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  1. Wish You Were Here... In My pants (Pink Floyd) The Wall... In My Pants (Pink Floyd) Melancholy Hill... In My Pants (Gorrilaz) Time... In My Pants (Pink Floyd) Panic Attack... In My Pants (Dream Theater) What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse... In My Pants (Black Dahlia Murder)
  2. I'm addicted to Tekkit. Been playing on a very good server and still haven't seen about 30% of the modpack yet
  3. Sky Emblem by Christopher Hwang. Great book! :3
  4. "Ouch! It generally happens from the front, not from the back!" My friend after he hit the backside of his head on the wall.
  5. "Wish you were here"... in my pants. Damn you, Pink Floyd.
  6. Hm... I don't make too many typos. I know how to write words pretty well, and if I don't I can figure it out in a jiffy. My typos are mostly made because I type fast and my fingers slips sometimes. Specially when writing something that has a capital letter and the letter "L" after it. For example, I type "PLay" instead of "Play" 90% of the times .
  7. Fixed it there for ya. :3
  8. No, you can't use pheromones as a cologne. :almosttruestory:
  9. Oh well, getting back to the forums very slowly. SO PONY TIME! Also, any news about season 3?
  10. We were playing Truth or Dare, and it was the typical "OMG YOU'RE ON A PLANE AND IT'S CRASHING DOWN. YOU CAN ONLY SAVE ONE PERSON OUT OF CARAMBA, DERP AND HERP". He chose to save me and said "I would never let you alone". I felt a good thing inside me.
  11. Oh, just saw a perfect one: 10 year old girl trying to get her Blackberry back.
  12. Or you could use MagicLauncher, that, besides doing that, can set how much memory you want to start the game with and allow for different profiles if you want to.
  13. Single Player Commands. It's like 100 mods in 1!
  14. I'M ALIVEEEE!!!! And sadly, DragCave server, no more. Alternatively, there are over 900 servers out there. I found one already Also, NEW WOODS AND SANSTONES! YEEEEAAAAHHH
  15. Factions where griefing is allowed? I dunno, I never play on that kind of server. Alternatively, check here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forum
  16. At the end of the cider-brothers song, you can see 2 Doctor Whooves... But I LMAO'd when I saw him turning the hourglass.
  17. I actually like the skin. We should have an option to keep it. Well, at least a version without the SOPA/PIPA thingy.
  18. Oops, sorry. I had my computer moved and therefore I'm unable to host the server (damn router password).
  19. I'm gonna do an internet! WHOOOOOOAAAAAAAAA
  20. The Spellbound Caves Super Hostile map is soooooo awesome!
  21. Mechanical Pencils and 0.5 normal ink pens.