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  1. Click on the button that says 'PM' under their forum post. How do I kill my dragons?
  2. Thx! I've got 2 sets of armor, still gotta get a SMS... OH! Wait, how do you change armor and weapons when you're not at the chest in your house?
  3. Crawdadsa


    There was a show? I love the books, but a show?!
  4. Um... I can't remember the first for my past account... (I can't remember it's password either. ) So my first eggs are the ones I have nao...
  5. Something about Elmo... er... was it the magic school bus? I was 3.
  6. I'm afraid of the dark... Yea... I'm scared to that zombies, killer monsters and crazy people are gonna come and kill me...
  7. Hai. I'm a newbie at Monster Hunter. (I just got to level 2 quests...) Any tips?
  8. I love angry birds. Ive passed all the stages except for Ham em' High and Mine and Dine.