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  1. Guardian of Nature is my favorite so I voted for other.
  2. I clicked some, so please help a newbie out.
  3. Took it, but didn't give out my email address. So whatever. America looks pretty sad tho.
  4. I got 12. I had some trouble with the blues and more trouble where green and yellow mix.
  5. Pygmies are the best off of the three breed with themselves only families. They have several species and even a holiday species. Two heads don't need any love since they just got some. As for drakes, I agree that they need some love, they really need it the most since considering the two headed release, they have the smallest number of species with three, counting both species of glories. A release of two to three new species would be reasonable.
  6. What is the value of a cb vampire egg bitten by an original 2009 vampire?
  7. Not bite here as I rather love the adult GONs.
  8. I don't like breed retiring because some of us LIKE the cave blocker species. I like collecting things like horses, electrics, daydreams, pygmies, water horses and purple dorsals. As for the refreshing with f5, I believed that was tried before and it just meant people would refresh till all the good eyes were taken and then leave the rest thus making the ratios worse. That would also suck for players with slower internet connections. I normally don't bother with the hourly scramble and instead pick up cave blockers with the hope I uncover something good and get it before anyone has a chance to take it from me.
  9. I have four tinsels only one of which is worth breeding. So far I haven't had a success out of 5 tries.
  10. Found this in the ap. It's a 4th gen thuwed on both parent's sides. Super common breed, but still. I'm tempted to keep it, but I would like to see what you guys think it might be worth before making a final decision.
  11. What would a cb vampire hatchling with the code mudss be worth?
  12. I don't have any. I clicked on some this year and a ton last year, but failed to catch one. Just not fast enough.
  13. I joined exactly on Halloween last year. I used a ton of tabs in all biomes and managed to catch two shadow walker eggs rather easily, then I also caught two marrows since I forgot that cb shadow walkers were a one day thing. Later I actually managed to catch a shadow walker hatchie from the AP. This year was rather easy, but I find it likely that a large portion of the easiness came from as a side effect from hurricane sandy. I think it would be nice it TJ made a page in the cave were people who were not able to obtain their Halloween eggs because of hurricane sandy would be able to sign their scroll on it and then TJ could pass out the eggs at leisure. Of course you would then have to deal with egg locking, but I would imagine that most users would be happy to not have eggs for a few days if it meant that they got these new Halloween dragons. Of course I don't think this will happen, but it was a thought.
  14. Actually a lot of that candy is from last year. However I have been TOTing a lot tho.
  15. Candy I have: 46: AikEEzEEz 39: Byte-o-Buku 26 Roko-rollers 30: Vita Vayu 40: Hookaloe 40: Cekali honey 28: Voonooz 21: RadRadRikos 30: Crayline 26: Marshmoyras 26: Bibi Bites 11: Nectar drops 29: DragonBombs 44: Candied Lotus Petals 36: Flichay Bursts 7: shuckbuddies: 6: belljuice 1: huhu cluster 3: Jaujaubeez 6: Labulets 6: Pinobeans 7: Candied Flara Petals 3: Rese Pieces 13: Abelki Gummies 4: Cumberfingerz 7: Noxious Candy 7: Shuckuys 11 Shuflar Bar 2: Caramelized Jellygrass 1: Sugar Balloons 4: Byuceve Bar 1: Nubma Nubs 1: Magmahedz 7: Bucky's SaltySquares 3: Lotus Sap 2: Mozzie Bar 4: Yoo-voo 2: Duloonies 5: FeliBonz
  16. Got some shuckbuddies myself.
  17. Don't know. A lot of these new candies haven't been added to the thread yet.
  18. I can't believe I never noticed this before. HI! I'm Katia #250 on felisfire! Does anyone here recognize me?
  19. Got 5/6 already. Just need this last slowpoke shadow walker egg to hatch. *pokes it*
  20. I killed 5 dragons. 4 disintegrated 1 revived, but no zombie. T.T
  21. I haven't caught a single Halloween from the ap yet.
  22. Found this in the AP. It's a 6th EG sunset/sunrise egg with 4 thuweds, Alcoholic, Enzo, and a bunch of marrows in it's lineage. What do you think it would be worth? Think I could get a few CB sunrise hatchlings for it or a rare dragon?
  23. I posted it too, then deleted it when I saw that I was ninjaed. What a pain, that will take forever to clear.