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  1. Right on, I live for mtg. I play a lot of magic at my LGS, and have been into it for over a year now. @Rachel, it's decently similar to the Pokemon TCG, probably more-so than Yu-Gi-Oh. It's definitely the biggest one out there right now.
  2. Just put it into freeform, I think more people will join if they see it there.
  3. I'd really like to get this RP going again, and I honestly wouldn't mind restarting, even if it means losing my Pokemon. If we kept them...well, it would be sort of an unfair advantage. Besides, it'd be cool to get some new ones!
  4. ((You've returned! If we could revive this rp, I would've very happy! I think it's worth a shot!))
  5. Haha, I try Zovesta, I try. I bet if you wrote a biography of all your memories, it would be a lot easier to write from third person! Hmmmm...I'm going to go eat chocolate. That's my odd ability, ok guys? We'll stick with that!
  6. OTHER PEOPLE LIKE SKILLET I'm really into Mumford and Sons, The Killers (New albums for both coming out!) And Of Monsters and Men...and lots more. Oh yeah, I got to see the black keys live!
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  8. Hey! Can I join? I love meeting new people
  9. Bro, EVERYBODY gets their words mixed up. You can't plan what you say, you just need to go up to her and start talking, get her interested, try to make a joke. The longer you talk with her, the more comfortable it'll feel for both of you. When the time is right, admit your feelings for her. Heck, some girls even think being nervous is cute, because it shows that you're really genuine! Good Luck mate!
  10. It's a play on words, based off of copypasta, which is basically a popular story that is copied and makes its way around the internet. SoiledLove...O.O I remember when I was little (about 7) I watched Indiana Jones and The Ark of the Covenant. When everyones faces melted and stuff I was so scared! I watched it the other day and just lol'ed so much!
  11. I haven't been able to do this for years! Teach me sensei! On another note, I can do this super incredible thing. If I concentrate really hard, I can move both my eyelids down, covering up my eye, at the same time! It's like the whole world goes black for a moment! Can anybody else do this? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. What I wrote is what some of these other posts sounded like to me!
  12. Smile.jpg The last time I saw this picture was two years ago. The image is vivid in my head. Will it scare you? Probably not. But it scared me
  13. My friends and I were just chilling out at this one guy's house, and the dubstep version of the song "Cinema" comes on. We're all bored, so we all get up and start jumping up and down, you know, fist pumping and crap. The year before I'd taken hip-hop lessons, which were fun and all, but too expensive. Well the dubstep begins and I just go wild, busting out with all I got. I thought everyone else was too, but it turns out they were all standing and watching. After I stopped, they all just clapped. One of my friends comes up to me, and is like. "Bro, you're a freaking amazing dancer. That was i
  14. PIEZONE The next fuse eez with the word. Applesauce.
  15. [10:45 PM] Z: Because most trees don't speak octopus [10:46 PM] Z: Except for the Poplar Wait, that stuff didn't even make sense IN context...
  16. 1/10 Wait what? Who are you? I don't think I've ever seen you round!
  17. ((Ok, sounds good. I haven't seen Ryu forever! It's been more than 5 months since he posted here!)) "Alright, I guess I'll do that." he replied, clicking the button on the centre of the contraption. In a flash of white light, the Buizel came back out. Glameow purred, seeing that her friend had returned. The poffin was still there waiting for him too! "Well at least one of them is happy." Zaak muttered, as the Glameow pranced happily around the Buizel.
  18. Yeeees this show is awesome! I'm only on the sixth episode D:
  19. Vipera is actually Kanye West, and is searching the web for cheap watermelons!
  20. I like your human/demon, but I'm kind really into chibi now, and I'd sort of like that. And when I said that I want it to be as realistic as possible, I meant I wanted what I would be wearing to be as realistic as possible. Because I always wear ma shades
  21. (( Hey draggie, really sorry that this is here, but your PM box is full D: Username:stromzone Character Name: Archios Flemming (known to his friends as Fios). Gender (look at the district section for info if it's taken first): Male Age (12-17): 15 Skills: Highly skilled at acrobatics, making him fast, nimble and light on his feet. He is also very sneaky, making him a sort of assassin. Weaknesses (At least two): Aside from knives, he is very unskilled with other weapons. He is also bad at identifying food types, causing him to be overly-wary when trying to get a meal. He will li
  22. And Storm is back (Now as Rainbow Dash)! I'm here (after a three month wait) to take another shot at the RP Approver test, that is, if you guys are cool with it! I think I'm much more prepared this time, and way more determined! Bring on the testing!