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  1. I thought of a few more pet peeves:


    This girl on my swim team! Okay, I get that she's a little girl and she's still growing and blah blah blah.... but she is a cheater and a lier! Plus, our coach knows it and doesn't do anything! We also carpool, she thinks its funny when she hits me with her towel repeatedly. I tell her to stop, but she thinks I'm just playing, and continues.


    I hate people who once I tell them I'm a vegetarian they rub it in my face how much they loooooove meat.

    I hate people who say synchronized swimming isn't a sport, IT'S IN THE FREAKING OLYMPICS! THAT MEANS IT'S A SPORT! You know, walking is an Olympic Sport! Go hate on them!

    I hate cheating and lying...a lot.

    I hate it when people swear excessively.

    I hate stereotypes.






  2. One of my favorite movies of all time! and with all the fern gully people here, I have a question! Is the quote:

    "Delicious, nutritious, and tastes like chicken!"

    from Fern Gully?

  3. Think of Me

    from Phantom of the Opera




    Think of me, think of me fondly,

    when we've said goodbye.

    Remember me once in a while -

    please promise me you'll try.

    When you find that, once again, you long

    to take your heart back and be free -

    if you ever find a moment,

    spare a thought for me


    We never said our love was evergreen,

    or as unchanging as the sea -

    but if you can still remember

    stop and think of me . . .


    Think of all the things

    we've shared and seen -

    don't think about the way things

    might have been . . .


    Think of me, think of me waking,

    silent and resigned.

    Imagine me, trying too hard

    to put you from my mind.

    Recall those days

    look back on all those times,

    think of the things we'll never do -

    there will never be a day,

    when I won't think of you . . .



    Can it be? Can it be Christine?


    Long ago, it seems so long ago

    How young and innocent we were...

    She may not remember me,

    but I remember her...



    Flowers fades,

    The fruits of summer fade,

    They have their seasons, so do we

    but please promise me, that sometimes

    you will think of me