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  1. I was making a normal wreath, but... My Time-Traveling Wreath
  2. Just caught this one: 2FeZS Because fezzes are cool.
  3. "There's a million dollars behind the-"
  4. Well, in Kindergarden, I thought my technology teacher was going to kill us if we didn't get 100% on our assignments. Every day before technology, we had a bathroom break. Using my cunning mind, I devised a perfect plan: Hide in the bathroom, and skip technology. So I waiting in a stall for probably an hour, before I heard announcements over the intercom to dismiss students to office for release. Thinking that the school day was over, and that I would be locked into the school for the night, I started screaming. As loud as I possibly could. The principal found me, and sent me back to my
  5. Nice! But why did you hide tinsel in invisible fog? That never works!
  6. Misclicked two commons in the cave, and debated about dropping another ER egg. Instead, I stick it in an ER, and hunt. A Gold appears in the Cave. I click, and get the overburdened message. ...Seriously!
  7. They're sniffing each others' paws?
  8. I think if you keep an egg fogged, it can drop to a negative time (or it used to).
  9. I really like the father's lineage!
  10. Do it, if only for the bizarre reaction you would get! Edit: Too much time on my hands!
  11. I found this beautiful Guardian off the Abandoned Page: http://dragcave.net/lineage/41q1X
  12. How about the moss on the eggs could be a random sprite? Such as, one mossy egg would have PieMaster's sprite, and another could have a different sprite, like ixupi's. I would also suggest medium-high MSA cooldown, and a medium-low MSA chance, so if someone already has five, they would still want more.
  13. I had a Caveborn Guardian, Caveborn Albino, Lineaged Red, and I-don't-remember Green.
  14. TARDIS eggs. They're bigger on the inside.
  15. Yes, I do that when I have an interesting code. First three I can think of: (Xcode) Xcode (FtBNr) Fat Ben (movco) movco
  16. My favorite's the Ice, but I like the adult sprites equally. However, I like the Ice hatchling's sprite slightly more than the Magma.
  17. Magi: Can only teleport small eggs, or normal eggs with a chance of them going to the abandoned page. Red: Incubate takes a small time off the egg (like an hour, half a day?) Green: Puts cracks in an egg, but might kill an egg (It might roll off a ledge?) Purple: Has a reduced chance of working (compared to an adult) Pink: Has a reduced chance of working (compared to an adult) Maybe to should only work for matured hatchling (at least the pink)?
  18. In World of Warcraft, playing a Battleground, I was killed while jumping. The result: My corpse was floating in the air. Very fun. When I was little, I got stuck in Pokemon Silver, because I thought touching whirlpools resets your game and kills you...
  19. Have: Any name on my scroll (The link is in my signature) Want: Offers, preferably nice dragons.