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  1. PantherShadow The official term for the shadow of a panther.
  2. DragonNinja Sounds like a name for a black dragon.
  3. No, that avatar just isn't very ninja like.
  4. cygttpoab Caring yaks go to the preppy opera at breakfast. jsobgrdtvd
  5. Ozito-- Write that description! [}{}{}{}{}{}{}{] Pending- Autumn Avalon and now Flight of the Storm Open to suggestions, I'm brain dead.
  6. fguiufct Find green umbrellas in Utah for Caroline's turtle. hvgkiafsx
  7. hbfvidgi Have bears finally vaporized iced doughnuts getting idolized? hesijsobn
  8. Okay, I worked on those things. Just say if I need to work on them some more or if there is anything else.
  9. So, are keen jaguars happy arresting flamingos? Let's just keep small horses. Fly left! lkhgckzhuan
  10. Okay, I fixed those two mistakes. Anything else I should fix?
  11. The Story A long time ago, there lived a wizard named Nutoner who lived in cave far away from any civilization. No one knew about the land except himself and some dragons he owned. The wizard mainly just practiced and invented spells and potions to pass time. However, Nutoner was very bored and often thought that perhaps the time period was just boring by itself. Then one day, he got an idea, he could make a potion that chose a random time, that could be the past or the future, and then whoever drank it would time travel into that era. So day and night he worked on it, and tested all of them. However, none of them worked. Until one night, he made an attempt on the potion that was so complex and tiring, that he didn't ever bother to try it and just went to bed. Now Nutoner's dragons were very curious dragons and while their owner was asleep, they would explore all his potions, so they did it that night. It just so happened that they all focused on Nutoner's newest creation. It smelled different to every dragon, but they all mistook it for food and began drinking it. Then they all felt dizzy and everything went black. When they dragons returned to normal, everything was different and modern. Tall building were everywhere and cars constantly passed by. Nothing looked familiar, for they had traveled to 2011, a world where they could easily be killed. Many humans screamed at the sight while some others just stood there in shock. The dragons scurried around, even the really fierce fighters. Then, one of the dragons saw a human wearing a zoo keeper outfit and that looked exactly like Nutoner. The man was holding some meat and a few plants he had just bought, which made all the dragons think that he would feed them, so all the dragons followed the man. Now, this guy was walking towards a strange place called a "zoo". The man looked behind him, he realized what was going on with the dragons and then had a plan. this zoo had made an artificial cave that was spacious and was made for bats and even had doors on the opening. So he walked into the cave with the dragons following behind, then he put the meat and plants on the cave floor. The dragons started eating the meat so he quickly went back out and locked the dragons inside. It wasn't long before the dragons realized this, but how could they escape from this cave? In fact, how do they escape from this time period? Characters You can choose any breed of dragon to be. Here's a list of what kinds of dragons others are playing. Dragons: None yet. Also, some humans will be involved. They can be against the dragons or for them. Anyone wanting to be a human can be one. Just say so when you are signing up for this RP. Humans: None Yet Sign Up When posting for the first time, you just have to fill this out: Username: Character Name: Dragon or Human: Which kind of Dragon: (Harvest, Purple, etc. Humans leave this blank) Gender: Age: For or Against the Dragons: (For Humans) Personality: Other: Good Luck!
  12. "I will not make more than a single scroll I'm perfectly content on just a single scroll. I frown upon those who use multiple scrolls and holding scrolls. REAL family members and friends are not holding scrolls and will not be used as such. I will not make a holding scroll and claim it to be a family member or friend." I have taken the oath!
  13. I love Angry Birds!! I don't have it or anything but I play it on my friends' nooks. I've beaten some of their high scores and I'm still just a newbie on it.