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  1. What do you do in WoW? O.o
  2. Pencils - Graphite, Mechanical, lead Pens Markers I write with a lot of them
  3. My Favourite games are Call of Duty 2 , The Godfather, Need For Speed, and Kingdoms of Camelot ♥
  4. Panic! At The Disco - Time To Dance, Build God Then We'll Talk, There's a Good Reason Why These Tables Are Numbered Honey, You Just Haven't Thought Of It yet, I Constantly Thank God For Estaban, and A lot more of their songs Evanescence - My Immortal, Hello, and Bring Me To Life You Me At Six - Bite My Tongue ♥
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    I used to play Runescape, but my computer messed up and I had to get another one.... And I don't have the installations to play it now But I was only like level 30 some So I didn't lose much