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sei_chan65.pngI take Tinsel Requests!

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    For Tinsel I only make IOUs to three people at a time and maybe in case of a Tinsel swap a 4th one, but only for friends (listed below)

    I'm willing to breed any of my Tinsels (except for the ones with CB Marrows since I don't have any)!

    My wishlist is in my signature which I will update frequently.



    (AGYI) x Green Nebula's 7th (stair)
    Alexandria Aurelix x Terrae 6th (stair)
    Apollo x Sunsong 5th (spiral)
    Apollo x Ice 7th (stair)
    Apollo x Terrae 8th (stair)
    Gold Epica x Magma 6th (stair)
    Gold Epica x Vine 7th (stair)
    Gold Epica x Vine 9th (stair)
    Living in Sin x Black 9th (stair)


    Abby x Purple Neb 6th (stair)
    Arboriel Morchaint x Sunset 6th (stair)
    Artemis x F Hellfire 5th (stair)
    Artemis X F Hellfire 7th (stair)
    Chaos x White 6th (stair)
    Dawn's Silver Medal x Terrae 5th - IOU
    Dawn's Silver Medal x Terrae 7th (stair)
    Dawn's Silver Medal x 09 Valentines 4th (stair)
    Erno x Pink 8th (stair)
    Inextrica x Black 5th (stair)
    Inextrica x Blue Neb 8th (stair)
    I Prefer The Old Golds x Nebulas 5th (checkerboard)
    Penk x Pink x Rosebuds 8th (stair)
    Penk x Purple Neb x Christmas 7th
    Penk x White 8th (stair)


    Alcoholic x Stripe 6th (stair)
    Antihypertensive x Black 5th (stair)
    Antihypertensive Purple Tinsel 7th (stair)
    Antihypertensive x White 7th (stair)
    Army x Ember 6th (stair)
    Army x Blue Hellfire 6th (stair)
    Army x Marrow 5th (stair)
    Army x Pillow 6th (stair)
    Army x Vine 5th (stair)
    Brazen Zalvaris CB x Harvest 8th (stair)
    Brazen Zalvaris CB x Stripe 5th (stair)
    Bronze Ivy x Marrow 5th (stair)
    Cayvyn x Black 7th (stair)
    Cielatal x Moonstone 5th (stair)
    Cielatal x Green Nebula 6th (stair)
    Darkrose x Autumn 6th (stair)
    Darkrose x White 4th (checkboard)
    Darkrose x White 7th (stair)
    F-Word x Marrows 6th (stair)
    Galletian Victory x Red 6th (stair)
    Galletian Victory x Red Hellfire 7th (stair)
    Galletian Victory x Blue and Red Hellfires 5th (checkerboard)
    Hypnotizing x Black 4th and 5th (stair) - Male and Female
    San Victorus x Blue Hellfire 8th (stair)
    Tanoth the Dragon King x Terrae 5th (stair)
    Tanoth the Dragon King x Terrae 6th (stair)

    Giving/Trading List

    Bronze Cielatal Moonstone



    Silver x Sunset


    My Wish List:

    CB Eggs or Hatchlings:

    CB Blusang x 2 (M/F)
    CB Copper x 6 (Any Color M/F)
    CB Gold x 2 (M/F)
    CB Ice (M/F)
    CB Magma (M)
    CB Opal x 3 (1 Green and 2 Purples)
    CB Silver (M/F)
    CB Tan Ridgewing (F)

    Tinsels (low gen, 2 breed, spiral, staircase or checkboard lineage, no inbreeding and no tombs)
    2012 Tinsels
    2013 Tinsels

    Linage Eggs/Hatchlings (prefer even gen but will take uneven gens, no-inbreeding, staircase or spiral/checkerboard)


    Holiday/Rare Eggs or Hatchlings

    Christmas 09
    Frill (M/F)
    Neglected (M/F)



    Bronze Herz 'Anzu' Zephyr (Anzu)
    Roreng Freshly Baked WaffleWing
    Brazen Zalvaris (except for Harvest and Stripes)
    2012 Tinsels
    Offers since there is a lot of Tinsel lineages I don't have


    Gold Epica (anything except vines)
    Alexandria Aurelix (anything except terrae)
    (AGYI) - anything except for green nebs
    Living in Sin (anything except blacks)
    Offers since there is a lot of Tinsel lineages I don't have


    (aobO) - no marrows
    Arboriel Morchaint (no sunsets)
    Dawn's Silver Medal (no terrae and blacks)
    Inextrica (except for black and blue nebula)
    Penk (anything except for pink)
    Abby (anything except for purple nebs)
    Offers since there is a lot of Tinsel lineages I don't have

    IOU's owed to me:

    IOU's I Owe:

    Reliable traders and friends:

    airaani, Lastalda, Mirume, Mylorite, sheppardkid, thenameisplissken, Maladjust, Viar, WraithZephyr, blackdragonqueen