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  1. woo hoo! more eggs to chase after and snatch!
  2. Is there an Eevee in the Unova region? It's my favorite pokemon but I'm having trouble finding it.
  3. Jason is one of the "new" characters that Rick made up. I am not that easily won by new characters. Jason . . . he's just. . . argh! @-@ I don't know how to explain it. I just don't like him. Piper, she's too shallow and conceited for my liking.
  4. The pictures on your dA account are pretty neat! I especially like your cellshading image.
  5. You use a MOUSE??!! My da muro drawings are all wiggly and shaky.
  6. Halo Goddess, I love your designs!
  7. Can you do an "addicted" for mountains?
  8. I love the vampires one! It's gory, which is awesome! p.s what is that dead thing?
  9. I've read the first and second book! Percy is awesome! Anyone who says Frank is awesomer than Percy will .. I don't know, but it'll be horrible! Everybody in the first book sucks except for Leo. In the second book I hate Frank and I think that Hades girl (what was her name?) is weird. Percy is awesome!
  10. Oh so this is where all those people got their dino badges!
  11. What program are you using? Is it InspirePro?
  12. Ah... most of the completed requests images' links are broken.
  13. I'm going to PM a mod right away! EDIT: ohh.. it's probably not real... see the banner? "april fools", it sayz
  14. Where do you get an invite? EDIT: It's april 1st? >.> Hmm...
  15. ((and I forgot again: The STORY SO FAR))
  16. Maina’s looked around wildly, searching for some sign of escape. There appeared to be none. The only way out was through the fire. She crouched down low, and spoke an enchantment that would protect her from the fire. At least, it was supposed to. Warily, Maina touched one finger to the flames. She felt a burning pain. Like the same kind she had felt before. Exactly the same as before. The tingling sensation, the slow heat, the searing touch of the fire. Exactly the same... Maina Ahthi laughed. She was such a fool. There was a way to get out of this fire after all.
  17. Oh and I forgot this on my last post! Since I can't edit it now, I introduce to you . . . The Story So Far. I will talk about plants now since I need four sentences. Plants are awesome. They give up their lives so that you can have some Vitamin C. They are green in appearance and use photosynthesis. Which is a big word that I will not give you the definition to because you can look it up! Also plants are awesome because they need so little care that they practically survive by themselves. Is that four sentences now? Yes. Ok then goodbye!
  18. I left quite a cliffhanger last time, eh? Sorry some stuff isn't in italics I don't have time to put them there, click here to see the italicked version, which is in Google Docs. The fourth part of Maina's adventures will take some time because I haven't even thought it out yet. It will, however, be ready by April. And so let the fourth part of Maina Ahthi's, Ancientdeath Slywing's, adventures begin. Maina expanded her mind, pushing against the barriers that fought to confine her spirit inside her head. The barriers didn’t usually fight this hard. Finally she broke free of them and expanded her conscious until she felt the alien presence. Maina stabbed a spear of mental energy into the wall surrounding the other mind. In its defense, the shade strengthened the walls that protected it. Maina noticed, numbly, the fires starting to get smaller as the shade focused its energies to protecting itself. She wondered briefly about her friends. The shade used her distraction to unleash a wave of crippling mental power. Now, the shade was on the offense. The shade’s mind nimbly circled Maina’s, occasionally striking when it found a kink in her mental armor, causing excruciating pain. In her mind, Maina shook her head. This could not go on. She felt like her mind would not survive another four blows. Pain is just a state of the mind. Ormis had always taught her. Ignore the pain, find the eye of the storm. Maina’s inner eyes snapped open. The eye of the storm. There was always a place where pain could not go. Taking a deep breath, she summoned in her imagination a picture of her mother. Softly she hummed to herself the lullaby Mother had taught her from one of those human books. If only, if only, the moon speaks no reply Reflecting the sun and all that’s gone by Be strong, my weary wolf, and turn around boldly... That’s it. Turn around boldly. There was always another answer. No problem in the world had only one solution. Maina concentrated on that image of her mother, singing that song while rocking baby Maina. Maina’s hatred vanished, leaving only pity. Her mind was calm, calm like the still pond on a sunny day. She continued to visualize that scene of love, comfort and warmth. The shade’s walls were steel. But steel could be melted. Maina let that moment heat up the Shade’s walls, making them melt into silver puddles. Then, she stepped into the shade’s mind and released her hold on the memory. The shade’s name echoed in her thoughts. Cethin... Cethin. So that was the shade who had tried to kill her, twice already. This was the third time. Maina tried to see how Cethin had survived that piercing of the heart. However, she couldn’t. Those memories were barred from her somehow. Finishing her inspection, Maina gave Cethin’s mind a final twist, and his being dissolved into the night. Maina blearily opened her eyes. The fire was gone. The large ring of stones surrounding her to protect her from the fire were still there. Suddenly, Maina heard a loud fwoomp! The grass inside the stones had somehow ignited. Maina Ahthi closed her eyes, laughing hysterically to herself. So this would be Cethin’s final revenge. She had saved her friends, but in placing the stones both protected and doomed herself.
  19. From where we left off... I'm just going to put my application in every single post I make. Saves trouble. And I'm going to put "The Story So Far" on it too as to clear up confusion. As Maina ran near, she could feel the fire's wrath. The air pulsed and vibrated with energy, an alien power. The intense, concentrated heat of the fire seemed to break apart the air in front of her, creating a strange illusion of the air shimmering. Water she thought. Humans use water to put out fires. From her calculations, she had just enough energy to convert the molecules in the air to water. But what if her calculations were incorrect? Deciding not to risk it, she scanned the area for a river. There. Just over that large hill, a river. She would need some sticks to divert its course. Maina would have to dam it, but not completely, like the way beavers did. She immediately set off to work. Less than half an hour later, Maina stretched and stood up to examine her work. The river was flowing nicely through the valley of the hill. But the fire was not extinguishing. How could this be? Ormis had taught her there were three things that made a fire- Oxygen, fuel, and heat. Water took away the heat, but why was the fire not extinguishing? Unless... Maina froze as her eyes grew wide. Unless this wasn't a natural forest fire, but a fire set off by the mind, and its will for there to be a fire. But that, too, was impossible. Elves had that power, yes, but no elf would ever harm the forest. Was it possible that the fire was an illusion? She bounded up to the fire and touched one of its flames with her hand, and winced. No, this was no illusion. There came a memory of Ormis teaching her about fires. He had said that only elves... But wait! He had said something else. What did he say? Maina cursed her addled mind. Suddenly it came back to her... Only elves and shades! Shades! To this immediate realization Maina jumped up. Not shades. A certain shade, say, the one who had killed her family. Still, that couldn't be. He was dead. Dead by her own hand. Was it possible that that shade had survived? Highly unlikely. But not impossible. If, somehow, he had survived, then he would be coming back for her. Maina stretched out her mind again. This fire's presence had felt exactly like the one that had destroyed everything. Her mouth settled into a grim line of determination. However she hated it, she had to do this. For her friends. Maina Ahthi would have to break the shade's mind.
  20. Wow yours is really awesome! I am so not going to win this contest... but it won't hurt to try, I guess. Butterfly The picture's from one of these websites, I forgot which one so I'll just credit them all. I used picnik to get that sketchy look. ccimagingftp.com skypicture.co.uk magicflyer.com gardeningideasnow.com Editor: picnik.com EDIT: all in all, this took minimal talent. And, by 200*600 I wonder if you meant the total area has to be less than that or the dimensions have to be less than that. Because I'm pretty sure my total area is less than 120000px.
  21. My application was accepted, view it here. Dragonhatchling said to just "jump into the game" so I guess that's what I'll do. NOTE: I recommend you read my application's biography first before you read the below. Or you'll be really confused. In the small shelter built of rocks, Maina awoke. It was not yet morning, but she was wide awake. How strange. Being a light sleeper, whenever she woke up it meant someone- or something- else was there, watching her. She jumped to her feet, and extended her mind so she could tell who it was. Nothing. The forest was quiet, eerily so. This only made Maina even more aware. Even at night, there should be sound. Owls. Fireflies, dancing in the sky. Yet all that she heard, no matter how she strained her ears, was silence. But wait! What was that, to the east? A strange rustling, so faint that she had attributed that sound to the wind before. The rustling was accompanied by crackling, crackling she had never heard in her life except for that one time-- oh, no. The crackling was steadily getting louder, and louder, and louder still! This was, and in her heart Maina knew it for certain- a fire. Fire. That single word, that single syllable was the nightmares of her sleep, the predator of her mind. Fire. What had she lost to that unimaginably destructive force? Everything. Everything she had ever known- within a few hours, gone. Maina took a deep breath, and did something she had feared to do and swore to never do again. She released her mind from her body, and expanded it, horizon to horizon, from where she was standing to the beyond. There. The humming of hundreds of small hearts and thrumming feathers. Her friends. They were safe, but not for long. She could tell from the direction of the wind and the sound of the fire that within an hour, two at the most, the fire would engulf the sparrows and she would have yet another death to attribute to that horrible word. Taking another deep breath, Maina Ahthi summoned up her courage and ran east, toward the fire.
  22. swipes night glory drake
  23. EDIT! (again) wow my luck is turning! yup it is! I had 2 more repulsed, then three more killed, and 16 more stays. 38 tries 8 kills 3 repulsed 27 stayed ratio would be 8:3:27 out of a total of 38 tries. 27/38 is 0.710526316.... and on. So a rounded 71% success, 21% kill, and 8% repulsed. Not bad, if I do say so myself! And right now I have 5 vamp eggies on my scroll, the most I've ever had!