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  1. There isn't a defined group or person that names them. The names sort of come into public consciousness by being coined and then used repeatedly. In some cases they can apply to other countries, but not really all. Baby Boomers were Baby Boomers not just because of when they were born, but because of the socioeconomic factors surrounding that time period. Other countries aren't the same in those regards.
  2. The Frozen world is not confirmed. Tai Yasue was talking about the Mulan world and that sort of thing as an IF statement, not a confirmation of anything. Even then, he was speaking without consulting Nomura, so he was sort of just speculating (he's probably getting sick of being asked that question). Marvel isn't necessarily life-action, either.
  3. What is the purpose of this thread now? It has a misleading topic title for a post that was originally about a python ban.
  4. It'll probably never be out of the dictionary entirely. Dictionaries do, after all, contain archaic words.
  5. Well, there's eleven games coming out the week before, many of which are huge. And then then the week after is right during Thanksgiving and Black Friday, which is too difficult to do a release on (and doesn't give people time to prepare for the holiday season). So they kind of boxed themselves into this one.
  6. Because companies make money. You want to own things that generate money.
  7. If you live in Florida, perhaps. The cost of the tickets themselves aren't what make a trip prohibitively expensive for many people. You have to get out there first, have a place to stay, food to eat, and if you're making that trip at all you're probably going to stay at the park for a few days, which adds onto the ticket prices (and they are more than that now, anyway). Particularly if you want something like Park Hopper.
  8. Winter goes until March, but it doesn't start until December 21st.
  9. It's a matter of it being seasonal. Why did we decide the Christmas season needs to extend for some three months? It's an economically fueled decision, that's it. If people are in a Christmasy mood for longer, they're spending for longer. Either way, it's not about to other holidays being nice, it's that it's just too soon. It's like seeing ads on TV for water parks in the middle of March when there's three feet of snow and ice outside. It's not seasonally appropriate.
  10. I've been trying to get down there, but it's ridiculously expensive to go. I don't have nearly enough money to be able to justify it. Maybe when I graduate.
  11. Most McDonalds, as well as Best Buy and many Starbucks (and also some interesting places like Fedex stores) are Nintendo Zones. So they aren't really that rare. Not to mention they do Streetpass weekends with increasing regularity, which opens up Nintendo Zones a lot. And when it really comes down to it, it isn't difficult to set up a Zone from home.
  12. So glad that plot thread is more or less over now. Knowing how it went down in the comics, I felt that it really, really dragged out for too long. Hearing speech after speech about the cure got a little tiresome, especially since they dedicated so much time to it. It didn't take so long in the comics to deal with. This is a bit of a running issue with the show... they take a few issues worth of comics and make it into an entire season.
  13. Are you planning to get into some highly selective college? A B+ will drop your GPA by only a few points when all is said and done.
  14. Potions, especially regular potions, aren't really useful in battle. They are useful when in the field to keep from having to run back to Pokemon centers though.
  15. There is not usually any sort of Halloween break.
  16. Just to let you know how long you've been playing including resets.
  17. I only click when I have x666 or x777.
  18. Well, the XMen movies unfortunately don't cross over, so we're just going to end up with a confusing situation regarding Quicksilver.
  19. Very similar to a plot line from the comics, just with a different character... They're seeming to line up pretty solidly right now, with the addition of Terminus. I feel like I know what's going to happen, and I feel like Terminus was just a giant waste of time because they wanted to pad out the show a little bit and not get too close to the comic.
  20. Oh, no, I work at GameStop too. Most of my conversations are genuine too, but I still smile and laugh with anyone. Laughing is an especially great way to diffuse tension when a customer says something really off the wall.
  21. He's being paid to smile and laugh at customers all day long. Not to shoot you down, but this happens a lot in retail, where people think we're being friendly for different reasons than we are... I get hit on at my job all the time and it's frustrating.
  22. Outlast was pretty much 100% jump scares. They need to be mixed in a little more than that. Outlast also struggled a little with letting the tension DECREASE. That downtime is actually pretty important to maintaining a horror atmosphere but Outlast was too reluctant to do it really ever.
  23. ...As a wish...? As in, you're allowed to have an opinion if you want kids, but not if you don't? So we're... not letting the people who don't want kids chime in on the decision about having kids or not...? Even just that requirement is not based in logic but pure emotion.
  24. Well, you could always throw the credit on a giftcard too.