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  1. ((So, I guess we are at the hospital already?))
  2. ((Did you mean to write something there? *Confused*))
  3. (I'm sorry that I haven't replied in a while. I'm still waiting for a response from Romero, and haven't gotten around to making a slave form. Does she still need a slave?)
  4. ((Oh, okay. That makes a lot of sense now. I just didn't see anywhere that you had roleplayed that you even made the character leave the house. For the sake of that everyone's posted ahead of us, do you want to just timeskip to the hospital?))
  5. ((Are there any available slaves for Raven's charrie? If not, I'll make one.))
  6. ((I'm sorry? What's happening, Lycra, I'm pretty sure our two characters are alone.))
  7. Joules thought for a second. "Well, technically, you are my property, so it's not like they can harm you unless they have an intrest in being sued." Several different scenarios went through his head. "Worst case situation? I'd probably say that they refuse us service."
  8. Joules paused. "The people are generally pretty kind there, but I'm only speaking for how they treat non-slaves. I don't know how they'd react to them bringing in a slave., I'm afraid." He paused. Then, he added, "I'm sure I'm not the first to bring one in. Considering how many people there are in the world, though. Maybe there could be a whole slave-section of the hospital. I haven't ever been to this city's hospital before, thankfully." It was true. He only moved to the city three months ago.
  9. "Because slavery," he started, giving a pull to help up the winged person, "Is just wrong. And nobody seems to notice it." It wasn't until then he realized the severity of the arm. Most likely broken. As for the wing, he didn't know. "Woah, it's worse than I thought at first. Stay here." He ran up the stairs into another room. Soon, he came back with a small blanket. A fold here, A fold there, tuck in in here... "This may hurt a little..." He wrapped the blanket around in different sections of the arm. Soon, he had a makeshift sling wrapped around the arm. It was a bit awkward, c
  10. Joules looked at the psudo-slave. "I do stupid things when I'm full of emotion. Disgusted by the way the people treated you. Angry with the deal of slaves. Saddened..." He looked down. There was a pause. "My brother. His name was Romero. Something just connected when I heard you up there." He looked back at Romero. His arm was bad. Very bad. "Hmm... I wonder if the hospital will fix slaves; here, let me help you up." He stepped a little closer and stretched out his hand. ((Anyone need a slave? I am willing to make a second character.))
  11. Joules took his slave home. As soon he was out of earshot of anyone (Not already in the house) he spoke to the slave: "Before we get down to business, there are a few house rules for the slaves. One - You will be responsible with your own meals, save Dinner, which is served at around 6:30. As such is the case, you have access to the kitchen 24 hours a day. Two - If you do not feel you are being treated fairly, you shall come to me and let me know. I am willing to change." He fished around in his pocket for something. "That reminds me..." He pulled out the key to the slave's shackles.
  12. Did he just seriously do that? Pay 75 Parr for a slave? Wow, dumb move. Joules knew he didn't ever make great decisions when emotionally provoked. He could have easily gotten away with 40. He looked back up. The winged slave was trying to escape, but nobody seemed to pay any mind to him other than the restraining guards. Everyone was staring at Joules. "So, I guess by your stunned silence, I won the bid?" Appearantly, he had. He was notioned to bring up the money. He pulled out four 20-Parr coins. After exchanging the money and getting change, he looked back to his new slave. On the floo
  13. He looked up at the building. Auction of more slaves? Time to rescue another soul. He never believed for a second that there were the two destinguishable classes. The 'slaves' were ordinary people who had been tormented and overworked just because of... Say, what DID make the difference, anyways? ((Making up a currency here!)) Slaves were being sold off, one at a time. As he walked up, the final bid was being made on a slave. Nobody bid higher, and the slave was removed from the viewing area. The new owner came up to take the chains and fork over his 15 Parr she bid for. 15 Parr. C
  14. It's really my own experience. I was just saying that you two tend to post a lot (At least as I remember it form way back in October before I left.) Sorry if it sounded rude.
  15. Go ahead and join, Chic, but I must warn you, Sweet and Lycra tend to shotgun with each other.
  16. @Sweet: what's wrong with Toad? @Lycra: No problem, but can we start it out with Joules buying/inheriting the slave from the beginning?
  17. Username: Thegreenrobby Name: Julius Everheart Wolfgang Giovanni Bentley McQueen Jr. (Or 'Joules' to his friends.) Gender: Male Class: Slave-owner Appearance: Fair blue eyes, blonde hair, straight hairline and hair - All recessive, really. History: (eh) Meh. Other: Treats his slaves close like friends. However, he treats them like slaves in public (To avoid embarrassment) Stop beating up Lightning McQueen, Sweet. He's a close relative! (No, that avatar did NOT inspire the name.)
  18. An ability to sort/withhold flowers like Pokemon suggested would be AMAZING. Because when you come home to this: You get a bit shocked.
  19. I scarcely ever remember my dreams. The ones I DO remember are pretty weird. I only ONCE recall ever lucid dreaming. I actually did this lucid dreaming program for a while. It didn't work for me, but I just think that's because I wasn't on it long enough.
  20. Guilty on many occasions. Have you ever been to Disneyworld?
  21. Hranted, but it isn't as friendly as you would have hoped, and it makes a Skaiya-kabob on it's horn. I wish I had the ability to teleport!