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  1. Thank you, SPS. I have (pretty few compared to total dragon number) descriptions. Somehow I just can't seem to make them up fitting to the dragons. It sounds intriguing enough though. Have to think on it
  2. Could someone please explain what this entitles? I'm not quite sure I understand it. If I have never modded this part, I wouldn't know about this, correct? So would there be some place to look it up? Like a note-pad for those who do the modding of the descriptions? *scatches head a bit forlorn*
  3. Yup, thanks I thought, as with the other dragons it filled up with numbers, at least the "basic" would be there with the new release *blushes*
  4. Hello there, I've been wondering if there is a reason that several releases did not get encyclopedia-articles (antarean, greater spotted drake, hooktalon, magelight pygmy, sapphire) and othres did. Also there is none on the Leetle Tree, yet on the chickens and dinos... futher: Sunset and Sunrise get seperated articles, not so pyralspites, nebulas, dorsals, ... I am confused ;-) Could someone answer this? Is there an answer? Thanks! B
  5. This is so cool! It reminds me of the first RPGs I've played!
  6. This update is just great. Sad though that the silvers don't look at each other anymore
  7. I was just thinking if it would be possible to make an option to only show growing eggs/hatchlings on the first page - no matter how many dragons - and all the adults on the following pages - without having to hide them for not showing on the first page as for pageloading-time (just a thought) *hops off*
  8. There is. On the top of each topic there's a "track this" You can look at your bookmarks at "my controls" (though I'm not happy with either getting no mails or lots of them :/ )
  9. I can so much relate to you, Sock Got the same problem in one of my modding forums... especially kids or kid-like-thinking people are the ones who don't read the rules, don't abide by them and afterwards usually complain - even when warned - that they can't post, can't login ('cause their account has been suspended for a few days...) and such. So here's a big hug for the mods, who keep this running and usually at a nice conversation level
  10. Um... I work as a mod in two other forums. Both have a very different set of rules - and usually the new users get the impression, that the enforced rules are unfair. Every forum has a set of rules of its own and learning those rules is just like coming to a new group of people and getting to know their rules. You wouldn't get into a group and tell them their grouprules are - 'cause you'll just be looked at strangely and then not be part of that group - or even ruin your chances of ever being part of that group. What I want to say is: As a mod you really have a lot to do in most forums and usually it takes a lot of patience explaining the same things over and over and over and over and over again. Yes, it would be easier, if the search was functioning better. Yes, it would be nice if the read topics wouldn't show up as unread in the new posts list when having clicked the egg. But quite frankly? To be a mod is most often rather being a pain in the ass - though I have to admit that when nice users come along, it is a lot of fun as well.
  11. started DC in July 2009... dunno what the release was back then... is there a timetable somewhere?
  12. Um... don't know how to phrase this in English... hope I get the idea through When clicking the big red egg to the left of a subforum, the threads there are shown as read. But when you go to "View New Posts" they still are unread. Could that be changed? Could there be a button to only show "unread" threads?
  13. x_x Thanks, it helps a lot (there should be something like a guide... the stuff you get in the introduction is just TOO much)
  14. T_T I don't understand why they were discontinued... *sigh*
  15. I'm not sure if someone brought this up... don't want to read through all the posts and there seems to be no summary: Usually I love to view most of the new posts. But some subforums are just not interesting to me (like the games). Whenever I get to "View new posts", I always have them in there. Is it possible to only get DC-Related "New Posts"? A "all read"-function that I didn't discover yet for the games for example? Cheers
  16. Oh yes. Please! A counter! A friend and I are always wondering why she sees... for example not a single green egg while the AP I see has nothing else (btw: I'd love to have a full view of all the AP-eggs at once, so I'd not be pressing F5 all the time till I see the one I want or think to be interesting )