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  1. Book Number: 4 Number Of Pages: 320 Book Title: À quelques secondes près (french of Seconds Away) Author: Harlan Coben Summary:Mickey Bolitar now lives with his uncle Myron since his father passed away and his mother got in rehab. One morning policemen came to see him because one of his friends and her mother got shooted at. Mickey and his friends (including the one who got shooted) are trying to solve what happended and try to find who is the shooter. Rating: (optional) Review:Very good book. I bought it less than 48 hours ago
  2. Book Number: 3 Number Of Pages: 366 Book Title: Ne t'éloigne pas (french of Stay Close) Author:Harlan Coben Summary: They're trying to solve a crime which happened 17 years earlier. (I have no clue how to make a summary of that book ><) Rating: (optional) Review: (optional)
  3. I was sure the answer would've be Throught the fire and flames ... When I'm gone (the only one I know and like it) Disturbed
  4. false to young to be and don't want to be TPBM has a cellphone
  5. Book Number:2 Number Of Pages:352 Book Title: Les 5 derniers dragons: un vent malsain (volume 7) Author: Danielle Dumais Summary: While we see the journey back to their country, we also see what happens to princess Launa and her two a baby dragons. Rating: (optional) Review: (optional)
  6. Oh my I got another one from desert... maybe I'll another one from Coast.. only one spot ;eft from egg locked ^^ that's my Lucky day
  7. Yay managed to get one of each now I'm happy... It's rare I got eggs the day of the release ^^
  8. Book Number:1 Number Of Pages:330 Book Title: Les 5 Dermiers Dragons: La cité de Glace (The last 5 dragons, The Ice city) Volume 6 Author: Danielle Dumais Summary: While they're searching for the ether dragon, the last one of their quest to find the 5 dragons (fire, earth, wind, water and ether), they reach the the city they had a suprise because someone else was after the dragon. That person wanted the dragon's blood to be able to reach immortality and eternal beauty. The fight start between the knights and the man for who will have that dragon.
  9. Sign me in please I'm planning to read a bit more now (thought most book I'm reading are french...)
  10. http://img823.imageshack.us/img823/3379/prlr.png
  11. Soldiers of the Wasteland - Live by DragonForce
  12. I wanna Rock because I don't know the other song Down with the Sickness (Disturbed) or Enter Sandman (Metallica)