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  1. @PrincessLucy I know that babies will be 5 digits. It's impossible to get 4 now. But am I wrong that people will keep 5 digit babies if their lineage parents are 4 digits? Someone gave me the impression that those are rare and usually are a bit more paid attention to?
  2. @Astreya Yeah I'm actually looking into the groups right now. they are new for an old resident to this place Thanks! I'll do that!
  3. I wanna get rid of them cuz my collector side just wants 1 of every unique sprite there is of each dragon. So having the extra pairs is triggering me I don't really care about being an old user of this site (heck two dragons I helped make even), but then again...some of me does wonder if any babies from these would be good trader fodder ot get stuff that's hard to get. Like 4 digit lineages. But since I have an incomplete set of a lot of breeds, I'm even more annoyed since I doubt I could make anything people want lol. Very not important issues I know heh. But at this point, I'll just keep them and figure out another way to even out the look of my scroll.
  4. What's more valuable? (if either even ARE valuable at all lol) Breedable non-CB adult dragons with 4 digit code names? Or Breedable CB dragons with 4 digit code names that are from location 'cave'? Asking cuz I'm getting triggered over seeing my scroll so borked from being so old, yet if these sorts of dragons are valuable...maybe I should keep them? But if not, I wanna know so I won't feel as bad about releasing them. I'd trade them if you could trade adult dragons
  5. I've entered the raffle for the May 31st drawing, but I definitely will not be awake at 3am my time (EST) to see if I won the drawing. How long do I have to claim the prize if I do win, before it's maybe redrawn? =( I'm worried I'll win and wake up to claim it many hours after that, and find out I wasn't fast enough and my prize was given to someone else.
  6. Thanks for all the great info! I got another for you guys 😃 Since my scroll is old, pre-encylopedia update old and even pre-biome old...many of my old dragons say the location they were gotten from is CAVE, and doesn't say a biome name. Are children from pairs like this valuable at all? I was considering just outright releasing and replacing them, but if their kids are considered rare because of their parents...I might keep them. Especially since several of them are CB.
  7. What's valuable trading fodder for the trading area of this site? Any particular lineage types (except Thuwed, that's obviously valuable)? CBs? Babies FROM CBs? Certain breeds? I wanna know what to aim for so I can have valuable things ready to trade for stuff I'm looking for~
  8. Thank you for the replies everyone ^^ Got one more. If I recog an egg, and find out it's female, then trade it, will the egg still be female, or does it reroll upon trading?
  9. Thank you 😃 One more question. Can I inbreed dragons? There are some on my scroll that are related, but are hard breeds to acquire, so I'm thinking of breeding them. But if inbreeding is coded to always fail, I don't wanna waste my breed option on them.
  10. If I release a dragon that is named, does that name become available for use?
  11. I haven't been gone form Dragon Cave for years, and finally have returned to lovely goodies. Quick refresher... When do new eggs spawn in the biomes again? And on that note, if the abandoned section does as well, when does that get new stuff, if at all?
  12. Alright fair enough. Thanks for the recommendation! I had a feeling that was the case.
  13. Title says it all. I haven't played Dragon Cave since most likely 2008, probably left it around 2012? It's been a while and I LOVE the changes! But the encyclopedia shows I own zero of most of the breeds, despite them being in my decrepit scroll Any way to fix this? It's not a huge deal, but it means I gotta require some rather hard to get dergs that I've already acquired in the past...
  14. Made a small edit to my earlier post. I stated that I beat the Elite four, since that makes anyone who added me get the third pokemon from my safari. If you want, add that to the list so we all know if you beat it. I wanna find that third pokemon in all your safari's if you have! Also I added everyone thus far, but you all know this since I sent notes =P
  15. Trainer name: Ulta Friend Code: 4270-1062-3319 (PM me though with your code so I can add you back! I won't always check back here to see who did it) Game version: Pokemon Y Pokemon I can offer: Any of the Gen 1 and 6 starters, Eevee, Y exclusives. Pokemon I need: Xerneas, Zapdos, and Articuno, any other Vivillon pattern. My Vivillon pattern is: Modern My Friend Safari type is: Poison My Safari pokemon is: Muk, Garbodor, and Gloom Trades only, or trades and gift giving?: Trades only please. Times I am/am not available to log on: For now, usually anytime between 2pm-10pm EST Accepting battle challenges?: Not at the moment. Beat the Elite Four?: Yes Recent events and changes to my lists: None =P Might I suggest adding the Friend safari type and pokemon found in them (if you know it)? I added mine for those wanting to know (though sorry you get jipted with mine =( ). It's a post elite four thing.
  16. YOU have to feed proper berries to other people's pokemon.
  17. Man even with high IV'ed pokemon those dang innocent children whoop my butt...what gives? ._.
  18. Am I the only one who suddenly has an aweful error? My page looks like this now... Uploaded with ImageShack.us