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  1. I just did an experiment on a zyu hatchling, it insta-grew into an adult ND.  Seems to work the same as zyu egg experiments.


    Starting stats:

    251 uvs, maxed ovs, I think I had only 1 or two clicks.

    Ending stats:

    265 uvs, maxed ovs, 13 clicks (here)


    I hatched the egg while it was ER in order to make sure it had a small enough number of views so it wouldn't insta-grow into a zyu adult.  I also used this dragon as a reference as it grew up with ~2 hours left to live.  I'm going to guess NDs need around 250-300 (I was aiming for 265 exactly this time) ovs to grow.


    Overall this type of experiment is useless if you want to trade the ND, and it does require waiting a bit longer.  On the other hand you can free up an egg slot sooner, and there's always the chance to revive a failed experiment.  Plus if you have an awkward ToD you can move it to a better time for you when you hatch it.

  2. Personally I like the walls.  They lower the AP time which is way more important to me than breed variety, and the walls break up often enough that there's other stuff to hunt too.  I'd be against any of the proposed changes to the AP because of it, as they would just cause AP times to increase and rarely dip to instant hatching times (and may permanently stay above incuhatchable times).  This was great for newer players to boost their scroll numbers a tad, especially with freezing.


    I wouldn't want to see pagination or splitting up the AP either, it would make the occasional SAlt or Thuwed breeding too frustrating to hunt.  Furthermore, if you set X per breeder too low it just seems punishing.  If you set it too high it doesn't take many people to collaborate breed a wall anyway.


    The only change I would be happy with would be decreasing the time of the AP faster if there's a wall going on, which would preserve the effect from the ratios, break up walls faster, and still make AP times valuable to those who enjoy walls for that reason.  I do not know how reasonable that sort of fix would be though, so I would prefer no change to be made.

  3. I think I had a similar issue, I precog'd a few experiments and they all turned out female, so I influenced them male.  They were teleported before hatching, and grew up as male instead.  Either the influence stuck through a teleport, or something happened to swap the precog.

  4. Because the AP smells like censorkip.gif! The bios have cake!!!


    Why are tinsels shiny?

    Because they sometimes hatch into real golds and silvers.


    How do I get views?


    ~Edited quote for censor evasion.~