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  1. Book Number: 17 Number Of Pages:474 Book Title: Les chevalier d'émeraude - l'ile des lézards. (Aprox translation: Knights of Emerald - The Lizards island) 5/12 Author:Anne Robillard Summary: When the lizards attacked the continent a few months earlier in the previous book, they kidnapped women and girls to be able to reproduce, in this book the knights sail to their island to bring back the humans. Using an old prophecy to their adventage, they try to heal their sick females. Also a new enemy attacked the human continent.
  2. That exactly what made me think about not being the usual square and just destroy what I just printed X.x but might as well ignored them and still try to solve it
  3. nothing for regular, going to try to solve that sudoku ... or maybe not now that I see that's not regular 9x9 squares but random shapes Guess I going to give up on the game too
  4. False I don't hate them but can't say I love them, barelly eat yogurt. TPBM speaks 2 languages or more
  5. Book Number: 16 Number Of Pages: 489 Book Title: Les chevaliers d'émeraude : La Princesse Rebelle (aprox translation: Knights of Emerald: The rebelious princess) 4/12 Author: Anne Robillard Summary: Kira is now 19 years old and officially become a knight. Meanwhile, a new enemy appear, humanoid lizard raiding their villages stealing only women and girls.
  6. I think I might have figured out the riddle Q2, pmed Draco and waiting for an answer
  7. Even I, who studies some biology (genetic included )in college (though that was back in 2010 so mostly forget a lot of it and it was like only one class as complementary (like you had to do one class outside you field of study), I have no clue about how to solve the first tricky/riddle/whatever.
  8. Riddle (R3): Created alongside each other These dragons came together This lovely affair A child to bear  Who didn't resemble either! Bingo https://dragcave.net/view/C63T8
  9. 21. Fool’s gold - A dorkface bingo: https://dragcave.net/lineage/AIXiw 23. Leprechaun caught! - Upside down mint bingo: https://dragcave.net/view/SJs1r Riddle (R3): Created alongside each other These dragons came together This lovely affair A child to bear Who didn't resemble either! Uh I'll think about it
  10. If you are talking about Riddle (PM me!): R1. II.XIV.MMXI Like the other said I did pm you an answer for it... unless you mean the tricky from round 4
  11. Book Number: 15 Number Of Pages: 473 Book Title: Les chevaliers d'émeraude : Piège au Royaume des Ombres (would translate aproximatively as Knights of Emerald: Trapped in the Shadow Kingdom) - 3/12 Author: Anne Robillard Summary: Kira is now fifteen and is a squire like she always wanted to be. A prophecy announced someone that would be able to destroy the dark emperor, and that person is now born and the emperor send his soldiers to find him and kill him while he is still a newborn. The knights aldo need to help of hybrids from the sorcerer and discover a land in the north.
  12. MY boyfriend's board game collection (and there's a few ones missing)
  13. Book number: 14 Number Of Pages: 474 Book Title: Les Chevaliers d'Émeraude - Les dragons de l'empereur noir (would roughly translate as: Knights of Emerald - The Black Emperor's dragons) 2/12 Author: Anne Robillard Summary: seven years passed since the emperor last send soldiers attacking the humans, meanwhile he sent dragon eggs to distract the knights and his sorcerer to get his daughter back.
  14. Apparently, I just went for the simple solution hoping it was that instead of trying to overthink it. Sometimes, easy things are hard because we overthink them.
  15. In the post keeping up the score, there was a link saying dont click and when I went in, there was a long text and an image with different numbers. There was another link with a googledoc with all dragon breeds from DC with a number next to each. The only number in the image matching a dragon number was 151, which was Razorcrest on the list. Thought it would be something more complicated seeing the long text but seems it was only that simple (barely read the text).
  16. Is there more to do or I did get the secret ?
  17. Secret bingo: https://dragcave.net/view/RP7Ws
  18. Same as Purple and Fuzz. For secrets, I never look for them actively, only claim if I stumble across them. And same as sh2000sh, not a native english speaker. Even for R8, I didnt bother solving it,just went eith what others posted.
  19. R6 bingo: https://dragcave.net/view/8vXNL R7 bingo https://dragcave.net/lineage/bqhmx https://dragcave.net/lineage/jX9j3 https://dragcave.net/lineage/jKwcv R8 bingo https://dragcave.net/view/vhPYP R9 bingo https://dragcave.net/lineage/vYK7K
  20. I'm from Quebec province (Canada), traveled mostly into my own province, Prince-Edward Island, New-Brunswick, Ontario and Alberta (and a tiny bit of British Colombia) Outside of Canada I only traveled to Washington DC/Maryland (can't really say I saw the states we passed through other than the highway). Were are planning to go to Greece next fall.
  21. Round Love “What is the meaning of Iove?” ReguIar: 4. Three words, eight letters - A dragon with a three part breed and an eight Ietter name bingo: https://dragcave.net/view/XOMe1 S. Just a sweet gift… - Any valentine dragon! bingo: https://dragcave.net/view/ViBq5
  22. f1 bingo: https://dragcave.net/lineage/N8dcQ
  23. Book Number:13 Number Of Pages: 303 Book Title:Les chevaliers d'Émeraude: Le feu dans le ciel (The Knights of Emrald: The fire in the sky) - 1/12 Author:[/b] Anne Robillard Summary: A purple girl named Kira, born from the rape against the Queen Fan of Shola by the black emperor Amecareth, The knights will have to defend the continent against the beast. In this first book, the order of knights of emerald is reborn after centuries with magic people. They have to face a first fight when Amecareth sent soldiers to get her daughter back.