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  1. I had this one game for my ds when I was six, it was called "Pet resort and spa" or something. I couldnt get past the tutorial! It made no sense, none of my friends, or their parents could figure it out. Good thing it was only like $10 or something. tongue.gif

  2. I love both zoo tycoon 1 and 2. My older sister and I often go through a phase with one or the other, and then forget about it, and then come back and look at old zoos, to relive the good old memories. I love all the cheats and Easter eggs in the first one, I wish that there were more in the second one. sad.gif When my sister and I got pissed at guests we would put them in "guest exhibits" with nothing in it and no way out. It was fun to watch the guests slowly die. and another time a penguin somehow killed a polar bear, and my sister and I could not stop laughing, then another penguin killed that penguin, and it was sad....

  3. Minecraft: I was on a hardcore pvp server, I found a hidden base on accident and started to raid it, then the team of three or four people found me! I spazzed out, being only in iron armor and having an almost dead diamond sword. Somehow I defeated all of them, and killed the last one just as my sword broke! It was win, too bad the server is down at the moment....sad.gif

  4. I do synchronized swimming(WHICH IS A SPORT BECAUSE IT'S IN THE OLYMPICS,DARNIT!), and I really enjoy it. I've been doing it for a relatively short time(three years) and hope to continue to do it all the way into collage. For those who don't know what synchronized swimming is, it's pretty much "dancing in the water" but more awesome. According to Wikipedia it's a "blend of swimming, dancing and gymnastics" which explains it a bit better. We only have three two-hour practices a week because our coach is really busy with school and stuff, but hopefully we will be able to have more in the future.


    PS: Here is some Olympic level synchro! What I'm doing is a lot easier of course.


    EDIT:that's world championship synchro. I totally knew that. xd.png

  5. My social studies/english teacher is well....interesting.

    The day of the first dance of the year she wore a rather revealing sparkly purple can-can dancer costume and taught us how to dance "properly". She forced everyone to get up and do it, lots of laughing ensued. She spent the whole period doing it, because some stupid boys weren't doing it "right".

    Then another time she was teaching a lesson about grammar, and then randomly picked up a stool and yelled "YOU MUST NOT CHANGE TENSES!" while banging it on a random kid's desk. There is still a dent to this day. xd.png


    Edit for spelling fail. (My teacher would not approve xd.png)

  6. I used to have three gerbils when I was younger.(for those who don't know what gerbils are, it's hard to explain, sort of like mouse/hamsters that stand like kangaroos[that's a horrible explanation. xd.png just google it!]) Anyways, it took a lot of convincing with my mom. We finally agreed that if she didn't see them or smell them, I could have them. They were super cute and I miss them a lot. sad.gif I named them after spacey stuff, my first two were Stella and Luna. The one I got after Stella passed was named Xena(which is a dwarf planet, like Pluto). I really wish that I could get more, but my parents say that I can only have one species of animal in my room at a time, and that slot is currently occupied by a goldfish that I rescued from being flushed down the toilet.

  7. Foster the People, Toby Turner, Zedd, Fun., Matt&Kim, RhettAndLink, MGMT, Alex Carpenter, Black Eyed Peas, Bon Jovi, Cage the Elephant, Julian Smith, Knights Bridge, Parry Grip, Plain White T's, Tom Felton, We the Kings, Wham!

    In no particular order wink.gif

    If you actually know most of these, you would know that I like a rather wide range of music. xd.png

  8. There are SO many songs that get stuck in my head, but what's most annoying is when it's more than one at the same time. xd.png


    Helena Beat-Foster the People (actually, pretty much anything by them gets stuck in my head.)

    Put a Banana In Your Ear-not sure, the song from charlie the unicorn

    Jenny was a friend of mine- the killers

    Human- the killers

    Nugget In a Biscuit- Toby Turner <3

    and much...muuuuch...more.


  9. @Above


    I believe it is, I think Batty says it once in reference to humans.


    Ah, Robin Williams. You make movies awesome.


    Anyway, I love this movie so much, but it did freak me out as a kid. So many good moments... "Gravity works." xd.png

    That's what i thought. (my 17 year-old sister and I were debating about it xd.png) We're going to watch it again soon, just so we can try to prove each other wrong. tongue.gif