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  1. I caught a CB gold wowowow Edit: JUST CAUGHT A LEETLE TREE WHAT
  2. I just summoned my first ever GoN after 2 or so years (possibly 3) oh my God yay
  3. Danisnotonfire AmazingPhil Pewdiepie Cryaotic Smosh I don't need any other company when I watch these channels and they make me so happy. <3
  4. xLemon

    Glomp Gifting

    xLemon --> WolfLover8 shimmer egg. (6g spiral bronze tinsel x shimmer) accepted!
  5. xLemon

    Glomp Gifting

    xLemon --> Rockin' On: CB Winter egg happily accepted
  6. I made someone happy. ;3; It's not really a congratz thing but I feel good. I also caught ANOTHER cb stripe
  7. Metals are dropping like crazy so ofc get luck with black eggs but not metals. Logic.
  8. /slides in I don't believe in God. :3 However I respect other people's opinions. It was really saddening to see my friends' faces when I told them I don't believe in God. >.>
  9. This drop is going to be scary.
  10. I still haven't seen anything. ._. Why does DC hate me. xP
  11. I haven't seen any metals. :c
  12. Why am I never on when the CB metals come out? xP Bred a pretty black and some hatchlings matured.
  13. http://dragcave.net/valentines13 So empty xP
  14. Bred this and this and caught this and this.
  15. I wasn't around for the discontinued dragons but I would bring back the Frilled.
  16. My 2 olives gendered male and female.
  17. I have a Brimstone hatchling.. That's it. xP EDIT: I just caught an Olive and another Brimstone. :>
  18. Caught a CB summer. For me, that's not a big accomplishment. I REALLEH want a CB metal. But whatever.
  19. I'd happily take one if you don't want it.
  20. I don't last long in drops. If I don't get anything in the first minute, I give up.
  21. All of you talking about CB metals and I never see any. D: I bred an Ultraviolet and traded... something for another. And said person gave me a black to go along with it. :3