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  1. 5 hours ago, Imzadi83 said:


    Love it and added it to my signature. It doesn't link back to the thread though I'll have to figure out how to do that again, lol.


    I believe you ctrl-rightclick on the picture! And thank you ;u;

  2. Happy Birthday to Me!
    Scroll: Moruna
    Forum name: Moruna
    Birthday: May 10th
    1. CB Silver
    2.CB Xenowyrm (Any, I like the pink one the most though)
    3. Surprise me! I am not picky. Thank you 😄 ❤️


    I forgot, my favorite dragon is sweetlings! 😄

  3. So after a long hiatus from the game, I came back and realized that most of the banners for this forum have disappeared. So I made one with the tree in the profile picture, as looking back at the old one I made I honestly hate it now lmao. Hope ya like it.


    ddh17re-ee3066d3-6556-4efe-a455-21e4ba52 Gif

    ddh17rb-86bbc3d8-0cb3-490a-a3c7-db4c0bf3 Non-Gif



  4. Hello, my name is Moru. And I am in need of a teacher.


    I joined the game a while back, but had to stop due to personal reasons. Because of this I completely forgot everything! :c


    And there may have been things I never learned before.


    Whenever someone can, please help x3!


    Thanks! <3