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  1. Things I wish I had seen before breeding. But thank you for making such a wonderful chart!
  2. Breed my GoN's with my CB Gold and CB Silver, got a pair of beautiful blue eggs! The summon to get the third GoN didn't work though
  3. Pretty eggs, but I think I will wait a bit till trying to catch. It is impossible to get eggs with 300+ people trying to hunt.
  4. Despite it being a prank, it is a cute idea.
  5. Both are absolutely, positively, eye wateringly gorgeous! I am ever so happy to add these beauties to my horde. Both sound so very feisty! Thank you spriters/creators for bringing dragon dreams to life.
  6. I was just trying to stay and awake to see those beauties grow up, but just failed 2 hrs beforehand. Woken up late, but in the morning light- just goodness they are absolutely majestic! I cannot wait till my babies grow up into to such wonderful creatures! Spriter/Creator you did such an amazing job! <3
  7. So what is the highest level for the snow forts? aka when can I stop leveling up for the raffle and start building my fort?
  8. Hmmm, probably my 1 CB red copper female (god help if I could ever get a mate for her), and PB Gold male (again no mate).
  9. Oh goodness they are gorgeous! Almost makes up for the horrid time I had catching them. Just need one more for pairings sake. I dunno if I want to try catching again or breed something up for one. -Well I guess the cave gods heard me, got the last one I needed!
  10. Well 2hrs later and every 5 minute checking and still nothing- other than an aching back. I think I shall cross my fingers that these guys become common and try and trade for them later. I am just glad the Christmas release is limited to 2 only so that we don't have as much issue catching.
  11. *wipes sleepy eyes* Well crude. I was not expecting a drop today, though I should of considering it is the last day of November. Double crude. Funny enough I have only seen 5 copper eggs in the biomes since release, I just saw about 3 in this last couple of drops and a metallic. (of course I couldn't catch them) It just feels like a taunt.
  12. Oh my these dragons are absolutely gorgeous! Though the color scheme is going to make it difficult to decide were to place them- white or orange or even black!? (were are you all going to place them?) Also the little fact about the markings on the wings are the faces of those lost to their fires is horrifically delicious.
  13. Out of the curiosity does the corn maze hold anything? I have found the exit, I just wonder if there is a hidden center like mazes usually do.
  14. It is interesting in that these dragons can not be more unlike each other. One is intricately detailed and ferocious while the other is more simpler in design and docile. Not too fond of the title fleshcrowne, so I will stick with calling them Imperials in the forums (though the surname of my dragons will "crown") though they do not sound very royal in attitude. I am still trying to decide were to sort the Imperials in my color coding, maybe with the yellows. Also congrats to both the creator and spriters, you guys do such wonderful jobs!
  15. Yes they can be found in any biome and there is no set pattern as to which biome they will be in next. Making it a little tricky to find them. Though both eggs have been dropping not just on the hourly but at random times. Just takes a little patience to get these ninjas.
  16. Wasn't expecting those green eggs to give such a vibrant yellow hatchie. Interesting color combos this set. Anyways, have often have the eggs been popping up? Every hr or every half hr?
  17. Oh my, that must of been a bitter struggle to do. I was twitching because they only had 17hrs left, but I was afraid these eggs would be either rare or uncommon (like those flipping CB coppers) and/or everyone would swarm the cave tomorrow. Bawh, I guess it shall put a smile on someone's face, while I coddle my new eggs.
  18. Easiest new release catch I ever had. On another note, some AP hunters are going to be happy with the two PB coppers and bunch of PB pink eggs I had to toss. XP Got 3 trees and 3 moons, going to wait to send them to hatcheries so I don't wake up to dead eggs.
  19. They are truly gorgeous dragons! I think they are truly the stars of 7 day release. Such gorgeous colors. I am almost sorry I traded off the first set of my eggs.
  20. I relooked at my eggs, I guess they are brown. Thanks for the info though!
  21. So since I wish to be lazy and not look through pages of messages- has the different colored eggs been dropping in only certain biomes? Or are they just dropping randomly? I got my two oranges from the desert but I saw someone saying they got their blue from the jungle/coast.
  22. No eggs for me. :C Well I am giving up for the night, my eyes keep on falling shut and it is near impossible to grab an egg from 300-600 people. Good luck to the rest of you folk!
  23. Snickes, after 2 hrs still haven't caught a single blooming egg and I have 6 more days of this. I saw 900 people at the very beginning and though it has dropped by a good 300 it is still pretty ridiculous. All I can pray is that they are none of these eggs are rare as the Blusang/Gold Wyverns because I had to beg and trade my scales of to get them.
  24. I was worried for a second that the dropping had already begun. Also thank you Mysfytt for the gorgeous avatars! <3 Happy birthday dragoncave!
  25. I should of known something was up when I caught those CB pinks so easily, well crude only 2 spots for those gorgeous reds. (If I can catch them, which is always hit and miss with these kinds of things)