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  1. Conrad let a servant awake Rin, if she hadn't woken up herself. Currently, he had been occupied with some strange news, or more realistically, a rumor. A cook had heard something about poisoning food, or poisoned food in the past. Nothing that was regularly eaten by Rin or Conrad, but just regular bread. That chance was incredibly doubtful, as it was the one negative cook that supported Conrad who had told him this. Conrad didn't want to hear of it, but he took in the possibility of it anyway. (( Just setting up chances for things to happen. Nothing true or anything that will happen yet.)
  2. (( Okay. So do people have time now?))
  3. ((Which is why I thought we weren't continuing until later. Everybody who signed up should be back once the summer is here.
  4. (( I got the impression that we weren't going to continue until everybody could be active.))
  5. (( I agree with the others, this RP is great, just not they way it's been stalled. We'll need people to continue posting. It's early, and exams are close. We'll have that problem over soon, as well as the lack of posting and people. Closing the RP though may not be the solution, unless you are going to re-approve it. I don't understand this jar thing, so I'm not going to get into it.))
  6. (( It indeed is. I'm probably going to make a Democratic character, but then the acceptance process... Next time the owner posts, I'll send him a character sheet. Ideas aren't quite as creative as they were.))
  7. Some of the cooks smiled as she left, pleased by her thank you, uncommon from most of the other children. Conrad decided to take his leave, nearly not touching his food. He left, back to the throne room, and decided his next move. "Recruitment!" The courier there had returned. " I say that I should have a stand." The courier's eyebrow raised and mouth dropped. " Make sure I'm not going to be assassinated. That'd be a tragedy." Conrad twirled his cane in the air. " The public would love someone who could really show his face. That's brave. They like people with wellful personalities. And g
  8. Conrad started to think. He had no true care about the outcome of the war. What mattered was that those he cared about gained rightful vengeance, and the living ones got revenge. " Well, as you can see... Yes." Some cooks looked up, doubting Conrad's sanity. " The Democracy wants to fight the Monarchy Casmir has. Say we ally ourselves with them, Casmir doesn't have a chance. Nor does Julia. Or the Democracy's leader. If we side with Casmir, the roles would switch, in between Casmir and the Democracy, and then we could destroy our opponents. Only real difference, is that Casmir would likely hav
  9. Conrad, on his way out, picked up his cane. A meager obsession, but an obsession nonetheless. The older siblings often called it a wonderful waste of wood and metal, while it doubled as a defensive item. He walked to the mess hall, somewhat weary about spies and assassins. His cane kept him from disbalancing himself, though even wind might push him off his, metaphorical, wire. The Mess hall already had Rin's favorite food ready, out of preparation, and often use. The men who ran it didn't really have a big difference in opinion about the children, besides Rin being their favorite. Or mos
  10. " Yes." Conrad rose to meet the fourth child. He nearly struggled to stand. His balance was put off since the war. " But even seeing this, had Father and mother still been alive, they'd put it up to us to quell the rebellion. Whether it be Casmir, or Julia who took power at that point, the same outcome would occur." Conrad realized that he wasn't exactly making Rin any happier. " But to give your question a real answer, I wish that we were another big happy family again. We'd have peace." Conrad didn't know how to make Rin feel better, though that was hard at this kind of time. " Look, if you'
  11. ((Oooh. Wonderful idea. Yes, why not?))
  12. Conrad rose from his chair. He placed a knight near a queen. " Checkmate." Conrad won again. He hadn't cared whether he had beaten Rin, Bastilla, or even Casmir, for once. He was to focused on news from the earlier courier. The same one was standing near him, on one knee. Conrad hated that, and raised him from the arm. He let go of him and dusted him off. He put nearly two meters of space between them, before speaking. " The Democracy won't win. Sad really. To see such a large amount of people betray their kingdom. Pity. Such potential shouldn't be wasted." Conrad sat in a more elegant chair,
  13. (( As glad as I am to restart, Athania hasn't edited the new one in little over two months.))
  14. (Before I send an app, and it seems like you may need more, how old is the seventh child aloud to be? Younger then the sixth? Or just not older then the first?)
  15. Close at command of operator.
  16. You know you've played to much Don't Starve, when you catch your childhood fear of darkness again. You know you've played to much Tropico when you think " Hmm, if I ruled the world, communism would work for America as well!" You know you play Dead Space 2 much when you put on sunglasses that make things orange, you think you're going to see dead people.
  17. Hey joiners. I'm going to be gone for two days. PM forms to me at this point. Posting tomorrow and Saturday would help.
  18. As much as I'm interested in Dead Space, and going according to the real plot, I don't fell like changing it any further. Sorry for not doing what is requested, but thanks for possible joining.
  19. Yay. So then I'm open to new players!
  20. So the flesh thing is like, they can infect anything, be it bug, be it giant, be it celebrity client. I also have done those, corrections.