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  1. My jaw dropped when I saw the lineage on this one<3 Thank you shadowfighter!!
  2. Found this beauty who is absolutely gorgeous in my opinion<3
  3. I bred another Sphaera III Eggie and I have pmed -nym- with the link(: Another pretty red-finned!! ~Band *Could I also be added to the first Sphaera list? Thanks
  4. First Test: ENTP Second Test: Most Likely: ESFJ or Second Possibility: ESFP or Third Possibility: ENFP That was fun, thanks!! Alothough sadly I guess I'm not much of a thinker(: ~Band
  5. I got two commons from coppers that look very pretty togetherGuardian and Waterhorse I love how well the sprtes fit with this one!! And now here is a story: I caught this amazingly beautiful daydream. Awhile ago I was looking through Patxarans offspring and saw that there was a tinsel from daydream with a cool code then I saw that the tinsel had produced a daydream egg that was about the right time to show up in the AP so I waited and nada, then today I randomly click on a daydream and... ta-daaa its the same lineage!! Thank you breeder I was soo happy! ~Band ~Please use /lineage/ links for growing dragons~
  6. Ta-Daa~ The next Sphaera III egg has been bred!!(: Another Red-finned<3 (a little egotistical to, last two letters in code are ME) Sending a pm to Tribea ~Band Edit: Of course I had to mess something up Also since it is another red-finned I think it would be cool to turn the lineage around but thats up to the next owner. just a suggestion(:
  7. Nebbies, Daydreams, and Soulpeace<3 ~Band
  8. All I have to do is find a mate for her then I can breed me a mate for her and once I breed them together, I can breed her a mate!! And all are unrelated!
  9. I have new Dragons! Forum name: band4ever New Frozen Hatchlings: Messy Balloon Messy Guardian Messy Guardian Link to sign up post: Sign-up Post #2 *Also as I was rereading the rules to see that nothing had changed and I saw this under the warnded section: bandrever 7/8/12 First off I updated on Sept 3 not August 7 Second, my forum name is bandever not bandrever and there is no one else in the forums with that name Third, I have not seen any posts after mine as a verbal warning nor have I recieved any PMs so could someone please tell me if I did something wrong? Thanks ~Band
  10. Hi everyone!! I have recieved this egg and I need help with a mate I think that maybe a re nebula would be nice? ~Band
  11. Have been playing DC since 2009, didn't figure out how to help a dragon grow until 2011, and since then I have missed every single holiday drop! Well this time I'm determined to stay on(: ~Band
  12. Thanks everyone for all the input<3 and they've finally reached the 4th Gen!! The good thing about this lineage is that they always produce the eggs I need and never refuse their mates*knocks on wood* Also, do alternate Blacks and Moonstones look good together like this? ~Band Edit:tons of mistakes! + added
  13. Can anyone give me an opinion on this ? Thanks(: ~Band
  14. Grabbed it, thanks so much! I love the code which is super similar to ~Oboe and its my favorite instrument(That I play) Will be loved!!
  15. Could I possibly join? ~Band
  16. I'd like to join! Join Date: June 28th, 2012 Forum Name: band4ever Scroll Link: Scroll PM Link: PM Link Proof I read the Rules: powder blue and 7 is my best friends favourite number(: I have new Dragons! band4ever: New Frozen Hatchlings: 76RiA 7X8Wu New Adult Dragons: 1WYmW OFPuc
  17. My luck: Shadow Alt Holidays And tons more but I dont know if you are allowed to post adults on here?
  18. Lovely 4th Gen Tinselkin absolutely GORGEOUS lineage in my opinion: Silver x Sunsong Spiral Please give a good home, and would prefer name. Thank you! ~Izz
  19. Banned for having no siggy and making me look for it!
  20. What will it take for you to help me get my scroll like that! lolz
  21. I got this little beauty ina trade and was wondering if anybody can breed a mate with all named ancestors? Probably not... I just found this thread and I am so happy to be able to show-off my new projects!