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  1. Sending flowers to those on this page. My scroll is: indigo
  2. I grabbed one too many. Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  3. indigo

    Z Project

    It starts with a Z and was found in the abandoned cave. Hope someone wants it.
  4. indigo

    Z Project

    Wanting new homes: one Vampire hatchling and two eggs. Hope someone in the Z Project gives them a good home. Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  5. All of my beautiful Blue Winged Solstices are now rose. I didn't want the rose. I specifically grabbed Solstices eggs to add the solid blue wings to my collection. Now they are all rose and not a single blue. It's nice there is a fix for those that wanted rose wings, but why did my solid blue wings have to go away? I wasn't able to grab eggs with the knowledge of breeding time would affect them. Don't tell about next year. Why couldn't the fix have begun next year?
  6. It's been a wonderful holiday season. Thank you to all that worked so hard to make this possible. The Winter Storm has been a great adventure. The new eggs are beautiful. I am so excited to see my two hatch. The present gifting has been such fun. I love making the presents and sending them on their way. Receiving the colorful gifts with the messages has been great fun. I don't know how many games of Mana Alchemy I have played so I can get more mana to send more presents. And I love the blue wing Solstice. I had to grab a couple more after I discovered that they would have all blue wings. And I got my first Holly egg this year. It has been a wonderful event. Thank you!
  7. I love the all blue Solstice. So beautiful. I think it goes perfectly with the blizzard that is happening.
  8. I really like this fan site. Thanks for creating it.
  9. This.^ The eggs are beautiful. The hunt was great fun. I stayed up late to get each one and it was worth the sleepy feeling today. Thank you!
  10. These are beautiful. Thanks to all who designed the eggs and created the fun. I've 5 more to go and not enough time.