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Kerowyn.pngTGT: 31 Gifts Given!Deviantart TumblrBSA BREEDER. WILL BREED 2nd Gen PB BSA hatchies for trades.*Got an unwanted Tinsel or Shimmer Fail? I collect them!*

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    -CB Blusang, Nebulas, Tan Ridgewing x1, Stripe, Seasonal (winter, spring)
    -2nd Gen Hybrids (Geodes x3, Bluna x1, Shallow Water x2)
    -2nd Gen Color (non white) PB Stripes
    -Alt black or Vine PB 2nd gen hatchies
    -CB and short lineage trios (thunder/ice/magma)
    -CB or short lineage coppers
    -Golds and Silvers of nice lineage or CB
    -Shimmers & Tinsels of nice and short lineage

    Things I can breed often: Pinks, Reds, Magi & Purples. Can raise, influence and hatch for good offers.

    Scroll filling CB:
    -1x tan ridgewing (1M)
    -1x Red stripe (1M)
    -4x Magma (3M) (1F)
    -2x Shallow Water 2nd gens (1M) (1F)
    -1x Black stripe (1F)
    -5x Green stripe (2M) (3F)
    -3x Spring seasonal (2M) (1F)
    -6x Alt Vine 2nd gens PB 2nd gen
    -1x Water Walker (1M)
    -1x Winter seasonal (1M)
    -1x Ice (1M)
    -1x Bluna (1M)
    -6x Blue Stripe (3M) (3F)
    -3x Geode (3F)
    -6x Black Alts PB 2nd gen

    To freeze:
    -Red dorsal (M)
    -Green stripe (M) & (U)
    -Spring seasonal (U)
    -Green Opal (U)
    -Soul Peace (U)
    -Blue Opal (U)

    Scroll Acronyms
    LP- Lineage Project
    PB- Purebreed
    2- 2nd gen
    BD- Bad Descent
    RL- Rare Lineage
    EG- Even Gen
    UG- Uneven Gen
    Stair- stair step
    Spiral- spiraled lineage
    Bronze, Copper, Silver, Gold #- Stairstep Tinsel Fail, --Gen #