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Lineage Dragon List (Now Loading) Prize List  IOU List  14c63ib.jpg Breeding for free, Read my profile / I accept IOU / GMT+9 / Call me Rae(Rei)



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    ★ Please call me Rei (or Rae, Ray) =)
    ★ If I owe you or you owe me, Please PM me with our conversation. I lost almost all my IOU list.

    ★ I hide my scroll during trade. Because you know, someone register dragons of people on hatchery site without permission. This means I hide my scroll almost all the time. So you mightn't see my scroll.

    BUT I do still breeding for free. Also I have all kind of CB dragons except this following ;
    -Male Pumpkin
    -Snow Angel

    However I have few conditions for giving dragons. This is it ;

    -Please do not kill the dragons. Any harm to dragons.
    (If you wanna try to bite tell me first.)

    -Freezing is totally okay.

    -Any request is welcome but Holiday and Prizes above 3th gen.
    (However if you don't have any (or specifically that color of) prize doesn't matter about the length of gen. Please PM me with your scroll url just for sure then I sincerely appreciate. =)

    -So if you need some dragons just feel free to PM me =D
    I can speak Korean, Japanese, English.
    But English isn't my mother tongue.
    Please understand that If something weird in my sentence.

    -Sometimes I keep busy with real-life things. That make happen that I can't check my PMs. Please understand about that. If that situation I'll write on my signature.

    **Rei's Dragons Home :

    **Lineage Dragon List
    - - > now loading

    **Lineage Project List
    - - > now loading

    **Prize List
    - - > https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1NugY_iDW4HhTYZ-JualJXzq7W-gnd4j7LMpRvr1ddXo/edit#gid=0