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No Spiffy for you!I also breed Undine alts. Please message me for breeding clutch claims. In order for a full clutch of 7 eggs, you MUST trade something of equal value. I love CB metals. <3

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    Yes, the Thuvved lineage is MINE. No, they are not Thuweds, nor were they intended to be. The original pairs all have their own stories that go with their lineage. I'd appreciate if you didn't name them; "Fake Thuwed", "I'm a liar", or other demeaning names. I take breeding requests for their lineage. ^-^

    I do Undine clutch breeding.

    How does this work?

    I breed any of my undine adults (You're free to select the ones you desire). You are entitled to a clutch up to your offer's worth. If they do not breed a full clutch, you may select another pair. I breed clutches of up to 7 total, from ANY lineage you select.

    You offer me a Neglected. I LOVE your offer. I offer you a full clutch of eggs, which means 7. You select 7 pairs of dragons for breeding (Extra in case of back-up) One pair breeds 3 eggs, the other pair breeds 4. You get all 7 eggs. There is no guarantee you will get an alt.

    HOWEVER, I am willing to work with you UNTIL you get one of them. Duplicate clutches for BETTER offers.