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  1. "Live long and prosper."

    "THIS IS SPARTAAAAAAAA!!"(best movie quote ever)

    "Let me show you how it's done."

    "I've always wanted to be a ghost!"

    "This one says "DO NOT DRINK" I'll drink that one, cuz I'm a rebellious like that."

    "Knock, Knock Mosacra."

    "I wish I wasn't an Atheist now..."

  2. Oh gosh... I have waaaaaaaaay too many weird dreams.


    The jellybean dream


    I went to a large purple mansion with a white door. Red haired twins answered the door. We went to their barn, which was also purple. They explained about their horses and their special diet-jellybeans that they farm themselves. All of the horses were paint horses. We went outside and there were jellybeans popping out of little holes in the ground! In about 5 seconds we were waist deep in jellybeans! We all treated it like it was normal and went back to the purple mansion. I was just about to get on the porch when I somehow had fallen into a pit of jellybeans! I was drowning! The twins pulled me out and said, it's okay.


    The ex-friend dream


    I was talking to my mom in our dining room while she was knitting, then I went up stairs to my room. There were multiple piles of clothes on my floor. I walked to the bathroom, when I got out there was a human shaped thing wrapped in my sheets on my floor, and there were human limbs sticking out of the piles of clothes on my floor. Somehow I didn't find this creepy at all in my dream. there were also a lot of men there, all wearing old style suits. Somehow I knew that the person in my sheets was a person I was no longer friends with.(I knew her name, but I prefer not to share it.)


    The field trip dream


    I went on a "field trip" with the people in my social studies class, and with my teacher. We went to a lunchroom with another teacher and her social studies class. We ate lunch and made a conga line. During lunch I looked at pictures of cars on an iPad. I then went to a weird shack thing with my class. I waited for a while with my friends. Then it was my turn. I went inside, it was pretty dark, and I saw a small green unicorn, there was also an old purple witch in a rocking chair knitting. I went outside on a wooden slide, then I got in a horse drawn carriage, and watched medieval knights on a raft pushing a giant orange unicorn into the water.


    and those are my weirdest!

  3. I have done waaaaaaaaaaaaay too many stupid things. For example:


    I was dogsitting for my neighbors. They told me they were leaving on Sunday. For some reason I went to their house on Saturday, it was embsassing to say the least.


    I called my teacher "mom" , multiple times.


    I set my extremely loud phone alarm for the middle of the night. Then I lost my phone. When it went off it woke up everyone.


    In the middle of the night I was on the computer. I went on YouTube and forgot to plug in my headphones. I noticed half an hour later.

  4. Ahahaha, nooooo. I am not letting my cats out to "hunt". Do you see how scrawny the stray cats are? Outdoor cats die at very young ages. I am not risking my pet's life in order to stop feeding them food specifically manufactured for them.



    You can do that, but my neighbors have a cat that is perfectly healthy and lives, hunts, and eats outside. Just saying. Maybe it's just a special ninja cat or something...


    I totally understand that you care for your cats, and I respect that. I also wanted to say that cats are natural meat eaters so I find it okay that they eat meat, although I wish it wasn't that way. Humans have a choice, and cats don't.

  5. I know some have had success with dogs, but cats cannot be vegetarian, so there will always be a meat industry for them.


    That could be true, but cats are natural hunters, if people just let their cats outside to hunt and eat they would be most likely be fine, and they wouldn't need any factory made pet food.


    I understand the theory that if enough people give up meat, demand will be so low that it will no longer be profitable to kill/process animals...but honestly? That isn't going to happen.


    Here's the thing, I think that it's entirely possible for that to happen, so yes I may not be currently saving animal's lives, but I believe that in the long run, I am helping.

  7. I love animals, and I used to love meat. Until one day I realized that that juicy hamburger I was craving was a cow. I realized it used to be a living, breathing, thinking animal. I realized it had a family, a mother, a father, maybe children. I realized how much pain it was caused when it was slaughtered. All that thought caused me to be a vegetarian, it's up to people what they eat, but I think most people don't take time to think that that hot dog was once a pig.


    Also, I know that humans were evolved to be omnivores, but if it's possible to not eat meat, then why not be a vegetarian?


    Another thing, I have only been a vegetarian for 11 months, and people tell me it's just a "teenage girl phase", but I don't think they realize how serious I am about being a vegetarian, and saving many animals lives.


    Also some facts, 80% of agricultural land in america is used to feed animals used for slaughter and 50% of water in America is used to water that food that feeds the animals used for slaughter.


    Okay that's my rant about being a vegetarian.