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  1. I can not browse the cave for weeks, I keep getting errors all the time!!!
  2. I found this little baby: http://dragcave.net/lineage/5AW5I
  3. I`m looking for a mate for these to make arrow lineages: 3rd gen black and marrow stair: http://dragcave.net/lineage/0h7m0 5th gen black rosebud stair: http://dragcave.net/lineage/vrZvs And evens: 3rd even gen PB black: http://dragcave.net/lineage/k828O 5th gen even PB gen black or pink: http://dragcave.net/lineage/DM1ek 4th gen black and stripes: http://dragcave.net/lineage/0qsmN
  4. Check your PMs, dear! *hugs* Sorry about your loss!
  5. Can I be added to the list, please? Thank you!
  6. I think silver needs an update now! LOL they look totally flat compared to all others!
  7. Why are Hollys so rare? I don`t see any at all in the AP ... no one responds to trades either ... *sigh* I mean snow angels and ribbons were limited too, but they do drop in the AP often!
  8. WOW!!! AP full of snow angels!!!! Quite a sight!!!
  9. Happy Holidays all!!! I also have my two eggies, they are beautiful! I wonder why the Holies are so rare, all other Christmas dragons are popping up in the AP, but no Hollies ... I still haven`t gotten a single one ... not even a teeny weeny whatever lineage baby, and my eggs apparently are not rare enough to trade for one, not even my prettiest tinsels got a single offer ... *sigh*
  10. I want to have a Scroll Helper! Forum Name: SapphireRose Scroll Name: Lilithdilevilio Scroll Link:http://dragcave.net/user/LilithDiLevilio Wishlist: CB Pink CB Nebula Alt Black Alt Vine Red dorsal Silver Gold Chicken Dino purple Dino red Neglected Zombie Holly Yulebuck Snow Angel Ribbon Dancer Sweetling Rosebud Preferred dragons (Which do you want first off your wishlist?): alt black, neglected, CB pink, cb nebula, gold Certain Helper? (Or a random one): Anyone who can help! Anything else?: No preference, any lineages are great, not too picky!
  11. It had a potential of awesomeness, but I think it`s rather plain and ... ummm ... small? ... is it me or are the dragons getting tinier with each new release ... ? I still heart Marrows more than anything! They are pure deadly grace!
  12. Very funny! The are down for maintenance ...
  13. Dammit! I see no eggs! Gotta run to work!!! I`ll die if I don`t get a single one ....
  14. Oh gawd ... I hope I can get a few! I gotta work tomorrow and will be home late ... Maaaaan!!! *sigh* I hope I won`t have to spend the whole night stalking the cave ...
  15. My Marrows got named: Devioso Mort dAmant Vicont Targaryen de Sangria (PB, both parents with Targaryen family name so decided to keep that!) Lucrezia de Borgia Pumpkins: Cinnamon de Autumnal Dream Marietta de Vanilla Spice Still waiting on one Marrow and Pumpkin to gender!
  16. Thanks so much! Off to go hunting!
  17. I haven`t managed to catch any ... what are the descriptions for these and which areas are they found in?
  18. SapphireRose

    Hell's Gate

    I`d love to join, but I can`t find any blacks in the AP ...