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  1. MUAHAHAHHAHAAA! I love this evil plan. It's so....evil!
  2. This thread makes me so sad, and reminds me of my first pets. I had two cats when i was very young(4 or 5 at most) and they hated my sister, because she pulled their tails, but they loved me. the first one ran away, and was never seen again. her name was Solo and she was black and fluffy, with white paws and belly, my parents were pretty sure coyotes got her, we have a lot near our house. the second cat, Tua, was just like Solo, except he was gray. I woke up one morning when my mother was taking care of my neighbor's dogs, and she told me to come next door with her. My cat Tua was hanging from the neighbor's fence by his collar, it seemed he had slipped and his collar had choked him to death. It was a horrible sight, especially because i was so young. After that i had pet fish, so Rest In Peace: Stripey, Flow, Finn, Blue, Sebastian, French, Gubbers and my first and last fish Tiny. Tiny was special, a Zebra Daniel fish. Those aren't supposed to live very long, but she lived 7 years. We also had another cat named Domino, but we had to give him away because my sister had allergies because of him.
  3. So many sad stories on here, it makes me happy to have the parents that I have, even though my father is horribly old-fashioned and stubborn, i still love him and my mother. the one thing i hate is that they are both stupid. seriously, if they took an iq test their scores combined would be less then mine, but i guess that it's because that by some miracle i'm a "smart kid" (in math classes over a grade higher, and advanced english and social studies, and i still get all A's.)
  4. ZOMG! It's so cute! Do I have permission to resize it so it fits in my sig? I love it!
  5. MUST...GRAB...SLOT! What you want me to draw: S2 Geode hatchie! Description: Any pose you want, but derpy face. References (if there are any): S2 Geode hatchling. Style: Chibi! Anythin else:
  6. This was awesome! I got all 40 items, although I used this thread for help....
  7. WANT NAOW! - Dragon Breed, Stage and Gender: adult female daydream - Background colour: Very light blue, almost white. - Text animation colour: light purple - Text placement: whatever looks good! Thanks so much in advance!
  8. Suwako died because they took a long walk off of a short pier.
  9. These songs are so pretty! <3
  10. I LOVE SILLY BANDS! Really I do. Me and a few of my friends and trying to make it a fad again.... and failing....
  11. I collect jars of sand from beaches all over the world.
  12. I think this is funny because I dyed my hair! I have dark brown hair and I dyed the tips a peacock blue! It's really pretty, and once it fades I'm getting rainbow streaks/highlights.
  13. Hey Roon, just a random question. Do you ever draw dogs?
  14. Oh my goodness! Your art is amazing! Keep up the amazing work.
  15. Grrr. I wish I had one of the eggs you want! Some day I will. Some day...