrl F and see which list the one you want is on.
  14. Feeling lazy so I'm done for tonight. (Plus no rush on the backlog request since it was requested a long time ago. )
  15. Eh, don't be afraid to request. You get priority anyway. Plus, I only have one more left now and it's difficult, so I don't mind a distraction or two. BTW guys I remember PMing some artists over a year ago and not getting a response, and because of the thirty-day no reply means automatic permission thing, there should be a couple new dragons in the yes list in a minute. (I need to double-check the permissions for the dragons I PMed about so that'll take a bit. )
  16. You can get to that by right clicking the image and clicking "copy image URL". But I'll PM you in case you don't see this. P.S. Got one done today and working on another now, I'll post everything I get done later tonight or when I finish them all. If I'm lucky I'll get to completely kill the backlog today.
  17. Done for tonight. I finished a lot. ^The last one has stars all over it, might not be able to see them on a light background.
  18. Heh, sorry about taking so long on this one. I took an impromptu break. Wasn't really sure what you meant by blend, so I just used the smudge tool. If you didn't mean that I have the original un-blended, so no worries. Should be at least one more off the list tonight unless I take a break to play Minecraft and never stop.
  19. Nah, a simple rec-reolour only takes a couple minutes, since I already know where all the colours are. How's this?
  20. Hmm, how is this? Not sure how much darker you wanted it, so I just toned it down a little.
  21. All three main requests done. I have to be up in six hours so remind me not to stay up recolouring again...
  22. Disgusting school cafeteria pizza. If it wasn't free and they didn't let me take a couple pieces of fruit home along with it, I wouldn't bother...
  23. Only one today, school sucks. >.< The colours are the outfit he wears. Wasn't sure if you wanted a full recolour or just the props, but the props were barely distinguishable against the original, so I changed it.
  24. A hotdog, which I also had for lunch. I'm going to die of malnutrition.
  25. Finished three today (after colouring literally all day ) Only just got permission a bit ago and I didn't want to stop in the middle of what I was doing, so I'll work on yours when I get home tomorrow, Messenger. ^.^ Goodnight everyone.