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  1. Ponderous Puzzle Po1a. My egg glows. Po1b. I can be found in caves at any time of the year. bingo: https://dragcave.net/view/SIOIT Po1c. TBD Po1d. TBD
  2. Book Number: 14 Number Of Pages: 241 Book Title: Arielle Queen: Premier voyage vers l'Helheim (would translate as Arielle Queen: first journey to Helheim) book 2/10 Author: Michel J Lévesque Summary: Arielle has to go save people from the Helheim to be able to fullfill the prophecy. Book Number: 15 Number Of Pages: 244 Book Title: Arielle Queen: La riposte des elfes noirs (would translate as: Arielle Queen, the black elves' retaliation) 3/10 Author: Michel J. Lévesque Summary: During a reception organased for the return of Noah, where all the town residents are invited, they are attacked by black elves.
  3. Book Number: 13 Number Of Pages: 295 Book Title: Arielle Queen: La société secrète des Alters (would translate as Arielle Queen: The secret society of alters) Author: Michel J. Lévesque Summary: Arielle Queen is a 16 years old teenager and she find out she has an alter in her, which is the evil part of her. She got the mission to destroy the other alters and the black elfs.
  4. Round 2 Regular R9. A wingless dragon whose code starts with W/w. bingo: https://dragcave.net/view/WVj5D R10. A drake whose code starts with D/d. bingo: https://dragcave.net/view/dFUWW R11. A two-headed whose code starts with 2 bingo: https://dragcave.net/view/2gA6N R12. A pygmy whose code starts with P/p bingo: https://dragcave.net/view/PN0Kk. Ponderous Puzzle Po1a. My egg glows. bingo: https://dragcave.net/view/tD16a Po1b. TBD Po1c. TBD Po1d. TBD
  5. Sunset in Oia, Santorini, Greece
  6. I'll be spending the next few days/week in greek islands, I might get some beautiful ones
  7. No need I can come at least once a day but yeah we get wifi pretty much everywhere. I prefer doing it myself as if we are 2 there might be errors in the total.
  8. Hey just to let you know, I'm travelling over sea for the next 2 weeks so I might not update as fast as usual.
  9. Book Number: 12 Number Of Pages: 314 Book Title: La malédiction des Dragensblöt : Le château (would translate as the Dragensblöts' Curse: The Castle) Author: Anne Robillard Summary: 900 years ago, a witch cursed Ulrik Dragensblöt, all his desendants are turned into ghost who all live in a castle where they can't rest in peace. Samuel Andersen have the mission to break the curse by traveling in the past.
  10. I have no preference as I'm used to use both but that should be clear which one is used to not confuse people.
  11. Flash F5. A 6G dragon! bingo: https://dragcave.net/lineage/ZPqzU
  12. Book Number: 11 Number Of Pages: 226 Book Title: Amos Daragon: Le santuaire des brave III Author: Bryan Perro Summary: Amos is now free from the gods punishment, his friends are on their way to get out of hell and a new person comes to help built the sanctuary.
  13. Oh yeah, I wish we could still have it 😥 . If someone can make a new one, it would be really nice. Sadly I don't really have the ability to make a good one. I dmed nepenthe.catharsis but not sure I will get an answer as they haven't come on the forum since february.
  14. My dragon with the most views has 9800 x.x
  15. What badges ? I guess the answer is no if I'm not even sure what you are talking about
  16. Book Number: 10 Number Of Pages: 226 Book Title: Amos Daragon: Le santuaires des braves 2 Author: Bryan Perro  Summary: Amos got kidnapped by Leviathan and Behemoth who want to bring him to Hell's prison. Meanwhile, his friends try to save him.
  17. Book Number: 9 Number Of Pages: 229 Book Title: Amos Daragon: Le Sanctuaire des braves I Author: Bryan Perro Summary: The follow up of Amos Daragon's adventure. After his mission to bring back the balance of the universe, he now has to keep it safe until it finishing to settle down. He got a new mission to built a sanctuary to all heroes who died and are now in danger to desapear as retaliation from the gods toward Amos.
  18. Regular R1. An Amphiptere that cannot be found in any biomes. bingo: https://dragcave.net/view/vBmvg R2. A CB drake that makes you compliment its cuteness twice. bingo: https://dragcave.net/view/8fC7l R3. A CB drake that (probably) can make your ears bleed. bingo: https://dragcave.net/view/oVGva R4. A CB Two-Headed dragon that likes to solve puzzles. bingo: https://dragcave.net/view/gkGjn R5. A lineaged dragon where one of its ancestors is a unique holiday dragon belonging to the spriter of the said dragon. bingo: https://dragcave.net/lineage/ZPqzU (A Wish UNder Moonlight) R6. A lineaged dragon where one (or two, since they come in pairs) of its ancestors is a Verified Thuwed bingo: https://dragcave.net/lineage/T2eDv R7. A non-holiday CB dragon whose "Stolen on" date is the same as the breed's release date. bingo: https://dragcave.net/view/MIdhe R8. An "XD" coded dragon. (Any variation works, such as "xD" or "Xd"). bingo bingo: https://dragcave.net/view/ZPxDf Cascade Cas1b. A 3G dragon where all the sprites in lineage are different from each other. bingo: https://dragcave.net/lineage/CRaJJ
  19. Book Number: 8 Number Of Pages: 204 Book Title: Collection Les Contes Interdits : Le Petit Chaperon Rouge (would translate as "The Forbiden Tales : The Little Red Ridding Hood" no english version) (For mature readers only) Author: Sonia Alain Summary: Angelika is on a personal quest to avenge her mother and grand-mother who were killed by a group of people.
  20. Book Number: 7 Number Of Pages:369 Book Title: Meurtre à la Carte (french of Monday Mourning) Author: Kathy Reichs Summary: In Montréal, three Skeletons were found in the basement of a pizza restaurant. They have to find out if they are recent, who they are and what happened to them.
  21. I'm in with diamond F1 bingo : https://dragcave.net/view/JXJXA
  22. Book Number: 6 Number Of Pages: 321 Book Title: Cobayes: Olivier (would translate as Test Subjects: Olivier) no english version (for mature readers only) Author: Yvan Godbout Summary: Olivier Monarque, 18 years old suffer from anxiety and psychotic crisis since his twin brother died in a fire seven years earlier. One day, he found an ad in the newspaper about a medical lab looking for people to test a new drug for anxiety. He decided to aply.
  23. Book Number: 5 Number Of Pages: 511 Book Title: Da Vinci Code (french version of The Da Vinci Code) Author: Dan Brown Summary: One night Robert Langdon is called to the Louvre museum after they found the curator's body. They unknowinglt begin their journey of the quest to find the Graal.
  24. Since I don't have a lot I'll go with this one of a campfire
  25. Book Number:4 Number Of Pages: 482 Book Title: Juste un regard (french translation of: Just One Look) Author: Harlan Coben  Summary: After she found an old photography hidden in a pile of photos she just got from the printer, Grace Lawson's life colapsed while her husband desapeared. She tried to understand what happened