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  1. Has anyone talked to TJ or a different Mod about it? I like getting the Black Alts, but I REALLY want some plain ones now. I'd rather work for my Alts. I like collecting a whole bunch of Blacks or Vines, waiting to see if any hatch into an Alt. When it does happen it's like, Yes! I think the two different Alts are supposed to alternate. Not sure on the period of time each Alt resides until the next one starts up again though. Maybe every year they will switch.
  2. Some of my favorites that I got: Kamikaze Queen Ramoth Fuzz Ball Lil Misfit Surpriser Darth Ritz Bits Blooming Bittersweet Flitterpated Cheeze Exelerate and Speedy Zoomerang for a pair of Whiptails But I think I have quite a few unique names. =]
  3. This is SO HARD!!! I've been trying to get one all day, but it's almost impossible with only 3 minutes to grab one every hour and about 300 people attempting to get one all at the same time. Plus my computer is a bit slow when it comes to getting back to the Alpine location. If I have to I'll try all night just to get one of each.