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  1. Someone added my scroll to click sites while I was away today... my trades grew up.. and my whole scroll is sick.
  2. I honestly think weighing people who do not own any CB prize higher vs someone who does is fine. Even if I owned a prize, I'd still have a chance. That's fine by me. I never expect to win anyways... it's only been how many years and nada? Ah well. The weight difference would be up to TJ ultimately. But either way is fine.. weight.. no weight... I don't think the system is bad right now at all. Keep the prizes rare, though. No shop or anything for em. Prizes are prizes. Always viewed em as such, and 200% expect to never have one CB. Such is life.
  3. HAVE: 6th Gen Winter Magi from perfect, completely unrelated Winter Magi x Gold checker. WANT: Blood swap only. Offer here, please.
  4. Doing this to take an egg leave an egg because bored. Edit: so far, 2 people have taken one without leaving. Scummy.
  5. Hope you can fix it. If there's anything we can do, let us know. I use this site a lot, and I would like to be able to contribute to its continuation.
  6. Aaaaaah! Yes! I need to make this checker higher gen! ;_;
  7. Silver Shimmer x Copper Saw some chat about this last page, here you go.
  8. I appreciate your offer very much, though it would need to come from a male bronze tin. Something like this lil bugger: http://dragcave.net/lineage/825Pc (but 2g) I found him a mate (this gal), but I'm still working on getting more to make it 5th gen... blargh. Everyone wants NDs or CB metals.. x.x kind of hard to produce that. I got my only 2g prize out of kindness (and a prize owner's love of a release a while back). Checkers are hard. ;_; Why must I love difficult lineages so? I just love how royal blues and bronze tins look together.
  9. I just... need to find some bronze TINSEL winners. I only see the shimmer winners, it seems. Maybe I'll eventually get my checker lineage to 5g. Tinsel sprites are awesome.
  10. This Pairing Now, to get it to 5th gen.
  11. Hm, maybe if I stop expecting/hoping... I'll win... maybe.
  12. What gender is it gonna be, Rag? I love bronze tinsel sprites!
  14. Was never able to own a lizard growing up. Just cats... and dogs... and, well, I can't afford one now. Boooo... love herps.
  15. I want children O_O I could actually use that in something in the future. That's awesome!
  16. Chuckled when I read "cyber slap" I dunno. It just sounds funny to me. Hah. Cyber slap.
  17. Shoot, I'd be happy just for offspring like the ones listed in my signature. No need for CB. People find the dumbest things to complain about...
  18. Not sure what I'd have to do to get a 2G bronze tinsel from a royal blue like I list in my sig.. Would need that and a tinselkin and one more 2G bronze to make another 3rd gen.. then I'd need ANOTHER 3rd gen to make my upcoming 4th gen 5th gen... ..I have my work cut out for me.
  19. Congrats! I think I've given up over here too >_>
  20. Another year, another nope. [sIGNATURE INTENSIFIES]
  21. Best of luck to all. Maybe I'll win this year.. if not.. maybe next year... or the next... eventually...™
  22. Thankfully mine turned sunset winged. Phew. I hate a ruined checker.