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  1. Get a Warn Percent of at least 80. How do I gender my dragons?
  2. Because any dragon can be bred from any dragon. How do I name my dragons?
  3. Hiding and Unhiding (Also known as Hide and Seek) will help you hatch your eggs faster. When will my egg hatch?
  4. You need to use Earthquake (the Breed Specific Action of a Green dragon) What is a metallic?
  5. You need to breed two Spitfires together. What is an Alt?
  6. Because they sometimes hatch into real golds and silvers. How do I get views? ~Edited quote for censor evasion.~
  7. A dragon obtained on Thursdays or Wednesdays. How do I summon?
  8. I once did. That has never stopped me. My tiredn- geniousness has inspired the most terrifying creature known... Oh no.
  9. I cannot handle such a responsibility!
  10. The Platiraptor must not be sprited! It's a good thing I eat Pies.
  11. Quite possibly the best or worst combination of animals known to mankind.
  12. Because when we're least expecting it... We'll realize that they aren't dinosaurs, they're Velociraptor-Platypi hybrids. Or possibly another bizarre joke.
  13. If this is real, would dragons be uncommon in Dinocave?
  14. She's messing with our minds!
  15. Then I shall steal the brownie and eat it. Food product-disguised codes do not last long. Codes: P48oT3 a930to 8wI5n
  16. I had it a moment ago. Silly red Dinosaurs pulling pranks on me. What is it, April Fool's Day?
  17. I'd think if people are really getting sent invitations, it is probably at random.
  18. This is the most entertaining April Fool's Day I've had in a while. Anyone else? Also, I just adopted the prettiest teal Dino egg, it's on my scroll in my signature.
  19. I got an invitation! I put a link to my account in the signature for proof.
  20. After a successful code hunt, I've picked up a naughty green, and Nala! And now I've found Oh, Pi!
  21. I was bored one day, so I used Google to find a dragon-related game, and found Dragon Cave.