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  1. Feeling some nostalgia and decided to look around here. Seems a lot has changed since then.
  2. Username: monoply12345 Name: Jameis Wilson Age: 24 Gender: Male Species: Disciple Appearance: Jameis' brown, curly hair slightly reveals a chiseled, calm face. He has glinting brown eyes, set concealed within their sockets, that peer over the soon-to-be victims of his evil deeds. His face is mostly shaven, save for a scraggly bit of hair making up a goatee. He has a dark complexion, standing at a large height of 6'4", and his brawny frame weighing close to 230 pounds. There's something off about him, perhaps it's the fact he is a disciple of the dark. But nonetheless, people tend to fall for his tricks, becoming another victim of his brutality. Picture: https://www.newsmax.com/Newsmax/files/3f/3f6496c7-c669-401d-9eaf-554a09fb318b.jpg History: Jameis was an athlete of high praise, a star in the making. But an injury caused by a low blow ended his career permanently. Sorrow and anger brewed a strong mix of resentment of his fellow humans, and soon he turned to darkness to find what he truly wanted in life... power. He sought out the Baron, pledging his allegiance via word to the unseen deity, promising to any dark deed. It was then he became a disciple, a foil to the apostles. A man turned dark by his lust for power. Personality: Jameis is a sly, weasel of a man who is tricky to deal with. His shrewd nature and trickery is only spotted by the wisest of people. He seems calm and friendly at first, but this is just a trick for him to corrupt you. If you resist Jameis, he will grow frustrated, and soon will drop his con act and attempt physical force. He shows respect only for his deity, and disregards just about everyone else. Do not trust him, or it will be your doom. Weapon: A curved, ebony dagger that's poisoned with a controlling substance. Anyone cut by the dagger has an hour to be cured, or they will fall under Jameis' control. Once under his control, the person must be healed by an apostle to release them from Jameis' grasp. Power: Invisibility. Jameis can vanish in an instant, becoming invisible, only able to found by sound or footprints. Other: Big dude, strength, toughness.
  3. Shane's search was nearly complete; he had been silently following his former colleagues, waiting impatiently for the right moment to attack. He's already had to silence a few bandits that managed to catch him... his victims' remains being ripped in many aspects from the cannibalism. Shane had waited long enough, his time to emerge from his hiding spot had come. It wouldn't be too hard to spot him coming... but Shane wasn't going for stealth here. Only a faceoff.
  4. Shane looked in disgust at the sight he had done. Sure, his stomach was filled, but the result was a mutilated corpse that looked like it had been ripped to shreds by animals. He didn't know it, but Shane was losing it, slowly but surely. He was beginning to forget things about Cincinnati, thinking his former home was just a fantasy, a myth. Who knows, maybe it was. Maybe this was always Shane's home... Standing up shakily, even the vile Shane couldn't look at the act he had done. But work had to be done. He had to go back the way he came, find his former friends, the ones who betrayed him, and take revenge, or else his conscious would bother him until the end of his days. He'd been doublecrossed once before, and it didn't end well for the traitor. Taking what he could carry, Shane began his long march towards the tree resembling a speck on the horizon, ready to take on just about anything in his way.
  5. Shane was a good distance away from his former allies, their tree a mere line on the horizon. He'd been chased by a few raiders through the night, and unable to control the horse he'd stolen, Shane had a rough time. Although he killed his three pursuers, he'd received a few wounds himself, and the horse he had been mounted on was also dead. The rising sun woke Shane, and reminded him of the scene last night. There were several corpses surrounding the plain, four horses and three raiders. Shane sat about ten feet from the carcasses, resting against a lone tree. "You were something else." Shane said, kicking the robed corpse of a raider aside. "Hurling your fancy little flames like some magic trick. Couldn't stop a steel blade." Shane glanced at his stolen sword. He still was surprised he'd killed three men with such an unfamiliar weapon. "Gotta save ammo." He thought to himself, patting his shotgun. He'd come close to using it. The new land had been psychological and physically tormenting for Shane. He had not eaten in days, and that hunger was too much to resist now. Looking down at another raider's dead body, Shane's stomach began to grumble. He had killed the man with a slashed abdomen, but that wouldn't hamper his next act, as he got down on all fours and took a huge bit out of the corpse's arm. Nalom had driven Shane to cannibalism.
  6. Meanwhile, Hjatli's riders decided to camp out by the lake, in case the dragons were to return to the location. That and the horses and men were tired, and needed some rest. The ten riders didn't even know if their comrades back at the burning camp had survived the battle with the dragon. They could only hope. - Julia was quiet, though not wary. She'd been in the human military, this man was no soldier, that was for sure.
  7. "After them!" Hjalti shouted, odd for a man of such composure. The horsemen continued their ride, chasing after the duo, when another dragon and another human went after the duo. It was rare to see one dragon, let alone too. "Follow them... follow them both." Hjalti added on to his orders, as the horsemen sped after both the dragons. - Julia turned around, spotting a dragon with a human riding on it. "You know those dragon tamers you were talking about? I think we got one hot on our tail." Julia shouted over the wind to the dragon she rode. Preparing a throwing knife, she was ready to toss it if the other two got hostile.
  8. The dragon escaped. The ambush had failed. "Sir, they're getting away!" One of the soldiers said in an annoyed tone. "Search the area. They must've been warned by somebody." Hjalti said coldly, looking around for anyone or anything that might've helped the fugitive escape. - "Close call." Julia said as they took off, wiping a nervous sweat away. "Persistent aren't they?"
  9. Although their numbers were sparse, the ten riders were able to have the entire area surrounded. Forming a circle, Hjalti motioned for them to charge, as the ten riders circled around Julia and the dragon, there only two options being fly straight above or go into the lake. As they began their charge, some of the riders threw spears or shot their bows, aiming at the duo. - Julia was quick to raise her weapon, hopping up on the dragon's back. She had a few throwing knives, and could throw them at the enemy from her position on the dragon. "Ready when you are." Julia said, watching as the group of riders drew closer and closer to the duo.
  10. Hjalti and his riders eventually found themselves at the end of the forest, a vast plain stretching beyond it, the moonlight giving it a mystical glow. There, they spotted a lake, the two fugitives they'd been chasing right by it. "Surround the area. Kill on sight." Hjalti ordered simply, as the riders began to circle around the lake.
  11. Buried. It was an unfitting end to Shane, but one anyways. Or so it would seem. The vile, villainous man wasn't finished yet. Breaking free of the dirt, Shane rose like a zombie, brandishing his knife. Anger swept through him, as he saw one of the raiders rush at him. Although said man was armored with a blade much larger than Shane's own, Shane slashed the man's throat before he got close enough for a strike. Pushing the choking victim down, he noticed his former allies retreating, conjuring a tree. Traitors. It wasn't like Shane wasn't going to eventually betray them, but being double-crossed just completed Shane's descent into pure evil. He might have been redeemable before, but now, that was too long gone. Picking up the sword of his victim, Shane began looking, finding his way to a steed. It was a mere horse, and although he'd never ridden a creature, Shane hopped right on, before kicking the beast in the rear. It began to sprint away, though not in the direction Shane wanted. Speeding uncontrollably away, Shane was taken opposite of his former allies, as their figures grew further away. He would get his revenge and riches... or die trying.
  12. This was it. Shane was at his breaking point. He'd been attacked, threatened, insulted, and now, forced to join a gang he had no interest in. Yet here was this man, asking for him to prove himself, to see if he was WORTHY to join his gang. Did he just doubt Shane's abilities, ones that shouldn't ever be tested. Oh he was in for a real surprise. "Oh show my worth you say?" Shane said, kicking up some dirt. "You don't think I'm strong enough?" In a flash, Shane jumped to the closest man, ripping him from his steed, and throwing him to the ground. Men began to move towards him to save their comrade, but Shane pressed his knife to the man's neck. The others knew if they got close, their fellow would be killed. "Huh, good enough?" Shane asked, drawing a little blood as he began to press his knife a little harder.
  13. Did that slug just talk? What in the... "Excuse me? Who are you?" Julia said, raising up. Her sword was ready, in case that voice just happened to be a hunter, bandit, or something else. Sick of being the victim, Julia was strong and defiant in her words "If you mean harm, it will reflect back on you." She wasn't afraid anymore. Not even of her old bounty hunter.
  14. "Good. I appreciate it." Julia said, kneeling by the water's edge, cupping her hands to get as much water as she could. After drinking to her liking, she laid down on the grass, head looking to the now starry skies. She was far, far from the land she knew. But, this sense of exploration, of adventure... it was a welcome one. Julia smiled a bit, not even thinking she'd wake up and see a dragon, yet alone meet one and be whisked off on a journey. It was almost a fantasy come true.
  15. Hooves thundered as the squad of soldiers continued their northbound ride, unsure if the dragon they were hunting was still flying above in the thick clouds. Night was on the horizon now as the sun began it's descent, dusk at hand. Although it didn't bother Hjalti, the others did not like being in the forest at night. These were unknown lands, crawling with vermin and other dangerous creatures, not to mention the roaming bandit groups or the no doubt endless amount of dragons. But they were trained to fight such beasts... and as long as Hjalti lead the way, their thoughts wouldn't be persuaded. - Glad to be on the ground again, Julia stretched her legs out, giving a long yawn. "Are you sure that water is clean?" She asked, wondering if she could take a swig. Apart from her little dive underwater earlier that day, she'd been relatively dry, and being up in the air so long didn't help her condition. (edit: realized dotz posted)
  16. Shane quickly drew a switch blade, one cleverly kept secret up until that point. Holding it reverse grip, Shane adopted a fighting stance, daring someone to come down and fight him. He was big enough to drag someone from their horse, but there were many, many more of them. The only time he was surrounded like this was during a bad deal between gangs, which was luckily interrupted by the cops. But here in this land, there was no police force, nothing that could get them out of this. Shane was not going to be no one's plaything, and would fight to the end. "You see. My associates and I have heard stories of your victories over the helpless and weak and we wish to join your ranks" David was saying to the horsemen. "What are you doing? We should use our advantage!" Shane said, ready to pull his shotgun out. Unfortunately, it only had four shots, which wouldn't be enough. But if a good shot could be landed, it would send off a good message. A dead leader and loud bang would scare anyone off who wasn't familiar with firearms. It was worth a try.
  17. if you want, I can make an antagonistic character to move the plot (willhuff is still on the grey side of morality... but for how long?)
  18. "Sir, they've seem to have disappeared into the clouds!" A horseman shouted to Hjalti as he forcefully yanked on the reins, sending his horse to a whinnying halt. Most would show frustration and anger at their target escaping, but Hjalti was cool and collected, displaying no real emotion in his cold eyes. "They were heading North... I doubt their direction will change. Continue North men." Hjalti's orders were simple, one that even the thickest of individuals would understand. With that, the group of ten riders giddy up'd, attempting to stay on trail. - "I hope we did lose them. Those maniacs used to be my fellow soldiers... I could tell you a thing or two about them." Julia offered, ready to give information about the human army to dragons.
  19. "Where's the treasure, huh? This is all this is right, one big treasure hunt, right?" Shane was getting frustrated. He'd been walking for what felt like hours, he was far, FAR from home, and he didn't even recognize where they had been in. First some crazy forest and next, this ash field. He was beginning to lose his casual cool, as annoyance got to him, as he forcefully grabbed Eskia by her shirt collar, a physical attempt to get an answer. "We've been marching on this quest for a few hours. Where is the reward? You know, the glittery stuff worth tons of money?" Shane asked, almost in a mocking way of words. He'd been interrupted of his one hobby, fighting, once today, and that had put his mood off for the rest of it. Rest would be best, but for now, Shane was angry.
  20. The army fights against the attacking dragons, hurling spears and striking with axes, swords, halberds, and especially pikes. "Hjalti! Get a group of ten or so men and chase after the fugitive and her dragon!" The commander ordered. Hjalti nodded, rounding up a group of men, and riding off in the direction, trying to keep track of the flying dragon.
  21. "Dragon tamers?" Julia asked, intrigued, but also frightened. Her pessimistic thoughts began to race. What if her bounty hunter wrestled a dragon into submission and somehow got to them? No, that would be impossible. The big guy was a dragon slayer, not a tamer... or at least, she hoped he wasn't.
  22. "But what if the soldiers track us down? That big fella who threw the spear was pretty dang good at weeding me out." Julia says, now worried for the dragons. She didn't want to lead this huge garrison of soldiers towards a safehaven of dragons. She couldn't bear being responsible for such a crime. Or to the humans, a major step in the war.
  23. (i'm gonna leave a post for Michiko, since Willhuff is going to remain idle until someone wonders on his land in the fields. Currently Michiko is in the town Drake's in, evading slavers by keeping low until she can find a way out of town.) Michiko busted from the building she had been locked in, the bright sun of the day blinding her for a moment. Knowing a few slavers were hot on her trail, she transformed into a fox, running on all fours to increase her speed. Soon, her small size and increased agility allowed her escape for good, as she lost the pursuing slavers. If only she'd known about this power before, her escape would've been done so much faster, so long ago. Transforming back into her hybrid form, Michiko took a moment to catch her breath, as she found herself standing in the streets. She kept her ears tucked behind a fur cap, and her tail was hidden in her baggy pants. That's when she noticed a few men exiting a rich looking manor, the men dressed in armor, looking like knights. Keeping her head low, she tried to not catch the attention of them, not knowing what they would do to a runaway kin slave.
  24. "That was nasty, I won't touch another fruit in this crazy place." Shane said, vomiting again. The thing he ate smelt sweet, like a fresh baked pie, but tasted like the smell of bleach. Why he had even swallowed it after the bad taste, Shane didn't know. Guess hunger will do that to a man... the bird he had been mounted on was looking a little tasty... maybe he could kill it and roast it, maybe take a bite out of that sweet, juicy flesh... "Get back on track Shane. These people, this bird, they're not your friends. You're here to use them... you're not going to get rich if they're wanting a share of the riches" The sadistic thoughts returned, reminding Shane he was no goodie two shoes. He couldn't get soft, not now, not ever. Being nice was a sign of weakness, and letting his guard down could be his undoing. Standing up and brushing off, Shane looked bored, before loudly asking "Well wonder lady, what's next?"